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Reports are surfacing that late last night, a Houston couple filmed themselves shooting randomly at houses and businesses from their moving vehicle. There was no apparent target for their gunfire; they were simply firing bullets into inhabited areas of town with no regard for the possible murders they were committing. Not only were they doing this insanely stupid act, they then proceeded to post their rampage on Snapchat, where it was recorded by local residents and forwarded to the police.

The videos have since been removed, but we downloaded and saved a copy. You can see them here:



There were no immediate reports of injuries or deaths from the incident, but the local police department has been notified and is investigating.

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  1. Welcome to the tons of dangerous and stupid gun owners out there. I have to deal with them on the daily and they put us all at risk. If you don’t know the difference between a trigger and a hammer, why are you even buying a gun?

    • Attempted murder requires specific intent. They actually have to intend to kill someone.

      These two are probably felons or illegal immigrants anyway. Maybe it’s not the case anymore, but I don’t trust anyone covered in tattoos or who has those two’s fashion tastes.

      • Would certainly be at least reckless endangerment wouldn’t it? Firing into occupied structures is a felony too isn’t it?

        What kinds of violations would you say they committed with only what has been presented?

        • The crime is called “deadly conduct” in Texas, and it is a felony if someone shoots “at or in the direction of” a laundry list of things including people, buildings, or vehicles. And since this is TTAG and we are always talking about brandishing and muzzle discipline, this statute specifically makes it illegal to shoot at people or “knowingly” point guns at them “whether or not the actor believed the firearm to be loaded.” (Knowingly is less than intentionally but more than recklessly).

          Also by the heavily lidded eyes on the guy, I’m thinking we might have another example of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(3) being violated.

          There are definitely a laundry list of crimes these two can be charged with. If sentences were to run consecutively instead of concurrently, they’d be gone for a while.

          Pro tip: If you want to know how serious a crime is in Texas, google “Texas Penal Code” and then the crime. There are plenty of crimes in other codes, but that covers the usual ones.

      • Awwww…. I’m pretty well covered in tattoos. As a general rule though I don’t randomly fire a gun out of my car.

        That’s just a general rule though. Subject to change without notice, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited

        • “void where prohibited” – Pretty sure everywhere.

          The tattoos thing. Maybe time has just passed me by. I’m probably in the minority of my age group by not only not having any visible tattoos, but having no tattoos. If you can’t cover it up with business casual, the best reaction (to the tattoos) you are going to get from me is that you have exercised poor decision making skills (really bad skills if you are a career criminal who has slathered yourself in identifying markings, especially if they specifically identify you as a criminal). And it’s not like I find tattoos morally objectionable, just objectionable.

        • I’m working on getting my sleeve finished with all my military stuff in it. So far comments around the state veterans rest home I work in have been positive and tattoos are surprisingly common with veterans from WWII on up to Desert Storm especially Marine and Army veterans. I don’t view tattoos as a poor decision unless you get obviously retarded things put on like gang tags and swastikas. Just my .02 but tattoos aren’t just for felons and sailors anymore.

        • TX_Lawyer:

          You’re one of those people I’d love to meet. I think we’d have an entertaining time. We definitely wouldn’t agree on everything but we’d get along and have a good time.

  2. Stupid is as stupid does and these two prove it! No need for more laws let’s just remove warning labels and let Darwin take over.

    • Maybe a Masterpiece Defender? Of course the MSM will point out the 00 spy super deadly ‘silencer’ on it like they reported on the nutcase that showed up at the Whitehouse earlier this week.

  3. How was it I knew what would be the race of the person even before I clicked the video?

    How stereotypical! The music, the fingernails, the cornrow hair, the moron style gun from a video game or rapp video, Dems too anyone?, spinning rims too?
    We could go on all day here!

    • “How was it I knew what would be the race of the person even before I clicked the video?”

      Probably because you have a specific bias that you are happy to confirm?

      • Pretty much. Had they been white, race would not have been mentioned.

        This place is a white supremacist haven in the comments, and I guess TTAG supports that sort of thing.

        • Jimmy, did you have some Doritos or Lay’s with your sandwich today? There seems to be a chip on your shoulder..

        • It is usually the other way around, “Jim.” The MSM rarely reports the race of criminal perpetrators when he or she is black (a fact that can often be inferred from the person’s name.).

    • Easy call to make, if you’ve any experience with ghetto savages. Plus. white people have been smart enough to quarantine all of our failed mutations in Florida, and this wasn’t Florida.

  4. Happens every day in Rockford IL. Mobile car-to-car gunfighting. Pointless, stupid, anarchic defiance of the law. There’s more brass on the streets of Rockford than there is on the floor at the legit shooting ranges. We all know who’s doing this, and they aren’t NRA members. We need the National Guard to stop this crap, and we certainly need to build more prison cells for the vermin.

  5. These two idiots should be spade and neutered before they reproduced/replicates themselves.
    Just what the extreme left needs to attack our 2nd ammendment.

  6. the footage of her shooting did not sound like a real gun.I did not see the glock looking gun firing so I don’t know. but I did here the stupid music in the background and would not doubt if they were terrorist. and maybe when the law catches up to them that is how they should be treated. and I agree they are not ccw or NRA members, the probably are part of the democractic party.

  7. Social Media. Assisting the police gain convictions for over 15 years.

    And I do wonder if “recreational pharmaceuticals” were involved.

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