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by Blake Hiatt

“May you live in interesting times.” – Chinese curse. “Only accurate rifles are interesting.” – Col. Townsend Whelan. Well, out of the box, the Savage Model 93 FV certainly looks interesting in that good, Whelenian way. It has the bull barrel, Savage’s AccuTrigger and a target crown. Top the rifle off with a BSA “Sweet 22” scope, add a detachable box magazine for quick reloads and this rifle appears to be a winning combination. But looks can be deceiving, which is why we do these reviews . . .

Initial impressions: Excellent build quality, though the AccuTrigger does look a little funky. The magazine guide for that box mag seems a little iffy, but it does make it just about impossible to get the wrong angle when inserting a new magazine. The mag lock is very positive and empties pretty much drop into my hand when the release is pushed, even on a brand new, just-out-of-the-box rifle. And while the 93 doesn’t have Savage’s AccuStock, the synthetic seems plenty solid.

So after mounting the scope, cleaning and bore and quick-sighting the rifle, I headed to the local indoor range to see if I was on paper at 25 yards.

And it was pretty much a massive failure, though probably due to operator error. Your not so humble correspondent couldn’t get the rifle to feed from the magazine. I finally gave up and ran the rifle single shot just to try to get zero’d. Five rounds later, I confirmed I was on paper at 25 yards. But I still wasn’t consistent enough shooting off-hand to determine how much more adjustment the scope needed.

After I got home and examined the action under better light, I decided the problem was due to my not cycling the bolt with authority. Kind of surprising, since the bolts on my Marlin 22 and Howa .308 cycle much more smoothly. For the time being, I chalked the feed problems up to a new rifle, the action being a little stiff and the owner having a weak wrist (more on that magazine later).

Shooting the rifle indoors only whetted my appetite to get it outside and stretch its legs a little. So the next chance I got, it was off to the outdoor range with my wife in tow. I set up sandbags, filled the mags and slapped one home.

This time I ran the first five rounds through the rifle without a hitch, filled the magazine again, pushed it home and…disaster. Cartridges everywhere. To say I was puzzled is an understatement. So I reloaded the magazine, pushed it home again and this time only a couple of cartridges flew out. The whole mess was getting to be a lot less than cool.

I tried inserting the magazine with the bolt closed, and that worked for a while until I ran into feed problems. They seemed to go away when I inserted the magazine with the bolt open again. Given that I was risking a jack-in-the-box style cartridge geyser every time I inserted one, I kept my thumb over the top of the mag well. But that only brought back the feed problems.

My wife and I did manage to get in some shooting, though, and magazine issues aside, the 93 FV shoots very well. I was able to get the rifle sighted in after only a few rounds down range. That’s when I turned it over to my wife who thoroughly enjoyed shooting it. She really appreciated its size and weight, along with being able to shoot without risking a bruised shoulder.

After shooting 50 rounds or so, we called it a day as it was getting warm and I was tired of fighting magazine problems.

That’s when I started researching magazine problems with the 93 FV. Turns out Patrick Carrube ran into similar problems with a 93 chambered in .17 HMR. He fixed those by bending the mags’ feed lips a little. I tried the same thing and, voila! Problem fixed.

Side note: someone needs to tell Savage to make their magazines so they can be disassembled. My CZ 512 had a magazine issue that I was able to correct by taking it apart and removing the extra follower it came with. If CZ can design a plastic mag that comes apart, surely Savage can do the same with their metal magazine. [/rant]

So I solved the auto-ejecto problems providing I use the right ammo. Hornady 30 gr V-Max works great. Federal Premium 22 Win Mag with 30 grain Speer TNT tips, on the other hand, refused to feed. Period.

Magazine issues aside, how does the rifle shoot? My wife and I did all of our shooting at 100 yards and the rifle shoots much better than our capabilities. The rifle shoots like a dream, as my targets show. All targets were shot from a bench using sandbags @ 100 yards. The target grid is 1″ squares.

This probably won’t shock you, but the 93 FV’s groups tend to open up when the gun gets warm, even with that heavy bull barrel. I put 150 rounds through the rifle this time out. After the first 125 rounds or so, I put the Savage aside and let it cool for a bit and the groups seemed to tighten up a bit.

In short, the 93 FV is tons o’ fun. Being a bolt action .22, you can shoot it until you run out of daylight and not be any worse for wear — or much lighter in the wallet. And it pretty much shoots where you aim it, which is a good quality in any rifle. If you don’t mind dealing with those pesky mag issues, you’ll really have yourself something.

