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The Trace's primary funder, Michael Bloomberg (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)
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A few days ago, Rolling Stone ran an interview with Michael Bloomberg. For those who aren’t aware, Bloomberg is the multi-billionaire and financier behind Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. He employs Shannon Watts as his spokesman.

Rolling Stone fell all over themselves to appease the man who believes his gun control extremism will allow him to skip the line into Heaven, especially when they ask tough questions like “Tell me why you’re still fighting for better gun laws even after leaving office as mayor.”

Note the use of the phrase “better” instead of “stricter,” as if the interviewer believes in Bloomberg’s position as much as the man himself. Anyway, there was one quote from the article that’s pure gold . . .

Has running Mayors Against Illegal Guns for the last eight years made you more or less optimistic about this issue?

Well, there are 16 states that already have [background checks], and they’re populated states. So there’s a big chunk of the country that’s already protected by these laws. And, yeah, you’re not going to get everybody until you get to a tipping point, but the fact that you save a lot of lives is not something to sneer at. And the fact that you can’t save every life is not an argument not to try to save any lives.

In Colorado, we got a law passed. The NRA went after two or three state Senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads [emphasis added]. It’s as far rural as you can get. And, yes, they lost recall elections. I’m sorry for that. We tried to help ’em. But the bottom line is, the law is on the books, and being enforced. You can get depressed about the progress, but on the other hand, you’re saving a lot of lives.

Did you catch that part where Bloomberg doubts that roads exist in those pro-gun parts of the country?

The common belief among anti-gun elitists is that gun owners are poor, inbred redneck idiots from the back woods. It’s something I’ve heard time and again whenever I go back to New York for a few days (“Do your friends have all their teeth?”).

They believe that no educated individual would ever stoop so low as to own a firearm. That the only people who even think about gun rights live in log cabins in the middle of nowhere and are so dumb an unsophisticated that they simply regurgitate the NRA’s talking points and don’t have any opinions of their own.

So dumb, in fact, that when a benevolent, highly educated billionaire tries to “help” them, they refuse it.

It’s a continuation of the theme that the only truly civilized society is in big cities. Michael Bloomberg and his ilk see places like New York City and Chicago as the models, and anyone who doesn’t buy into their version of urban utopia is an ill-bred hick whose opinions really don’t matter.

Wealthy urban aristocrats, after all, know best, and anyone who disagrees is a fool. It’s the very definition of elitism.

Michael Bloomberg, the same man who believes M1 Abrams tanks fire nuclear bombs, is flying that elitist flag pretty proudly these days it seems.

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    • Being from New Hampshire, I understand the frustration with neighbors to the south, however, in this case the association of Bloomberg would not be fair to the holes of Mass…

    • Who is he actually appealing to here? How many are there in the population that agree with him? 1%? 10%? I really do not see more than 30% at most, and I suspect it is much less.

      As others have noted, you cannot buy this sort of propaganda as a tool…

      I appreciate that he is so up front about it. Are there really 20-30 percent of the population who believe this nonsense?

      He is trying to disambugate, but I do not think he has enough control of the information stream to pull it off.

        • Bloomberg says in his million dollar ads on TV that he raised NYC Teachers pay ! Bull crap!! What he did was make them work MORE HOURS! That’s what he calls a Raise!!!! And he has the personality of a wet rag! Also, I am the daughter and wife of a Veteran! I am a 2A supporter always, because a well armed society is a polite society! Oh and your body guards must be stupid because they own firearms! Good Luck in your gated community with its Walls! Oh only you deserve a wall?? We all deserve a wall of protection, mainly from elitist like you!

      • I think the author is projecting here. Bloomberg said rural where there are no roads. He didn’t say shit about anyone’s education, that was all implied by the author. I’m pretty sure what Bloomberg was implying was that rural areas traditionally have more gun owners because they can actually hunt where urban populations don’t have that excuse. So, why does this author guy think rural means stupid?

    • Mike Bloomberg grew up in Medford, MA.

      But I do not believe for one second that Bloomberg believes M1 Abrams tanks fire nuclear bombs. That’s utter nonsense. Now I’m wondering if Robert Farrago still owns this website, because I don’t believe he’d publish such nonsense.

      • When someone you love and or admire is involved in a mass shooting, please write another piece on Facebook.

        • Condolences if that happened to you. But unfortunately gun control won’t stop that. Only an armed responder can stop that. Criminals don’t register guns, don’t buy them at gun stores. He says some states have background checks. Background checks are a federal law, all gun stores and licensed dealers, at a store or a gun show, are required to do a national background check. They do no good, though, if other government agencies fail to report to them, agencies like the Navy. US Navy wasn’t reporting court martial or criminals they prosecuted and convicted of felonies or misdemeanor domestic violence convictions.

        • My son died as a result of gun violence. Therefore I am uniquely qualified to comment on this post. I am a firm supporter of 2A rights and always will be. Michael Bloomburg is nothing more than a self agrandizing sicophant, desperate for the nations attention. Oh, and I forgot. I live seventy miles from the nearest town, have 2 bachelors degrees and 2 masters degrees. So much for being poor and ignorant.

        • My nephew was just shot and killed. I am still a proud gun supporter. But, OH I almost forgot. I’m a hick from the rural backwoods.

