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Mossberg has released a slew of new shotguns for 2024 but two that caught my eye are the Thunder Ranch editions designed in conjunction with Clint Smith, from Thunder Ranch, the famed firearms training facility in Southern Oregon. The Mossberg 590 and 940 Pro Thunder Ranch Shotguns build on the proven Mossberg platform and add features with input from Clint and his staff. Notable things are the Patriot Brown Cerakote finishes, optics-ready receivers, fiber-optic front sights and reduced length of pull stocks.

Here’s some info from Mossberg on the introductions:

Thunder Ranch Director, Clint Smith, along with the Thunder Ranch staff, have teamed up with Mossberg engineers to create the Mossberg 590 Thunder Ranch pump-action and 940 Pro Thunder Ranch autoloader shotguns with the goal of creating the ultimate personal defense shotguns. Both 12-gauge guns are full of features including a patent-pending optic-cut receiver for the direct mounting of low-profile microdot sights, Cerakote finishes, and are emblazoned with the Thunder Ranch logo.

590 Thunder Ranch Pump-Action Shotgun (50781) – The 590 model is based upon Mossberg’s legendary 500 pump-action shotgun and features non-binding twin action bars; positive steel-to-steel lock-up and anti-jam elevator; dual extractors; drilled and tapped receivers; and an ambidextrous top-mounted safety. Enhancing the platform is a convenient clean-out magazine tube with cap for ease of maintenance. Equipped with a black synthetic stock and corncob-style forend, this 12-gauge Thunder Ranch edition features a distinctive Patriot Brown Cerakote finish on the barrel and receiver; 18.5-inch cylinder bore barrel topped with a front fiber-optic sight for low-light conditions; seven-shot total capacity; compact 13-inch length-of-pull; and convenient optic-cut receiver for the direct mounting of microdot sights (Shield RMSc-footprint). A cover plate is included when an optic is not in use. Completing the package is the Thunder Ranch logo laser-engraved on the receiver. MSRP: $662

940 Pro Thunder Ranch Autoloading Shotgun (85171) – This autoloader utilizes Mossberg’s redesigned gas-operating system that may run up to 1,500 rounds between cleaning. Adding to this shotgun’s need for reduced maintenance and delivery of reliable performance, the internal parts have corrosion-resistant finishes including a nickel-boron coated gas piston, magazine tube, hammer and sear. Key features include an enlarged and beveled loading port for rapid reloads; elongated, pinch-free elevator; bright orange anodized follower; an extended knurled charging handle; a paddle-style bolt release; a front fiber-optic sight; an eight-round total capacity; and a barrel clamp with dual-sided M-LOK-compatible slots to make adding accessories easier. The Thunder Ranch edition has a user-adjustable length-of-pull (range of 12.5 – 14.25 inches) plus adjustability for the drop at comb and cast. A slim-profile synthetic forend make for ease of handling. Both the stock and frond are protected with a Cerakote Patriot Brown finish. The receiver and 18.5-inch cylinder bore barrel wear the same Patriot Brown Cerakote coating. With the convenient optic-cut receiver, you have the option of directly mounting a microdot optic (Shield RMSc-footprint). A cover plate is included when an optic is not in use. QD sling mounting ports make attachment of a sling quick and easy. The shotgun also has the Thunder Ranch logo lasered on the receiver. MSRP: $1,295

“We are pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with Mossberg. They have continuously provided quality shotguns for our clients and shooting community at affordable prices,” commented Clint Smith, Thunder Ranch director. “Say whatever you want about shotguns being archaic, they have proven themselves over and over to be very capable in defense of the individual, military member and law enforcement officer for many years previous and for many more years to come.”

Visit for more on these and their other new firearms for 2024.

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    • Shameless subtraction? 😉

      Team Remington here. The classic Rems, though. I’m not confident in most items from any manufacturer from the past 15-20 years, TBH. Too many corners cut with metallurgical integrity.

    • Me too, but I bought a 940 Turkey Pro, set it up but didn’t get around to taling it to the woods. Pulled it out of the safe a couple nights ago and that extended charging handle they brah about was nowhere to be found.

  1. What I don’t understand is why these shotguns don’t come with threaded barrels for a choke. Even for a defensive gun, a choke can be a good idea for shots beyond 25 yards.

      • Agreed. That’s what was issued at my agency as well as TruBall Slugs. The low recoil buck loads are perfectly fine at 25 yards, and I switch to slugs for everything beyond that. FliteControl wads will open up with a constricted choke messing up the pattern. They are designed to be shot with cylinder bore or improved only. If you want interchangeable chokes, get an additional hunting barrel. The last thing you want is a full choke and a need to switch to slugs…

    • I’ve taken tactical classes, and a 12-ga slug is amazingly accurate and deadly from as far out as 100 yards, certain within 50 yds. Closer than than, and 00 buck will work, but I admit I’ve never used chokes outside of trap/skeet bird guns.

  2. “firearms training facility in Southern Oregon” OREGON? Clearly someone has not been paying attention/reading the memos. LEAVE that prog cesspool.

  3. Really cool shotgunms but I’d rather not have it in Patriot Brown.
    Patriot Brown?
    Ohhh, I get it, it’s for down on the boarder.

    • possum:
      Remember the Brown Bess musket??? I think that might be the inspiration for the “Patriot Brown” finish.

  4. I don’t think it can be ghost loaded tho for a total of 9 onboard. I have an older 590 that won’t allow it. So that’s a minus. Benelli and similar actions can be, including the IWI TS-12.

  5. If you haven’t been to Thunder Ranch, try to go at least once. Yes it is in Oregon and a difficult area. Clint readily admits that all of Oregon is nothing but one big urinal. But the facility, the staff and the training is world class.

    Yes, modern rifled slugs can easily hit targets at 100 yards. Buckshot can easily it 50 yard targets. Aim low with buckshot.

    Given a choice, we almost always want our rifle. But I love me some shotgun.

  6. I want Clint to go to the local big box retail sporting goods store. Buy one of these autos off the shelf (when they become available about a year from now). Do nothing at all to it but load it up and shoot it (if he can get it to run). All on video. And then tell me how great they are. I feel about Mossberg the same way I do about Taurus and Keltec. Aint bettin my life on it.


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