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The #1 goal of gun control activists is to disarm Americans. No surprise there. They don’t think that Americans are responsible enough to own guns, so they see every firearm taken out of circulation as a life saved. The real question is how to accomplish this goal, since (as a recent poll confirms) support for gun control in any form has slipped to an all-time low in the land of the free and the home of the brave. With the probability of any kind of legislation putting the screws to gun owners on a national level lower than Bill DeBlasio receiving the NYPD’s Man of the Year Award, gun control activists need someone to grab those evil guns. The solution: brainwash kiddies and get them to do the dirty work . . .

The above video, produced by Sleeper 13 Productions, depicts a school-age child waiting until no one is looking, then grabbing his parent’s gun, putting it in his backpack, and bringing it to class. He then plonks it down on his teacher’s desk and asks, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

“Our children deserve a safe world” the video pleads. “Stop gun violence now.” Of course children should be protected, but attempting to make the entire world safe for children is a futile endeavor. Rather than disarming law abiding gun owners and making it easier for mass murderers to kill people, the better and more effective solution is to actually put some time and effort into making schools less attractive targets. I used to do risk analysis for DHS. I know a thing or two about target selection.

The creators of this PSA envision a sunshine and rainbows ending to their little story. The teacher accepts the gun, the family realizes the error of their ways and never buys another firearm. And their concerned student is lionized for his efforts at reducing “gun violence.”

What would actually happen if this scenario played out in the real world as the film makers envision? Probably something like this:

Seattle, WA (AP) – A middle school student was arrested today when he brought a loaded firearm to school and brandished in a classroom in front of a teacher.

The incident occurred shortly after the beginning of the school day, during the break between first and second periods. The school was immediately placed in lockdown for four hours while police swept the building and searched for any additional weapons. School officials were inundated with calls from hundreds of parents during the lockdown, all concerned for their children’s safety.

At a press conference, the principal of the school said that this behavior was completely unexpected. “This was a good kid,” he noted, “we have no idea what drove him bring a loaded firearm to school. We’re still investigating, but assume he’d planned a killing spree, but changed his mind at the last moment.” The principal went on to explain that the student had been immediately expelled under the school’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy and that no appeals would be heard.

The student was subsequently turned over to the local police department, where he has been charged with theft, illegal possession of a firearm, violation of the “Gun Free Schools Act,” carrying a concealed weapon without a license and terrorism. The parents have been charged under Washington’s new I-594 for illegally transferring a gun without a background check.

Gun control activists live in a fantasy world completely divorced from reality. They don’t understand how things work where people actually live, preferring to view things as they wish them to be. In fantasy land, children handing guns over to their teachers makes perfect sense. But out here where the sky is blue, that’s quite possibly the dumbest, most dangerous suggestion I’ve ever seen.

[h/t Reddit]

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  1. its amazing that as soon as you take public office, you are no longer accountable for anything you do. this country is a fucking joke.

    • UPDATE

      She removed the original posting of the video and re-posted it with ratings and comments disabled! Last I checked the original had over 20,000 down-votes to about 130 up-votes. Not to mention the comments were universally and strongly negative.

      She’s learning! She’ll never put up an anti-self-defense video without disabling comments and ratings.

      • Which goes to show she cares NOTHING about the content of the Video or that it prompts children to commit numerous felonies which will get them arrested and possibly jailed. Another conscienceless Leftist who only cares about the $$ she made off the video.

      • Actually, I think the people who created that public service announcement are criminally culpable. Furthermore, they are guilty of conspiracy to commit multiple felonies. Not good.

    • Breaking News:
      Elementary school student shoots and kills classmate. The boy was following the directives of a gun control advocacy group video which instructs children to take guns owned by their parents and bring them to school. The gun fired in the classroom when the boy was removing it from his backpack and accidentally pulled the trigger, hitting a 9 year old girl in the head, killing her instantly.

      • You know damned well the news story of that outcome would never mention that a gun control public disservice announcement instructed the kid to do this.

        • Yes, I know, I was mainly trying to point out a potential outcome, that of a negligent discharge due to an uneducated child handling a loaded pistol.

      • That’s astute, Bob, and not just because I was about to write something similar as I read through the comments.

        These people, with their wild-eyed vacant stares and their fact-phobic zealotry, push an agenda and encourage real world actions with easily foreseeable and highly lamentable consequences.

