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There’s a certain amount of schadenfreude that comes from seeing a mortal foe fail in such an amazingly public and obvious way. Slide Fire had a billboard in Chicago promoting their bumpfire stocks. The billboard is now gone. Moms Demand Action recently put the above image on their Facebook page, claiming credit. According to them, it was their pressure that brought about the billboard’s disappearance. However, thanks to a post on Facebook, we know the truth . . .

From Slide Fire Solutions:

We leased advertising space for the Chicago billboard to run for two months, and that time has come to an end. Removal of the billboard had nothing to do with negative pressure, but was simply due to the completion of the advertisement. We thank you all for your support, and encourage everyone to keep an eye out for more advertisements across the country in the coming months.

So, the Moms had no involvement whatsoever — Slide Fire simply didn’t renew the lease and the sign went down.

A few days ago, I believe it was one of the NRA’s boys that pointed out what’s going on. Moms Demand Action is losing relevancy and traction, and they’re thrashing around like a drowning swimmer trying to keep their collective head above water. They’re claiming any small victory they can, trying to prolong the inevitable slide beneath the waves and the slow and agonizing death that awaits them. That’s what happens when your “grassroots” lobbying organization has no actual significant public support — and is only sustained due to the largess of one sympathetic billionaire.

I’d just like to point out that the NRA has been around since 1871. Keep that in mind when Moms Demand Action disbands in a few years.

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  1. If you have read the MAIG’s IRS Form 990’s going back several years, I would not call the midget’s “support” to be quite in line with the term “largesse”.

    Kegger at Shannon’s house, I mean MDA HQ in April for the NRA Convention!!! Comment Moderated. 🙂

    • Superb, Dirkster! My suggestion to Mothers Seeking Attention: Declare “victory”, go home, and start a crocheting circle. The US “won” in Vietnam and Afghanistan, and you can, too! Oh, and Iraq.

      Distance yourselves from impending failure and doom. Pretend it never happened. Start a soft porn group with Dirk.

      Clearly, Shannon has framed herself as an “activist for hire, I mean profit”. Monsanto, gun-snatching.

      Quit while you still can.

  2. And only one comment to this story in the last hour. MDA, here’s your motorcycle. The shark is over there.

  3. The fact that MDA “claims a victory” getting a billboard down says a great deal. MDA is also hostile to the First Amendment and to freedom of speech unless its their own speech

    • Well, they are also claiming that Shannon was “bullied” by the IN legislature during a Q&A.

      She wants the mantle of ‘activist’ with none of the actual work. Wait, that sounds familiar for folks of her political stripe.

      • Yeah, anyone who opposes her, on Constitutional grounds or not, is by definition a “bully”. Keep it up, beeyotches… I’m enjoying the hell out watching you sink in your own quicksand.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty sad. Getting a billboard taken down would be somewhere between ‘not choking to death on your own tongue’ and ‘buying beer underage’ in the terms of accomplishments to begin with. The fact that they’re lying about a non-accomplishment is downright pathetic. It’s like not owning a car at all, and claiming to someone you have a clapped-out corolla to impress them.

    • May I suggest “Feckless Moms Doing Bloomberg’s Bidding for Fun and Profit?” (FMDBBFP)

      • I personally like C***s With A Cause (C.W.A.C.).

        They could have a duck for their logo (quack).
        They could hire Dirk to make the “promo” vid (see wack).

        • You wouldn’t BELIEVE the kind of trouble I’ve gotten in for using that word. It’s basically off my word list.

        • *Moms who do not think very good and who use their, cant understand normal thinking systems in a failed attempt to gain publicity are, For Urban Battle And Research.
          *My lovely bride is much to busy homeschooling and taking care of herself and me to be bothered by such nonsense, she says don’t bother her till some red coat knuckle head fires the first shot!
          *By the way the lovely bride [who is blonde] just read this and is giggling to the point of peeing herself!

          Rooster [guarding the hen house]

  4. Great job MDA! Now, cure overactive bladder syndrome so you don’t wet your undies every time you see a picture of a gun.

  5. Wow — lease expiring and three “Mom’s” holding up a sign in an empty parking lot outside a closed store.

    If those aren’t political victories, I don’t know what are…..

    • Aw, man… I’m starting to feel bad for those ladies. They’re tying to do and stand up for what they believe is right (however misguided).

      Ahight, I’m over it.

  6. This is why Slide Fire needs to send out to all the news organizations and websites a public letter detailing exactly what happened, their two months were up. They need to refute the lies that MDA is spreading.

    • Last week after the SXSW photo meltdown, I gave it til end of summer before Bloomberg removed Watts for killing his brand.

      Should we start a pool?

  7. “Stop trying to fight the Reaper just relax and let it go”

    You know you’ve lost, don’t further embarass yourself.

  8. We are taught from an early age, at least most of us were, that wishing bad things on someone, or otherwise wishing someone to fail is not a constructive thought and is mostly negative. We learn in school sports that it is not about winning or losing, but rather how we play the game.