  1. I’ll just keep happily clinging to my guns and religion, thank you very much. Actually, dinner was quite tasty from the garden and the deer lease tonight.
    Dear earthquakes – feel free to drop CA and NY into the oceans anytime you please, and Shy Town into Lake Michigan.
    I sometimes visit WI, and detour around Shy Town always and IL when possible.

      • I live here too and would like to see a good shaker on the San Andreas fault just before the November election. Maybe then the two most cancerous cities ( L.A. & S.F) wouldn’t turn out and we’d get our state back.

    • Please keep that cesspool ChiTown out of lake Michigan.
      We don’t need the added pollution…

  2. I live in Denver. Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Westminster were the cities the recalls occurred in. According to Wikipedia, their combined populations, in 2012, was 648,775. I know that’s small potatoes to Hizzonna, but since not one of the cities has less than 100k people, he may want to check his facts before he sounds like a rich, white, out of touch elitist….

      • Hell. We not only got plumbin’. We got heatin’ and air condish-nin’ too. And cars and TV and radio, even freeways and shoppin’ malls! We got ev’ry bit o’ that big-city civ-lization here, ya know!

        – from a Colorado resident who knows that Michael Bloomberg is an idiot.

    • “…… out of touch elitist?” I think pompous zionist douchebag would be more appropriate.

    • District 19 includes Westminster and Arvada; I’ve lived in both of them and they’re both essentially suburbs of Denver with a fair percentage of “corporate gypsies” (out-of-staters who moved there as the primary family wage worker changes middle-management-or-above jobs within a nation-wide corporation).

    • I’ve only been to Pueblo’s airport, but it was paved and had flush toilets in the FBO. The people working there even had all their teeth.

      • And you probably don’t have to worry about your luggage being rifled through and stolen like in the hellhole airports that Bloomburg was responsible for.

  3. that just goes to show you what an a****** Mr Bloomberg is! And how ignorant he is, doesn’t matter how many billions you have you still can’t read the fax correctly you just make them up as you go along, another politically correct ass clown!

    • A truly pathetic human being. Think of what he could do with his time with all that money. Yet he chooses to try and control other people. Clearly, he is mentally ill.

    • I think they are still stuck in the late 1960s or early 1970s. I think a bunch of old hippies may read it, but no one else. My 20 something daughters do not like the magazine. I think Rolling Stone is going the way of the dinosaur.

  4. Gun owners? Poor? Last I checked, guns are EXPENSIVE. Several hundred bucks for a halfway decent handgun plus ammo equals a huge chunk out of a low-income person’s paycheck. It’s real damn hard to be poor and a gun owner.

    • I know what you mean, I am in that same boat right now. As a matter of fact I don’t even have a gun right now because they are so expensive, but plan to try to change that later this year if they aren’t banned by then LOL

      • From Bloomberg’s point of view, if you don’t have a half billion in your petty cash fund, you’re poor. And you’re stupid, because you couldn’t figure out how to earn/get it.

        • LOL funny you should suggest that. I had one of those in the early 90’s, It was a modified (sporterized version), an absolute dream to shoot but ammo at the time was a bit expensive

  5. Tell you what Mr Bloomberg, If you really want to help people out, send me $10,000. I could sure use the money right now to pay off some bills. What I don’t use, I’ll pass to others that could use a helping hand. That’s how you help people. Not by trying to take their right to defend themselves.

    • I still hold the position that when the economy was “tanking” a couple years ago and the gov’t wanted to give bail out money to corps, the right thing to do was to “give” us Citizens (back the same) money instead. I figured it would have been 6 figures easily and I would have either spent it or made a massive dent in my mortgage if not paid it off totally. That would easily free up several grand every month of “expendable” cash I could have been pumping into the economy from the bottom up.

      I know, it wouldn’t work… too logical.

      • I actually thought the same thing. Since I am on SSI and SSDI, I got a grand total of maybe $250. Granted $250 is nothing to sneeze at, but a far cry from the 1000’s we could have got had the government given the money they did to big corps and handed it to the people instead.

        • Well we don’t have enough money in the treasury to bail out banks any longer, so Mr Obama & congress in their infinite wisdom passed the Dodd-Frank bill which allows banks to tap Into our personal savings, IRAs & 401Ks the next time they need to be bailed out without asking our permission & the FDIC will not be protecting our accounts when they do.
          We need to ask our president, Congress & the Senate to repeal that law ASAP.

  6. The only thing I can think of is that some pawn that works for Bloomberg gave him this excuse for the loss and he is so stupid he actually believed it.

    What is worse, the Rolling Stones person who interviewed him now probably believes it too since these people do not bother to fact check.

  7. When ever I encounter someone like Mikey I ask them where they got their Ph.D and what major University did they teach at. (Illinois and Indiana respectively)

    • Exactly how often are you encountering hyper-privileged, out-of-touch statist billionaires?

      • Only one billionaire but he didn’t care about guns. I used to work for the heir to the Mellon fortune. But the point is I run into this attitude from anti-gun people from all income categories.

      • Correct me if I’m mistaken but didn’t he buy a home on an island municipality and have their laws changed to allow his servants to carry weapons?
        He must be a very scared little man and would probably be much better off if he stayed on his island stronghold, I know we would be!

        • Oh so true. He comes across a a very intolerant little man trying to pass himself and his org as tolerant. You can’t have it both ways, sooner or later people figure you out and you are done from that point.