        If the first thing someone will do in defense of his beliefs is lie, then the first thing he will do in advance of his agenda is cause what he opposes, as proof of his approach. The banality of evil is nearly as frightening as evil itself.

      • What you wrote places way to much blame on the child. We all know it would all be that pesky gun’s fault. It would have jumped out of his bag and shot that student before he could get it turned in.

        • Yes, had I written it the way it really would have been in the media I would have said something along the line of “the gun went off and killed the girl”. “Gun violence”, you know…

    • Yes! Not to mention the premise that a gun sitting in a drawer is dangerous, scary and unsafe, yet telling a small child to go grab it, stuff it into a backpack, and then grab it again in a classroom, is perfectly fine.

      I think there are anti’s out there that have a partial ability to think critically who will ask this poor soul to remove her video. Watch for it to be deleted soon. SOMEONE MAKE A COPY OF IT!

      Give her credit though for allowing comments and ratings on the video.

  2. Mmmmm… tastes like Communism.

    On a serious note, let’s count the crimes:

    1. Stealing a firearm, may be grand theft depending on value (dad may collect H&Hs)
    2. Possession by unaccompanied minor (depending on state)
    3. Carrying without a permit (depending on state and type of gun)
    4. Possession of firearm on school grounds
    5. Potential assault and “brandishing”

    • Yep, talk about 2 birds with 1 stone, disarming parents, and getting kids expelled and or arrested. Perfect.

    • You may mean, “tastes like a totalitarian regime.” Communism is a socioeconomic system that you would contrast with Capitalism. Though it seems off kilter at times we are a Republic that has as it’s economic system, Capitalism.

      • Same people who control the levers of capitalism controls the levers of communism. Don’t get wrapped up in the “isms”.

      • Communism intrinsically requires a totalitarian regime. OK, technically the communist system would be totally anarchic and would follow a totalitarian socialist system. But the socialist answer to scarcity of resources (not enough of anything to fulfill everyone’s wants) is to limit what people are allowed to want, this necessitates totalitarianism, until the people in the system no longer need the external force and have changed what they want to fit the availability of resources, at which point the government willingly gives up power and dissolves itself (LOL!) leaving a population that has learned to be happy with a quality of life anyone in the modern world would consider abject poverty.

        You do have a point, but the OP is certainly correct in every practical sense.

    • In fairness, this thing has all the appearances of a school project. “Professionals” like the so-called “Moms” would disable the comments right off the bat–and would indeed probably be loath to portray so many criminal offenses as the “right thing to do”.

      • Yeah right. Given their frequent advocation of violence against gun owners, I have a hard time believing the would be loath to do that.

    • Yeah, I pointed out the logic fail in saying the kid was afraid to be around guns yet he gets as close to it as possible for half the day.
      I also mentioned there have been a number of kids that have used firearms against home invaders.

  3. I think the hat tip should go to Chip Bennett–he posted this vid on another thread a day or two ago. It was encouraging to go to the youtube site and see the comments (which amazingly had not been disabled). Pretty much everyone –make that every single one that I saw–ripped it for the idiotic raving it is. Personally, I see young Mr. I Don’t Feel Safe going back home to find his mom raped and stabbed to death at the foot of that chest-of-drawers that she had frantically ransacked looking for the gun her panty-wetting son had stolen.

    • No hat tips needed. I saw it posted at INGO, and just passed it along here. If I hadn’t, someone else would have.

      What’s important is that this pathetic bit of propaganda is getting ripped to shreds for its sheer mendacity and its likelihood of putting some real kids in mortal danger if they follow the advice.

      • I wish someone would make a counter video on child safety.
        Start by showing kids standing in front of a Christmas tree with no presents on Christmas day. Both of them have a look of disbelief on their faces. Then show dad putting their brand new bicycles out on the curb with the trash. Mom explains how dangerous bikes are and quotes the CDC on head injuries from bike accidents.
        Then show the kids in the summer wearing bathing suits as a cement truck backs up to the swimming pool to fill it in. The kids are crying, “but they won’t drown” the narrator says.
        Then show an empty baseball field, empty soccer nets, lacrosse sticks in a landfill.
        Then show a door with a small window at the end of a long hallway. The camera slowly zooms in on the window until you can see a young boy inside and he is in a padded room. The voice of Scarlett Johansson says “No children should grow up in a dangerous world.”

