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Shannon Watts of One Million Moms for Gun Control (courtesy

A few days ago, Mother Jones ran an article detailing the atrocious behavior of “gun bullies” who reportedly spat on a woman in a wheelchair after seeing her on TV speaking in favor of gun control. It was the perfect story to illustrate just how vile and despicable these evil gun owners were, that they would spit on a woman. In a wheel chair. And that no one would help her. It evokes strong emotions — anger, hatred, and a desire to help this poor woman. In other words, it’s the perfect anti-gun propaganda piece. There’s just one problem: it never happened . . .

From ProgressivesToday:

Hmm. So this incident reportedly occurred on April 25 at the Indianapolis airport after the concourse television aired a report on the Every Town for Gun Safety protest outside the NRA convention?

That’s odd – the TV report never made it on the Everytown for Gun Safety website.
And, since the Indianapolis airport airs CNN on their TV screens you’d think you could find their report on the protest on their website, right?
Nope. It’s not there.
CNN has no record of the protest.

TV Eyes also has no record of Jennifer Longdon on cable news on April 25.

It looks like Mother Jones was just caught in a lie.
They really ought to do better research next time.

There was no recording of the speech played on the televisions. According to the Indianapolis police, there is no record of the incident ever happening. In fact, there’s no evidence whatsoever backing up any of the claims made by Moms Demand Action and Mother Jones.

Mother Jones is, as we all know, the epitome of activist journalism. They don’t really care about the truth, they just care about pushing their specific agenda and will accept at face value any story that the gun control advocates present them. Not one single fact about the story was true (other than Jennifer being at Indianapolis’ airport to fly home), and yet it still touted the news as if it were gospel.

This is the most crystal clear example of the difference between the two camps. Gun rights folks use facts, logic, statistics, and common sense to make their arguments and draw their conclusions. Control freaks like Shannon Watts and Mother Jones don’t even care about the facts so long as it feels right — they are running solely on emotion and nothing else. That’s what makes them so dangerous: they have no moral compunction about running a complete lie so long as it supports their cause.

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    • From the “About” link on the Progressives Today website:

      “Progressives Today follows and publicly exposes the radical elements of the institutional left. It will be the go to resource for all elements of the progressive movement through old school investigative journalism. We will cover their conferences with undercover reporters, we will interview their leaders, we will follow their writings, teachings, social media presence. Our goal is to finally hold the left accountable for their radical opinions, their destructive policies and their dangerous anti-American agenda.”

      Definitely not “their side” – this is a website dedicated to exposing the lies and tactics of the left. And it’s one I’ll be going back to, I think.

      • I was going to post this too. Definitely not a lefty site. Checked out their articles, and bookmarked the page. Thank you TTAG for the info.

      • The site reminds me of the opposite of Mother Jones… an “extreme right” version of it. Just read some article on there crying about sex education and kids masturbating.

        So basically a no go for me.

        • Like any information source in this day and age, you’re going to have to filter through for the useful info…

        • Sounds like you have a problem with some of their OPINIONS and BELIEFS rather then their facts.

        • In what you are referring to as people crying about sex Ed and masturbation- there were books that would be going out to students that taught about sex toys and ways to masturbate.
          Neither of which I’d want taught to my kids- thankfully I’m open minded enough to talk to my kids about that stuff. Many liberals were also upset by it- not just conservatives.
          Besides- with that drastic increase of kids & teachers having inappropriate relations- I would think districts would steer clear from it all!

      • That’ll teach me to look before I leap. Thank you for the correction, seems I need to have a look at that site too.

      • is an awesome site. check out their coverage of the white privilege conference last month; I have no words for how offensive the presenters were.

      • Jim Hoft, one of the founders of Progressives Today, has been blogging for years at Gateway Pundit.

        Where a quick read will give you an idea of his point of view. His work is highly regarded by other fine bloggers, such as Prof Jacobsen, Legal Insurrection, who is doing heroic work updating and covering the IRS voter suppresion scandal, here:
        And the blogfather, here:

        Progressives Today added to my must reads daily, as a compnion to newsbusters.

