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Mandalay Bay Hotel (courtesy

“Mandalay Bay staff did not call Las Vegas police until mass shooter Stephen Paddock had already begun firing on concertgoers, a source who has reviewed the records told ABC News. That means the hotel did not call police when security guard Jesus Campos first reported that someone was shooting on the 32nd floor, or when building engineer Stephen Schuck also internally reported someone was firing at him on the same floor.” As we reported previously . . .

the Clark County Sheriff recently amended the shooting’s official timeline to reveal a six-minute delay between the time Mr. Paddock shot Mr. Campos and the moment Mr. Paddock opened fire on the open air country music concert below. More to the point, nineteen minutes elapsed before Mr. Campos ID’ed Paddock’s room to Las Vegas police.

And we now know for a fact that Mr. Campos informed the hotel of his location on the 32nd floor. A fact that the aforementioned building engineer confirmed to NBC:

Schuck told NBC News that he was checking out a report of a jammed fire door on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay when he heard gunshots and the hotel security guard who had been shot in the leg peeked out from an alcove and told him to take cover.

“It was kind of relentless so I called over the radio what was going on,” Schuck said. “As soon as the shooting stopped we made our way down the hallway and took cover again and then the shooting started again.”

Gunshots can be heard in the background as Schuck used his radio to report the shooting, telling a dispatcher: “Call the police, someone’s firing a gun up here. Someone’s firing a rifle on the 32nd floor down the hallway.”

Campos also used his radio and possibly a hallway phone to call hotel dispatchers for help, police have said. It was unclear if and when the hotel relayed the reports of shots being fired to police.

If a gun control politicians wants to know how this mass murder could have been prevented, the answer lies with the Mandalay Bay hotel. A possibility that already has attracted the attention of lawyers representing the injured and survivors’ families.

“These people that were killed and injured deserve to have those six minutes to protect them,” said Chad Pinkerton, an attorney for Paige Gasper, a California college student who was shot under the arm in the attack. “We lost those six minutes.”

No wonder the Las Vegas police — closerthanthnis with Sin City’s hotels — are deep in CYA mode.

Las Vegas authorities did not respond to questions about whether hotel security or anyone else in the hotel called 911 to report the gunfire.

“Our officers got there as fast as they possibly could and they did what they were trained to do,” Las Vegas assistant sheriff Todd Fasulo said previously . . .

Undersheriff Kevin McMahill earlier defended the hotel and said the encounter between Paddock and the security guard and maintenance man disrupted the gunman’s plans, but he would not comment on the revised timeline.

“MGM and the people associated with the MGM and people involved that night at the event did a fantastic job,” McMahill said.

The six minutes wouldn’t have been enough time for officers to stop the attack, said Ron Hosko, a former FBI assistant director who has worked on SWAT teams.

Rather than rush in without a game plan, police would have been formulating the best response to the barricaded gunman, he said.

“Maybe that’s enough time to get the first patrolman onto the floor but the first patrolman is not going to go knock on that customer’s door and say ‘What’s going on with 200 holes in the door?'” Hosko said.

I guess Agent Hosko missed that whole post-Columbine massacre shift from “wait for SWAT” to “go, go, go!”

Anyway, it’s now clear that Mandalay Bay hotel security screwed-up — staying stum and sitting on their hands for nineteen minutes while dozens of innocent lives were lost and hundreds injured. But it doesn’t matter because what could we have done anyway? Let’s see how well that plays in court.

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    • Seriously. The more that comes out the more this all sounds like Benghazi.
      It was the video! The video made it happen!
      It was the bumpfire stock! The bumpfire stock made it happen!

      It’s stupid on its face.

      • But it’s what all the sheep will believe.

        Cops are to be revered! They are the moral arbiters of justice in our proud Republic! Thou Shalt Not Impugn The Police!

        In other parts of the world, when you go to a private establishment, there are armed guards. To Americans and others this can be a bit offputting at first…but then you realize that, unlike in the States, these people are actually doing something real about securing their premises and the customers/patrons/guests/etc. inside. Then you feel a little more reassured.

        Everything we have here is mere security theater. As we have seen.

      • In Benghazi folks retaliated against the US and only managed to kill four; a professional liar and his aid, and two elite killers. The US has the blood of a mountain of corpses from the region on its hands, many of them civilians including countless women and children. Those four Americans worked at the US spying center gathering information to bomb folks and kidnap and torture folks etc, so they should expect to be killed; if I were such an amoral asshole who chose that line of work I would certainly expect many folks would be looking get revenge against me…
        So in your “mind” such as it is what exactly do you “think” connects those four disgraceful Americans getting their comeupance with a bunch of ignorant Trump boosters (pardon the redundancy) randomly shot?

