If hogs run wild where you are and filling the freezer with baby backs and Boston butts sounds tempting, Lewis Machine and Tool has just the gun for you. LMT has co-branded a modular .308 with their paid spokesdude, Brian “Pig Man” Quaca. Bri, if you’re unaware, has a show on the Sportsman Channel, Pig Man: The Series. “Willing to take a hog by any legal means necessary, Pig Man scours the globe in search of huge pigs and various wild game with a vision to bring nothing short of the best entertainment into the living rooms of outdoorsmen and women across the nation.” OK then. Anyway, besides some cool tacticalia, the Pig Package rifle includes an engraved Leupold VX-R HIG 1.25 – 4 x 20 mm FireDot Pig Plex scope. All for an MSRP of $3,488.96. Press release after the jump . . .

MILAN, IL (May 2012) – Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT®), an Illinois-based company that designs, prototypes and manufactures small arms, accessories and tooling components for the military, government, law enforcement, commercial manufacturers and responsible civilians, in keeping with their exclusive endorsement deal with Brian “Pig Man” Quaca’s Sportsman Channel’s television show, Pig Man: The Series, is now making the “Pig Package” available to gun enthusiasts everywhere.

The Pig Package is a LMT® Signature Model MWS .308 with a 16″ chrome-lined barrel in a 1:10″ twist. Other features include a SOPMOD Buttstock, two-stage trigger group, and an ambi-selector and ambi-mag release. Proudly displaying an engraved “Pig Man” logo on the lower, the weapon system also comes complete with an engraved Leupold VX-R HIG 1.25 – 4x20mm FireDot Pig Plex with a Mark 2 IMS mount. It ships with a sling, manual, tactical adjustable rear sight and tactical front sight, one 20-round magazine, two heavy-duty push button swivels, a torque/wrench/driver and three rail panels. MSRP is $3,488.96.

“I knew straight out of the gate that LMT® folks were serious players,” Brian Quaca commented.  “These are the weapons residing in the hands of our US men and women on the front lines across the world, and if it’s dependable and accurate enough to defend our freedom, I have no hesitation dusting a few dozen pigs with it in the field.”  The Brian “Pig Man” Quaca story plays out on the Sportsman Channel where his rough and tough hunting lifestyle entertains viewers with a different take on a traditional hunting television show.

Leupold’s “Pig Man: The Series”, The Sportsman Channel
Look for Pig Man with his LMT® .308 Modular Weapon system broadcast into 30+ million homes across the country every Tuesday at 2:00 a.m. CST, Thursday at 6:30 a.m. CST, Friday at 11:00 p.m. CST and Sunday at 12:30 p.m. CST and 9:00 p.m. CST.


      • I Don’t believe Mikeb302000 is a real person. I think he is a foil created by one of the writers at TTAG to help direct, or create a jumping off point for other readers to comment on. I find it hard to believe that a real person with his opinions would consistantly read and comment on this Blog. Sometimes his comments are too convenient.

    • I could understand if religious reasons prevent the consumption of pork, but in some parts of the USA, the wild pig population has exploded to the point that they are vermin just like rats. But a 250 pound pig can cause MEGA amounts of damage to the environment, to livestock, and to a farmer’s livelyhood, way beyond what a rat can do. Shooting them is really the only sound way to even attempt to get the population under control.

      • Let’s put it like this: these animals are made of bacon. The fact that we haven’t been able to hunt them to extinction speaks to their incredible prowess at breeding.

    • Sounds like you have an individual moral problem. Just like me. I consider it a sinful act for me to eat a slice of bacon or a holiday ham. Yet somehow I contain my righteous indignation. Somehow I manage not to picket BBQ houses or firebomb butcher shops. Good sir, you are not campaigning for righteousness or the greater good. Instead you are just a simple, close minded, self righteous jerk.

    • Feral pigs are an invasive species: You are doing the environment a favor by shooting as many as possible. The goal should be to make them extinct in the continental US. That they are tasty is simply a bonus to doing your part to help the environment.

