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Compelled by a mixture of relief and schadenfreude, I held my nose and watched the president rail against the defeat of the Manchin-Toomey amendment in a live Rose Garden press conference earlier today. He recited all the same old canards: “If action by congress could have saved one person, while protecting our Second Amendment rights, we had an obligation to try.” Note the assumption that Manchin-Toomey would have protected anything . . .

Obama also blasted the ‘abuse of Senate rules’ that prevented the Manchin-Toomey amendment from moving forward. This is hip-deep hypocrisy: Obama was a senator himself, and he knew well that both parties rely on the 60-vote amendment rule.

I didn’t hear him lamenting the defeat of several GOP-sponsored amendments (including national CCW reciprocity, gun rights for veterans, and harsher penalties for straw purchases) that also gathered more than 50 votes, but were defeated in today’s voting. Apparently it’s only an ‘abuse of Senate rules’ when your own pet amendments are blocked. The GOP amendments actually fared better on the whole than the anti-gun Democrat amendments did, but nobody held a Rose Garden ceremony for them.

It was absolutely PRICELESS watching a furious Feinstein flail in impotent rage after her beloved AWB went down in flames. It was definitely The Biggest Loser, garnering only 40 votes in favor, 60 against.

After the sound and fury of the Rose Garden sob-fest, I preferred the comments of Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Tex.):

This afternoon’s 54-46 defeat of Manchin-Toomey anti-gun power grab is a victory for peace and civil liberties. After spending over $1 billion to claw out a 51% re-election, it’s clear at this point Obama couldn’t pass a stone. Constitutional rights don’t require permission slips.  The language of the Second Amendment is perhaps the starkest and most absolute in the Constitution.  ‘The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’  That means any obstacle whatsoever is strictly prohibited. We are currently ordering our promised U-Haul gift cards for Senators Hagan and Landrieu, who may become the next Jack Brooks.  We expect them to be delivered shortly. We are awaiting the results of voting on other amendments to see what legislative response, if any, this office will issue.

Keep up the pressure on your congresscritters: this ain’t over yet.

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    • I would have opted for the correct philology and orthography. (Lacrimosa.)

      And I seriously doubt that Feinstein is the spirit of ἀγών. For starters that implies a coherent and structured contest or comedic formality, neither of which the anti-gun position even remotely resembles.

      Their fulminations are more like an Camusian-absurdist docudramedy staged by the MSM, partly in the spirit of panem et circenses, partly idiocratic cynicism, and a big chunk of late 20th century leftist elitist OCD death-cult-worship.

      However if you want to cast us as an adjudicating chorus…yeah, we seem to be doing that anyway. 😀

      Speaking of Samson…howabout some Handel?

  1. Yeah, well gun owners are not finished. We have to keep our promises to vote the anti-gun bums out so any future efforts are quelled before they even start. The pro-gun polls did their job, but we need to finish it at the ballot boxes.

  2. Oh darn, too bad for the Progressives. I’m sick and tired of trying to be polite regarding gun rights discussions, especially after the hate and venom spewed upon gun owners from the media with tacit approval from the White House.

  3. I’m loving this. Just watching Jug Ears stamping his feet and wailing like the NRA’s b1tch is soooooo sweet. He probably hasn’t heard the word “no” since the last time his mommy caught him playing pocket pool.

    Sometimes, life is good.

  4. So now that Obama didn’t get his way, how many people will he kill to get his point across? and where will he have the Innocent assassinated next? Beware people, to Obama this is not a cold war… He is demented!!!

    • He acts like a 4 year old who can’t have another cookie. What a disgrace to the highest office in the land.

    • You are the lunacy that I hope doesn’t get seen as a major part of the gun-rights movement.

  5. “Lacrymosa”, “Agonistes”, et al, this was a day we can celebrate – while never taking our eyes off the door.

    Is it possible the anti-gunners’ mojo has gone cold?

    • Yeah, I think it’s heading for low-tide. I am beginning to believe that his acting like he’s king of the world is making even the people of his own party tired of him. He acts like a spoiled brat when he doesn’t get his way, His policies have almost destroyed the economy. His jobs record is a lie and someday, the Blacks will realize, in reality, he hasn’t done anything for them. Beware though, he knows he can buy people with free cell-phones. Is that todays price of giving away ones freedom? Pretty sad.

