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Getting more women into the shooting sports has been a focus of gun ranges across the country for years now. Not only do they represent a vast untapped market for firearms sales, but they’re also are a population that could benefit from the “force multiplication” effect a firearm can provide. If we can stop just one rape by a woman carrying a concealed handgun, it will all be worth it.

Ladies nights have been a great way to provide women with a “safe space” to explore firearms with less stress, but thanks to one California attorney such events may be doomed.

From the NRA Members Councils of California Facebook page:

Based upon the letter received by the Riverside Magnum Range this guy wants to receive money from the range because they support and promote women shooting firearms and might have violated a so-called discrimination law.

What’s the motivation here? There could be a couple reasons, but the general consensus is that this is an anti-gun activist who wants to make it as difficult as possible for gun stores and ranges to operate, reducing the pool of gun owners and stamping out the gun culture wherever possible.

That’s been the overall focus of groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety operation, making gun ownership as expensive and inconvenient as they can can. As someone once suggested, the plan seems to be to put an end to the “gun culture,” slowly starving it to death.

Fortunately, all the world is not like California. At least not yet.

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    • Absolutely, they are a threat of the cost of litigation which can run into many thousands of dollars. For a small business like a range, that can be the deal breaker to staying in business. The antis are backs by billionaire slobs like Bloomberg.

  1. I somewhat support this threat of lawsuit just because I know if it was the other way around where men got a free range pass and women had to pay it would be headlining all the national news about the sexist gun freaks. Now ideally, one range can have a womens night without controversy and then them or another range can have a mens night without controversy. However, due to the nature of feminism and liberals, that won’t be happening in the near future so if its equality they want then women can go ahead and pay the same price as men. No freebies for women.

    • By that argument, we should shut down Ladies Night at all the clubs? You have a problem with gun ranges trying to get more women in to shoot alongside you? Untwist your panties, we’re men, not victims.

      Besides, these days you can always just “identify” as a woman and demand the discount.

  2. screw it, if he wants ladies night out free shooting all he has to do is proclaim he is a lady.

    If your poor enough to need to declare ladyship to get free range time, let em have a lane.

  3. Some women will go to a ladies night, who would not go otherwise. Anything the gun-haters can do to prevent even one more person from becoming able to defend themselves. They don’t make this a secret.

  4. This guy has a major malfunction. In a way its too bad it cant be looked into further.
    To threaten a suit over a free night for ladies and not men??
    Big deal. Even if the principle is correct.
    This person is a looser, big time.

    PS: Robert
    Even Im getting tired of having to type in my Nic and Email.
    More then enough have mentioned this.
    Do something about it please………..

  5. What an FLAME DELETED. My local range has couples night, Friday 2 for 1, FREE and whatnot…this is it for awhile. Computer HACKED…😢

  6. Here is an idea, trespass the idiot off the property (Gun range), If the guy is a member of said gun range he can still be trespassed of the property.

  7. I’ve been going here for many years. The owner and his sons really try to make this a family oriented place. I’ve seen many women and children on the line practicing.
    The plaintiff is a moron!

  8. Then call it something else. The law in Ca is that you don’t give preferincial treatment to any one group. Call it defense training from a woman’s point of view, offer free training for people who are not big enough to fight back, call it anti rape training. There is many ways to do it within the law. I agree that it is silly, but it was womwn’s groups that put a stop to “ladies’ nite” and “happy hour”.

  9. After reading Wikipedia on this, I will say it seems as if he has a leg to stand on legally. What’s perhaps more interesting to me is that it means companies that do “women in STEM” events that don’t let men attend to may also be in legally choppy waters.

  10. “If we can stop just one rape by a woman carrying a concealed handgun”

    What? You want to stop a rape by a woman carrying a concealed handgun? I never even knew they did that. No wonder those ladies classes are always full.

  11. So Google or YouTube can select those it wants to de-monetize or remove them from a search in restricted mode and they are free to do so because it is a private not public site.
    Their site – Their rules.
    While a privately owned range can’t decide to offer a special to women only.
    Are men now a protected group?
    Unless they are, I fail to see why they are not free to do as they please, the same as a restaurant who wished to give a discount to concealed carriers.

    BTW my I-Phone reloads to the point where it is impossible to post anything.
    Posted this on my windows 10 laptop and it has re-loaded while I typed this.
    But at least the text didn’t disappear.