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      Next time you think to speak you ignorant asswipe stick the barrel in yaw mouth and make it cum OK, how’s that muthafawker!?

  1. Since it took SWAT about an hour to breech the door, and that was long after the shooting had apparently stopped, those 6 minutes wouldn’t had made any difference anyway.

    Who do you call out on this one? A minimum wage earning hotel desk clerk?

    • Not quite. Two police officers arrived at the wrong floor (31) two minutes before the shooting stopped.

      Questions: who were those officers, where were they when they were told there was a shooting, why weren’t they given proper intel, and could they have made it to the 32nd floor any sooner?

      Also, Mandalay Bay has armed security. As we reported, their official policy was to call the cops, wait and do nothing. Well we now know they didn’t even do the first part!

      • In one of the early conferences, the Sheriff stated that there were armed police officers in the hotel at the time of the incident. He stated they were attending some unrelated function. Deets on that?

      • You can’t say that until the 911 tapes are disclosed, and the recordings of the police communications. Is it possible that the first officer(s) on scene arrived after the shooting out the window began, and he/they called for SWAT and did nothing? Or were downstairs trying to figure out what was what, and with bad intel (the wrong floor) were delayed in arriving at the right place–where, as noted, there wasn’t a whole lot they could do any way?

      • The cops that made it to the 31st floor were patrol who knew there was a shooting going on. They went to clear the floors before making their way up to the 32nd. They were on the 31st when they hard the rifle fire coming from above them. They didn’t make it up there for about 5 minutes. Then they waited for more officers and SWAT.

        The shooter killed himself at 10:05pm. He fired two shots from his revolver. One was at his head through his mouth.

      • Counter snipers should have been engaging him with in two minutes. If yo can’t get that level of protection for an event this size, when do you get it?

    • Let’s not be too hard on LV SWAT. They would have been deployed a lot sooner but they had accidentally misplaced their bus pass.

    • SWAT handled it perfectly. They arrived within 10 minutes of being called. They had eyes on the windows and knew no one was at them and knew no one was shooting by the time they got there. Waiting to breach when there was no immediate threat was the right thing to do.

      LVPD and maybe Clark County Sheriff may have also handled it very well, since now we know they didn’t even get where the guy was until just a couple of minutes before he stopped firing. It seems now we know that maybe at most 2 officers could have arrived before the shooting stopped, but only the last couple of minutes of shooting.

      I’ve been critical of poor response by law enforcement in the past, but given Madalay Bay sitting on their hands, this doesn’t appear to be a cop fail.

        • While the firing was going on? I haven’t seen that. But, if I have not identified a threat, or I can not engage the the threat, the right answer is to find cover.
          Either way, it has nothing to do with engaging the shooter.

        • If those guys could identify the shooter from street level, they could probably also see everyone and their mother crowding the windows of surrounding hotel rooms. Then they would have to make a 1000+ yard shot without hitting those bystanders. With a patrol rifle. With a low or no-power optic, maybe?

          If there had been a SWAT counter-sniper already in place, maybe they could safely return fire. But not unless.

      • Only 1 SWAT member was at the door and made the initial entry. That’s according to the Cops who were interviewed on 60 minutes. Swat should have already been on scene for an activity of this size.

      • How can there not be a CC in the crowd heroically firing back like yall donkeys always bray about!? I’m still fantasizing that someone sprays the next NRA conference and all yall try to draw down on the shooter and variously shoot yourselves in the leg and shoot other shooters mistaking each other for THE shooter, and shoot bystanders, not to mention the ones who shit in their pants and hide with their gun in their pocket under the table cringing : D Y’all are a fuckin joke, at least theres 50 odd less of your ilk, give the shooter credit for targetting a cunttree gig. Fawk yall and the piece of human garbage yall voted into the slave-built White House

  2. All these amendments to the timeline just reinforce the importance of the question of why did he stop shooting the concert-goers and start shooting himself? It wasn’t the security guy. The cops weren’t at the door.

    Who has ever heard of a spree killer just stopping due to lack of interest? It certainly wasn’t due to lack of ammo.

    • Not much to shoot at after 16 minutes.

      I think he left a pile of mags neatly stacked for the cameras/media. He wasn’t going to use them. It seems like he just picked up a rifle when one ran out of ammo. Another indicator is the fact he left over a thousand more rounds in his car with unmixed Tannerite.