  6. Is it just me or was he more emotional after his gun ban failed than on Monday when innocent civilians were blown up in a terrorist attack.

  7. Have to agree with BedBug. Something is going to happen very soon every gun owner will be blamed for and which makes Sandy Hook look like a Sunday school picnic.

    • I sure hope you are wrong about all that. Can’t deny he sure has got a lot of mileage out of the last one what with flying people around the country like show dogs and all that.

      And is is just me, or is Gabby kind of cute now that she’s always half a bubble off? I guess she just reminds me of a ditzy teenage girl I knew (too well) when I wore a younger man’s clothes.

  8. Toomey will pay for this . PA finally got rid of Specter the Defector and he pulled that stunt.

  9. The weeping and wailing at leftist message boards such as Democratic Underground is a thing of joy tonight. A few of them are saying that they’re going to become Independents now, because if the Senate can’t pass even a teeny tiny bit of civilian disarmament like this, then what’s the point?

    Even if defeating this bill saves one person from voting Democratic, isn’t it worth it?

    • It gives me some satisfaction that the Progressives have experienced a setback at the federal level. Unfortunately they have swarmed all over Colorado like a plague of locusts, and it’ll be very difficult to undo the damage.

      • Tell me about it…the only way we’ll ever have a chance at undoing the damage done in this legislative session is to get Republicans in control of both Houses and the Governorship, and given the quality of recent (R) candidates…

        Let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.

        • Make the libtards (democrats) pay in 14′. And for Gods sake, never vote libtard (democrat) AGAIN.

        • The D’s are in charge of Colorado despite my vote, not because of it. Unfortunately, I’m not confident that this is going to change in ’14….we’ve been Californicated.

        • You have my sympathy, Hal. A cancer has invaded your beautiful landscape. At least you can carry a full 15 round magazine in a G22 (looking at the bright side). If you dont have a G22, than you can use it as an excuse to buy one, or any other handgun that carries 15 rounds fully loaded.

        • Actually, that’s the Glock that I happen to have! As for other magazines, I’ve purchased dozens of normal capacity mags for guns that I don’t even have…yet. I was just looking at getting an AK-74 the other day.

        • I got a bunch of 20rnd mags and a 25rounder for my M1A….and a Colt AR carbine (though, I need a few Pmags…formerly from your once, and hopefully future, great state) for good measure in the weeks after the gunban panic started. Of course, I am up here in the NW (liberal, but still gun friendly) where a part of our gov has a slight R majority (thank God).
          Elections have consequences.

    • Thanx Hal. Knowing that the nutbags over at DU and most likely the Daily Kos are in a snit makes what promises to be a good day a bit better.

  10. Next on the list: Impeach this dangerous anti-American Bastard….its time to turn up the heat on the Washington Scum.

    We must all become campaigners for Real Republicans.

    Start the campaign now against Hillary before she gets the baton and sticks it up our asses

    • Bed Bugeddy says:
      “We must all become campaigners for real Republicans.”

      It would be a lot easier to do that if the Republicans would anoint a man that isn’t a carbon copy of the Democrat candidate!….McCain????? Romney???? Think about it, nothing would have been different during this dog and pony show with either one of those bozos in the White House. The Republicans had the perfect candidate that would have backed gun owners to the hilt, but wouldn’t give him their seal of approval because they knew he would clean house! The Republicans fell into line against gun control this go ’round because they still remember ’94 and what the people will do when you get ’em really mad. I only wish we could get the phones ringing and get their asses moving on things like illegal immigration and stopping the US from “nation building” and keeping us in a perpetual state of war. The last time I read the Constitution, I didn’t see a single paragraph that related to “nation building,” or using America’s military for ANYTHING except the defense of this country.

      • It doesnt help when non-presidential candidate Republicans declaire war against womens rights during elections.

        • It also doesn’t help when they’re against gay marriage, either. Whatever one thinks of the issue, it’s going to be a reality nationwide in the near future, given its overwhelming support among the young.

    • Just wait for the next mass shooting. The libtards (democrats) sure cant.
      We have to get to 14′ midterms.