    • That too is elitist. I have a friend about to earn a PhD in several decades of regional male cross-dressing history who may become a professor in the field (gender and sexuality studies). I’m mostly self-educated, but am no poorer in erudition for it. His academic qualifications do not make him an enlightened elite of superior judgement uniquely qualified to force others to live their lives in the way he most approves of. It may take a certain level of aptitude or grit to become a doctor, but being accredited to a high standard of specialized knowledge doesn’t preempt a person from being generally ignorant, and knowledge of the greatest breadth and quality may be gained outside of formal academic study.

      • So you agree with Bloomie that only uneducated, inbreds own guns? That’s what anybody reading your rather snide post would assume you are saying.

        • I might be wrong, but I think the concept the poster is trying to convey is: dumbass is still a dumbass regardless of conferred degrees.

          But I might be wrong as I’m still trying to figure out what kind of grant someone is granted for studying crossdressers.

        • Gene is right about what I wrote, which proves tdiinva’s assumption wrong. I’ll simplify my point for Dr. tdiinva. I objected to your implication that without academic qualifications a person’s discourse and opinions on firearms laws are inherently illegitimate and ignorant. A doctorate does not prove a fine mind and flawless reasoning. Obviously, not even reading comprehension. There was no support for Bloomberg’s policies explicit or implicit in my text. It had nothing to do with that.

          As for my friend, I don’t want to give too many details for the sake of his privacy, but the subject of his doctoral thesis is roughly “Male Cross-dressing Performance in England, 1930-1970”. He doesn’t know how to build anything, produce food, heal, or any practical subject, but he can tell you all about drag queens who performed decades ago. He’s the most academically qualified drag queen I know! But that does not mean he is generally learned. He has no first-hand experience with firearms, and his academic qualifications do not make his opinions on any subject outside of his field more valid (which again is why I objected to tdiinva discrediting others because they don’t have the doctorate he does). I think it’s great that we’re close friends, we run in drastically different circles and there’s little chance we could have met and become friends as adults. We’ve been friends since childhood, well before I had any inkling he was going to go off of the deep end regarding all this gay and drag stuff. I am also dumbfounded like Gene that this is now a completely uncontroversial way to become a respected academic. I won’t be surprised if he gets public grant money. The times they are a-changing.

        • You have a logic problem.

          Let me explain it to you:

          Gun grabber hypothesis: gun owners are retarded inbred hicks.

          Fact: I am a wealthy Ph.D. who taught at a Big Ten University who lives in a major urban area and I am a gun owner.

          Fact refutes his assumption. There is no more meaning to my statement than than that.

          Your attempt to broaden my simple proposition beyond its intent has demonstrated a major, if not epic, logic fail and you have spent too many words while doing so.

        • You did not make a statement saying “I am a wealthy Ph.D. who taught at a Big Ten University who lives in a major urban area and I am a gun owner.” If so I would have never responded. You said you demanded to know if they were as academically qualified as you are (which I believe is irrelevant to the exchange of ideas): “When ever I encounter someone like Mikey I ask them where they got their Ph.D and what major University did they teach at. (Illinois and Indiana respectively)” That sentence says you asked the question about their educational history, not that you informed them of your own, although you may have. That’s not refuting claims that gun owners like you are uneducated, that’s issuing a challenge to whoever challenges your beliefs with the implicit message that they aren’t qualified to talk to you if they have never been a university professor like yourself. If you go around saying to those who challenge you to debate “I got my PhD at X and taught at Y, what are your academic qualifications?” it’s reasonable to assume you are making judgements about the person based on that information. If someone said that to me in an aggressive way, I’d probably be of the opinion that they considered people of lower academic status beneath them. I think it’s a bunch of bullshit, and snobby and elitist attitudes like that are part of why I’ve steered clear of academia. Besides, the kind of small farming I’m into they don’t offer degrees in at any university I know of. If you want my kind of career, you need to get your hands dirty and care about learning and gaining experience, not obtaining certificates. It doesn’t mean much to be a doctor other than you can do academic work. I could have a PhD if I wanted to be an expert in the history of men wearing women’s clothing in nightclubs in such-and-such-place fifty years ago. If I had that degree, would I deserve to have my opinions taken more seriously than I do now? I think not.

        • Gene I think it falls between mental health and ancient art ! In the 1500s men actors dressed as women for Shakespeare plays !!!!

  8. I wonder if Mr Bloomberg realizes he just insulted his own bodyguards?? LOL Probably not.

    • “…you’re saving a lot of lives” – how arrogant! He thinks he has the answers, he’s the only one that cares, and he’s actually accomplished something. Check and he will also find that most spree killers weren’t poor, but middle to upper class. Not only has he insulted his bodyguards, but his former NYC police force. How condescending! To him, I guess they are necessary brutes not capable of any higher thought.

      • With the way SOME (notice I said SOME) officers act these days, I am tending to agree, but that’s another issue.
        If I was Bloomberg, I sure as heck wouldn’t be insulting those that protect me on a daily basis.

  9. Every time I read garbage like this or some idiot blabs on Facebook I send NRA $25.00 and $25 to me my state’s largest 2A organization.

    • This little stunt Bloomy just pulled may make me re-up with NRA before my year is up at the end of Aug.

