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Christensen Arms makes some of the best looking and lightest rifles I have ever seen, so they’re always a first stop at SHOT show for me. This year Christensen Arms has a released a number of innovative products to further diversify its impressive product line, including rifles intended for the burgeoning 3-Gun market. Make the jump for the G2 . . .

CA-15 C-2 and CA -15 VTAC 3G

Courtesy Joe Grine

The CA-15 V-TAC 3G (pictured above) is a rifle developed with input from Kyle Lamb and Benny Cooley Jr. Weighing in a 5.5 lbs, it features a matched billet upper and lower with flared mag-well, a carbon fiber-wrapped barrel and titanium flash suppressor, and a black nitride low mass BCG. The handguard is a slim profile design with added material around the gas block for increased heat dissipation. The CA-15 C-2 is similar, but is outfitted with a slightly different handguard, and a stainless steel muzzle brake:

Courtesy Joe Grine

CA-15 V-TAC Series

From an aesthetic standpoint, my eye really gravitated to the CA-15 V-Tac. It’s chambered in .223 Rem with a Wylde Chamber and 1:8 twist. Weighing a svelte 5.5 lbs and featuring a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee, this CA-15 V-Tac is the rifle equivalent of a Ferrari F-50:

Courtesy Joe Grine

The business end of the rifle sports a 15-inch rail (available with either KeyMod or M-Lok interface) and a titanium flash suppressor:

Courtesy Joe Grine

The skeletonized CA V-Tac trigger and 45 degree throw on the safety completes the look:

Courtesy Jow Grine

BA Tactical

The BA Tactical (top rifle in photo below) is a new offering for 2016.  It is intended to hit a lower price point than the full carbon-fiber rifles offered by Christensen, while maintaining a majority of the functionality of their top-tier rifles. Like the TFM, the receiver incorporates an integral 1913 mil-standard tail with a 20 MOA taper, a 3-way adjustable single stage trigger. The rifle features a hand-laid fiberglass stock with carbon fiber reinforcement, as well as the standard carbon fiber wrapped match grade button-rifles barrel.


The BA Tactical features five flush cups for QD-rings, including one located under the hand grip, which is popular with competition shooters:

Courtesy Joe grine

The stainless steel four-port muzzle brake is designed so that the user can customize the amount of gas that exist from the top of the brake.

Courtesy Joe Grine

Tactical Force Multiplier (“TMF”) V-TAC

Saving what could be the best for last, I was really thrilled to see the TMF being produced with a 16-inch barrel. With its integral 20 MOA rail, blueprinted stainless steel action, fluted barrel, scalloped bolt knob, and carbon-fiber sleeved barrel and stock, this weighs in at a mere 7.1 to 7.5 lbs, making it one of, if not the, lightest precision bolt rifles on the market.


Courtesy Joe Grine

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  1. Has anyone bought anything from Christensen or had experience with them? I was looking at the JP-15 for 3-gun, but this might be worth a look.

        • + Another…Had a great experience with JP Enterprises Customer Service. Shame on me for forgetting the ladies name that helped me but she was awesome… They’ve come a long way in the last few years…. Product line wise…

  2. That CA-15 VTAC with the perfect chambering (.223 Wylde 1:8), 5.5lbs with a bull barrel! That’s lighter than I recall from when it was announced a few months ago. How’d they get it so light? It doesn’t look very aggressively milled, it’s 7075 T6 milled billet aluminum, BCM Gunfighter stock, Keymod or M-LOK full length handguard. Really, I want to know. With this rifle, one could compromise performance a little bit and throw on a more minimalist stock and handguard and get the rifle below five pounds (although I probably wouldn’t since that would likely entail some compromise, like a non-collapsible buffer tube stock and a less configurable, less strong handguard). I still lean toward building my own AR-15s, but this has got to be my favorite off the shelf AR-15 configuration. With all the modifications and improvements made to the AR-15 over the years, people have lost sight of the original lightweight rifle concept. The CA-15 VTAC offers all the modern virtues without compromising the functionality of the AR-15 lightweight rifle concept. Does it come in an 18 or 20″ barrel with a rifle length gas system for SPR duty?


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