Leupold VX-3i LRP I'll Just Leave This Here: A Good Scope is a Durable Scope
Jeremy S. for TTAG
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While organizing my safe, I placed a Leupold VX-3i LRP rifle scope mounted in a ZRODelta DLOC mount on top of an upright rifle box. While leaning down and diving back into the safe, I butt-checked the box with my thicc curves and sent the scope flying.

It fell like a sack of rocks from my full shoulder height of about five feet to the hard floor below.

I'll Just Leave This Here: A Good Scope is a Durable Scope
Jeremy S. for TTAG

It landed squarely, precisely on the objective lens with a heart-skip-inducing CRACK!

In fact, it landed so squarely that it hit and stuck there dead, staying right freakin’ there. No bounce, no tipping over.

I picked the scope up and the lens cap was destroyed. The objective bell had smashed right through it. This was a hard, solid impact.

But everything seemed fine at first glance. No visible marks on the objective lens.

I'll Just Leave This Here: A Good Scope is a Durable Scope
Jeremy S. for TTAG

And when I took it with me on the next range trip, the VX-3i went back onto the Strasser RS14 Evolution rifle that I had been testing and the scope’s zero was still dead-on. Moving it to other review rifles since and sending hundreds more rounds downrange, it’s still 100% as good as new. Excellent.

I’ve broken other scopes with far less abuse than that. The moral of this story: a good riflescope  — thanks Leupold! — can shrug off some very bad mistakes.

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  1. I totally agree, It’s not necessary, but if my rifle and scope each cost about the same, I know I’m on the right track. I know some AR15 users with more money in their combined optics and laser rigs than in their base rifles, and those rifles alone all cost over a grand out the door. I don’t hear any of them saying, “I shoulda’ bought a cheaper scope”. If I buy cheap, I get cheap. When I buy the best I can afford, it only stings for a little while. The further I get off pavement, the less important my money becomes, except as source for last ditch dry tinder. -30-

    • You see, that’s the problem with Safe Queens. The risks of damage are intolerable. Better to keep it in a range bag tossed into the back of the truck.

  2. The subject of the article aside. I’m not sure what is more disconcerting, a female with thick curves named Jeremy S. or a guy named Jeremy S. referring to his stature as having thick curves. Maybe I have too much testosterone.

  3. Wonderful result! Typically for me, the objective bell housing would have sacrificed itself to protect the $2 lens cap. Same as my old TV’s picture tube sacrificed itself to protect the 5 cent fuse. I am glad you have better luck/results than me.

  4. Leopold makes great scopes. I’ve been up to the factory a few times to order up or pick up.
    The staff is all about the customer.
    I’m getting my current hunting rifle scope set up with their custom BDC turrets and an upgrade to the reticle.

  5. I bought my first ever Leupold scope for my .300 WSM because it was recommended and all that I could afford at the time and even then I was cringing about the purchase.

    Still holding zero and nary a problem. Great glass, concise clicks and tracking. Just great.

  6. big fan of leupold.

    their lifetime warranty is great.

    my dad was at a thrift store and found a leupold handgun scope priced at 5 bucks. I think whoever priced it didn’t understand long eye relief and thought it was busted, huge win.

    got it home and there was a light rattling inside. sent it back to leupold and they still honored the warranty! it was a discontinued model so they replaced it with a modern equivalent.

    phenomenal company

  7. LAWD! Dat waz close!
    Dam’ thicc lens be fine mama.
    I think I’ll look into those scopes.
    Is there any recommendation for good scope covers while on rifle?

    • If you’re getting a Leupold then the only smart option is their own covers called Alumina covers. They are machined from the same aluminium the scope bodies are, and they have built in magnets on the sides along with an O-Ring in them. They just screw right into the scopes objective bell(like a sunshade would) & eyepiece bell, so u don’t have to worry about if it’ll fit if ur scope & barrel are rather close(but not recommended to mount a scope any closer than about 1/8th of an inch, .125″-.200″, from scope bell to barrel). They come in almost every diameter possible and model/series that Leupold offers. I have some on my VX-R 2-7x33mm w/ballistic firedot reticle and love them. They’re a tad expensive, around $45-$55 each & $80-$100 per set(small reduction for buying a set I guess). They are worth it tho as idk of anyother scope company that iffers actual aerospace grade aluminum lens covers that r water & dust proof abd can be snapped down touching the scope if need it to be low profile while opened, and use almost no extra footprint while on the scope either. My Nightforce NXS 8-32×56 Tinabrex or whatever covers aren’t metal and cost $45 & $50 and they don’t feel as rugged or nicely built as my Alumina by Leupold, but Nightforce doesn’t make em they have some big name company make em, Tenebrax or whatever. I do like my Nightforce scope a bit more than my VX-7 or VX-6HD and tracks a tad truer too, still love my Leupold’s though.

