“The purpose of this project is to document the path of a gun used in a Minneapolis homicide. MPR News received a grant from the Joyce Foundation and the David Bohnett Foundation, administered by the John Jay College Center on Media, Crime and Justice (CMCJ) to do investigative reporting on gun violence.” And there you have it: proof from word one that the minnesota.publicradio.org‘s series on “crime guns” began with an agenda. You may recall the Joyce Foundation as the anti-gun group that got Chicago ATF jefe Andrew Traver into hot water by sucking him into a gun control conference. And here they are again, paying for reporter Brandt Williams to spend four months kibbitzing with the ATF, negotiating Minnesota’s bureaucratic maze and covering the exact same ground as the Washington Post’s “The Hidden Life of Guns” series. How much did Joyce and David pay for that then?


  1. I’m no expert, but I have to think that this kid (who made some very eloquent points in the interview) has been coached. Heavily. “I just really hope that people can learn to communicate, learn to express themselves instead of hold onto anger or hate. Cause with that it’s just going to be chaos.”

    This sounds like orthodox liberal psychobabble pablum that can regularly be heard spouting from sociology grad students all across the nation, many of whom work for NPR and its local affiliates. This kid’s not dumb. Knowing nothing about him, I’d guess he’s grown up in a morally bankrupt street culture that led him to where he is. I just have a hard time believing that he was able to spout so much post-modern lefty feelgoodism in one sitting without help.


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