Caliber: .22WMR
Sights: None, pre-installed scope bases
Barrel Length: 21” w/ 1:16” twist (Heavy Contour)
Overall Length: 39.5”
Weight: 6 lbs
MSRP: $295

RATINGS (out of five stars):

Style * * *
The synthetic stock isn’t a work of art, but it doesn’t look bad, either. Like just about any gun, it would look better with nicer furniture, but that would sacrifice durability.

Ergonomics * * *
I’m 6’3″ 175lbs (providing I’m carrying some ammo) and the 93’s stock is short for me. It fits my wife just fine, though. As you’d expect, this is a great rifle for the recoil shy.

Reliability * * *
I’ve run upwards to 200 rounds through the rifle. It’s a bolt gun, so you wouldn’t expect problems, and there were no misfires. But the magazine problems were enough to drive me batty.

Customizable * *
Other than shimming a stock with a cheek comb, what’s to customize? The action, barrel and trigger are excellent right out of the box.

Overall Rating * * * *
This value-priced rifle is a gun you can hand down to your kids or grandkids. The rifle is fun to shoot and built to last — once you get those mag issues solved.

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  1. Too bad about the mag issues, I’ve always like savage rifles. If they made one of these in a single shot it would make a great barn gun.

  2. My first firearm was a Savage .22LR bolt action. No accutrigger, same stock, but it is a tack driver with a 4x scope. Never has a feed issue or a mag issue either. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue other than getting sratched on the wrist when using 10 round mags.

  3. i bought a .17 version of this rifle when it was first released. The mags were the same as .22 Mag and I was dismayed at how loose and crappy they fit in the well. Never had a problem with feeds or operation, just didn’t feel very solid. At least they were readily available and not expensive.

    I have a wood stock and the stain was way too thin. I’m going to refinish and poly it.
    The trigger was absolute garbage, I replaced it with a 10 ounce spring trigger for 65 dollars that solved that problem. I chose this gun for the bull barrel and the relative low price compared to the Marlin, it’s nice to see a better trigger and synthetic stock as an option albeit at greater cost. Considering my new trigger and refinishing work to be done I think it’s a fair deal today.

  4. I am somewhat perplexed as to how this rifle merits an overall 4-star rating with the feeding issues described, the need to modify the factory magazine to get it to function, and the subsequent inability to feed a major brand of ammo.

    If a second sample had been tested and had flawlessly fed factory ammo from several major brands, then I could understand a 4-star rating. Not for this rifle, though.

      • Fair, but in this case I have my doubts. Note that this is a sufficiently common problem that the author readily found discussion of it online, including the work-around. The fact that the work-around didn’t permit reliable feeding of Federal rounds says that it’s not a solution, just makes it suck less.

        I don’t think any firearm with feed issues like the ones described should get a 4-star overall rating until it’s proven to be isolated to a particular unit.

        • I have one of these. Will give you a fit when trying to feed a round . and Have the problem with the rounds popping out of the mag. as well. You would think that Savage would test their products before they put them on the Market, and ensure they worked with all .22 Mag on the market or say these are only made for the ones that will work in them (Really Sucks)as well as replacing the magazines with ones that will work. Oh by the way you cannot make a magazine that is a do all for .17’s and .22 Mags, and being made out of flimsy metal. If they cannot do any better than this then they need to re evaluate the persons job that was responsible for the engineering of the receiver, magazine, and magazine well (Cheap meta in the magazine as well as a very poor fit for it prohibits the cambering of the rounds. I would never give this weapon even an evaluation of 2 stars, ether make it a single shot or FIX IT!!!!! Would never recommend it a piece of excrement
          Savage would never answer the email I sent them telling them that I had a problem with the feeding/cambering of this weapon. They know they have a problem or they would not have made the model B22 with a Ruger Rotary magazine to correct it. Getting piss poor the B22 Bolt has a problem now. Who would have thunk Savage would make a poor product, I mentioned the name at the outdoor show last week and they called savage (Salvage) didd not make me feel very good for purchasing what I thought was an excellet product to find out everyone feels the same about your product. Retired SF CSM.

  5. I have a 93R17 BTVS and have not had any problems with it yet. Shoots dime sized groups at 100 yards. Only complaint is the BSA Sweet 17 scope that came with it from the dealer. The glass is absolute garbage. I need to put something better on it.

  6. Those blued magazines are trouble; try the stainless steel versions of the same magazines, and keep them fully loaded – the magazine springs need to be broken in and there is no way around this – just the way it is.

  7. I have a Mark II 22LR. not one issue except the accuse trigger is supposed to go down to 1.5 lb but I can only get it to go to 2.3 lb.