        The only way to fight the coordinated anti-gun agitprop that is MAIG/MDA/Everytown is with the facts, and spreading the word. Read An Army of Davids.

        Keep up the good work TTAG. Its working.

  1. Nuh-uh! It’s true because that’s what the gun bullies in the airport would have done, if the protest had been on TV.

  2. Fits the classic line that “the end justifies the means.” Like too many other causes where emotional people believe they are the only ones who are right, their “end” is based on fear, loathing and lies.

  3. How many of us guessed none of that stuff happened.
    I’ll let them argue with me all day. I won’t be upset.
    But lie by accusing me of committing a vile crime?
    Now it’s fighting time.

    • Well, that’s the thing. I could believe some guy somewhere spit on some wheelchair-bound woman. People are crazy. But the problem is when you try and generalize that out to “gun owners”

  4. “That’s what makes them so dangerous: they have no moral compunction about running a complete lie so long as it supports their cause.”

    They think that: THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.

    The entire “gun control” structure revolves around that ethical inversion.

  5. Ah say. Ah say for a small compensatory consideration Ah can recreate the scene to change this lie into the truth.

    But don’t tell the Widow Hen.

  6. tweet the hell out about this. . . .link to every thing related to shannon. . . her swan song is near and soon she will be unemployed

    • I know Dirk has pissed all over this tree, but can we all agree that while she isn’t “hot,” she is pretty damned hot? I think she must dye her hair though, because anybody this nuts HAS to be a natural redhead.

      I dig the “girl next door” look and she definitely fits.

        • Thick glasses. As they say, you can buy boobs but not personality or intellect. I don’t need them smart but I sure don’t need them ignorant.

      • To each his own. I am not attracted to bat guano crazy. Wait, you’re kidding, right? You almost had me there. She might as well be wearing a horned cap, a black robe and pitchforking anything that cannot run away.

  7. Lol. I knew it was a lie from the get go. They did the whole high-school thing of, “BRO I WOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING BUT HE’S LUCKY IM COOL AND DECIDED NOT TO”

  8. Wonder if we’ll ever see a retraction/correction from MJ. I know none will be coming from Everytown.

  9. Isn’t this the “squirt gun guy jumped out of the shadows at me” lady as well?

    Just checked – it sure is from the original Mother Jones articles linked at the top:

    After a fundraiser one night during the program, Longdon returned home around 10 p.m., parked her ramp-equipped van and began unloading herself. As she wheeled up to her house, a man stepped out of the shadows. He was dressed in black and had a rifle, “like something out of a commando movie,” Longdon told me. He took aim at her and pulled the trigger. Longdon was hit with a stream of water. “Don’t you wish you had a gun now, bitch?” he scoffed before taking off.

    How about we take bets on how true that is?

  10. That was the biggest of several lies in that inflammatory hit piece. I have no doubt if that actually happened, the woman would have had him arrested. Spitting on someone is assault or battery in every state in the US. It was the perfect made-up story to paint us as monsters, along with the stalker ambushing the lady with a water gun and all of the alleged death threats which were never reported to the police either.

    • No in fact it’s pretty lazy and crappy psyops but it still works due to the fact that you have the lying MFM in your corner that will broadcast your lies.

      With the stranglehold that the MFM has, it’s quite remarkable that a conservative can win an election.

  11. This is my favorite comment from the original article.
    Cantbelieveyouthinkthis 13 hours ago

    I would never spit on someone I would rather piss on.

  12. Just like the phony incident of Tea Party demonstrators in DC spitting on the black Congressman. I keep pointing out that the art of personal destruction by the left has been developed to a fine art. The gay mafia use it. The race police use it. The purest leftists use it. The anti-religion demons use it. The Israel haters use it. The pro dead baby crowd uses it. And on, and on, and on…

  13. It really pisses me off.. they construe it in such a way so that it can never be pinned on an singular person, so there is no libel, or lawsuits.. I WISH they would slip up once so that someone can sue them into bankruptcy.