    • I still am of the opinion that Bloomberg is the best face of gun control that gun rights supporters could ask. He’s a grade A, triple XL douche bag that is completely out of touch with pretty much everything and everybody. Most people around the country don’t like him and that is why he had to buy “Sunshine and crew” to be a kinder, more doe-eyed representation of his pompous sophistry.

      On a side note, why I left NYC in about the first 3 minutes and 40 seconds of this video.

  10. Investigative report on the issues of NO ROADS in CO.

    ED Comment: It is shocking how we allow these poor uneducated souls to vote before giving them even the most basic human right to travel on a paved road.

    • Great reporting there. I like how thoroughly he is investigating the question, “Are there passable roads in Colorado Springs?”. As someone who has been to Colorado Springs several dozen times in my car, I always believed there were. However, now that the Ex-Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has stated that there are no roads there, I think we need a thorough investigation like this one. I hope he finds the answer soon, though.

    • I work in Colorado Springs

      A lot of people bitch about all the potholes.

      That would seem to indicate that there must be roads somewhere around here in this, the 41st largest city in the US.

    • As I think about it some more, I realize the reporting is in the great journalistic tradition of Baghdad Bob. “There are no…”

    • I love how he does his intro whilst holding a “Double Gulp” drink. Another dig at the pint-sized tyrant.

  11. There are area’s of any city that ex-mayor Bloomberg would be afraid to walk through after dark, with out his body guards, let alone live there. Did any one see the body guards he had with him when he went to Washington, D.C.? I believe there were 7 or 8 of them. Every one of them looked like they could play as a linesman for the New York Jets. Plus I believe all of them were carrying. If he wants us disarmed, I believe he should set an example by getting rid of his body guards and walk around this Country defenseless, like he wants us to. I keep forgetting that he has a lot of money, so he can hire private protection, something that I can’t afford.

  12. I think, technically the M1A! can fire nuclear munitions (if we were to upgrade the 50s technology we used to use)

    and i know what depleted uranium is about….

    • The smallest conventionally fired nuclear exploding ordinance ever developed was the W48, a 155mm round that existed from 1963 to 1992. The main gun on the Abrams A1 and A2 is 120mm. So while technologically speaking it was feasible, not such ordinance, fireable from and Abrams has ever existed.

  13. The contempt that wealthy elites have for the average citizen is un-American. It is counter to the principles that all men are created equal. The second amendment ensures that all Americans maintain the right to protect themselves and their families. And the second amendment ensures that the American people will be the source of their government’s power not subject to it.

    For the record, I am successful businessman with an MBA from University of Chicago. Just the type of person to whom Bloomberg thinks he appeals. While I’ve always been pro 2nd amendment, it was not until I felt those rights threatened that I chose to act upon them. I shot a gun for the first time two years ago at summer camp with my son. I purchased a Ruger 10/22 and 2-25 round magazines later that fall. I’ve taken gun safety and training very seriously and now hold a concealed carry permit and a Beretta 92 A1.

    One of my greatest pleasures in becoming an active gun owner is the wonderful people I’ve met. Responsible friendly and helpful would describe the responsible gunowners I have met.

    Gun sales and permit issuances show that when our constitutional rights are threatened, Americans will act. Income, education and geography (urban, suburban or rural) have nothing to do with the free exercise of our rights.

    • Most gun owners I have met were usually at least semi-successful in life and quite a few had college degrees. I actually have a Mechanical Engineering Honors degree and I am working as a Process Engineer in a multi-national company.

  14. The stereotype arguments always amuse me. I’ve worked for nearly 20 years as a computer engineer for one of the biggest names in the business. I’m not exactly hurting for cash, and challenging my intelligence would be a losing battle (one I’ve enjoyed winning since elementary school). I’m in the metro-Phoenix area in a quiet suburban neighborhood–not exactly fitting for the “redneck” label.

    However, I do enjoy violent video games, computers and I live in a basement, so there’s that. But it’s my basement, dang it! Of course it’s also an AZ basement, which means fully finished and well-insulated against the heat–not at all like the typical Midwest basement (heh, more stereotypes).

    • Trailer houses don’t have basements. Those are for little rich snots who never move away from mommy and only interact with the world through world of warcraft.

      • Dangit! And here I thought I was in the clear from social prejudice against my choice of domicile since I moved out of my parents’ place decades ago. Do I get any points for choosing XBox Live over WoW? 😉

        P.S. I grew up below the poverty line and graduated with $60k of school debt; I was never well off until I earned it via my own education & hard work, so I haven’t always been a basement-snot. I don’t look down on (or up to) anyone for where they live. Not that I’m perfect and never judge. Certain plutocrats with egos the size of yo mama punchlines have made my list through their own words and deeds.

  15. Let the pompous arse squeal, the louder he squeals, the worse the gun banners do, so squeal quisling bloomberg, squeal and squeal some more!

      • Zed: Bring out the Gimp.
        Maynard: Gimp’s sleeping…
        Zed: Well, I guess you’re gonna have to go wake him up now, won’t you?

  16. Just read a great article in Reason couple of days ago, that is helpful when pulling one’s hair out trying to understand why gun-grabbers, whether elitists like Little Mike,
    or the sewer crawlers at Gawker, are so clueless.

    It reminded me that most of America “gets it” on gun-rights, and the trend is continuing, both in public opinion, the law, and crime rates, as more concealed carry permits are issued- doubled since 2007.


