Mass. AG Healey Sued Over Denial of 3D Gun Information

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey 3D Guns Lawsuit

courtesy Boston Herald

When it comes to gun control in Massachusetts, Attorney General Maura Healey is a law unto herself. Who needs a state legislature when you can impose your own laws like instituting an “assault weapons” ban and outlawing 3D-printed guns by diktat? Life’s so much easier as an elected official when you don’t have to muck around with that whole democratic process thing, amirite?

Healey is one of the 21 state attorneys general who are suing Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed in a prior restraint attempt to quash his free speech rights and prevent him from making his 3D gun files available via the Internet. The plaintiffs, Brent Carlton and Brandon Combs, wanted some information about the AG’s activities in that regard.

Here’s the information request they sent to Healey:

Maura Healey Information Request 3D guns lawsuit

The plaintiffs apparently also wanted information about any efforts the AG may have made in her official capacity to interfere with the operation of the web site that the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Firearms Policy Foundation and Calguns set up to provide downloadable 3D gun files when a judge’s order blocked Defense Distributed from doing it themselves.

But Healey has denied the plaintiffs’ information request, ostensibly because she said it would tip her hand in her efforts to keep the scourge of 3D gun files off of the Internet. As far as Healey’s concerned, the state’s public records law simply doesn’t apply to her, not when there are more important considerations — like gun control and restricting First and Second Amendment rights — in play.

The Firearms Policy Coalition has issued this press release announcing the lawsuit . . .

BOSTON (September 19, 2018) — Two constitutional rights advocates have filed a new lawsuit against Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey after she denied them access to public records about “3D printed” guns and related issues.

Plaintiffs Brent Carlton and Brandon Combs each filed two requests for public records with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. But on August 29, Lorraine A.G. Tarrow, Healey’s Assistant Attorney General & Records Access Officer, sent Carlton and Combs a letter denying all of the requests, leading to the lawsuit.

“Please be advised that the AGO is currently involved in litigation and one or more investigations concerning ‘3Dprinted guns.’ The disclosure of any records related to these ongoing matters that have been and continue to be compiled by this Office would divulge our litigation, prelitigation, and investigative strategies and reveal our sources of information such that our legal and enforcement positions would be compromised,” she wrote. “We cannot provide any more specificity about the requested records without disclosing these AGO legal and investigative strategies.”

Attorney Jeffrey Scrimo, Esq., of Lenox, Mass., filed the lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiffs. Attorney General Healey’s “response and refusal to comply with the plaintiffs’ public records requests constitutes a breach of its obligations as set forth in Massachusetts General Laws,” he said in the complaint.

“Although Attorney General Healey likes to talk about the importance of the rule of law, she seems to think that the law does not apply to her office when it comes to her incessant political grand-standing, particularly regarding guns,” said Brent Carlton, the lead plaintiff and president of Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A).

Carlton is joined in the case by Brandon Combs, who also sent records requests to Attorney General Healey on behalf of himself and advocacy organizations Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, The Calguns Foundation, and California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees.

A copy of the complaint, the requests filed by Carlton and Combs, and A.G. Healey’s letters denying the requests can be viewed or downloaded at 


  1. avatar m. says:

    sorry 4u folks trying to survive in mess-of-two-s**ts: boston tea party, bunker hill, crispus attucks, paul revere, erased from libtard memory? ok to s**t on vo-tuhs if you r an “elected” demon-rat? elite-privilege, u know.

  2. avatar john says:

    Just saw on Drudgereport Cody Wilson is in deep doo-doo. He just got charged with sexual assault for paying an underage girl $500 for sex. argh.

    1. avatar L says:

      I came here to post that too.

    2. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

      “Just saw on Drudgereport Cody Wilson is in deep doo-doo.”

      As Scooby-Doo once said :


      Well, in the ‘great scheme of things’, being caught with an underage girl is *slightly* better than being caught with an underage boy…

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Especially if you’re a priest.

    3. avatar Dog of War says:

      Yeah, I’m sure that’s totally not an obvious hit job by a DA in the most far left part of Texas or anything.

      My snide commentary aside, does anyone have an idea how this might affect the greater case? Is Cody Wilson the only person sueing these far left traitors to the Union, or he only the originator of the case? I hope not, so that if they manage to take him down the case won’t die with him.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Unless the whole charge is about forcing him to back down, this has nothing to do with DD, or with the suit. And I don’t see how we can have a plea agreement which includes dropping a lawsuit to avoid criminal prosecution. Anybody catch whether “underage” means 17 or 7?

