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DeSantis is a target because he has been massively successful in Florida and his policies have garnered him an increase in the black vote in the last election. Democrats in the Sunshine State are in disarray, and their desperation comes across in blaming the governor for this racist shooting.

Of course, it’s not just DeSantis getting tarred with the blame. It’s any Republican.

Tim Scott and Nikki Haley both got a mention in the AP piece, and [Steve] Peoples and [Brendan] Farrington made sure to insert their ignorant opinion that “Republicans have little political incentive to appeal to voters of color — in the primary phase of the presidential campaign, at least.” Scott and Haley are both Republicans of color.

Don’t vote wrong or the NAACP will call in the Justice Department on you!

It’s all hideous. It’s most telling that other media members, and liberals who consider themselves reasonable, go silent when they see this kind of thing go on.

If you’re so worried about “rhetoric,” perhaps say a word when your political foes are being slandered as murderers.

The fact is that Florida, with crime at a 50-year low, is far safer for black people than many states governed by Democrats, and that’s what makes the left so mad.

— Carol Markowicz in AP’s abhorrent slander that DeSantis is somehow to blame for a racist killing


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  1. Given the steady collapse of daily print media, is the “Associated Press” still relevant?

    • Not to intelligent people who realize that the national media has abandoned all pretense at being fair and balanced, instead choosing to pursue advocacy journalism to further the interests of their corporate overlords.

      • Unfortunately dumbazz Republicans et al will sit silent and not remind finger pointing name calling dirty diaper democRats about their party owning the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the kkk, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities that occurred across America and not just in the South.

        Frankly a Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

      • There hasn’t been fair and unbiased media reporting or commentary since the late 80s to early 90s.

        There are two types. Those who use their media position for personal aggrandizement and as a stepping stone into politics. The others who are out to change the world into one of their liking.

        By controlling what you see, hear, and read, they can influence how you will think and behave. In other times it would be called propaganda.

        No wonder there are websites to display the political leaning of the reporting on certain issues and events.

        • We used to have a subscription to “The Week” magazine because it seemed to show both sides of a news story knowing it leaned left. We declined to re-up after noticing it fell off the left side of the fence and it’s just not worth $200 a year for Lib propaganda. It’s getting very difficult to filter out the BS today.

        • @motomike42, I used to like and watch the local fox affilliate in Tampa, they would report the news pretty srtaight, with little bias. I know that Fox is supposed to be conservative, but that went out the window a few years ago. Now any reports of a political nature are like a white house press release. Even the “political expert” now sounds like the press agent for biden. Their weather coverage is very good.

    • A group call AllSides that tracks news outlets by their word content, moved the AP from “center” to “leans left,” recently.
      Also of note, some of leftwing foundations are big contributors to the AP.

  2. Based on the description of the Associate Press article (which I have not read), it is simply the latest in millions of examples where Far Left Pr0gre$$ive True Believers apply their tried-and-true tactic: they paint their political enemies as stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt. They do that in the desperate hope that people who otherwise support their political enemies (or at least support their political enemies’ policies) will withdraw their support because they do not want to support (or do not want others to see them as supporting) someone who is stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt.

    Hat tip to Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro for characterizing that tactic.

  3. The DNC sending out the patrollers to round up any plantation escapees.
    Word on the gram and tiktok is Trump has been getting a lot of support from a certain demographic thanks to his “victim of the man” status.

    • And yet TTAG uses AP as a “source”. Hmmm…where’s the outrage for EVERY crime wave in Chiraq by you know who??? Barely a peep from ASSociated Press. Didja catch the white gal getting beaten by youts of color yesterday as they stole her belonging’s??? All in matching hoodies🙄

      • Heh.

        “Donald Trump’s campaign says it has raised $7.1 million since the former president was processed at an Atlanta jail Thursday in the Georgia election subversion case.

        “Trump’s fundraising total for the past three weeks, following his indictment and arraignment in Washington related to the federal January 6 case and then his surrender and processing at the Fulton County jail in Georgia, is close to $20 million, a Trump campaign official said.

        “On Friday, the day following his arrest in Georgia, Trump raised $4.18 million, the highest-grossing day of the entire campaign, the source said.

        “Following Trump’s arrest, his campaign also immediately began selling merchandise featuring the former president’s mug shot. The sales have contributed to the high fundraising totals, according to the source.” — CNN, 08/26/2023

  4. Sheeple are now addicted to GOSSIP, but not NEWS. Watch “The View” (choke…) if you can stand to, and argue that I’m wrong.
    I argue that THEY are the real failure mode here. They are not searching for enlightenment of current events. They crave the dark drama of the theater, and must be constantly satiated. They are in no way innocent…

    • “Watch “The View” (choke…) if you can stand to …”

      Nope, nuh-uh, no way, not happenin’, hard pass.