    Keep Calm. Press On.

  17. The contempt that wealthy elites have for the average citizen is un-American. It is counter to the principles that all men are created equal. The second amendment ensures that all Americans maintain the right to protect themselves and their families. And the second amendment ensures that the American people will be the source of their government’s power not subject to it.

    For the record, I am successful businessman with an MBA from University of Chicago. Just the type of person to whom Bloomberg thinks he appeals. While I’ve always been pro 2nd amendment, it was not until I felt those rights threatened that I chose to act upon them. I shot a gun for the first time two years ago at summer camp with my son. I purchased a Ruger 10/22 and 2-25 round magazines later that fall. I’ve taken gun safety and training very seriously and now hold a concealed carry permit and a Beretta 92 A1.

    One of my greatest pleasures in becoming an active gun owner is the wonderful people I’ve met. Responsible friendly and helpful would describe them

    Gun sales and permit issuances show that when our constitutional rights are threatened, Americans will act. Income, education and geography (urban, suburban or rural) have nothing to do with the free exercise of our rights.

  18. “The NRA went after two or three state Senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads.” In the large liberal cities that Bloomberg patronizes, I don’t think there’s any civilization and the places look and feel like the movie set of Escape from New York.

  19. Bloomberg is starting to sound more and more like Donald Sterling.
    I’d like to do a clinical evaluation and a functional brain scan on him….

  20. I’m a liberal living in Tucson, AZ; I own a business; I have an Engineering degree; and I discreetly carry a firearm.

    Bloomberg shouldn’t be placed in charge of a charity bake sale, let alone a city. We must always remember his quote: “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world.”

    Any liberal who climbs into bed with the former mayor of NYC is a fool.

    • With all due respect, if you carry a concealed weapon & disagree with Bloomberg, there are plenty of liberals out there who will argue that you’re not that much of a liberal.

      Do you support the 2nd amendment? In your opinion do citizens have a right to possess firearms? If the answer to both is yes, that’s a major disqualifier among liberals of the Schumer & Feinstein & Hillary camps. And they’re the ones in the driver’s seat, so to speak.

  21. We must always remember this little gem from Mike Bloomberg: “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world.”

    I’m a liberal who lives in Tucson AZ and works in both the Tucson and Phoenix metropolitan areas. I have an engineering degree; I own a business; and I discreetly carry a firearm.

    I’m not a simpleton who lives in the middle of nowhere.

  22. Yeah, Mikey, you might be rich… But, at least I don’t need a high chair at restaurants.

  23. Yeah, Mikey, you might be rich… But, at least I don’t need a booster seat at restaurants.

  24. Shit I must be doing something wrong. I qualified as “middle class” on the tax brackets, and that’s while going to school to finish a master’s degree. And my town has roads to boot. They’re even paved too!

  25. Let him keep talking. Just alienates more and more people.

    Might surprise Mr. Bloomberg to know that not only am I a college educated firearm owner, but I also have a doctorate. And my personal income is nigh double the household median for the country. I have plenty of well-educated friends who are also gun owners.

    To be clear: This is not a slight against anyone with a different life history. I’ve known great people that owned their own businesses, and I’ve known great people that mowed lawns for a living. Your bank account balance doesn’t define who you are. The People of the Gun recognize this. Bloomberg and his fellow statists don’t. It’s why they lose ground every year.

  26. Bloomberg is the best thing that could happen to us. An arrogant, New York City, billionaire douchebag isn’t going to get a lot of traction in most of the country. he’s so hated that all the progun people have to do is run against him. and they’ll win.

    The best thing: he doesn’t know how much he’s despised.

    • He is a quintessential narcissist coupled w/ sociopathy.

      The Government (and corporations) are full of them.

      The Anonymous Conservative has a lot of great info about these personality disorders in combination.

  27. Bloomberg is a case study in showing how massive wealth can make one think they are brilliant. Massive wealth means you achieved it usually through a combination of hard work, skill, and some luck too, but it does not mean that you are some intellectual “elite” among all of society with the skills and intellect to govern society or dictate to society even if you to be given that duty. It doesn’t mean you know squat about rights, policy, law, economics, etc…areas of knowledge that an actual technocrat really needs.

    Unfortunately however, many believe that by being rich, it gives them a special qualification to be able to lord over the masses.

    • Bloomberg became very wealthy by providing a service to a very narrow but very wealthy segment of the economy, namely investment companies (Bloomberg Terminal). This after he got fired and given a 10 million severance package, which he used to start his company. He is now the 16th richest man in the world.

      The problem is not Bloomberg per se. The problem is that short of the government he has no competition when it comes to how much and how many he can buy to get something done. Money talks and BS walks. He knows this and is in the best position to do what he wants.

  28. Bloomberg is so ignorant, the thinks a place like Miami Florida is so rural it doesn’t have roads?
    That this the only logical conclusion based on his statement. Rural means less population, and since Colorado Springs, CO is the 41st largest city in the entire United States based on population, and Miami ,FL is 44th, then Miami wouldn’t have roads either.
    Or maybe, he’s just a super wealthy imbecile who never thinks or bothers to learn anything, but thinks his money means his opinion needs to taken seriously on every topic.