    It’s hard to remember all that when the cops always say everything is a game, until you are talking to them and they say “this isn’t a game” After they raid someone for having a plant in their house and the person is heading off to jail, the cops are standing around giving each other high fives while someones life is over.

    With all this in mind, it will be pure joy to watch the hens of MDA sink into forgotten obscurity. It’s inevitable.
    MDA days are numbered, mark my words. High fives!

  9. Borrowing a play from the Al Queda wannabes who claim responsibility for everything from sun spots to earthquakes to that Malaysian 777 disappearing.

    It’s because of me and my nefarious plans for world domination that gas is as expensive as it is and you can’t prove it’s not.

  10. I thought about adding up the number from each state “chapter” of Bloomberg Mothers and comparing it to the 150K number on their main page. State numbers are likely a better indicator of their support. I wonder how far short it is? HMMM

  11. If everyone here has not read Salinsky’s Rules for Radicals then you’d not know why MDA does such things.

    • Makes perfect sense. For the anti-gun crowd, don’t remind them of the administrations failures. For the gun rights crowd, don’t get them all bent out of shape so they vote.

      Except, the 2a crowd has been pissed off for some time now and will be at the polls to vote these SOBs out of office come November

    • Fortunately, Bloomberg is a billionaire narcissist. Like all billionaire narcissists, he just can’t help himself.

    • Isn’t that interesting.

      We need to keep them in the news. Posts here…whatever.

      Shine the light under that rock and keep in shining. Don’t let them hide until after the election.

      • PRECISELY. Some hear want us to ignore them. Believe you me, they should be written about and exposed at every opportunity.

        They’re stumbling and missing like punch-drunk prizefighters now. KEEP PUNCHING, until they do down on the canvas… FOR GOOD. You don’t back away from victory.

        And in this instance, their loss is our victory. Right uppercut.

    • Those elections will probably be catastrophic for them. Not good strategy. I love it.

  12. Cool. For everyone that buys MDA’s story…

    I’ve declared myself high priest of the sun. My incantations this morning made the sun come up. I cannot continue this without funding. Please be generous in your donations.

    [didn’t have time to read comments; sorry if this gag was present in some form above, as it probably was]

  13. Father Pfleger got his panties in a bunch over this billboard last week too. ABC 7’s big “I-Team Investigation” tonight is about the horrible problems local Chicago business will have with new concealed carriers. A very decided anti-gun slant on all the local Chicago newscasts.

  14. I posted this on their page, let’s see how long it lasts…

    Slide Fire’s stating their lease expired, rather than pressure from MDA.

    Do you have any written statement from Lamar confirming your post or refuting Slide Fire’s? If so I would love to share it!

      • You know, whe yu first started this line of coments, I thought I’d get tired of them in relatively short order. That, in fact, is not the case.

    • Won’t last a minute. The comment czar is always on duty. (Heh! I said a word that sounds like ‘doody’)

  15. I googled MDA and went 10 pages deep – they don’t show up. Now google Dirk Diggler and thats a whole ‘nother story…………

  16. Sure, they took down the ad. And Bin Laden was found sleeping in a cave near the Khybar pass and Jesus Christ drives a ’68 Plymouth Super Stock up and down the Ventura Highway every sunday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Also, can’t get the image of Shannon Watts in a thong out of my head, thanks Dirk.

  17. In other news, water remains wet, fire remains hot, and chimpanzees continue to throw their poo.

  18. I’m Sure had mummy Shannon been lied to such as she and her ilk are prone to, someone would have had their little mouths washed out with soap.

  19. “Moms Demand Action” should change their name to “Morons Demand Attention”. It’s more appropriate.

  20. For immediate release:

    ‘Victory against the gun control crazies (GCC-trademark) is ours!!
    Today millions of law abiding gun owners were able to exercise their right to bear arms. Many carried loaded weapons with them for personal protection. Others took their weapons to various gun ranges for training. Nearly all were able to keep their weapons another day.’

    -The right to keep and bear arms,The Right, is recognized by the US Constitution, has been the law of land since 1789, and has been defending the citizens of this country from enemies foreign and domestic. Despite efforts by anti-American fascist forces that comprise the GCC, The Right remains the leading rule in proclaiming the natural civil-right for self defense.

    • GCC, already in use. Google it and you will see it is:

      an acronym for the GNU Compiler Collection.
      an acronym for the Gulf Cooperation Council
      Laser Printer manufacturer
      Industrial Printer/Cutter/Laser Engraving/cutting/marking equipment manufacturer.

      Oh wait… MDA was already in use for “Jerry’s Kids” before SW hijacked the acronym. So it probably won’t bother them to steal that acronym too.

      • Well, Jerry got canned for telling the MDA that there was now a cure for MD. Can’t have that! (See: cancer cures, known for about 100 years)

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