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While President Sleepy Joe’s model-citizen son, Hunter Biden, argues that prosecutors should honor a pulled plea deal that would have amounted to a pass for illegal gun charges he faced among other legal issues he is battling, federal prosecutors have cited new evidence supporting why there is no way Biden’s charges should be dismissed.

USA Today reports:

Investigators found cocaine residue on a leather pouch where Hunter Biden stored his gun, federal prosecutors revealed in a court filing as they urged a judge not to dismiss weapons charges against the president’s son.

Snapping back at allegations by Hunter Biden’s lawyers that the gun charges were “trumped up” under political pressure, Justice Department special counsel David Weiss said in a court filing that “the strength of the evidence against him is overwhelming” and stood out “from any other person who was not prosecuted for similar crimes.”

The clash came as the younger Biden battles criminal indictments on both coasts and a slew of Congressional investigations that seek to tie him and his foreign business dealings to President Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden was indicted in his home state of Delaware last September on three federal charges alleging he lied about his drug addiction when buying a gun in 2018. The indictment came after U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected a plea deal that would have resolved potential tax and gun indictments in July. Congressional Republicans and former President Donald Trump criticized the scuttled deal as too lenient, leading Biden’s lawyer to argue that the charges were spurred by political pressure.

The younger Biden was indicted last week on federal tax charges in California. The charges arise from his alleged failure to pay $1.4 million in taxes owed over several years. Congress has also turned up the pressure on investigating both Biden’s business dealings while the now-president was serving as VP under Barack Obama, and evidence is mounting that there was definitely money flowing in both Biden’s bank accounts as the result of some shady dealings.

Hunter Biden reportedly faces up to 25 years if found guilty of all the gun charges he’s facing, though as a first time offender—and sitting president’s son—he will likely see little if any jail time.

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  1. God damn, who fucking cares?

    Is TTAG some tabloid ‘zine?

    What does this have to do with anything of importance to the truth about guns?

    • We all care because we all know someone who has been hassled, harassed, or even arrested by Biden’s ATF. While Daddy is screwing us all over, you think Sonny should get away with the very “crimes” that Daddy is persecuting us for?

      What are you doing on TTAG anyway? Don’t you have an appointment to fellate some Dumbocrat?

    • All of the above, plus it gives Hunter the opportunity to work toward getting the 4473 or at least parts of it declared unconstitutional I love Hunter working against his daddy!

      • Nope, call us petty, but it’s pretty much that he’s just such an asshole from a family of assholes.

  2. Uh, something like 40% of US currency tests positive for cocaine, and it’s used exactly like this to aggravate charges and punish folks who have nothing to do with coke.

    Just another example of the ever expanding police state that can declare everyone a criminal.

    Hunter is seemingly a criminal, but this isn’t the hook upon which to hang that hat. Your fanny pack has traces of cocaine in it too, if ever your wallet was present. Unless it’s a white pile in the corner under a straw…

    • You do realize that the amount of trace drugs detected on currency are typically trivial and not included for most of anything in the last 20 years so including it would denote a non-trivial amount on a location unlikely to come from casual contact from currency right?

    • I heard the percentage of US currency testing postage for traces of cocaine was over 80%. Cocaine is sticky and the traces can be passed easily to other notes such as in a cash counting machine.

  3. The argument that the government should honor the prior plea agreement is specious. The judge has to approve a plea deal, which means she had the authority to reject it. At that point the deal was dead dead dead.
    The other argument that Biden is raising is that the ban on drug users from purchasing firearms, particularly where there has been no criminal conviction, is a violation of the 2A, along with the implicit argument that answering the question about drug and alcohol use could be construed as compelled testimony in violation of the 5th amendment. I believe there has been one case so far, status unknown to me, that found banning marijuana users from purchasing firearms was unconstitutional.

  4. Oh I don’t believe that.
    Cocaine residue on a gunm bag pouch?
    On a mirror maybe. Tin foil, sandwich bag.
    Derp derp, I put my coke in my gunm bag.
    Not hardly.
    And sorry I’ve not got the hate on Hunter over this unconstitutional gunm crap.
    Man, the 4473 is unconstitutional, but see’ing its FJB’s son we are ready to forgo that and begin the Hunter bash.
    dacian ahoy

  5. Anybody ever figure out where the cocaine in the White House came from? Anybody ever figure out why hunter bidens art work was worth millions?

    Hollywood has figured it out. There’s a new movie being advertised that shows crooks using bogus art sales to launder money.

    • Just like we may never know who put Hunter Biden’s coke in Hunter Biden’s gun pouch, we will likely never know who put Hunter Biden’s coke in the White House. My personal theory is it is the same person that pulled Alec Baldwin’s trigger when Alec Baldwin maimed and murdered those poor, unfortunate women.

  6. The drug leg@ liz@ti0n cr0 wd has never supported the 2nd amendment. They say if drugs are made legal. All the crime will go away. And “there will be no need for black drug dealers to have guns.”

    They are utopians who will destroy the places you live and work in.

  7. The pot heads love big government. They want weed taxed just like tobacco. “So the government can make more money.”
    They have never supported Liberty. Because they don’t believe in the responsibility and the consequences that go with it.

    Their support of prop 47 in california has destroyed the major cities in the state. They have never supported private property rights. They have never believed in the concept of private property rights.

  8. I got to hand it to this guy. I mean, this dude has gone balls out on an international scale for what appears to be at least 20 years. I mean, he may be a scumbag but you gotta admire the stamina.

  9. —the idea of the art sales come from an old comedy—‘mickey blue eyes’—–it has to be over ten years old—–long enough for hollywood to rehash—-

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