    • The thing is, is that they have slipped. A lot. But the always get a pass from their fellow lefties because it’s “revenge” and “giving ‘them’ a taste of their own medicine”. They conveniently ignore the myriad of credible threats fro their side against ours because of this.

    • The New York Times owns a building in Manhattan. And is hard copy format.

      Mother Jones is electrons that all spin counterclockwise.

  14. This is why there is no moralistic high ground in the fight for your rights.

    Regardless of whether we all act like choir boys the left will lie, cheat, plant operatives, and do anything and everything to advance their agenda. Reality is something they reject, and they will stop at nothing to substitute their version or reality in the name of progress.

    These are very dangerous people…treat them accordingly.

  15. So they… Lied? MDA lied? Motherjones lied? Well colour me me purple and call me a beet root, how could such a thing happen? How could the fore runners of truth got it wrong? I think I may need to lie down in a dark room to get head round this.

    (In case you cannot tell, I am being sarcastic.)

  16. MotherJones, with their fictitious article which they presented as fact, inflicted irreparable harm to firearms owners. Can we initiate a libel or slander lawsuit against them?

    Something else comes to mind. Didn’t former President Bill Clinton say something about 4th generation warfare?

    • No, “we” can’t, because who would be the plaintiff? It was supposedly “a tall, thin man”. Could be anybody.

      • I have it on good authority that the entire gun-owning population is comprised of old fat white guys. Therefore, our tall, thin spitter could not have been an actual gun owner.

  17. Rank-and-file lefties make up stories like this all the time. How many times has some racial minority/homosexual/lefty victim group du jour activist actually reported racist/homophobic/whatever graffiti/vandalism/threatening letters/whatever, only for it to come out that the “victim” did it himself or herself. And when they are caught, they invariably say they did it to “raise consciousness” on what they insist is a “real issue’ even though it unfortunately actually didn’t happen. Same is gonna go for the lefty gun-grabbers.

  18. It’s sad there are people who get all their news & information from c##p like Mother Jones. Or Jon Stewart.

  19. The Mother of Lies is just doing her job. The civilian disarmament movement has always resorted to exaggeration, deception and fabrication in it’s never-ending assault on our civil rights. Can you imagine these billionaires, politicians and paid shills trying to influence public perception with the truth? They are trying and failing to generate national hysteria. We can expect their attention seeking antics to grow ever more extreme as the election season draws nearer. A year ago they were at their peak with invitations to the White House and strategy meetings with Shotgun Joe. Now? Not so much. If the Colorado recalls are any indication, many an idiot politician who succumbed to their blandishments is headed for the unemployment line. Increasingly, they are toxic to the election or reelection of mostly democrat politicians. The Lying Mother is a shrill voice shrieking in the wilderness, if her howling disturbs you then how about this.

    I, _______________________ pledge to donate $1.00 to the NRA-ILA every time MDA is caught in a lie.

    If this pledge becomes widespread it will shut them up in a hurry.

  20. Mother Jones: All The News That’s Fit To Make Up. Looks like they went to the Dan Rather/ Dateline NBC School of Journalism.

  21. I’m tired of hearing about Shannon Twats, hopefully she’ll head to ChiCongo and become just another statistic at the hands of a violent “Son of Obama” that is AFTER he dips his “thing” in pine tar and crushed glass before mounting her in a trash strewn alley.

    • That’s not nice to wish a physical attack upon her! It would be much better if she were run over by a city bus!

      • …….a piano falling from a high-rise ala Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner & Coyote-style would be sufficient in fact it could eliminate all five members of her cult at once.

  22. They are not only gun grabbers, but they are fvcking liars too! No shame with them. They don’t even know what the U.S. Consitution is, nor the bill of rights! Keep on trucking, don’t let them catch up, the morons!

  23. You are dirt-bag mentally ill people who need an appointment with a shrink. Hoplophobia is a mental illness get help or jump off a bridge please!

  24. I saw a tweet by Ms Watts no. 2, saying they needed to check this out, the day the MJ article came out. .
    I guess they decided to stick with the lie, even knowing it bogus.