  8. As I was reading the description of the problem, my first thought was “mag lips” – the lips on the old Canadian Army Thermold plastic mags used to break or bend all the time, and the result was a fountain of rounds. The usual cause was melting from excessive full auto, becoming brittle from the cold (in Canada, eh?), and/or the bottom of the mag hitting the ground to hard when playing “up-he-sees-me-down” across the Canadian prairie.

  9. I have this rifle’s twin sister in 17HMR, and I can sum my experiences up by saying that it has exceeded my expectations in every measurable way. Mag fit is slightly wonky, yeah, but I haven’t encountered any of the feed or retention problems outlined here. The rifle is ONE HOLE accurate at 50 yards, and not much worse at 100. The 93s are WELL worth the money.
    If I had a knock, it is that the stock’s comb is a bit low for a rifle that will definitely be wearing an optic. A few layers of mousepad later, problem solved.

  10. For anyone who is interested, I was never able to get the Federal stuff to group worth a darn.

    Since I put this review together, I have a target with a 5 shot string with virtually every shot in the same hole at 100 yards, using the Hornady ammo.

    So, to recap, the Federal ammunition not only doesn’t feed, it doesn’t shoot worth a darn. Whereas the Hornady stuff is more than got the job done.

    • I never even used my 5 round mag. I went out and bought a couple of 10 round stainless steel mags and never had a problem. After reading your review I put the original fiver in and had feed problem with Federal but the Hornaday had no problems. I think the more rigid stainless is the only way to go with the 93s both in 17 and 22 WSM. both my 93s hold a group smaller than a quarter @ 100 yds using a bipod mounted to the sling stud. I do wish the 22 WSM had the walnut stock though. I am getting ready to put a new trigger in my 17 since it was a pre accu-trigger version. As to the guy trying to go below 2lb pull on his I was told they only adjusted down to 2.5 so if he is below that he is doing better than spec. Best vineyard gun I have ever used. So long moles, crows, rabbits, coons and even a couple feral hogs. I leave the deer to my old 30.06 and drop them where they stand.

  11. I’m still trying to figure out why the .22 WMR is still produced. I can see its appeal in a convertible revolver, but as a dedicated firearm? Really?

    I love .22LR, but when I want to step up a bit, I bring a .223. Hell, the cost of .223 surplus is not that much more than the rimfire “magnum”.

    Cost/benefit = .22WMR = no go. If I had one I might keep it, but I would NEVER seek one out.

    If I had that kind of money to waste, I’d buy a 5mm or a Velo Dog.

    • In many states, there are centerfire rifle restrictions on some or all hunting. In those, it is often your best bet for predators, but still isn’t too destructive for a lot of small game. Its actually a damned handy cartridge if you want one gun to handle most hunting from coyote down.

    • It is April 22,2016. My 93 loves CCI WMR HP. It does not like Federal at all. I dropped a 26lb coyote at night at 120 yards with the gun so it works like it should. That said, the poor fit of the magazine was so it could interchange with the .17. Both use the same magazine. The issue with the .22 mag is best understood holding a .17 up next to a .22 and then compare the base of each with the bullet of each. The .22 magnum and the .17 both have the same base. Now, the .22 magnum bullet is nearly the same diameter as the case therefore the chamber of the gun is nearly the same throughout its full length. Compare the .22 to the .17. The base of the case dictates the size of the chamber leading into seating the bullet. So the hole in the chamber where the bullet slides into position is the same size as the case, however, the .17 bullet is smaller which allows it to lead in more cleanly. The .22 magnum Savage would not have any feed problems if they built a dedicated .17 and a dedicated .22. Period.

  12. I had a 93F and while it got 1″ groups at 200 yds, it was plagued with light primer strikes even after a trip back to Savage. I traded it in on a TC Venture.

  13. You give three ‘3-star’ ratings, and one ‘2 star’ rating, then give the overall rating a 4-star? How did you come up with that, genius? Sounds like a border-line 3-star gun to me.

  14. RI is one of those states with rifle hunting restrictions (though now I am a Texan by choice and only visit the Peoples’ Republic of RI to visit family). I grew up hunting deer with shotgun slugs and small game with a .22 WMR (that my grandfather bought my dad in the 50’s). I love the cartridge (though it isn’t nearly as cheap as .22 LR)and I took a lot of Coyote in California with it. I’m disapointed that the Savage isn’t worth my money, as I’m in the market for a bolt action .22 WMR for the oldest offspring.