  5. One would hope for decency and time for the community and those affected to grieve or be united, united in sadness about what happened, agreement in horror of it.

    But Democrats and progressives can’t help themselves, they have a rapid response team of usual suspects to immediately deploy, to dance in the blood of the victims and cause division while they try to use the heightened emotions to grab money and score political points.

    They are guilty of the very sins they accuse others of, hateful rhetoric they hide behind the banner of “Stop the Hate” and “justice.”

  6. Th AP is propaganda. Didn’t they just recently receive funding from a bunch of left wing, Soros connected groups?

    Racists come in all colors. Darrell E. Brooks, a black man, drove his SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha Wisconsin and specifically targeted whites – including a group of elderly women and his isn’t the only instance of blacks targeting whites for murder or violence. That doesn’t mean blacks as a race are all guilty anymore than some jerk white guy killing innocent black people makes all white people culpable. There are plenty of evil individuals in this world but the responsibility for their acts is theirs alone.

    • The AP showed it’s true colors many years ago when they sent out a memo telling their contributors to use the term undocumented workers inplace of illegal aliens.

      • CWT – that is how the left controls the narrative.
        Example: I got chastised by a family member for using the terms ‘illegals’ as they deemed that to be a ‘hurtful’ term. They didn’t like it when I challenged them since if someone comes to another country any way other than thru legal means they are by definition ‘illegal’.
        Same ignorant attitude results in ‘criminals’ being called justice challenged or some equally non-descriptive term.

    • “That doesn’t mean blacks as a race are all guilty anymore than some jerk white guy killing innocent black people makes all white people culpable. ”

      I understand what you are saying, but if you look at it in a more full picture you will find something that politicians are unwilling to talk about, and that is this….

  7. In Reality everything Ron De-Insane-ous-has done has hurt Florida. De-Insane-ous persecution of immigrants has led to a labor shortage in the agricultural industry driving up prices for produce.

    De-Insane-ous abolishment of conceal carry permits and training has seen an increase in gun violence as anyone can carry a gun without a permit and proper training.

    De-Insane-ous was against helping Ukraine which was nothing more than an appeasement to Putin which is reminiscent of the appeasement of Adolf Hitler when he invaded the Czechoslovakia which eventually led to WWII.

    De-Insane-ous’s anti-education (book burning) and racist beliefs has led to many of Florida’s finest educators leaving his Jackbooted State to teach elsewhere.

    De-Insane-ous has attacked LGBT people as thoroughly as Hitler did and made it into a depraved jackbooted religious crusade. This drew criticism even from some prominent Republicans.

    De-Insane-ous made a statement that Blacks benefited from slavery by learning a trade. This sent shockwaves through even the Republican Party which is known for being racist.

  8. Using the Violence Policy Centers own definition. More people are murdered in mass shootings in Chiraq every weekend. Than were killed in the dollar store in Jacksonville and yet you hear nothing about them.

    • They weren’t killed by whites. Their deaths don’t advance the leftist narrative.

      But you already know that.

    • You have to consider the demographics of the victims and perpetrators. If the victims are from the historical victim class and the perpetrator is from the former overlord class, that fits the narrative. Any other combination doesn’t.

  9. on a different note—why aren’t the banks that must have been used to transfer the monies that were never reported as income, (by you know who), for at least money laundering….if i remember correctly, quite a few banks were given fines for the epstein case

    • anon – likely because the banks being used are NOT US establishments so are not subject to our banking laws. Think Grand Caymans among other places.

  10. Last week, Florida announced a new curriculum that mirrored that rhetoric from more than a century ago, including lessons on how “slaves developed skills” for “personal benefit.”

    That’s like saying…

    You know, some of those Jews in the Nazi labor camps learned metalworking skills.

    • While defending the curriculum, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said to reporters that “they’re probably going to show that some of the folks that eventually parlayed, you know, being a blacksmith into doing things later in life.”

      Now that’s how the GOP shows its committed to the interests of African Americans

      • “The AP course supported by the NAACP, teachers’ unions and White House includes nearly IDENTICAL language about the skills learned by slaves,” tweeted Alex Lanfranconi, the communications director for the Florida Department of Education. “Something tells me this conspiracy theory about Florida’s new African American History standards is about to go away.”

        • One of the lessons in the course, for example, set out to teach students how slavery set back Black people’s ability to build wealth.

          “Enslaved African Americans had no wages to pass down to descendants, no legal right to accumulate property, and individual exceptions depended on their enslavers’ whims,” the College Board’s lesson plan said.

          When reviewing the content, however, state reviewers said the lesson plan might violate state laws and rules because it “supposes that no slaves or their descendants accumulated any wealth.”

          “This is not true and may be promoting the critical race theory idea of reparations,” state officials wrote in documents reviewed by the Times/Herald. “This topic presents one side of this issue and does not offer any opposing viewpoints or other perspectives on the subject.”

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