      I think there was that kid in Munich that decided to kill himself before police stopped him.

    • I am just about certain there is way more to this dude and this event than the official version of this story. Notice how the fact that he owned two planes went down the rabbit hole?

      This guy or whoever actually did the shooting was an alphabet agency asset and something happened that you only see in the movies.

      • I think the reason no one talks about the planes is because he sold them a while ago and he couldn’t fly because he didn’t pass health checks for a license.

        • He *FAILED* his medical or it *expired*?

          *Big* difference.

          Even if it wasn’t *legal* for him to fly, there isn’t much stopping him from hopping in and taking off…

  3. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. I don’t go in for conspiracy theories, but there is a highly suspicious amount of obfuscation going on here.

    • Luckily someone leaked screen caps of the crime scene, the receipts and valet camera footage. Without that, we would have never figured out the truth.

      • We aren’t anywhere near the truth. In fact, we may be at the polar opposite of the truth.

        • Based on the crime scene photos, the actual check-in receipt, the valet camera footage of his car, the cellphone videos, the police radio, the interviews of the brother, the interviews of the gun dealers, etc, we know more than we would have if we let the police tell us the “truth.”

          We can discern the motive and what happened in the room based on the crime scene photos and the cellphone footage. There was no second shooter like fake news sites are saying; the audio from all the cellphones only point to one shooter at the Mandalay Bay. A GoPro also moves the time line back to 10:04pm for the first shots at the crowd.

          There was this one girl who says there was a Hispanic lady who came to the concert yelling about everyone is going to die. If that statement is true — instead of a girl trying to get on TV — maybe that Hispanic lady knows the security guard and was informed by him when he was shot at ~9:59pm.

  4. Every story that comes out about this incident these days makes it seem more and more like a Keystone Cops Clusterfuck. Or the perfect storm of screwups.

    That might seem harsh since it’s a unique situation but isn’t that the point of a group like SWAT or even the cops in general? To take on the unique and dangerous jobs?

  5. All this ineptitude is precisely why citizens opt for carry and self reliance.

    The Left has yet to convince anyone that leaving everything to the police is even a valid option. Society currently doesn’t have an efficient rapid response system in place for random and undocumented crazies.

    So what, private security for everyone? No one could afford it (except all the politicians and celebrities calling for gun control).

    Meanwhile, there will likely never be a rapid response system without willingly surrendering our privacy and agreeing to be more closely monitored.

    What is left? Autonomy. The 2nd amendment, and all the gun owners that are first responders and have tens of thousands of successful DGUs every year.

  6. I can see the hotel not calling police BEFORE the gunshots since there was no way to predict what was going to happen. although how did this guy get all those guns in his room with out being seen. and armed security guards should have responded and opened fire on the room. security should have relayed info to the police who then should have moved in, firing if still necessary . a quick check to the desk to see if he checked in alone or with others, to get an idea how many were in the room. and since he was the only one then just shoot to stop him. like I have been saying don’t sue the maker of a plastic stock, don’t even try to ban it or regulate it. put the blame where it should be, sue the hotel and event manager of the concert. you do not have a concert with that many security loopholes in todays terrorist rich envirement , you are just begging for something to happen.

    • He was there for almost a full week and he had access to the service elevator. I don’t think there is any video cameras in the service elevator. Maybe that’s why there is no videos being released. Mandalay Bay gave him access to the elevator; maybe they are begging the police to not tell the public that.

      The security guard hero story went up in flames after a few days. The story of hero cops didn’t really get off the ground. The important details are being hidden by the FBI controller who stands in the background.

  7. Paddock was going to kill people and there was little if nothing that could have been done to stop him.

    Here is a cold hard fact that the antis and those looking for answers or someone or (something) to blame; there is NOTHING on this inherently violent planet that is going to stop unimaginable acts of violence. When you have human madmen, bad things are going to happen. Paddock chose a highly theatrical method of carrying out his horrific scheme, but the reality of it is he could have accomplished his elusive motive much more effectively and efficiently than using firearms and bump stocks and things would have been much worse.

    Yes, we are getting the picture, the hotel seems to have had ineffective security for dealing with such an act. Undoubtedly their security was excellent at kicking out drunk disruptive guest, checking IDs for underage gamblers and protecting the casino from cheats, but a madman going wild with a rifle just wasn’t something they practiced. Security is designed for any likely threat. Had the Mandalay perceived the sort of threat Paddock presented, they could have employed a contingent of former police SWAT officers, Navy Seal, Special Forces type people who were well practiced in securing that facility from virtually any threat. But that just wasn’t an imaginable threat.