  15. Just recently purchased a new Savage model 93 – 22 magnum. Love the gun but would not have bought it had I done a little research first. The clip is a very bad design and does not work properly. The first cartridge will not release from clip and be chambered. The clip is very awkward to install and uninstall. Now in reading reviews I find many , many same complaints. Just talked to Savage, most disappointing, I guess they are trained to get rid of customers. I simply asked if they were working on a new design that worked. She actually had the balls to tell me that Savage is not aware of any problem with the clip, and were not making any changes. Not aware my butt. Beware, don’t buy a Savage!!!

  16. Just bought a 93F in Calgary with two 5-round mags, both with the feed issues, but appeared to have fixed it as follows:
    – shaping the lips slightly… this indeed seems to be the most likely suspect, as others have indicated, but read on for other tips.
    – taking a fine file to the top inside edges of the mags… the edges felt a bit sharp, and I thought they might be grabbing the shells a bit.
    – “3-in-1” brand oil: push the spring down with a pen or screwdriver and let a few drops dribble down the inside of the mag on all 4 sides, then work it in by pushing up and down on the spring. So perhaps the spring is stiff as others have indicated too.
    I uploaded a photo here so you can see a close up of how I shaped the lips.

    Note I was using Remington 40gr hollow points to test the mag modifications.

    I’d be interested to know if my lips modification as shown in the photo was the same one others have used?

    • I purchased a model 93 also with the standard barrel and was well pleased with the accuracy of the gun, however I have had magazine problems with the 5th shell primer jumping over the 4th shell primer and jamming the clip where the shell wouldn’t push out by hand and if put in the gun and forced to load into the chamber it could be possible to discharge a round and possible injury or death. I contacted savage and they wanted me to send the gun in , but the problem was the clips , not the gun and I refused to send in the gun and explained it to them I even sent the pictures and drawings . I had purchased new clips and still had the same problem . the clip is V shaped back where the primers are located and the shells do not stack vertically like a Marlin does and this is the problem from what I have found. Savage sent me three new clip and I still had the same problem . the clips are designed poorly and shells fit loose where the primers are located. Can’t use 5 rounds in the clips , but using 4 in the clip it works OK . Like posted on a previous blog by someone Savage says they don’t have a problem and will do nothing to redesign the clips . Wait till someone is killed and they will surely correct the problem . Just only put 4 rounds in your clips and they work fine .

  17. Hi

    I bought the Savage Model 93 because I’ve been trying to buy a 22 rifle for three months. After about ready to give up and return to target plinking with my Remington 700 which is an expensive gun to shoot ($1 + a shot). I brought the rifle home an looked up reviews right away. What I found made my hart skip a beat (maybe three stars). I took the Rifle and it’s $80,oo scope (Simmons 3-9X32) to our local shooting area with butterfly’s in my gut. I shot 50 CCI 22 WMR, 40 grain through it using both the blue and the SS 5 round clips. I had absolutely no issues with the gun. It preformed flawlessly. Additionally it kicked a beer can around at both 50, and 100 yards with almost every shot (operator error I’m sure).

    I did notice most of the reviews were somewhat dated. Maybe Savage read them, and made some modifications to save face. I though would recommend this rifle to anyone who can find one nowadays with all the shortages in mind. I’m 67 years old, and remember walking into a pawn shop at 12, and walking out with my first 22 Mossburg rifle no questions asked.


  18. I got the savage 22 wmr in this model and I don’t have one complaint about the gun! It shoots great, feels great , light , and I love it!!! I give it 5 stars

    • Hi Again

      I’m happy to report that I think I found the problem. It appears that possibly there is nothing wrong with the bolt of my Savage 93. After closer inspection I found that the cartridges that were stuck in the chamber of my rifle had split. This problem only started when I switched from 40 grain CCI ammo to Winchester 22mags. I now only use CCI ammo in my 93 and since I quit using Winchester ammo, my 93 has preformed flawlessly. I guess I’ll use my Winchester 22mag. till there gone in my Ruger single six which will allow me to push even split cartridges out with ease.

      I was truly surprised to find this problem with Winchester 22 ammo. I’m 67 year old Vietnam veteran, and have had good luck with there ammo since I was a very young lad.

  19. I recently bought a 93 in 22 magnum. Added a bipod, sling and nikon p223 scope. It is great fun to shoot, whole family enjoys the size, weight, low recoil and results at range. With the gun/ammo hysteria, the 93 and a couple of our 22lr are by far most fun and practical for range time. .223, .308 and .338 tend to stay home. We have 22 mag and 22lr handguns which help keep skill and enthusiasm up while coming to grips with supply and our economic reality. We give savage 5 stars on this.

    • Hi Shotgun
      I agree! after plinking 250rmnds. through my new 93mag. I’ve found it to be the perfect rifle for the $. I to can’t afford to waste my Remington 700s expensive ammo these days. I to just picked up a Ruger single six 22 convertible to save my more expensive handgun ammo, the way times are. It’s sure difficult to believe the American ammo manufactures can’t keep up with demand for ammo. sometimes makes me think they have a secret deal with that Obama guy!

