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Courtesy Joe Grine

Accuracy International is one of the top manufacturers of military precision rifles. Chris Dumm and I really enjoyed testing the AX-308, and really hated to send it back to AI. Needless to say, AI was on my short list of “must see” booths on day one of the SHOT Show. Among the cool stuff they are offering this year is the updated version of the AX “Covert” urban sniper rifle . . .

Courtesy Joe Grine

The barrel, made by Proof Research, is made of steel wrapped in carbon fiber:

Courtesy Joe Grine

The rifle’s barrel is timed via a small allan screw located on the right side of the receiver:

Courtesy Joe Grine

Unlike previous AI rifles, the stock folds to the right, and provide protection for the bolt.

Courtesy Joe Grine


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  1. Wonder if they’ll do them in magnum calibers next!

    I’ll give you Brits this much: you build some damn good (if very expensive) rifles.. and also make some damn good television.

      • “The flying cars are here”

        Never going to happen. “The Great Unwashed” are too stupid to control a vehicle in three dimensions. Hell, most are too stupid to control them in two. And for crying out loud, we still have train wrecks and those are only controlled in ONE dimension!

        As an aside, I work for a class one railroad and my cohorts HATE when I make that last analogy!

        • “Never going to happen. “The Great Unwashed” are too stupid to control a vehicle in three dimensions.”

          No argument on ““The Great Unwashed”.

          Terrafugia is close, perhaps this year on their type acceptance for their Transition. The “Unwashed” will have to have at minimum an FAA Sport Pilot license. The plane will be around 280 thou, probably higher.

          They’re never going to be common, weight is their real enemy. The same kinds of folks who buy $6,000 1911s will be their primary market. *cough*

          Add in a few spectacular crashes and their market shrinks further.

    • The only use I can image personally would is to fool my wife into thinking I’m going to work when I’m really headed out for an afternoon at the range. Not worth the money for that, but it’s now on the list of cool stuff I’d want if I ever win the lotto.

  2. Ah, the geniuses at AI have come up with yet another ‘take my money I don’t even have yet’ offering. Well done good sirs!

  3. Two questions.

    Why doesn’t this site work on my PC?

    Why would I spend this much on a bolt gun when I can get sub MOA out of my $500 Weatherby? Yeah, it’s cool it folds and comes apart but the price tag is ridiculous. Their tax payer funded contracts maybe have clouded their vision. Another reason to hate the Empire.

  4. Ok, never mind that beautiful lightweight hunting rifle from WWG.
    This is what I am buying when I go to Vegas and pull the jackpot.

    Do I REALLY need it- why would you ask a silly question like that?
    Who REALLY needs a Ferrari?
    Or a landscaped swimmiing pool in the backyard.
    Who REALLY needs 38DDs and a facelift, after the kids are gone?
    Thats WAY more than the cost of this absolutely necessary home improvement item.


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