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Caldwell has just dropped a lighter, sleeker alternative to their venerable Lead Sled line of rifle rests. It’s called the Stinger Shooting Rest, and it’s uniquely designed with MSRs, lever guns, and other guns requiring extra clearance underneath the action in mind. Caldwell’s press release and more photos follow . . .

Caldwell® Shooting Supplies Launches Sleek New Shooting Rest

The Caldwell® Stinger™ Shooting Rest

The new Stinger Shooting Rest combines a sleek all black design with the user functionality and rock solid stability Caldwell is known for. This affordable rest has an innovative front elevation system and a spring loaded, height adjustment knob that allows for fast, one handed coarse elevation adjustment. The Stinger features a heavy duty dual metal frame, and quick cam locks to allow the front rest to easily slide forward or backwards to accommodate a variety of firearm lengths. The new cutting edge molded front and rear supports protect the firearm’s finish and provide just the right amount of firmness for taking rock solid shots!

Features Include:

  • Up to 3” of front rest elevation adjustment
  • 1” of rear elevation adjustment
  • 3.5” of lateral gun fit adjustment
  • Perfect for extended magazines and lever actions
  • Rigid steel tube frame
  • Non-marring front and rear cradles

For more information on the Stinger Shooting Rest click here.

About Battenfeld Technologies, Inc.
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  1. Saw a pic of one in use somewhere. The lead sled is great for high recoil guns but something much more portable is ever so welcome!

    Thanks for carrying Caldwell.

  2. This is a much needed idea in rest design, but just looking at the pictures here it seems sadly lacking any length adjustment or a decent rear rest. The AR pictured has the common but troublesome-at-the-bench buttstock and appears to be levitating over the rear rest. Looking at the pistol grip and the mag, there appears to be very little room for fore-and-aft adjustment to get the butt where it needs to be. And bigger AR-style guns, AR 10s, etc., may not fit at all.

    • Looks to me like the length adjusts in the front by flipping those 2 levers and sliding the front piece on the support rails.

      • Yeah, looks like there’s around 6″ of front-rear adjustment of the front rest as JWT described.

        RF took a liking to this thing and we’ve requested a loaner for review…


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