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As some of you may remember, TrackingPoint went on a bit of a firing spree about a month back and kicked the CEO (Jason Schauble) out the door along with the CFO and 30 other employees. TrackingPoint wasn’t Jason’s first gun company — he had worked at Remington Defense previously, which explains how the Remington 20/20 project came about. Now it looks like Jason is making the jump into silencer manufacturing, as he has taken a slot on the board for Silencerco.

Press release from Silencerco:

West Valley City, UT– Silencerco announced today that it has hired Jason Schauble as Chief Revenue Officer to focus on driving Silencerco’s growth strategy in both new products and new markets. Jason, most recently the CEO of TrackingPoint, previously served as Vice President of Remington Defense, and is a retired Marine and decorated combat veteran. “We are very pleased to add an executive with ¬†Jason’s¬†experience and depth to round out our management team. He has a proven track record of providing innovative and reliable solutions to our nation’s armed forces in multiple product segments and has a deep background in technology and new product development,” noted Silencerco CEO Josh Waldron, “Silencerco remains committed to putting the best, most innovative products out in the marketplace and with Jason’s help we will be able to diversify our product lines and channel mix for long term growth.”
“Silencerco is the perfect fit for me,” said Schauble, “They are the most innovative silencer manufacturer in the industry, and they are hungry to expand within the signature reduction market, into new product segments, and into new markets. This organization is young, nimble, hungry to grow, and committed to making new products that don’t exist today for a modern shooting experience that needs new ideas.”
Schauble started at Silencerco 1 January 2014.

What’s really interesting (from an “Inside Baseball” perspective) is that Jason and Kevin Brittingham… they’re not buddies. But now that Kevin is off the bench and back in the game, will they join forces to crush AAC — owned by the company that shunned them both, setting aside differences to kill the common enemy? Or will the rivalry between the silencer manufacturers heat up once Kevin picks a new home?

It’s the industry version of Days of Our Lives.

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  1. I love the momentum that the silencer industry has gained in the past few years. Hopefully the exploding popularity of silencers will eventually lead them to be delisted from the NFA. Maybe they will lead to the complete death of the NFA! But that’s just me being optimistic.

    • It would be great, but I think the more likely tack this will take is that the govermentmafia will just jack up the tax cost to double or even triple.

      • That’s one thing that da gubmint just loves to do. If it’s profitable, tax the ever-loving shit out of it and milk that cow until it dries up because that industry went under.

        Plus, the BATFE would sooner confiscate every last firearm from every last citizen before de-listing any NFA item. They’ve already shown their propensity for flagrantly disobeying the law and out-right abusing innocent people every which way they can — and the only people that ever get in trouble, contrary to federal statute, are the whistle-blowers.

  2. I’m sure I don’t understand everything I know about this, but I’m interested to watch.

    And I like silencers.

  3. Am I the only one who wants to slam my head repeatedly against a hard, preferably concrete, surface everytime I read a corporate press release?

    Hemingway they ain’t…


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