  8. Just for the record ur saying Leupold is as durable as it comes to rifle scopes I’ve shot and killed a few hundred deer using a rifle scope that bounced around in my truck slapping limbs side of trees branches etc u can still buy this brand today but it’s not near as good as they was 40 , 50 yrs ago and that brand is tasco world class 3-9-40 I’ve changed to more expensive rifle scopes now but I’ve had great results with them older tasco rifle scopes and they weren’t that expensive to purchase I’m a upper end Bushnell and nikon fan now but I remember the days of my youth we all shot 3006 semi automatics for running deer when running dogs for deer was popular haven’t done that in many years but it was fun

    • Love this comment.

      When my step father passes away many years ago my mother shoveled his small collection of firearms my way (I had only known him to own a shotgun, good gray man there). And on rather old rifle there was a Tasco scope mounted.

      Now I’m not a young man but in my adult life in shooting sports Tasco has been ‘cheap and questionable’. I dismounted the old Tasco, and was surprised by how solid it was, and the glass was very clear. I took it down the our private club and showed it around to some other older fellas and was given an education on older Japanese Tasco scopes.

      Mounted it up on another older rifle and passed it on to my oldest boy when he came of age. Still running strong many years later.

    • I’ve got two old tasco’s ones one a deer rifle and ones on 22 squirrel rifle. I like them, never had any trouble

  9. My youth rememberers tasco rifle scopes wur very good and durable enuff that u didn’t have to check the zero from season to season man them days was fun hunting with all my cousins brother granddad and my dad now doing same with my two boys deer hunting is still fun as it gets that’s what we do

  10. My last two remarks wasn’t disrespectful to Leupold just getting it out ther that u didn’t have to spend big money to get it done tasco used to be a very dependable rifle scope but through the years ther quality gas went down hill would still shoot them on a 22 squirrel rifle but that’s bout all I can do

  11. Nice to hear that a LEUPOLD Riflescope was the hero in this story – I myself own a VX-R Patrol 1.25-4x and although I don’t have any nightmarish story to speak of I feel confident that mine will hold up as well…

  12. Dropped a rifle with a Bushnell on it and the tube bent. The adjustment knob was jammed. I bet it back until the knob freed but it’s not right. The hit wasn’t that much.
    I’m looking at the VX Leupold line to replace several cheap scopes I have. Good glass is worth it.

  13. Back when I had special parts made in various machine shops, all the shops had 6061-T6 alum bar stock on hand, which is good stuff. But I used to buy 7075 stock for those parts that needed to be really strong. It just costs a fair bit more. Then there are those scandium and lithium alloys!

  14. I’ve got an old Tasco scope on a rifle with a bent objective bell, it still works. Tasco made some decent scopes for the price

  15. Buy quality and you only cry once . Father had a leupold scope mounted on a 629 pc hunter 44 mag. A major catastrophic reloading error happened ($h!t happens ) split the cylinder , bent the frame like a pretzel and sent scope flying 20 feet! Thank God no one was hurt. Leupold scope was cracked , bent , and absolutely unusable . Dad wrote a letter to Leupold explaining what happened and sent the scope back to Leupold. Leupold returned the scope completely fixed with no question asked . Dad had a hard time believing it was the same scope but checked the serial numbers and it was. Unbelievable ! And Leupold stood by their products even when user error was the problem . Again BUY QUALITY AND YOU ONLY CRY ONCE !

    • this is a lesson i CAN NOT get my parents to understand. they buy the bottom barrel acceptable model, even though they can afford A LOT more, and bitch about it endlessly. they have done this their entire lives. it is SO frustrating.

  16. Jeremy, you still might want to let Leo give it a once-over. Aluminum tends to deform, and you should have its air-tightness verified.

    Just in case…

  17. I have been a Leupold customer for over 30 years. I have purchased just about everything Leupold makes from scopes, bino’s and range finders. A few years ago I purchased VX Firedot scope for my hunting rifle and after a couple season the scope failed to keep a zero. I sent the scope in and they repaired the scope and returned it. Well everything seemed fine at first, but after a few years the scope once again failed to keep it’s zero. I sent it back for the second time and they repaired it and mounted the scope and test fired it and sent it back with the targets they shot. Yes, the scope shot fine, but what going to happen over time. I asked for another scope but they refused. I have always bragged about my Leupold products. I spend too much money hunting every year and usually hunt several states. The last thing I want to do is wonder if my scope is still zeroed in. I have purchased my last product from Leuplod.


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