    • So, you’re living in Italy and you’re not taking advantage of the prosciutto and all the other incredible salume they have there? Man, I knew you were crazy, but that’s really crazy! I haven’t ever been on a hunt, but a wild pig hunt seems really appealing. A pest animal that’s really destructive, and it’s made of pork! What could be better?

  1. After reading the details, it seems like the consumer is paying a premium for the “Pig Man” branding. Some quick math after searching internet prices: $3,489 minus Rifle: $2,600 Scope: $500 Assorted Other Accessories: $200 Equals: Pig Man Branding: $189

    • There is also the premium for the maker itself. There is no way a .308 EBR should be $2600. Even though the .308 AR platform isn’t military standardized like the 5.56mm platform, its still “standardized enough” that the manufacturer’s premium on the high end seems absolutely gougetakular to me. And, for pigs, if you want to use an EBR rather than a <$500 bolt-action .308 or lever action 30-30, why not a 300 AAC Blackout upper, on a bog-standard AR lower? 300 Blackout ammo is not much more than .308 when you’re talking a good hunting hollow point, and now you get the full price advantage of a fully standardized lower and a standardized-variant upper. It takes a LOT of ammo shot to make up for a $1K difference in price.

      • I saw that sticker, and quite frankly it is shocking. Just as much rifle can be had for under a thou, scope included. Add another thou and you can have a custom Blaser.

    • Well, some guy in a shop had to sit at a machine for a half hour and either paint that logo on or engrave it into the side of the magazine well. Plus another ten minutes for another guy (or maybe the same guy) to open the boxes that the Leupold scope and the mount came in and then assemble them & attach them to the rifle. Time is money.

  2. over 3.5K after taxes are added in? I think I will pass, especially as Mosin-Nagants are still under $100!

    • Stuart thats like comparing a 1940s era farm tractor to a modern BMW for road use…..not even the same ballpark

  3. If you are looking for a slightly less pricey AR in .308 (or .243, .338,.etc.) take a look at the DPMS line. Not that I would own any such eeeevil black rifle, but the LR308B is a serious tack driver. It is a bit heavy (18″ bull barrel), weighing 12 pounds with a scope, but it will shoot one fairly ragged hole with 10 shots at 100 yards with its preferred ammo. They also make lightweight versions in a multitude of calibers – running around $1000 without the scope.

    • This is what I have. no problem getting a inch group at 100 yards out of it. The .308 is a great round.

    • I just picked up a Sig716. I’m dying to get some range time with it, but have a pretty full plate for the next few weeks or month. The specs are identical to the hog slayer above (16″ barrel, 1:10″ twist) so the comparison should be interesting. I’ve never handled or shot a DPMS, and I know they had some quality issues a few years back, but everything I read that’s newer than, say 2008, gives pretty good reviews of their rifles.

  4. Glad to know Mikeb302000 isin’t down with the swine, I should have guessed though. Cool looking gun, not sure if it is worth the money though.

  5. bacon? ham? pork chops? baby back ribs? are you kidding?! according to my good book, we’ve got dominion over the earth and it’s creatures. That includes punching the clocks on some wild swine…I’d just as soon get a nice lever-action as opposed to that overpriced rifle though….

  6. $3500 to shoot a freakin’ pig? Screw that. For $3500 I can shoot a home invader and get a good defense lawyer, and I don’t have to field dress either one.

  7. I know the pigman edition is pretty steep. That having been said, even as an admitted LMT fanboy, the MWS is f*cking awesome. Rediculous accuracy, soft shooting (for a 308), manageable recoil and hard hitting. I know they’re pricey, but trust me anyone who spends the money will NOT be dissapointed. To put it into perspective, I own a SCAR 17 also. I know in my MIND that the SCAR is my doomsday gun for a few reasons. 7.5 lbs, recoil like 6.8 SPC, reliable, etc.
    But… In my SOUL if bad things go down it might end up being the MWS. It’s just that great… It fails at failing.


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