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Shannon Watts (courtesy Twitter)

SAN BERNARDINO, CA – In response to the shooting today at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CA, Everytown for Gun Safety released the following statements.


“I am in shock that we are watching yet another mass shooting unfold in America. As we pray for the victims who have been shot by a mass shooter, we must also act. As I have said before and will continue to say, thoughts and prayers – particularly from our lawmakers – are simply not enough. To reduce the gun violence that kills 88 Americans and injures hundreds more each day, we must demand our lawmakers act and work to keep guns out of dangerous hands. The phrase ‘another mass shooting’ doesn’t have to be a part of the American vocabulary.”


“Once again, our country is shaken by another mass shooting. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, and the entire community of San Bernardino. As a country, we don’t have to live with mass shootings on a regular basis and daily gun violence that kills 88 Americans and injures hundreds more every day. Now is the time for Americans to stand up and tell our elected leaders that we have had enough.”

This incident is one of at least 141 mass shootings that have occurred in America since 2009, and this event is the 21st mass shooting in 2015. A previously released report from Everytown for Gun Safety provides a comprehensive analysis of incidents in which four or more people were murdered with a gun, a widely used definition of mass shootings from the FBI. More information on gun violence in America is available here: Gun Violence By the Numbers.

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  1. They don’t have to wait for the facts because their delusional fascism has nothing to do with facts. MDA, the true homegrown domestic terrorists, trying to take away innocent people’s rights to feed their own insanity. ISIS may want to kill us, but MDA and their subhuman ilk want to enslave us. Who’s worse?

    That said, it’s adorable that she thinks she’s relevant. She must not have seen the Black Friday numbers.

      • Well if you look at the total yearly number of deaths by means of firearm from a few years ago it’s like 32,000 — over half of which are suicides and then there’s all the gang stuff, and then intentional murders of specific victims as well as all justifiable homicides (with a small portion of the total being accidents and then a teeny portion being “mass shootings” like this event) — that works out to ~88 per day. They feel like it makes perfect sense to include suicides and justifiable homicides in “gun violence” stats, which I think is absurd, but it more than doubles these sorts of “gun death” figures so I get why they “believe” they should be included.

        • Yeah, there were two deaths from their idea of “gun violence” in San Bernardino, yesterday, which I am sure they deplore, those poor babies were just misunderstood.

  2. I have a question for Mr Diggler…. why don’t your honey’s eyes point in the same direction?

  3. Going thru the motions. Hardly any facts to work with, but what is available suggest this was a planned attack by terrorists or apolitical criminals, not the kind of narrative the gun-grabbers prefer. Happened in California, the tightest or second-tightest gun-control state in the country. This type of thing actually plays more into the “outlaws will always have guns” point than it does to the anti’s “we can stop this kind of thing with more laws” assertions.

    • That won’t at all slow down CA Dems from tightening the screws even more, particularly with Gavin’s Prop 16, and more ‘outside’ money.

    • The truth of your statements is made extremely obvious by the fact that most media are keeping the obvious terrorism a complete secret, not even reporting that the killers were muslim. They have to be careful, if they let the whole truth out it won’t (ever) suit their preestablished and senseless goals.

  4. Thats a tribute picture if I’ve ever seen one…
    You pervs know what I mean..
    /sarcasm..that would be a waste.

  5. Obama, the Democratic Presidential candidates, and the major anti-gun groups jumped on this so quickly, that if the shooters end up getting away, I’m gonna have to lean towards a false flag operation.

    • They support the murder of the unborn for the “freedom” to have no responsibility for ones actions.

      They would have no problem murdering those that have survived the womb to push for more of what they don’t just want, but need, and that is more power and control over the many.

  6. My challenge to Watts and those on her side, as always: What law would have stopped this specific incident? I have asked this of friends, students, and colleagues. The results are usually civil, but wholly unsatisfactory in regard to saving lives. What DOES happen in a shooting incident? Hide and wait for the cops (good guys with guns) to come stop the bad guys with guns.

    • A productive law would need a whole different attitude to even be proposed. Like this; When there is a mass shooting, the first question anyone asks should always be “was there return fire?”. If the answer is there were fewer than 3 people (I pick 3, different numbers can be argued) returning fire, we need more incentives for citizens to carry guns. If that were the national attitude, this crap would end within a very few years.

      How about every bullet in an attacker’s cold, dead body needs to be matched to the gun which fired it. Peripheral hits score a $25,000 reward, center mass $100,000. LEO rewards 1/10 of that, they’re already getting paid. And, of course, they can unload all the ammo they have after the perp is already dead.

      Imagine everybody running toward a mass shooting like they had won the lottery!