    • To be sure Colorado Springs is 41st in size… but it is a lot lower down on the list of metropolitan areas since it doesn’t have a lot of suburbs (they wisely have acted to not become landlocked). Miami is going to feel like a much larger city though because it has a bunch of suburbs. So “Miami [including all the suburbs no one outside of the Miami area would bother to distinguish from Miami]” is a much bigger city than “Colorado Springs [and its entourage of very small suburbs].”

      • But that’s the problem, people like Bloomberg go with what it feels like to them, rather than living in reality.

        • They buy their own individual reality, carefully constructed, and rent people to tell them they’re always right. Self-delusion at it’s finest.

  29. I gotta hand it to Rolling Stone.

    They just want “better” gun laws, such as the ones you’d find in Chicago. And no one ever gets shot there, right?

    • Right, unless you count the 80 that were shot and at last known count to me 12 dead, over the July 4th weekend (full sarcasm).
      Once again the numbers just don’t add up. Maybe one of these years, Chicago (and other highly regulated cities) will wake up and realize that the only way to combat a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Yes I mean ladies too 😀

    • HeyJackass!.com proves Chicago really is the gun free paradise and a model for gun control across the nation.

  30. You don’t get to be worth 34 billion dollars by being a warm loving person. He is like most extremely wealthy folks, a narcissist with disturbingly twisted world views. It just happens to be a byproduct of a capitalist economic system. Part of the package, that scumbags rise to the top along with a very few good guys. If you don’t like his views or where he puts his money then go out and create a 34 billion dollar empire to counter him.

  31. I guess no one has driven in Chicago or Detroit recently. Roads? Looks more like a test track for off road vehicles.

    • Chiraq is a good name for the place. It looks like a scene from the Hurt Locker movie.

      • Except it sounds like it’s the home city of Jacques Chirac, former head honcho of cheese eating surrender central.

  32. I totally get it. he clings to his wealth and doesnt like the idea that some simpleton/ peasant/ poor person/ insignificant/ lower them himself person, owns an inanimate object that can take it away….
    too bad he sees his fellow man with so much contempt.

  33. So he’s worth 34 billion. Notice though that with all the money he’s still trying to do this on the cheap, comparatively speaking. That’s very telling of how the man thinks.

    All that is needed is an organization that can better the money he is spending and go head to head with him, making him spend a LOT of his money. All it takes at this point is 20,000 donors at $250 apiece, for starters. Call it “USA against Bloomberg”.

  34. Start one of those White House online petitions…We the people think he should be ambassador to Ukraine, Iraq, or Afghanistan.

    • Or Antarctica. Or the Moon.

      [I know there is no government in either place but that way he can’t possibly offend someone and cause an international incident, so it works out better.]

  35. How suprised all those city dwellers will be when the S does HTF! When the mass exodus from the cities into rural areas results in the slaughter of the weaponless millions by the armed hundreds….they will see the error of their ways. It’s amusing.

  36. His “views” are a carbon copy of Agenda 21….oops there’s that conspiracy thing again.

  37. I am so pissed. I going to hop on ol’ Bessy, take some pelts to town and sell ’em. Then I’m going to take the money and send Bloomy a telegram and tell him exactly what I think. I’ll be leavin’ tomorrow if the creek goes down.

  38. It is funny that the Anti’s are funded by a single anti-gun opinionated multi-billionaire for the following organizations:
    • Mom’s Demand Action
    • Everytown for gun safety
    • Mayor’s against any illegal guns

    And… the NRA is funded by millions of gun owners, gun manufacturers, and 2A rights supporters.

    But… the NRA is an “evil” organization (supported by millions mind you) and the anti’s are funded by singular rich billionaires – and are advertised as “grass-roots.”

    …And, yeah, you’re not going to get everybody until you get to a tipping point, but the fact that you save a lot of lives is not something to sneer at. And the fact that you can’t save every life is not an argument not to try to save any lives.

    “Tipping point” – so a majority – so the majority and eliminate the rights of the minority?

    In Colorado, we got a law passed. The NRA went after two or three state Senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads [emphasis added]It’s as far rural as you can get. And, yes, they lost recall elections. I’m sorry for that. We tried to help ‘em. But the bottom line is, the law is on the books, and being enforced. You can get depressed about the progress, but on the other hand, you’re saving a lot of lives.

    “Depressed about the progress?” Thanks billionaire bloomberg. Us peons are depressed about the progress of the this country towards an inclination for rights to the “ruling class” and a lack thereof for us peons. Bloomberg walks around with an armed guard. I wonder if his armed guard follows mag capacity laws that he mentions were passed in Colorado?

    By the way, I don’t want to be saved. I want to be left alone.

  39. No offense to any north-easterners here, but a lot of your fellow citizens are completely ignorant about the rest of the US, and live in a total culture bubble. I have to visit some of the major cities in NJ/NY/PA a few times of year for work, and the stuff that I hear about the place that I live (Seattle) is just a freaking joke. Like we all eat granola, wear birkenstocks, smoke dope and play bongos. Literally, I have had several people in NJ say that this is how the entire west coast is to them.

    I even had one guy offer me a job, which would require me to move out to NJ. I declined, even after he offered me more than what I was making now, and I said “it wasn’t about the money.” Truth be told, it was because this guy was a huge asshole, I didn’t want to work for him, and I didn’t want to live in NJ. Frankly, I cared less about the money than all of that, so it wasn’t a lie, but his response was to start bashing the place I live in, started making jacked up comments about how “you west coasters have your priorities all screwed up,” and accused me of caring more about “hippie shit” than making money. This guy had absolutely no idea how I live or what I do in my spare time – obviously posting on TTAG, not much of it is “hippie shit.”

