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I reckon the whole “Moms on guns” thing is pretty simple. If you don’t want a gun (or guns) in your house, don’t have ’em. If you do, carry the weapon on your person or lock it up. In both cases, make sure your sprogs understand the Golden Rule (never point a gun at someone you don’t want to shoot). Instruct them to leave “loose” guns alone and tell an adult if they see one. And Moms should feel free to ask a playmate’s parents if they own guns. Done. Or not. Apparently venting is part of the process—at least for three out of five‘s panelists . . .

Deborah Lynn:

In general terms, I’m an anti-gun person.

I’m an anti-gun-in-the-home person because people with guns can effect a change that can’t be erased. In a moment of anger, fear or simple mishandling, a person can be maimed or die. That far outweighs any positive thing that can be said about having a gun.

Melanie Majikas:

Statistically, guns in the home absolutely put children into danger. Children are far more likely to be killed by a gun in their own home, whether by accident or through suicide, than by an intruder.

Mary Jo Stack:

We have only an airsoft gun in our house. I was even against buying that, but my husband bought it for our son. I despise guns. I think a gun in a house puts children in more danger.

Wish that I could expound on the issue, but plain and simple, I don’t like guns.

I wish Mary Jo could expound on it too. I bet she can’t because she doesn’t want to hear the logic and reason on the side of armed self-defense. Or, as her child might say, “Nanananananananannanaanana. I can’t HEAR you!”

True story: the “gun in your home is more likely to kill your children than a bad guy” meme refuses to die. Here’s an interesting angle on that: by FAR the most likely thing to happen with a gun in the home is . . . nothing. Just sayin’.


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  1. Here in Florida, it seems every month we read about a child drowning in a backyard pool. Pools are clearly luxuries, not necessities, and I’m sure the environmentalist crowd thinks they contribute to greenhouse gasses, threatening endangered species, etc. I suspect the statistics are such in Florida that a toddler is more likely to drown in a pool than be harmed by a firearm.

    And yet, these same moms who won’t allow a gun in the house or allow the child to go to a home with guns will pay a premium for a pool in the back yard.

    Perfect examples of innumeracy, ignorance of statistics, and heuristic biases caused by a media that sensationalizes the relatively low risk to children of guns in the house compared to many high risk dangers which are never talked about.

    • +1

      I detest the misunderstanding of statistics in any form, but particularly when it is in regards to firearms.

      It’s even worse to try and explain the statistical tid bit some yo-yo read in the back of a magazine, when that person, doesn’t have the first clue about ANY sort of statisical analysis or regression testing.

  2. It must be very comforting, being able to believe something without concern for its factual basis.

  3. The greatest danger to kids in the home is piss poor parents (or lack of parent(s)) but who has the guts to talk about that!? Certainly not any reps of the nanny state or any of the “everyone just needs a hug” soccer moms.
    You know, I don’t try to tell them why their little Johnny is gonna grow up to be a piece of crap if they don’t teach him to be a man; it’s not my place. I just wish they would show me the same respect, mind their own business, and don’t try to tell me how to live. My choices are my business. If they choose not to have guns, that’s on them; much like those who choose not to buy insurance. But please spare me the BS propaganda! It’s pathetic.

    • And that right there is something the anti’s will never understand. We don’t have a “bill of needs.” We have a bill of rights.

  4. My question is, when they say “Choose your weapon,” what are they talking about? The I mean, seriously?

    It strikes me as if they want you to give up defensive tools (read: guns) and replace them with a “warm blanket”

    Please explain to me how reporting your missing child will help prevent them from going missing?

  5. Mary Jo Stack says “I despise guns.” Hmmm. Despising an inanimate metal tool is as bizarre as “loving” an anatomically correct blow-up doll.

    • But guns are real, dangerous, sentient assault beings with wise-cracking cowboy bullets! Who Framed Roger Rabbit taught me that!

  6. OK this video is ridiculous my mom had a gun on her at all time when I was a kid and it was not an assault rifle it was a little .25 ACP. The same gun my and my brother learned to shoot with. I think they went overboard just to scare moms into not buying guns. And trust me my mom would have used it if anyone tried to miss with kids. I mean as a small female what else do you do vomit on the attacker please. They should have shown a Video of some big ass dude snatching some lady’s kids why because it happens may not have been as funny and entertaining but it would have been the truth.

  7. In the same vein as the first gungrabbing loon’s complaint:

    People with cars can effect a change that can’t be erased. In a moment of distraction, drowsiness, or simple mishandling a person can be maimed or die. That far outweighs any positive thing that can be said about having a car./sarcasm

    You’d probably have a shorter list if you just listed the things that can’t effect a change that can’t be erased instead of things that don’t have an ‘undo’ button.

  8. Funny, each of those women represents a separate archetype of the anti-gin mind.

    Deborah is “The Projector,” a person who projects their own fears, inadequacies, and weaknesses on everyone. Because she fears what she herself is capable of doing with a gun, she assumed everyone is.

    Melaine is “The Ignorant,” a person who hears a talking head recite a made-up statistic and then takes it to heart, because her personal deity, aka MSM and the government, told her it was true.

    Mary Jo is “The Indoctrinated,” a person who has lived her whole life hearing rhetoric to the point she fears an inanimate object for no reason. She expresses extreme yet empty dislike for guns when asked, like Pavlov’s dogs drooling at the sound of a bell.

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