Hornady is one of the biggest names in the ammunition business, making bullets and cartridges since the Department of Defense was called the War Department. Their latest creation, the ELD-X, was introduced last year and has since garnered enough praise that you (our readers) decided that it was the best new ammunition of 2016. Hornady was more than happy to accept the award at SHOT Show 2017, and we’ll be looking for their next big innovation down the road.


  1. Am I crazy or does ammunition refer to a complete cartridge? If I am correct, and I might not be, then should Hornady have won the best ammunition award since all they created was a bullet/projectile? This is really bothering me. It is, past 11:00 p.m. and I should be asleep. Oh well.

    • The ELD-X comes fully loaded in the “Precision Hunter” line. The ELD match is in the “Precision Match” line. The ELD-X and ELD Match are also available as components. Reloading supplies and other goodies are also readily available. Except for shell plate #11 – the .338 Lapua / .416 Rigby base for the progressive press. That isn’t available anywhere.

      • I understand that they load the projectile in various cartridges. This still doesn’t answer why a “bullet” won “Best Ammunition”. My question really is on terminology and trying to figure out if bullet=ammunition, by definition. Thanks!


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