  20. I’ve since bought 3ea 10rnd. magazines from Savages web site for $25. ea. with no performance objections. I to plan on adding a bipod.

  21. Hi
    I’d just like to mention a gun collector who offers his guns at very fair prices compared to auction prices I’ve seen. I suggest you give him a look! I found him @
    Legacy Firearms, not Legacy Sports. Good hunting!

  22. I have yet to find any Savage Rifles produced from 1967 to date that are not great shooters.
    Grabbed a used 93 22 mag and it was terribly abused, never cleaned and scope was junk with front sight missing.
    Tried to sight in all over the place so pulled to clean and found 23LR under action in stock. newer scope, cheapie
    tasvo 3x9x32, brushed and cleaned deleaded barrel and light non accu trig
    work with making sure brl was free
    floated and in dhort noe under 1″ at 100 meters hornafy vmax 30 grn
    Ebery weapon needs its best ammo and this took 7 brands and 11 wts to find.
    Perfect for headshots on birds never mind rats or yotes.

  23. Hi Hide Behind
    I’m still pleased with my 93. I’ve shot 1000rnds through it, and after zeroing in my cheap Simpson 4-9 pwr scope I’m running out of targets. Almost boring to shoot because it never misses. Still learning that closing the bolt takes a bit of getting use to as with any new rifle, but most errors are my fault. The magazine / clip issues I was having were also my fault. Once I learnt how to properly install I’ve had no issues. I just hope that Savage will come out with a 25rnd clip soon. Although the three 10rnd. clips I purchased sure makes the ammo disappear faster, LOL!

    I’ve also recently purchased a Ruger 10/22LR model for the wife, I do like all of the aftermarket options that are available for it though. It will be nice when more aftermarket products become available for the Savage 93mag. I sure hope this ammo shortage ends soon. Oh well! just one more thing we can blame Obama for rather it’s his doing as so many believe, or not, LOL!

    Glad to hear you found the problem with your Savage, can you believe? a round buried in the stock. Imagine the disgust the previous owner must have had with it, LOL!

    Good shooting! & God bless.

    Tom, AKA Squatch

  24. Well, a bit more about my Savage 93. Recently after almost daily use, it seems that a discharged round will not eject from the chamber occasionally, and it has to be pushed out with a cleaning rod before I shoot it again. After close inspection of the bolt assembly it appears “maybe” The ejector arm on one side of the bolt appears to have lost a bit of its point. I will contact my local dealer, and get his opinion. I will follow up with his findings. I’m still very pleased with its accuracy though.

  25. Hi again & again

    I don’t think my follow up on my 93wmr ejection issue was posted properly, so once again. Happy to report it was not a 93 issue. It was the fact that the Winchester 22wmr that I was using. The cases were “splitting” after firing the rifle, and jamming in the chamber. After taking the split Winchester to my local shop, he took the 93info, then pictures and wrote Winchester. I have not heard back from them. Oh! just in addition, I’m using the remainder of the Winchester round in my revolver. I can push even split round out with it. I however finally found a Winchester round that had also split in it. My local shop said they might send me a free brick of ammo. Gee, Thanks, but”NO THANKS” Guess I could throw them in my grouchy neighbors trash barrel, LOL! (just kidding!)

    I switched back to CCI ammo, and the issue disappeared. Now CCI is the only ammo I will use in my 93.

  26. Picked up my stainless 93 for about 90 bucks a few years ago. It’s a pre-accutrigger model, and while the magazine fit doesn’t feel as solid as I’d like, it’s been a real sweet rifle for me. I can only remember two failures to fire, from the same box of Dynapoints, and both had nice, deep, indents on their rims. One fired the second time ’round, and the other just picked up another rim-dent and got tossed.
    As for the usefulness of .22 wmr, I’m fond of the caliber. It’ll do coyotes and under, between 100-150 yards with less sound and fury than .223, though the latter isn’t really much of a kicker anyway.
    It’d be a sad thing, for .22 wmr to die off, but I won’t have been the first guy to own an orphan-cartridge rifle.

    • Hi Velo
      Just a note, I don’t think 22WMR will die off. In fact, it seems to be taking the market for personal defense according to my NRA magazines. Seems the 22mag (especially CCI brand) has velocities equal to, or better than a 9mm, and some 45s. In many tests the 22mag actually surpassed 9mm, and 45cal. in penetration into 10% ballistics gel by several inches. So if your intent is to just deter an assault, but not kill the bad guy, a 22mag. should do just that! Where as a 9mm, or 45cal. will usually kill the guy in his tracks. If you do have to kill him, put a second, or third round of 22mag. into him.