  7. For facts about San Bernardino, please check out this article in the LA Times that is linked to their coverage of the shootings. I had no idea it was this bad — considered to the the most failed city in California, ridden with junkies, gangs, political corruption, and poverty. (Just like Ferguson, Baltimore, and ChiRaq, to name a few.) Given this current history, another LA Times article that a specific county employee party was targeted, and the black SUV, it sounds gang-related (revenge of Fast and Furious?). A lot like the stories from Mexico. And obviously nothing that Shannon, Bloomberg, or Obama want to do will stop that kind of violence.

  8. “Making NRA irrelevant.” Are you referring to the 5 million paying member NRA? LOL! What a jackass. It is people like this that allow evil to reign. There will always be mass murderers, but I particularly despise the people who keep so many disarmed and helpless in the face of such danger.

  9. I’m honestly waiting for the media to just start saying there’s a “NRA shooter at X Location”…

    • Reasonable common-sense assault-gun-safety for the children if it saves just one life LOOK AT THIS BABY

  10. My comment calling it a false flag op was more of a criticism of the immediate politicalization of the event by the anti-gunners. As for what it actually is, I’m leaning more towards a cartel/mafia hit.

    • Certainly not implausible that the cartels will want to spread the terror over the border, but the timing is just too perfect.

      Only a few weeks after a lame-duck president vowed to go after guns and gun owners, after failing on just about every other domestic and foreign policy. Close to the Sandy Hook anniversary (to maintain the rage). In a state with the most restrictive laws in the lower 48 (to demonstrate “leakage” from less restrictive states). And victims who are the most defenceless in society.

      I’m not one for conspiracy theories but this one is just too perfect.

      • Well, I have learned to keep a couple extra rolls of tin-foil around for hat making. Seriously, nothing surprises me much any more.

        • “Seriously, nothing surprises me much any more.”

          Be careful saying that. Every time *I* say that, something does and it is not usually in a good way.

  11. We just had a near mass shooting (depending on your definition) a few days ago, here in town. Guy killed his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, tried to kill her, then killed himself.

    Nothing that took place in the sequence of events could have been avoided, even if guns had never been invented. He walked up and shot the guy – stabbing would have been just as easy. He grabbed her as she ran and shot her a stabbing would have been just as easy. On apprehension, he shot himself – a little harder, but doable.

  12. Moms Demand Action = blood dancers. That face shot says it all, if its current with the latest tweet from MDA. A look of excited satisfaction, ie: that someone innocents death can serve their need for power…

  13. Is it me or is that a gun in the closet behind her? Leaning against the wall? I swear that looks like an AK or AR rifle there.

    Hard to tell..there’s a big ugly head in the way.

  14. It is funny, in a very sad sort of way, how supposed grown-ups can possibly think the color of their shirt means f-all to those that commit violence in the world.

    It’s just…gah. Stupid is too light. Colossally malfunctioning seems to fit better.

    Seriously…wearing orange does what, exactly?

  15. I noticed that none of the reporters asked: Why didn’t you pull out your concealed carry pistol and shoot back.
    Oh Wait…..
    Maybe because they know that citizens aren’t allowed to carry concealed pistols. Oh my….
    Another gun free zone gone bad…. : (

  16. She looks SMOKIN HOT in that picture!!!

    Seriously show that to any guy on the fence about getting married and he will back off in a hurry 🙂

  17. The only thing they both said was that they are tired of mass shootings, they don’t want anymore, and that something needs to be done. Well now, that’s very insightful of them, isn’t it?

    How about coming up with a solution, any solution, that MIGHT stop mass shootings? Oh, you haven’t got one? You don’t even have any good ideas, do you? Well then, why don’t you just SHUT UP?!!

  18. Well, that didn’t take long. These statements must be prepared in advance with only the place names to be filled in. Never let a murder victim go to waste.

  19. Wrong fight miss watts. This was a terrorist attack plain and simple.

    This would be like if mothers against drunk driving showed up to protest an accident where no one was drunk and the driver ran over 14 people.

  20. The people who perpetrated this particular shooting were not every day folks. They prepared long ahead of time, garnering clothing, GoPro cameras, weapons and bombs. They had planned to do something like this long before. The anti-gun laws in California did nothing to thwart them. There is no reason to believe that any new laws would have been any more successful.

    The only thing that could have reduced the casualties would have been a few law abiding folks carrying concealed weapons. It took good guys with guns to take the bad guys out. Too bad that happened hours after the main event.

    We need to make it harder for bad guys to attack. No more Gun Free Zones.

  21. 1. The shirt looks red, which is ironic and funny. Might it be blood red and she’s not up on color wheels?
    2. Where can I get a bloody t-shirt. I want to wave it around and protest the rights we treasure.
    3. Yes, she does look like a fucking space alien.

  22. She’s clearly a sick human being. Her reaction to one of these events is probably delight, knowing she has a new opportunity to push her agenda.

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