  11. I had also read that Obama was mad that senators voted against it because they’re afraid of the voters.
    1. They should be, we elect them to voice our wishes, not their personal interests
    2. Obama himself did the same. He got caught saying he would begin his gun grab after he won re-election because he didn’t have to worry about voters.
    I can’t wait for election time.
    …bye bye toomey

  12. know we got to watch that immigration bill that sob is nasty it well legalize not only the ones here but relatives and deported as well

    • Spam filters are working hard tonite to deny me this

      “There is, it appears, no emotional por.nography that the administration will refuse to distribute in the pursuit of its agenda.”

      • Ahhh…I kept wondering why I was being rejected. If anybody should know about that subject it would be you Dirk. That was the same snippet that I was trying to include in the post.

        Powerful line because it is the truth.

  13. Personally I can’t listen to O’Bama’s speeches. The instant I hear his voice I suffer a massive attack of diarrhea. Can’t wait ’till 2017.

  14. the butthurt is palpable. I have never seen a president throw such a pissy fit. But then again the commies saw Newtown as their “Dunblane” moment of victory only to be pushed back repeatedly. First was the Feinstein assault weapons ban including a registry of all mags and “evil” rifles. Shitcanned. Then the original Schumer draft. Kibboshed. And now the “compromise” bill voted down. They were forced to back down at every turn and now have jacksquat to show for the months of media propaganda blitzes

    I guess my only regret is that we did not have M-T enshrine into law a ban on gun registration but from the sounds there were more holes in it than a block of swiss cheese. Two of which I believe were lack of enforcement mechanisms (Eric Holder) and loopholes where *other* agencies not under DOJ could create a registry

    at any rate, you can tell it was a good day for freedom if Obama acts all butthurt and pissy

  15. Who cares what those dumbasses think in the white house or Congress. It’s suppose to be for the people by the people. Not their agendas and personal convictions. The prez can get all pissed and flustered over the Senate’s vote, but it’s not up to BlObama. That’s why we have a separation of powers so no one arm gets too powerful.

    I could give two shits about what he thinks!

  16. Indeed, it is never over; now work, volunteer, write and contribute to remove those Senators who opposed our rights on this issue.

  17. You know. it’s just a “crying” shame that his plan for confiscation and disarmament is done -for the moment-. Remember this, Harry Reid voted no in order to preserve his prerogative of bringing it up again. If he does, he doesn’t have to use Toomey-Manchin, he can substitute the original Schumer bill in all it’s horrific detail. No, it is not over.

    • IT AIN’T OVER YET!!! Don’t ya’ll let your guard down! Keep those phones hot. You’ll know when the fat lady sings, her name is Feinstein, and the squallin’ sound she’ll make will be music to your ears! KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!

      • It will never be over. Sure, it will go away for a while, disappear into the woodwork, and be forgotten about, but it will come back. It always does. We’ve been fighting over gun control for a hundred years now, they aren’t going to shrivel up and admit defeat because we run a round.

  18. So even the wetpants senate leader, dingey harry reid, bailed on his dem majority and voted no. That’s voting your convictions, eh harry? Barry’s got to be so proud, not!

    • Strategic move. As Senate Leader, if he votes “no”, he can resurrect the measure in the future. But he probably won’t.

  19. Even though this probably isn’t really over, it does feel great at the moment and is worth celebrating that we gun owners did not lose outright to the Tyrant and his sycophants. Now, if we can just get Congress to address the Mental Health issues behind so many of these mass shootings, maybe we can stop the next crazy from killing people. But I won’t hold my breath on that one.
    I’m sick of having the NRA villified for possessing some of the only valid “common sense” in this Country. I guess they just make an easy target, but it’s a piss-off, nonetheless.

    • Be careful on the mental health issues topic. most mentally ill people aren’t dangerous. And most dangerous criminals aren’t mentally ill. we don’t want to save our freedom just to throw somebody else’s under the bus.

