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LaRue Tactical has been teasing us with a bolt action rifle for at least three years. As a die hard [with a vengeance] LaRue customer I was particularly excited to get my hands on the new LaRue Siete at SHOT Show.

As you’d expect from a rifle named after the Spanish word for seven, the Siete’s action is a Remington 700 pattern. making the Winchester style safety a pleasant surprise.

The LaRue Tactical Siete’s wood stock is beautifully finished and lightly textured around the grip and forend.

Google told me that the smoothest surface in the world is a quantum stabilized atom mirror, I have never handled one but I bet it feels a lot like the Larue Siete’s action.

Who knows how long we will have to wait for the LaRue Siete to be available for sale. If its anything like every other LaRue product I have owned it will be well made and function perfectly.

The typically LRrue Swag that ships with every order is always a plus.

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  1. I certainly hope that they make one chambered for the 7.62×39 caliber to give the CZ527 some good competition with another well-built rifle.

  2. I’d buy one if the swag bag comes with puppy instead of kitten. Rottweiler or American Akita, black and white version, please.

  3. I’m looking for a replacement .243 bolt action, Think I will give that cz a hard look when if I can scrounge up the cash, when I can scrounge up the cash, I can scrounge up the cash,. scrounge money..maybe a Savage. Do they make a HiPoint bolt action?

  4. LaRue!

    (Sorry, I couldn’t help but think of the TTAG online realtime chat from a few years back. Ted Nugent was talking up some product by LaRue and was constantly name-dropping. We in the “audience” typed “LaRue!” every time he said the name)


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