      All of you 9mm, and 45cal. owners, please don’t take offence. Both calibers will leave one heck of a larger hole (3″) in an assailant over a 22mag (@1″). It just seems the 22WMR is becoming choice for personal defiance for those that choose to only stop an assailant, and not initially kill him on the spot. Example: just try to buy a Kel Tec PMR 30 model right now. It’s a 30rnd. 22WMR pistol, they have been nearly impossible to purchase for under $700.oo right now on gun auctions. The manufacturers suggested retail is only $415.oo, but try and buy even a used one for that. My FFL dealer told me he has been trying to get his hands on a couple for over three years now.

      Well enough for a ” quick note”, LOL! Don’t get me started! LOL!


  27. We continue to enjoy the Savage 93 in 22 WMD and also enjoy the round in a Taurus revolver. After many months on a list for the seemingly non-extant KelTec pmr 30, we got a call from local, highly ethical, Bill Jackson sporting goods and, at long last, bought that interesting firearm for msrp! We have yet to fire it as I suspect we would blow through most of our remaking stash of 22 war in a couple of minutes. The store only received two and I really appreciate their adherence to the wait list and msrp. That is why much of what occupies our gun safe originated at Bill Jackson’s. gun counter guy said it is a ball to shoot, light, fast, accurate and…loud! Lately the bolt action Savage 22 mag along with Remington nylon 66 and Ruger 10/22 go to the range while GSR, Savage 110BA in .338 and Ruger Ranch in .223 rest to see if the Great Mullah actually destroys our Constitution, industry and economy.

  28. Just purchased TODAY a 93 R17,the action is binding right out of box,what a piece of sh…t, I WILL NEVER BUY ANY SAVAGE PRODUCT again,UNDOUBTEDLY THEY MUST NOT HAVE ANY KIND OF Quality Control……

    • So you bought a rifle without dry firing or running the bolt first? I’ve not had any problems with the action on my 93 (bought new this past July). Whatever you are experiencing I’m sure Savage would fix… you probably bought a store display model that may have been dropped or who knows what.

  29. Hi Peed – off
    Nice description! “What a piece of s..t”, Oh well?

    I admit, mine had binding issues also. However, it turned out to be that when my dealer mounted the scope I purchased with the rifle, the mounting screws that came “with the scope” were slightly to long. Yes! he should have checked the action after mounting the scope. After installing shorter screws, the action was perfect.

    Maybe that could be the problem, “if” you mounted anything. Personally, after shooting a thousand, or so rounds of 22mag through mine, and getting use to correctly installing the magazine / clip properly, My 93 puts a five round pattern at 100yrds. the size of a quarter W/CCI mag. rounds.

    If however, you got a “lemon”, I feel your disappointment though! I’ve bought a few of those, happens with all products, even Fords, LOL!

  30. Well I got one of these over the weekend.
    With hunting season less than a week away I was more than ready for a trip to the range to see what this thing could do.
    I literally took this rifle to the range in its box, Set up on the 25 yard line and let one fly. Dead center, Moved it out to 100 yards and was 1/4″ of center to the left. 1 click adj and this thing will hammer tacks.
    Cant wait for the first tree rat to feel this bad boy

    • I read your October 2013. Model 93 FV review and am a lot happier with your positive comments. Other reviewers are “not so happy” especially with the magazine feed problems. I am assuming the caliber of your rifle is .22WMR. Did you order a wood or composite stock” and did your scope come with the package? I am shopping for a good rim fire scope. I am leaning to the Nikon Prostaff or the Banner Dawn to Dusk with a BDC reticle. Trouble with BDC is that it is calibrated for .17 or 22LR not .22WMR. I could experiment and improvise.
      I love deadly accuracy “”right out of the box. I shoot left handed, and my manufacturer options are limited. A very good manufacturer CZ apparently doesn’t manufacture .22MWR for the 452. The new CZ 455 model talks about interchangeable barrels for different calibers. I am skeptical about that.
      I have been a solid Savage Arms fan since I bought my 30/06 Model 110L over 35 years ago.
      My Savage Arms “rim fire preference” would be the Mark II(LH) Model with SS bull barrel, thumb hole, and accutrigger. Model 93 is close, maybe just as good.
      I am seriously considering the .22 WMR over the .17 HMR because I am willing to sacrifice the flatter trajectory for more ft./lbs. of energy. The .22 WMR has proven itself as a small game stopper and accurate. Let me know any other input that you have. Thanks

  31. Took mine out to the range recently, 22 WMR. I like the rifle except for the loose fit, action to composite stock. My action does not secure well in the stock and makes for loose groups. I like the rifle, just need to figure out a fix for the loose fit. And I did have a screw driver along to tighten the screws. Still not what I expect. Did not have any issues with the magazine. Put 40 rounds through it.