      • I agree, Evan. I just did not want to write a long dissertation on the mental health issue. It is really a difficult challenge and I do know that the vast majority of people with mental health challenges are not dangerous, but that very small percentage who are have caused much grief and suffering. There may be no humane way to deal with this issue, but since no one is even trying, it has to be brought to attention regularly. I agree, as well, that most criminals willfully choose to commit crimes and are not mentally ill. They could be better dealt with if some of the laws currently in effect were enforced more rigorously. There have been many discussions on the mental health issue here on TTAG and no one has come up with a satisfactory solution that would protect those not dangerous and identify accurately those who are. The matter may be intractable, but needs serious consideration. I expect its difficulty is exactly why Congress tacitly ignores it, despite the terrible consequences that reluctance to address it produces. At any rate, some attempt to address the issue would be better than the misdirected, ineffective proposals that the Federal and State Governments are considering and, in some cases, enacting.

  20. Hate to be the hater but it seems like yall need reality check ala Matthew Mcconaughey from Reign of Fire:

    Envy the country that has heroes, huh?! I say pity the country that needs ’em. What are you celebrating? One dragon down, three men dead? Oh, yeah. At that rate, we might just be getting somewhere in about 320 years. Is that what you want? You want a little accommodation? Unh-unh. These beasts live on ash. They feed on death. There’s no middle ground…not for them, not for us. And sure as hell not for my men who died out there today. But you go ahead. Have your little… soiree. Personally, you disgust me.

    So the Feinstein has been slain . . . How many more progressives do we have to go? Our right to bear arms are infringed all over the place – but you go ahead. Have your little soiree.

  21. George Friedman of STRATFOR [highly recommended] says, among other things, that the Legislature was set up by the Founding Fathers to make sweeping change like these bills that went down in flames difficult, not easy, so this defeat of wholesale, un-thought-out change is how it’s supposed to work…

  22. We must continue to press the senators with everything we have until we die. The fight will never be over, not as long as you have an Ideologue dictator as President and stupid Bleeding heart liberals to kiss his ass.


  23. Before you folks get too happy about how the evil gun grabbers won’t be able to create a database of gun owners because common sense gun safety restrictions were defeated, think again:

    What is CISPA?

    CISPA, known officially as H.R. 624, is a cybersecurity Bill currently going through the motions in the lower house of Congress, the US House of Representatives. It is designed to help prevent and defend against cyberattacks on critical national infrastructure and against other internet attacks on private firms by obtaining and sharing “cyberthreat information”.

    Its sole purpose is to allow private sector firms to search personal and sensitive user data of ordinary US residents to identify this so-called “threat information”, and to then share that information with each other and the US government — without the need for a warrant.

    (Source: ZDNET)

    Paper registries of gun owners are so last millenium…

  24. Isn’t there some way that we can compel our legislative representatives to ask for a vote to remove this man from office. Maybe a petition or some formal action to make this issue come to a vote either by them or us. If WE are not happy with the way they are doing the job for us? As was said earlier the 2nd amendment is the very back bone of the whole constitution for Us to be the ones in charge. By Us From Us, and For Us. Don’t WE deserve a vote Too?

    • For the record. Impeachment can only be undertaken in the evidence of High Crimes and Misdemeanors. A Bill of Impeachment has to start in the House. Once passed he is impeached. HOWEVER, the senate must then try the facts of the case and render a verdict that removes him from office. Bill the Zipper’s impeachment was not even considered by the Senate. The laid the bill on the table and ignored it. The same thing would happen to “Obozo the Weepy”.

  25. Loved the Eliot references, Chris. Of course that leaves Harry Reid as J Alfred Prufrock. Truly we live in times that can only be described as The Wasteland. Yet there are glimmers of light, as Rep Stockman points out.

  26. Is it wrong to wish shumer,Feinstein, Bloomberg and Obama would just eat a cyanide capsule or something?

  27. M-T might well have saved a few lives. With firearms slightly harder to obtain, a disturbed person might have failed to get a gun above-board but been hit by a bus on his way to get one illegally.

    In a country this large, such an unlikely chain of events could easily play out, even more than once.

    ‘Course, the number of casualties would without doubt have been far larger, but we dont count lives lost because DGU was not an option, do we?


  28. It wasn’t a sad day for gun control. It was a sad day that so many senators voted against the Constitution of the United States of America.

  29. Does anyone know where the “90% of Americans support background checks” stat comes from? It sounds like a bit of hyperbole snuck its way to assumed fact like a game of Telephone when I was a kid.

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