    Every person who contributes to re-tweeting anything from MDA or Everytown should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Ps: could not remember the #2 person so I tracked it down:
      Jennifer Macias, who works for Joe Nocera’s Gun Report in the NYT researching news to post there and “moderating” comments. If you scroll thru her twitter posts you will see she retweets the MJ article well after questions about Longdon’s veracity was questioned and widely reposted, as a simple Google search proves.

      So the sense that the far left, as represented by MJ is being actively supported and having lies spread by the larger MSM outlets like MSNBC and NYT who have Boards and editors and even ombudsmen who theoretically ascribe to a code of journalistic integrity, is once again verified.

      Once again, its obvious that Bloomies money is being spread around, and progressive news outlets are spreading lies, in an organized fashion.

      The thing about the internet is, everyone knows you are a dog, and nothing goes in the memory hole forever.

      One last note, that Ms Macias published a book about her upbringing in a family of crooks and scammers. How appropriate that she works for the NYT and Everytown now.

  25. i look at it this way. there are probably as many gun owners as there are drivers in the usa. notice i said probably.

    with that being stated. there are a small portion of drivers who drive irresposibly. they decide to drink the get behind the wheel or text and be distracted. in the end it caused a fatal accident. do we take the right to drive away from everyone because of these few irresponsible drivers? no we dont. thats not how it works. we punish the driver who drove irresponsibly.

    why punish all gun owners? should be the same principal….

  26. I knew this was a lie right from the start. I remember Breitbart offering $100,000 for any video that showed Tea Party supporters spitting on congressman Emanuel Cleaver in 2010. To this day no one has come forward to collect the money even though democrats at the time claimed to have video of the incident.

  27. In addition to “facts, logic, statistics, and common sense”, we also use the TRUTH, something the gungrabbing leftists apparently have deathly allergy to.

    • Lisa. Your comment is logged as May 21. Did you read the PT article, above? It reports on May 19 that the airpot police confirm lobby tvs are set to CNN. Nick has already reported that CNN has no record of a clip on Ms Langdon, and I find it highly unlikely the would have reported on their national feed on a relatively low level protest using the local ABC affiliates footage.

      I am not questioning Ms Longdons recollection. But this story is abiut Mark Follman, Senior Editor at MotherJones going with that story, as hearsay from an obviously biased source, without doing the basic fact checking, and who is still dodging questions on that, today, by dodging the facts, and instead shooting the messenger, Dana Loesch, here in his latest tweet.

      As a woman, I wonder how you feel about that, and the coments of his followers and fellow travelers on the left, including the most base vulgar, anti-women language that he so decries in his despicable smear of 2A supporters.

  28. Please tell me why anybody would ever believe an utterance of ANY media outlet at all? It’s not as if it’s sworn testimony in court, they get no flak for being caught in a lie, only support or reprobation depending on whoever supports their stated agenda. It’s just another opinion, and you have Clint’s opinion on that. The media are not your friends, they are hacks with a job (some of them) and no more than that.

    And can I state that any story of this ilk should be accompanied by as many photos of Shannon as possible, preferably in tight clothing and in as many positions as possible. Purely for aesthetic reasons of course. I want to see how high Dirk’s pulse rate can get.

  29. What a surprise, a lie that gives the account of something that only a leftist would do. Projection much?

    The modern “progressive” is pure evil. This isn’t “Democrats versus Republicans” anymore. The members of those parties have been intermingled into “Americans versus Progressives.” The modern leftist has no moral center, no conscience. They’re either willfully malicious, too stupid or mentally weak to avoid brainwashing, or mentally damaged. Whatever the case, they are the enemies of this nation and the enemies of free Americans. They are NOT your countrymen. Even calling them human is debatable. And every time they spread their filthy lies and ingrain it some stupid teenager’s head, they recruit more pawns into their disgusting collective.

    Inside every leftist is a good little Nazi lying in wait for the order to kill his neighbors.

  30. Do you know what “progressive” really means? The progressive destruction of our culture. They just figured out that “communist” had a bad connotation.


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