Page down a little to see what the above graphic used to look like. Like about an hour ago. It looks like all the phony outrage and high dudgeon wasn’t worth it and the National Association for Gun Rights got their graphics wiz to turn that Garand around. Hell, Rand Paul surely won’t throw the embarrassing hissy that Barak’s anti-gun supporters did, right? Or did NAGR get a call from the Secret Service? Nah. Couldn’t be.


    • why not remove the finger pointing King from the picture , I’m getting tired of seeing his paternalistic mug everywhere I go.

  1. looked MUCH better the other way!!! and not just because I liked seeing it pointed towards Husein (because that is NOT how the normal person would have seen that anyway) but because it just looks backwards now. IF anything just remove it all together or use two pistols facing each other or two long guns crossing… But in my opinion the graphic looks more like it is trying to point a gun at someone now than it did before!

  2. IIRC the Garand represents the guns that Obama’s refusing to allow to be imported (rifles that were actually made by us but sent to South Korea or something).

    This was all a bunch of nonsense but these people really should have thought a bit more before putting this out there – either have the rifle pointed up, diagonally, or anywhere but the President’s head. For those with a brain this doesn’t matter one whit but for the hand wringing persons of limited capability on the left this sets off a “OMG THEY’RE TRYING TO KILL THE PRESIDENT” alert.

    Lesson learned: We won’t give the trolls any ammo in the future. The mission will continue as planned – get our guns back.

  3. You always knew that when Jimmy Carter flashed that sh!t-eating grin of his, he was lying. Likewise, when Obama starts waving that finger around in high dudgeon, he’s lying.

    Carter smiled a lot and Obama waves that finger a lot. One can only hope that in the next election, America will wave a finger of its own.

      • If I wanted to waste my vote, I’d write in my own name. Still, I give Ron Paul a lot of credit for personally knowing the Founding Fathers. They used to hang out together.

        • So, his age is your only objection, great sage? That seems to be the thing you keep picking on.

        • It’s not Ron’s age that is the issue, it’s the voices in his head he thinks are the founding fathers that worry people.

        • He’s too old to finish out a single term if he was elected, which is okay since he can’t be elected. But my principal objection to Ron Paul is that he’s all done but too full of ego to admit it.

        • Technically if you wanted to waste your vote, you’d vote Romney, since “he’s the one that will win anyway” so what is the point of not trying? Little similar to Pascal’s wager. Why not give it a shot, if what you expect to happen is likely to happen no matter which you choose personally?

  4. And this is how political correctness, illogic, and tyranny win; by caving into it. The ONLY way they can ever win is by the cowardice and weakness of those who don’t stand up to it. Such things would never exist if people had the balls to stand up to them and fight back. But they don’t these days. Which is why America’s days are numbered.

    Shame on you, NAGR. You’ve lost all credibility. If you cave on something as ridiculous as this, what will you NOT cave on?

  5. LOL whimps! what about first amendment and artist renditions and all that, I am sure they could have kept it as is lmao…
    I can’t vote for either candidate at this point, none of them have the balls to stand up to what is right in protecting our liberties.

  6. Perhaps Paul should have explained the basics of elements of design/composition to the SS…or at least used a Colombian prostitute to explain it to them…just sayin’.

  7. As a Rand Paul fan, I am outraged that the Garand is now pointed at his head. So why does Obama have a priority over Paul in which way the gun is pointed? NAGR is a wet noodle.

    • Because he hasn’t attained the untouchable royalty status of our overlords in the Obama administration.

    • Here’s a fun thought: what if Ron’s whole reason for running this cycle is to set up his kid for a run next cycle?

  8. I believe if you want to stop this country’s slide into nanny-state socialism you have to vote for whoever the Republicans nominate for President.
    I will vote for a three-legged, blind, deaf, old coon hound, if that’s who the Republicans run for President. I am willing to compromise on individual candidates.
    That does not mean I will not continue to fight for the restoration of our Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land. I will also continue to support locally, in my state, and across the country candidates who support cutting government, defending our borders, fiscal responsibility, and the sovereignty of the individual. I am not willing to compromise my principles.

  9. The reason Paul won’t have a hissy fit is because it’s his message. Don’t your think if it had been a Democratic message with the gun pointing at him he would have?


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