        1. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

          She was 17. She put an ad on

        2. avatar BeeMo84 says:

          According to the Austin Statesman the young prostitute in question was UNDER the age of 17:

          “that a girl under the age of 17 told her she had sex with a 30-year-old man on Aug. 15 and was paid $500.”

          Bad judgement, Mr. Wilson.

        3. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

          Yeah, my bad, I read too fast.

        4. avatar Don from CT says:

          Wilson is a libertarian bordering on anarchist. Prostitution is a victimless crime. Two consensual adults engaged in a business agreement to provide a service for money.

          If she was 17, and that was not conveyed to him, he’s clean.

          I guess this is the new method of theleft. Find a woman to smear someone they don’t like.

  3. avatar m. says:

    targeted by demon-rat operatives to submarine 2a? they will do/say anything.

    1. avatar BeeMo84 says:

      “targeted by demon-rat operatives to submarine 2a? they will do/say anything.”

      Possible, but Wilson should have known he was potentially in the crosshairs before he shelled out $500 to a teenager for sex. If you’re going to go toe-to-toe with the Establishment, you need discipline, plenty of allies and deep prep. If it’s a sting they didn’t have to work very hard. Let’s see how the story develops.

    2. Hmmmm, Maybe Fly Helicopters at night 🌙 into a busy area in Las Vegas to….View a country music show…Take some “pictures…” Just ask “Deep State Tours…”

  4. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Getting back to the original thread, this AG is pretty much a piece of work, ain’t she? How can someone that stupid get elected to statewide office? Just amazing.

    1. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

      It happens all the time, unfortunately. Judges, too.

    2. avatar California Richard says:

      She’s a tyrant and accords herself as such. The 2nd ammendment was written so we could depose people like this. She’s simply doing what all tyrants do; she’s killing anything that could oppose her hegemony.

    3. avatar Michael Golin says:

      Just have to be a democrat and they will vote you in . they have no idea what kind of second amendment haters they vote for . only reason ” cave man baker ” is gov is he is a RINO and the alternative was worse .

      1. Are you referring to Charlie the “Barker” Baker and his lieutenant, Karen “the zero” Polito/ Globalists RINOs, and friends of the DemoCommies…Rated flat “F’s ” by the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts in the Massachusetts Elections…And the Gov., and LT. Gov. have a firm history of NOT supporting the 2nd Amendment. Both helped to pass “ERPOs law” in MA to circumvent the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights and disarm ONLY licensed gun owners… .And THEY supported ” secret government watch lists “…I believe “Authoritarianism” in a tenant of tyranny…A severe constitutional infringement…

  5. avatar m. says:

    lie-whores, they can do anything – just ask them. law, a “living” thing to be defined by libtard d-suckers.

    1. avatar n64456 says:

      Well… Considering she’s a carpet muncher; I doubt there is ANY dick involved with that pig…

  6. avatar Shire-man says:

    I’m waiting for the slave states to go full Nork and establish a intranet where only approved information can be found and all communication is done in full view of the party. At the rate they’re going it’s inevitable.

  7. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    So, can I use that rationale for refusing to provide documents to the state if they begin legal action against me?

    Sorry Mr./Mrs. Assistant State Attorney General, I cannot provide the documents you requested because that would compromise my business and legal case with you.

  8. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says:

    Queen Healey should be dragged from office by her betrayed constituents, tarred and feathered, hung in Boston Common for the week then handed over to those whose oath she betrayed to do what they see fit. Self proclaimed rulers should all be rooted out, bet she has some skeletons to hide. Mommy told her once “because I said so” and she took it to heart.

  9. The only way to combat “Closet Authoritarians and tassel loafer tyrants in all the State Houses…” Is to contact France and borrow some guillotines…Set-up in various public square for the general public…Where “Un-American, traitors” are Frog Marched. Then we will have our “Term Limits” for our “Elected Officials”!

  10. avatar mister bickles says:

    what a coinky-dink that Mr Wilson has just been “charged” with a hard-to-defend “sexual offence” …. (barely) under-age female……

  11. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Seems like grounds for an obstruction charge … where she put the evidence right out in public.

  12. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    I would like to thank the former governor William Weld a Libertarian, who signed the first state wide assault weapons ban. Six years before the Clinton national ban. And now the current AG uses that law to expand gun control laws.

    1. avatar Ton E says:

      Bill Weld couldn’t be a Libertarian in his damn dreams!

      1. avatar Chris T from KY says:

        William Weld is the go to Libertarian leader that Reason magazine uses to get a Libertarian quotes/ opinions from.

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