    I definitely did not want the job at that point.

    I’ve had similar experiences with people in NYC, when I make comments to them about spending time in the countryside and wanting to eventually move out of the Seattle area to eastern Oregon or Montana. I don’t like living in or near cities – “but New Yawk City is duh greatest fawkin’ city in da wuhld!! You just ain’t lived in a REAL city yet bub!”

    You rural guys living in these states, I real feel sorry for you. Your city dwellers are running the show and reliably screw you over at every turn. They have completely zero idea how people outside of their cities live – much less in the other areas of the country anywhere west of the big NE tri-state area.

  40. What can you say Blomberg and his cronies are antisocial psychopathic liars. And anyone buying their lies has a mental condition.

  41. After trying to ban high-capactity SODAS* and making this statement:

    “Your argument, I guess, could be that it’s a little less convenient to have to carry two 16-ounce drinks to your seat in the movie theater rather than one 32 ounce,” Mr. Bloomberg said in a sarcastic tone. “I don’t think you can make the case that we’re taking things away.”

    it his stance on high-capacity magazines any surprise? Seriously, you want to ban large sodas?? o_O How about large pizzas too? I mean you can’t be too careful. *facepalm* Next week on Bloomberg: “Well it looks like we have too much poverty…. Let’s ban poverty!”

    Do people not remember that?! How can his constituents still take him seriously! Must be a very selective memory – oh, and lots of money, of course.


  42. I was born on a dirt road. My daddy gave me shooting lessons on the family farm. Then we moved to the big city. I finally learned what all those swear words meant. There were people who stole and were proud of it. There were people who pushed ahead of line, folks in management who hoovered up all the money so their workers got very little. Politicians who lied to get elected.

    Ask me, the only people whose words you could trust were back on those dirt roads.

  43. Guns and ammo are expensive. I am not a redneck, but love to shoot at my local range. This is not a hobby for the poor. I paid 300 for a season pass, and shoot up 100 to 200 in ammo every time I go there. Bloomberg is an elitist bully that wants to regulate everything we do.

  44. I guess Bloomberg failed Geography in school , or either he just wasn’t listening . I think he was trying to be cute for the rest of his elite buddies , by stating such a remark , but it just shows me that he is actually not very bright , he never was , and he never will be , he just wants to rule the “playground” like any other big money bully with a chip on his shoulder , he wants his way or no way and thinks he can get it by buying it ! Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  45. I can assure you that Denver has roads. So does Colorado Springs. I-25 doesn’t turn into a dirt road before you hit Castle Rock southbound. Just ask Google.

    I can also assure you that the Basic Freedom Defense Fund and nearly every sheriff in this state (along with their ongoing lawsuit against the new “laws”) are a diverse and respectable group. We the people accomplished the first recall of a state lawmaker in Colorado history, and the first 2nd Amendment based recall in US history (AFAIK). Bloomberg and Hickenlooper can whine all they want. But Giron, Morse, and Hudak can’t be tyrants anymore.

    • Yes we did! And no they can’t. Bwahahahahahahhahahahahahha.

      I’m proud to say I was a part of that successful recall movement.

  46. .what absolutely drives me bat crap crazy about people like Bloomberg is that they want my guns taken away everywhere they go they are protected by armed bodyguards. And yet they see absolutely no hypocrisy on it. And even worse nobody in the media will bring this point up.

    • Not only does he hide behind his 6 figure a year paid bodyguards whom he gets special weapons clearance in other countries for his protection detail. He states flat out the reason he has armed guards is because the world is dangerous. So we’re not good enough to defend ourselves from the same threats he admits exist cause we can’t afford armed guards. We can afford to be our own armed guards and he doesn’t like that. Someone should run over him with an Abrams tank just to prove all of his double standards wrong.

  47. With his $50 million the most Bloomberg can do is lie, mudsling, and have the leader of his propaganda machine publicly declare it and its mission to be fallacious bullshit. Meanwhile the NRA sues and wins against cities who try to abrogate the Constitution to push illegal gun control initiatives, like his, through as law.

  48. Says the man who has an armed guard worth him at all times. I believe new York City has the highest crime rate, while Chicago has the highest murder rate in the country. If I were people, I’d wonder what he’s after or what the elites are after.

  49. Where’s the brothers McManus when you need them to take down the corrupt elitists? Oh that’s right, one of them is currently helping with Georgia’s dangerous overpopulation of walkers.

  50. Everyday, Ex-Mayor Bloomturd proves that liberal/progressives border on mental illness, just by opening their mouths and speaking. He additionally proves that a Mind is a terrible thing to waste!

    • “He additionally proves that a Mind is a terrible thing to waste!”

      Yea especially on something as futile as gun control which we all know, short of worldwide confiscation will never work.

  51. I’m not poor. I’m certainly not rich either. Go f**k yourself Mr. Bloomberg. Without lube. Elitist jerkoff.

  52. I recently shared email with one of his pals who help his support the anti-gun movement. What I learned was just because you have a big bank doesn’t not make you rational.

