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Lone Wolf, well-known hot rodders of [primarily] GLOCK pistols, has just announced its first entry into the silencer world. The ELIMIN8R is a fully modular suppressor that’s ready to shoot any standard pistol caliber .45 or smaller in addition to subsonic 300 Blackout. Looks pretty cool! Lone Wolf’s press release is copied below:


The Elimin8r .45 is the newest addition to a growing Lone Wolf product line. The Elimin8r .45 features a lightweight, modular design with 8 baffles that are easily configured to your desired length.

It’s rated for practically every pistol caliber and for full auto. The O-rings on each baffle allow for ease of assembly or disassembly and ensure a tight fit while sending rounds down range.

We designed this to be compatible with a variety of existing parts from other popular suppressor manufacturers, so no chance of not finding the parts you need!

Modular design with 8 baffles
O-Rings for ease of assembly and disassembly
Rated for full-auto shooting
Compatible with multiple popular pistons (SilencerCo, Rugged, Griffin)
Designed in conjunction with Primary Weapons Systems™

Weight: 10.1oz (measured with .578-28 piston)
Length: 8.45in
Diameter: 1.375in
Caliber Rating: up to 10mm (includes .300BLK subsonic)
Finish: Anodized black
Build Material: 17-4, 7075 Al
MSRP: $599.95

We will have a full line of suppressor accessories including pistons, thread adapters and fixed barrel spacers!

Visit to see the ELIMIN8R .45 today!


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  1. Hmm, could be competitive in light of the recent price hike by Rugged, depends on how good it sounds and how well they support it. I do think most of these individual baffle modular systems are ugly, but that’s just my opinion.

  2. Nice. I’d like to see a review. Price seems very competitive. The fact that my existing SilencerCo pistons will work with it makes it even more enticing. The fewer accessories I have to buy, the better. Already have several hundred dollars worth for my SilencerCo Hybrid46. It would be nice if I didn’t have to hide additional purchases from my wife. 🙂

    • Need to protect your hearing so you can continue to hear her lovely voice. Another suppressor is needed because you care about your relationship and communication.😉

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