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The Sticks Outfitter never fails to come up with bright ideas, like this DIY clay target holder. This is a great weekend project, and the fellas from The Sticks Outfitter are eager to show us how to get it done.

Learn more about the world of hunting with The Sticks Outfitter on their website and YouTube channel.

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  1. Just heard about a report that a certain brand of clay birds that claim to be biodegradable, turn to H2SO4 in the soil, attacking lead, causing the lead to leech into the ground water.
    We just banned them on our range.

    • Care to name the brand?

      Made in China, any chance?

      If so, I bet I know what happened. Remember that China drywall that corroded out electrical connections and stunk like eggs? The gypsum they used came from phosphate fertilizer manufacturing. The phosphate is dissolved out with weak sulfuric acid, and traces of the acid are left in the waste gypsum.

      The gyp would be just fine for stuff like grading roadways, but they won’t allow that here. The Chinese tried to sell it as drywall, and look what happened…

  2. I like this. I don’t know if I would go through the hassle of breaking down a pallet when 2×4 and 1×4 are not that much money. Using hangers to make clay holders is a great idea considering other clay holders that I have seen are like $19 for 3. Although I do wonder if tacking some clothes hangers to the shelves wouldn’t be easier, quicker to repair, and do the same job. Either way I guess I have a project for the weekend. Keep stuff like this and shooting drills coming.

  3. I’m taking a look at my noscript settings after all this autoplay bs.

    I DO NOT tolerate autoplay.

    -Edit- is added to the block list.

  4. More click-bait jackassery! No link anywhere in the posted links to the actual item in the come-on.


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