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Three, three, three. The gun mavens at Sig Sauer Academy reckon that most gunfights involve three rounds fired in three seconds at about three yards. So, in theory, a five-shooter offers 75 percent ballistic redundancy. Personally, I’m down with that. Given the comfort, reliability, accuracy and firepower of my Smith & Wesson 686, I feel confident keeping it as a home defense firearm. That said, a Glock 19 with an extended magazine is my go-to gun. Eighteen rounds of reasonably large bullets gives a person options, should they somehow wander into a statistically anomalous situation (e.g. a gunfight with multiple adversaries). As for knives, sure, why not? As a back up, an edged weapon is a whole lot better than, say, a table lamp. Combining a five-shot revolver, as above? Not feeling it. (I hope.) As Elvis almost sang, press release me, let me go!

Cottonwood, Ariz. – LaserLyte®, in association with Ka-BAR®, offers the first pistol bayonet for select North American Arms pistols. The razor-sharp, 1.85-inch Ka-BAR blade fits all North American Arms mini revolvers with round cylinder pins and is the smallest pistol bayonet and revolver combo on the market. This next generation in LaserLyte’s tremendously popular pistol bayonet collection is a must-have for North American Arms owners and is sure to turn some heads at the range.

See that? In my mind, must-having and stunting and flossing are two completely different things.

If I must have an edged weapon, I want one that fits in my hand naturally. Instinctively. Intuitively. That’s because I haven’t got a clue how to use a knife defensively or offensively. I assume that, at some point in the process, you stick the sharp bit into the bad guy’s body. A knife that doesn’t confuse me with a trigger or the blade’s position relative to the handle has got to be a better option than this Rube Goldberg deal.

I’m also worried about cutting myself. It has happened. And that was with a completely straightforward blade in a proper easy-to-position sheath. No wonder the press release does its best to tout the blade while stressing safety (not that it’s all about me).

Its spear point blade is constructed from 3CR13 stainless steel and is sharpened on both sides to a fine edge. The unit’s clamp, constructed from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, easily attaches to the cylinder pin. The blade also comes with a custom polymer sheath and pairs nicely with LaserLyte’s laser for North American Arms pistols.

So you store this derringer – knife combo with a sheath and then, what, pull off the sheath before battle? OK, I think I’ve made my point. Feel free to pile on (it’s why Al Gore invented the Internet).

As a conversation piece, this thing rocks. And the company ain’t wrong about buyers wanting something that appeals to the pistol-packing peanut gallery down at the range.

The day I fell in love with a gorgeous Colt .32 (review to follow), the guy next to me was firing a Desert Eagle. The Eagle is a stupendously stupid weapon. Literally. But if Marissa Miller had sauntered onto the range in a skin-tight top and pour-on blue jeans as the Eagle’s 50 cal bullets took flight, the gun’s admirers would only have been momentarily distracted. And then he brought out an itsy bitsy mini-revolver. And the crowd went wild!

Which tells me that a revolver and knife combo this small, ugly and impractical—with a laser!—would garner similar attention when you’re home, home on the range. And it’s only $29.95. Plus $99.95 for the laser sight. Plus a $200-and-up North American Arms mini-revolver. Single-action weapons chambered in .22 caliber. In case that matters.

LaserLyte NAA Pistol Bayonet Specifications:

– Product Number: NAA-PB

– Compatible Firearms: All North American Arms mini revolvers with round cylinder pins including .22 short, .22 LR and .22 Mag.

– Mount: Clamp

– Weight: .6 oz.,

– LxWxH: 1.85 in.x.85 in.x.59 in.

– MSRP: $29.95

[For more hi-res images, click here.]

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  1. Classic example of the principle that just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you should.

  2. Agreed Martin. There is a whole bunch of wrong going on with that particular weapon.

  3. Just to inject a little "truth", the above picture is NOT a six-shooter. It is instead a five-shot revolver.

    Still ridiculous.

    The plain jane version is a handy little piece in terms of making a loud noise and sending a very small chunk of lead … somewhere. I have one and have a hard time hitting the side of a barn. There's not enough of a grip to hold it steady and pull the stiff trigger. Definitely puts some grey area into the "any gun is better than no gun" adage.

  4. C'mon guys! It doesn't just shoot .22s… It shoots .22Mag! And has a knife! I SHOULD BE TYPING IN CAPS!
    (I reposted the link to this page on FB and the crowd went mild. The nicest thing anyone said was "Compounded uselessness." and that was from a guy who lives in a cave and shoots a .50 Barrett for fun…

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