    • Only 10 ups and over 900 thumbs down. The Benghazi “YouTube video” didn’t even have that ratio. I didn’t think YouTubers were capable of that degree of common sense.

  4. Man, the gun-grabbers and Bloomberg himself will skip with giddy-joy if this really became the case. Kids disarming their parents?

    I guess the narrative of the story is that parents who own guns are evil and only sensible, gun-hating teachers can save the children, and that stealing your parents guns, illegally carrying them and bringing them to school, which is more than likely a “Gun-Free Zone” , and then dropping it on your teachers desk in front of all of your classmate is the real message.

    So, who can tally up the list of charges both student and teacher will be facing when the parents press charges?

    • Yeah that doesn’t seem Kosher. This goes beyond “ignorance of the law”. This is ignorance that the transfer happened. So if a guy steals my truck then uses it to commit a smash and grab of a beauty store to steal hair weaves, can I be held responsible?
      No way the higher courts uphold this crap.

    • Nobody was charged with anything. I think that “news story” bit is fiction that Nick wrote to illustrate the potential real-world consequences of the actions in this video.

  5. yes they do indeed live in a fantasy world. if my child took my gun to school, he/she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. then, i would press charges against those who encouraged him to engage in illegal activity. probably a pipe dream, but doing nothing to counter this incitement to crime is unfathomable.

      • Thank you for that. Yes, contributing to the delinquency of minors is the stock and trade of the Left. They own the U.S. education system from top to bottom. They also own the media entertainment complex, front to back. From these two propaganda emplacements, they have nearly 24/7 access to young, pliable, and as it so happens, chemically unbalanced minds. Mostly, they are chemically unbalanced by way of hormones( a lack of, or an excess of) not by illegal drugs. The Left doesn’t care about the well being of children, to them, children are just useful, sacrificial pawns.

  6. “The student was subsequently turned over to the local police department, where he has been charged with theft”…….
    “The parents have been charged under Washington’s new I-594 for illegally transferring a gun without a background check.”

    So getting a gun stolen from you is apparently you doing a transfer without a background check, now thats some common sense gun control.

    • “So getting a gun stolen from you is apparently you doing a transfer without a background check, now thats some common sense gun control.”

      The whole point of the law was to turn legal gun ownership into a mine field.

    • Just to be clear, that was a hypothetical news report Nick wrote for this post. Strictly fiction. So far.

        • Life imitates art.

          On a serious note: if this PSA is taken to heart by some child, you will see such articles. And that’s the point. It’s not that it’s fictional; it’s that it’s predictive.

      • Yeah; pretty sure no one has been arrested or charged under i594. Including those who have knowingly explicitly and purposefully violated it in the literal presence of police/sheriffs.

        i594 is clearly an example of selective enforcement of the law. It will be used to harass those who the powers that be want to harass for whatever reason they want to.

  7. Three thoughts:

    1 – man, that is one well integrated classroom. With so few kids and so many skin colors. Wow.

    2 – The teacher needs a new set of depends.

    3 – from the muzzle view, it looks to be one of them there 0.9 mm pistols. Nice.

  8. actually, this works great for, excuse the pun, the target audience: weenie wimpy kids.

    my kids know how to handle a firearm and know never to touch it unless they are with me. I suspect this video will have no impact on the POTG whose children are trained similarly. As such, people who are on the fence about guns will watch their kids’ lives RUINED and suddenly get real pissed off about the logic of videos like this and the judicial system for all of the silly federal and state laws. Since those kids will be felons, their lives will be ruined and there will be less competition for the POTG kids who will be able to vote, possess guns, and have long meaningful and productive lives. In turn they will be responsible adults who will teach their own kids about guns and safe practices and saving lives. Anti gun pols will not be elected and these challenges to our 2A rights will end and those rights will be respected instead.

    Your move Shannon.

  9. Wait Wait — I thought “allowing” our teachers to have guns at school was bad cause they’re “supposed to be teacher’s not security guards or Police”!

    But yet we can call on them for gun disposal?

    • The kind of parent who wants to be able to defend themselves? And I highly doubt a situation like that would actually occur, where a parent had a loaded handgun in the house for their protection and did not teach their kid about it.

    • The kind of parent who can trust his/her children not to touch it, because s/he has taught those kids to be obedient – and also, has taught those kids age-appropriate firearms safety and handling rules?