    • Gender is a protected group. This lawsuit is stupid and frivolous, but he may win because Gender is indeed a protected class.

      • I may be wrong (there’s lots smarter people than I). But I always thought that only applies to an equally opportunity employment case. And I think now it’s being used to support the pick your gender idea. Am I wrong?

  12. I doubt this jagoff’s motivation is really anti-gun, so much as he’s probably just a twat who trolls businesses looking for a quick settlement. He’d likely do the same thing to a bowling alley, restaurant, etc. Some of the motivation probably also comes from being loathsome to women (even if he isn’t physically, he must certainly have a repellent personality), so he’s carrying a grudge over not ever getting laid.

  13. This is might be a self hating gay over weight white man who hates heterosexual gun activities. It is California!

  14. I don’t go to Lady’s Night at my range. First, we have a family membership that includes free lanes. We use it enough that we make out better than if I only went to Lady’s Night, and the rest of the family went once a month. Second, the range is very family oriented, and I am comfortable going there alone, any day of the week.

    We used to sign into their rewards program, and get a free gun rental, after five visits. This is another perk of Ladies Night. Saved a whole $5.00 off a rental, so Hubby and Son had a blast running 200 rounds through a Glock. Of course, “their gun, their ammo” nearly broke us that day.

  15. Being a native Californian for the last 58 years, it’s sad to see what has happened to our state. While the weather is great, the alt-left politics and nanny state attitude is slowly flushing it into the sewer. Surprisingly enough there are still some areas like the northern central valley, and even Orange County that are still conservative in nature, allow CCW’s, appreciate gun ownership, and respect God and country. Maybe the change in Washington and SCOTUS will eventually have a positive affect.

  16. They don’t need to cancel Lady’s Night — just change it’s nature. Gender-based freebies are out, but they could offer things for everyone. It could be the night that they do the Women’s Shooting Team/League. They can start their own, or allow a chapter of “A Girl and A Gun” or other organization to meet at the range. League-based benefits could include goodies like range time, group discounts, rentals, etc. They could offer free instruction/coaching/intro classes to everyone that night. If the range accommodates it, they could open a classroom/meeting area for women to socialize and provide refreshments. They could hold seminars on topics of interest to women, like feature women instructors, or holster and gun selection for women.

  17. Weird how the same behavior is evil discrimination if it targeted other groups and the result wasn’t socially popular.

  18. Or… and hear me out now…

    The guy just wants the equality that we seem to hear that women demand all the time. The fact that women get free shit because vagina is absolute bullcrap. Are women equal, or special?

    It’s crotchbegging, simpering, white knight quizlings like you “pro-ladies’ night” lot that are part of the problem.

    • Are you crazy, you can’t force women to register for selective services. They can only serve if they wan to you sexist. /sarc

      I have to admit it would be nice if women did register for SS, but some people don’t like that for some reason.

    • The idea is that women are equal in worth, but men and women are not equal in every way. (With exceptions in all cases) men are better at somethings than women and vice versa. In general, when it comes to fighting and killing people (which is what the military’s end goal is; destroying the enemies of the United States, not establishing social justice and gender equality) men are more suited both psychologically and physically than women.

  19. Women have enough privileges in this world as it is, don’t you think? The whole ‘equality’ is a big bs, means simply even more special treatment for them in exchange for even less respect for men. Women in the western world are spoiled beyond reason already. Why should there be a free night at the range for ‘ladies’? Because they mostly don’t give a flying f about 2nd amendment? And this supposed to encourage them, or is it just a way for the range owners/employees to fish for some tail? Why not make a ‘black night’? Negroes are usually poorer and also underrepresented in the 2A community, I’m sure they would appreciate a free range time more than some middle class suburban broads who surely can afford it. Or an ‘immigrant night’? The legal ones I mean. A lot of ‘new Americans’ don’t know much about the firearms rights and are a fruitfull ground for the good cause. 🙂

  20. With that attitude in California, there can be no “lady’s night” anywhere or for any reason and for any type of activity. If this is a private range the owner is within his rights to offer women a day for themselves. If the owner caves in with the mention of a lawsuit by a lone wolf, he shows very little or no courage. The is at this time no evidence of a law suit other than a guy with a loud mouth. This range owner is now typical of the California new spirit: “afraid, unarmed and a sense of civic inferiority”.


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