  32. I purchased a Savage model 93 , 22mag. with the wood stock and when I loaded the clip the 4th. shell primer would jump over the 3rd. primer when you put the 5th. Round in the clip and the clip would be jammed and when you tried to load a shell into the chamber the bolt would jam on the shell it was trying to load into the chamber. I purchased new clips and the same thing happened. The clip worked fine as long as you only put 4 shell in it. I contacted Savage and they wanted me to send them the gun and I said it was in the clips not the gun. I went to a local dealer who had a 17 cal. In stock and the clip did the same thing when loaded with 5 rounds. The back of the clip is wedge shaped and allows too much side play in the rounds. My son has a Marlin and the clips are the same width from front to back and holds 7 rounds. The problem is in the clip on the Savage, but they will not admit they have a problem. Just put 4 rounds in the clip and load one round in the chamber , pull the clip and put one more round in it and now you have the 5 rounds to your access. The gun is very accurate and a tack driver, just can’t put 5 rounds in the clip as advertised .

  33. I love the gun, just upset with the clips jamming when fully loaded. I have six clips and they all do the same thing. I am using Hornady ammo with ballistic tips.

  34. love my 93 won’t go into the swamp without it. we got a chootin range down here one guy holds a pig on a rope and you gosta choot um from 2 feet out my 93 never misses.

  35. I purchased a Savage 93 W.M.R. ONLY. Nothing said about the FV. I think it was in 2011?

    It is a stainless Steel Bull Barrel. I sighted it in at 100 yards, and went prairie dog hunting, Never had a problem hitting them at 80 to 110 yards. Very pleased with it. No problems with the Mag that came with it, but am rather disappointed in the fact it is such a limited supply. I am still looking hoping I can find a magazine like the other rifles, which will hold 15 or twenty rounds.

  36. I have been reading reviews/problems with recent manufacture rim fire rifles. I am thoroughly disgusted with QC and quality of all. I hear endless times my brand is terrific after I got a new stock, pillar bedded, got new sights polished the chamber, got a new trigger group, etc etc. Doesn’t any company produce a rim fire for under a thousand dollars that is ACTUALLY a good rifle out of the box. Yep as soon as you get that trigger job you will be shootin squirrels by the dozen lol.

  37. Shoots really well, very accurate but I would never buy another one.

    Had this rifle for about 3 years, shoots really well, aside from the magazines being totally rubbish, mine spewed out the rounds one night in the middle of no where and I managed to patch it up.
    I loved it. Not any more, the rifle is complete rubbish. I’ve put through about 1000 rounds to date. After the first 500 or so, I was doing a normal clean and to my horror, found the bolt was wearing. The rib on the bottom of the bolt had a burr which needed to be filed off.

    I have read post about this gun and it seems to be a common failure, one which Savage is doing nothing to fix.
    I can forgive a faulty mag, but for the bolt to be wearing is just appalling.
    If you want an accurate rifle, reasonably priced but don’t intend using it much you might consider it. If you are going to really use it, save up you money and buy something decent.

  38. I have a Savage Mark 2 LR,and my tow hooks want pull the bullet shell out after it’s been fired,I think one of the hooks is warn down,so what do I do

  39. I recently purchased a Savage 93 FV-SR in .22 mag. Took it to range this past weekend and had feeding issues consistent with others I’m reading here…wanted to share what I found and the simple remedy that worked for me. I noticed that when loading the magazine, rounds 1-4 maintained the proper feeding angle in the mag but when the 5th was inserted.. The rounds sat at a 90 degree angle with the mag preventing the round to enter the chamber at the correct angle. To remedy I loaded all 5 then pressed down on the “primer end” of the 5th rnd until (the nose) rebounded to the proper angle.You can also slap the primer side of mag against hand if you prefer. This was a 100% fix for my feeding issue as I ran another 200-250 rounds afterwards with NO more feeding issues. However; This ONLY worked when inserting mag with the bolt OPEN. It DID NOT work with the bolt closed… doing so would again create the 90 degree angle issue.. On the sloppy mag to rifle fit. Just slightly pinch the grooves on mag until you get the fit you prefer. I’m not advocating for or against this rifle/mag or that this is even an acceptable solution. Just sharing what worked for me. In my opinion, I would prefer NOT to have to deal with this finike issue but… All things considered..This $300 rifle produced respectable groups @ 100 yd with an inexpensive Mueller 4.5-14×40 APV & CCI 40gr. BTW this mag was the 5 rd. blued steel version & don’t know if this works on SS or 10 rnd. mags. but worth a try. Best of luck.