    People need to reject Bloomberg and people of his nature. Gates, Hanauer, Ballmer, these are all dangerous people who many think are wonderful philanthropists.

    They are all laughing at us believing us to be nothing more than sheep.

  53. How did gun control save these lives? Some of the disarmed people murdered by the governments of the world, Christians Rome, Jews Nazi Germany, Aztecs Spanish, Maori of NZ and Aboriginals Australia, Scottish William Wallace, the Irish, Welsh by English and the Native America by the US government. THIS is why we need guns to protect ourselves from those who would subject us to their whim and if this is not enough just google dictators.
    There are over 400 gun laws on the books and they have done nothing to stop the violence. Because of the winey few we are chastised for wanting to protect ourselves. We NEED guns to protect ourselves from criminals in and out of the government. I deserve the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough shit. mrpresident2016.com

  54. Update, Feb 2016. And he wants to run for President of the United States???? I suppose he will change the constitution to outlaw, 20 ounce sodas, pop tarts, Twinkies, and donuts then decide that since he has the Secret Service protecting him there is no need for anyone else to protect themselves with anything more modern than a single shot musket.

  55. Micheal Bloomberg you spoiled little snot please go soak your head were tired of spoiled little snots like you dictating to us how to live our lives we battled against a world power in the 1700’s and became a free and independent nation if you dont like it go live another country and i heard where your NOMORENAMES mentined a terrorists killed by the police during a shootout around the time of the boston Marathon bombing BLOOMBERG GO AWAY

  56. CURSE MICHAEL BLOOMBERG! The guy hates the poor, he hates the working class, he hates religious people, he hates those on welfare, he hates gun owners, simply put, who does he like?? The ultra rich with wrongfully gained wealth, just as rotten as himself. And there is NOTHING good about him. I can promise you, whether you believe in God or not, that the guy is full of evil spirit. The guy is the worst of both political parties, he is the worst of all the worst in the world of politics, and he is just so rotten that it would actually be okay even for christians to curse him to the ground!

    • Hes a total douche, but Churchill, Morgan, Chase ,Killary rotan arse clinton bloomingsmellyfartsare all sicko’s,,but Rothchild’s are the kings of demonic sickness. Like the send your DNA off to find out where your from…That was a secret, purpose and it sure was NOT to find out where your family from century’s may have once upon a time migrated from there. you were born on land/ soil jurisdiction of America in what ever state ,me neg be a Louisianan that’s me heritage, me der I ma Louisianan yep a Proud American State Citizen.back to The worshipers of Mammon dna test all went through same laboratory. And they where looking for and individual in good health, that also had the inbreeds unusual rare blood type. then the greedy bastard murder not one but Two innocent people for a heart transplant. check the medical records they were a few years apart, but none the less that old bastard HAD INNOCENT PEOPLE ASSASSINATED, Never heard that as BREAKING NEWS, UH? …..Ryan Harvey,,,,,Good day;)

  57. This man has shown just how stupid and uneducated he really is. There are ‘book smarts’ and then there is wisdom – of which he has NONE.

  58. I wonder how he would stop all the killings in the Chicago area? This town is tough on guns but it seems that there are multiple shooting deaths there every weekend.

  59. I have two guns, one Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun, modified but legal a Browning High Power 9 mm. No one will ever take guns. I guess I am one of Bloomberg’s Idiot’s. Too bad.

    • Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people. I agree with a background check. In fact, I am in the market for a Browning 380 DBA Automatic and welcome a background check.

    • Your not the only one that will not hand them over anything in which they did not give, nor shall they ever allow another to deprive themselves of the very same.. Ryan Hargrave check out my invitation to Bloombafooon

  60. Didn’t anyone notice that “Saving lives” is one of his popular but statistically backwards quotes regarding stricter gun ownership laws?

  61. Hey Mikey, if you don’t get help at Charter get help SOMEWHERE. You are in desperate need of extended INPATIENT psychiatric care.

    Go back to your village, they miss their idiot. I am a responsible firearm owner who spent over 2 decades in the Army Infantry, both active duty and reserves and a Masters Level Clinical Microbiologist. I can guarantee you that I am far better educated than you will ever be. And although I have lived in the South my entire life, I am no hick and I am certainly not poor.

  62. If gun owners are dumb hicks, then why is he spending millions to keep guns off the street? If gun owners are so damn dumb, why is he spending millions to keep gun ownership at bay? What’s he afraid of? Seems to me that all the $$ for ant-gun causes he can be giving that to the health care system. This is why gun owners need to hold onto their guns regardless of what laws are passed. The elite have an agenda in place, and it seems that they are trying to enact it.

  63. Mike, how many armed guards watch over you and your family? Do you and your family carry? I have the same second ammendment rights that you have to carry. I am a well educated, disabled veteran who has been trained in the save use of many different types of weapons witch does not fit into your stereotype of a gun owner, which I’m sure I am.

  64. Funny thing is, Michael Bloomberg thinks I actually give a shit what he thinks about whether or not I own a gun.

  65. Bloomberg has a Napoleonic complex. His is a midget. Donate money to Covid 19. You spent a billion on a failed POTUS run. Loser.

  66. don’t these power-hungry cretins know by now that even though they have called us every name that they can invent in their demonic, evil, sick little minds – WE ARE STILL NOT GOING TO BACK DOWN?

    You are losing, fool.

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