    The obvious and sad cold hard fact that everyone will ultimately need to accept or at least recognize, there is nothing that would have stopped Paddock from engaging in his plan to kill the innocent and unsuspecting.

    • His motive was to give anti gunners everything they need to repeal the second amendment. Look at his actions and his brothers interviews. The government should know this by now, but it is better for them to never tell the public.

      A .308 bolt action would have stopped him real good.

      It’s obvious such an attack was a matter of time. The government already knows of such threats. Look at Mumbai.

  8. If even a volunteer FD or part-time EMS crew responded to an emergency as incompetently as it now appears that the guys who are “professionals” with guns did, they’d be sacked. Yes, you can sack even volunteers.

    I see why there’s so few details and concrete information coming out of this investigation. Every day presents the LVSD with another need to do a double-barreled face-palm.

  9. I still find it ridiculous that the officers with patrol rifles and optics didn’t engage the shooter when he came to the window to fire on the crowd. You can say they might hit someone in the rooms next to his, but sometimes you have to take a risk to save more people. Maybe they didn’t have an angle from their position, if that’s the case, move to a better spot.

    Las Vegas is a major target for terrorists. It appears their police are not prepared for any coordinated attack. Makes you want to have a rifle in your vehicle if ever in Vegas.

    • LV is high on the jihadists’ list of places to attack – because a) it’s a huge den of sin and corruption, but b) hey, they can take in a couple of strip joints with drinks before they blow themselves up.

      After having lived in Nevada, I can also tell people this: Lots of dead-enders end up in Las Vegas for their final spin around the bowl before finally flushing themselves down the drain. I don’t know why – it just is. Having lived in rural Nevada, we’d meet all sorts of really hard-luck stories making their way to Vegas for their final days or months. It’s not a good place to live as a normal person who wants to raise a family.

      • Who knew? Laugh. Everybody knew of the possibility.

        Vegas tried to sell itself as a family resort. Nobody bought that. So then their ad guys came up with “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” selling the place as a den of vice, the only town in the US that would welcome a complete f’up to hang out. These guys make the casinos feel a bit less dead for the medium rollers. The whales see an entirely different Vegas, a limo from their jet, private high-limit games, and the women for free.

        MGM Resorts should, as they say, lose their ass over this thing, for a variety of reasons. It’s up to the courts now to identify the Casino/hotels’ attempt to pass off true armed security for what it is, an attempt to pawn off liability to the LVPD. The PD, in turn, seems to promise the hotels it won’t shoot up the place so much it scares the Whales.

        Having played baccarat at a casino in southern Spain a number of times, I can attest that nothing feels more pathetic than playing cards in a huge hall with no more than a few dozen people at the tables, half of them past-their-prime shills. I’ve never understood why gamblers don’t just stick to day-trading.

    • “I still find it ridiculous that the officers with patrol rifles and optics didn’t engage the shooter ”
      In the dark, at 400 to 500 yards, at a 60 degree angle, and under high winds, with a shooter sitting or laying down.
      Considering how difficult that shot is with a 2 to 3MOA accurate patrol rifle, and how small the target actually is, even a very competent shooter would have a low probability hit, and an almost certain probability of shooting into another room, or over-penetrating the target room and going into another room.
      It’s a very bad shot to take.

      • Over-penetration really isn’t a serious concern. Buildings like that have 7″-10″ thick concrete floors. At that range the chances a 5.56 patrol rifle sends a round through a floor is 0, really at point blank the chances are 0. The chances you arc a bullet in and pass it through a wall at that range are pretty much 0 as well.

        The rest of what you say, IMHO, is spot on. A patrol rifle, even with something like an ACOG optic just isn’t the right tool for the job.

      • The distance was about 330m. The shooter was standing up in order to use his 100 round Surefire mags. It appears he had the lights on in his room (possibly to hide the muzzle flash).

        Officers were clearing the floors while the shooter was still killing. Even if they weren’t, accidentally shooting someone staring out the window is an unfortunate trade off for saving 22,000 people from rifle fire.

        • I have seen pics of tables with rifles set up on them. Do you have any evidence he was standing? I regularly use surefire extended magazines while seated.
          The closest distance was 300+ yards, but the fence line was 500, where the vehicles were. That’s if they even had rifles with optics.

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