  40. My 93 had and still has horrible magazine problems. I finally got it to stop realising all 5 rounds when I opened the bolt. But it still doesn’t want to smoothly chamber rounds unless I slightly hold up on the magazine. The problem is the angle it’s entering the barrel. I have bought new mags but it’s not the mag. I done the Apache trigger it will drive tacs at 50 yrds and tight groups at 150.

  41. I got my 93 11 years ago and from what I’m reading here it seems I got that one in a million perfect shooter. 2 decades of building and collecting precision long guns and it’s still one of my most accurate…completely stock. With bsa platinum glass and cci 50 gn gold dot hp ammo (as far as I know the 50 gn gdhp has been discontinued but luckily I managed to grab a case before then), I consistently get less than 1/2in 10 shot groups at 100yds off a bipod, my best to date being .248 in. Never had any feeding issues I can remember. This will be my go to for small game long shots for the rest of my life I’m sure.

  42. Baught my Savage and had the same feed issues but found out that the spot welds on the back of the mags are not reliable (they were actually broke). I squeezed the two halves back together then rewelded and no more feed problems or rounds escaping out of the top of the mag

  43. I recently bought a 93 WMR (actually listed as a Stevens model 305). This is my first Savage firearm, and will likely be my last. I don’t get any issues with feeding. My problem is a nearly 50% fail to fire. Using Federal ammo, not that cheap WInchester series-X crap (notoriously bad ammo). I was hoping that it was just due to a long break-in period, but seeing threads about people sending the whole gun back to Savage because of a bad firing pin in the bolt, I’m not confident the problem will go away. It also seems bizarre that any time something is wrong they want you to send them the whole gun, rather than just the part that has the issue (in this case, the bolt, because of a sticky firing pin).

  44. I’ve had a Stevens 305 for about 14 years now. Plastic stock, no bull barrel and a cheap 3×9 scope. Painted it with various shades of flat green, brown, grey, etc. I bought it because I wanted a utility 22 Magnum that would take some abuse and because the Rossi pump in the gun shop had no provision for a scope (getting older). I’ve used the 305 to “harvest” deer and wild hogs using hollow points mostly at ranges up to 100 yards, always with a head shot. It’s either a clean miss or a clean kill. I’ve never had any magazine fit or feed problems or failure to fire throughout the several hundred rounds that have been through it, using only CCI and Winchester ammo. I’ve also never bothered to clean it much. A little oil on the bolt from time-to-time, wipe it down and occasionally repaint the “camo” job. I’ve never cleaned the bore. For a utility rifle, I’d rate it 5 stars. I’m not sure what other folks problems are. I do admit that I’d would have like a heavier barrel, but since the original is so accurate it would be a shame to mess up a good thing. I must have gotten the pick of the litter. My compliments and gratitude to the person on the assembly line that put mine together.
    Just an added note. I’ve killed more deer with a 32-20 single shot (Martini Cadet) than any other rifle I own at ranges out to 100 yards with open sights. The last one was a nice wide-racked whitetail 6-pointer that my wife insisted we take to have mounted. The taxidermist had a hard time finding where the deer had been shot. I’d put one through the bridge of the buck’s snout and it came out his ear. He dropped so fast I thought I’d just spooked him. Hardly a drop of blood. I don’t like wounding animals. I don’t know why most States insist on a higher calibers, but I’ve known some folks that were miserable shots, wounding animals and wasting meat. Maybe States ought to insist on a target test before issuing a hunting license.

  45. Well, I have had a soft spot for Savage since I was a kid, and my Dad had a model 99.
    I’ve inherited it, but never fired it, and don’t see any reason to acquire some 30-30 ammo.

    The comments here range from excellent to junk, as regards opinions of the model 93.

    I had my eye set on a 93 FVSS XP, and I’m impressed with their advertising in re the trigger, the bolt face, and the barrell.

    The negatives about the clips didn’t bother me too much.

    But the quick wear on the bolt, implying it was not heat treated, or was made of something one step above pot metal?? That DO concern me some…

    Now i guess I’d better find out more before I decide.

    Thank you.


  46. Brought one of these new, magazine feel apart on first trip. Shoots really well, but after about 500 rounds the bolt started to wear. Anyway, finally got a new magazine, this one hasn’t fallen apart but, has massive feed issues. Price point firearm, that misses out on build quality, shame as it groups so well


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