Charles Michael Calvert
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Reading almost like something out of the Onion, WPTA in Indiana is reporting a 60-year-old man was charged after stabbing his girlfriend, a former magistrate, to death in what police said was an argument over cutting onions. The case just goes to show not all self-defense claims are the result of using a gun, nor do all self-defense claims hold up. It remains to be seen if this one will, and while everyone is innocent until proven guilty, this one is looking extremely doubtful.

Apparently, the couple were preparing dinner last Saturday, and both holding knives, and got more than tears in their eyes from dicing the onions. According to the report, the man, Charles Michael Calvert, claimed he was cutting onions when his girlfriend, Marsha Linsky, “told him he wasn’t doing it correctly and was getting ‘very aggressive.’” He then told police she shoved a slow cooker toward him before coming at him with a knife. He then allegedly used his knife to stop the attack.

However, police told WPTA they believed Calvert had staged the scene finding a pair of knives on the kitchen floor lying neatly next to Linsky’s body, no onion but an onion peel in the trash. A slow cooker with spilled contents was also on the floor. Linsky had suffered “a big gash on her head and neck” as well as other defensive wounds on her body including a nearly severed thumb.

Police also found men’s clothing—a pair of pants and a shirt—with blood on them, shoe scuff marks on the floor indicating a possible struggle and blood in the shower, suggesting Calvert may have “showered and cleaned himself off before calling 911.”

It’s not uncommon for couples to fight over unusual things, but coming at someone with a knife because they are not cutting onions properly could wind up being a stretch. Calvert is currently facing one count of murder as a result of his actions.

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    • “Don’t shack up with crazy.”

      OK, so you suggest that ‘tapping it’ is OK, just don’t live with it?

      Even just banging crazy can have *drastic* consequences, as I unfortunately found out…

    • “I’ve seen people murdered over less.”

      Or even no rational reason at all.

      *shudder*… 🙁

  1. You mean there is a wrong way to cut up onions!
    Must be why my little lady tells me to get out of the kitchen when she is cooking.

    • I don’t mind doing it.

      I don’t enjoy it, but I *love* the flavor with roast meats… 🙂

        • Here’s a little TTAG-worthy content, since there’s none yet today:

          “Teen dies after trying to steal gun from seller in online gun sale in Crosby, Houston County SO says”

  2. You ever get so mad at a girlfriend that you stab her to death and then tell the police it was an argument over dinner?

  3. Confession: I cut a BIG one last night under covers with my wife. Enjoying he great outdoors tonight!
    Downside: no sweet ass.
    Upside: I get all the schnapps!

  4. A couple years ago there was a murder over in Mobile county because a couple drunken red necks got into an argument over which flavor of Kool-Aide to make.
    Sometimes you got to wonder at the stupid crap people will fight and kill over.

  5. The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument over whether states can keep President Trump off the 2024 Presidential Ballot on the theory that he engaged in an alleged insurrection in January 2021. (note: not specific wording, but basically, SCOTUS questioning, democrat and left wing and state claims of ‘insurrection’ are ‘hearsay’, not evidence, and 14th doesn’t allow states to remove Trump from ballot, and basically, Trump did not commit ‘insurrection’, – even SCOTUS left wing justices leaning towards that – seems Trump will win this one – would be interesting though if they did not rule for Trump for if they did the Red States would be able to remove ALL democrats, even Biden, from any election ballot).

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      • Well, this is hardly on the topic of knives in self-defense, but I’m willing to explore your Trump delusion syndrome.

        I’ll see your uninformed YouTube rant, and raise you one respected conservative judge opinion:

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          Opinions are like assholes, eh, Miner49er?

        • “Well, this is hardly on the topic of knives in self-defense, but I’m willing to explore your Trump delusion syndrome”

          You mean like your mental illness obsession BS on Trump and religion you like to use to troll and disrupt discussion with?

          I’m not asking for your BS, no one is.

          “Trump incited, and therefore engaged in, an armed insurrection against the Constitution’s express and foundational mandates that require the peaceful transfer of executive power to a newly-elected President,”

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          Once again, learn what context means.

          You are not on topic for anything.

    • “…Trump did not commit ‘insurrection’, – even SCOTUS left wing justices leaning towards that…”

      A few things going on at the same time, here. One, is the 6-3 court balance, and that is 100 percent on them, their fault, they chose to run the old bat.

      They don’t dare take him off the ballot, because they know the same can be done to their candidate down the road as retaliation. There have been open discussions about such moves in GOP-controlled states already. A brand-new federal legal precedent is a fearsome weapon to wield, and they should be very afraid of the potential consequences.

      And that’s exactly what WOULD happen. The safest choice for them is to grin and bear it. Even now, they are beginning to admit the inevitable, to lessen the shock when it happens again.

      They really don’t want another viral humiliating YouTube video montage of screaming, crying, and self-flagellation like in late 2016, but it’s coming anyways… 🙂

      • “There have been open discussions about such moves in GOP-controlled states already.”

        Well sure there has, but they haven’t and they know the implications of doing so even though there is actual evidence of Biden’s, lets call it for shortening purposes, ‘unsuitability’ for office.

        If SCOTUS were to agree with the blue states trying to remove Trump from the ballot (for which there is no evidence of actual intent or actions intending insurrection thus its hearsay) the right of the people to a fair and free election would no longer exist.

      • And the more I see that video the more I think that’s Miner49er. He is so mentally ill obsessed with Trump.

      • I believe that was just after 12:00 EDT on Jan 20, 2017.
        In the extended clip, you can hear the PA system announcing Roberts just swore in Trump.

        • Picky details.

          Her pain was very real, and I’m still laughing my ass off … 😉

        • I hope her pain was very real. It would be shameful for her to be immortalized on the internet as faking it.

        • Oh, I bet she fakes her ‘sweet releases’ to avoid being laughed at in bed… 🙂

  6. 3rd attempt in 4 days to post

    So is the Far Right claiming that we should all cheer because a deranged man killed his girlfriend with a knife instead of a gun? Is this a supposedly warped win for the progun side? If it is this is really sick and not really surprising at all coming from the demented Far Right.

    I think a more sane view of the onion murder is that when you put a weapon in the hands of a naked ape he will kill someone with it for the most trivial of reasons.

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