      Now, if you want to ask why Mom wasn’t home-carrying? That might be a more relevant question.

    • I feel bad for her as a film producer. Forgetting the illogical premise, the film itself, was the dullest film I have seen in a long time.

      Sleeper is a good name for the production company.

      It is helpful to humanize the people behind this propaganda, if anything I empathize and feel pity for them. That doesn’t mean I agree in any way with their lies or propaganda but it does humanize them.

    • thanks. Might be worth a screenshot before this Fakebook account gets disappeared, just for a milestone in the fast fircling the bowl down spiral of left-progtard hypocrisy on gun control.

      Whats that Alinsky says…push through the resistance. I dont think these jr justice warriors completely understand the fantasy oppression they are fighting is in their own heads…but then maybe they do, and its a cynical play for attention..Worked for that victim-claiming Gamergate chick when her network marketing gig bombed…for awhile. Like it worked for Shannon Watts sockpuppeting for the rich liberal billionaire, Bloomberg, for awhile.

      Still no easy to finf info on her other two Bay Area filmakers, in Sleeper13, see post below, but here’s one she worked closely on others, at imdb…

      Wonder what his take is…lie down with dogs, get up with fleas…

  10. They just want to create more felons and have more people prohibited from owning firearms when they grow up. >.> /sarc

    • I think your /sarc tag was used in appropriately here, since that is *exactly* what will happen if kids follow this advice (and live to bear such consequences).

        • Perhaps I’ve seen too many episodes of “Law and Order: Criminally Negligent” but I was under the impression that juvie records were sealed as well and wouldn’t follow them into adulthood.

          (I so wanted to use Radar O’Reilley’s line, something about “I’ll go to jail in my puberty and not get out until my adultery!” but couldn’t think of a way to fit it in.)

        • Well, I’ve been out of it for a bit–but last I recall, even the “sealing” of juvie records had some exceptions 9notably , of course, the inevitable law-enforcement exception).

  11. No one seems to ask the question: why exactly should the student prefer his TEACHER over his PARENTS? Because that’s what is happening here. Why exactly is a student expected to regard his teacher as a superior moral authority to his parents?

    • Statism, man. Only teachers are specially trained and certified by the state to instruct our children. Parents can’t possibly teach them. Just look at how well that concept has worked where it has been implemented – in the impoverished inner cities of America.

    • The teacher is an indirect tool of the government. All power to the government. There is no such thing as personal responsibility. Just follow and obey what the government says.

      They’re job is to keep us safe! We must give them as much power as they want because it’s in our own interest!

    • Exactly. What many young idealistic college kids DONT learn, is the marxist-leninist roots of much of the 1930s Progressive movement, that coimcidentally, CA high school curriculum teaches with warm fuzzy remembrances of midwest farmers, Teddy Roosevelt, and Warren Wilson, leaving out the anti-semitism of the British branch and support for a certain short statured austrian corporal…and its evolution since, here in the US… Walter Duranty at NYT, Margaret Sangers eugenics writings disappeared by Planned Parenthood and NOW, never mind Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall, and other influences on current deep thinkers…but, I digress.

      What Progressives v2.0 did embrace was soviet style agitprop, and the appeal to dime out you neighbors, “see something, say something” and even over your own family, like this sadly selfhating filmmaker suggests….

      Anyone remember the “all your children belong to us” (the msnbc host). In the end its all part of the same Stateist strategy that demands allegiance to The Party, ostensibly for patriotic reasons ‘Rodina’ the Motherland. Even the imagery is recycled “Forward”.

      What current progressives are finding out, just like in the former Soviet Union, and too many other totalitarian communist, socialist, fascist Peoples Parties, is it just doesnt work, and the more sunlight (transparency?) shed the better. Makes the cockroaches scuttle off when you lift that pile of rotting propaganda pages left over from the mimeographed flyers of the thirties…

  12. Yes…this person sounds like and absolute winner…

    Sarcasm aside, If there are any kids that view this site: Do not do what this kid did. It will end badly for you.

  13. Yep,

    Bring your parent’s guns to school kids. Forget about what is going to happen to you when you do. Trust us – sleeper13

  14. Video is obviously targeting the American standard ‘broken home.’ With a father figure around, the boy would be simply getting ready for a range day with Dad and would have exhibited better firearm safety. Since Daddy has obviously abandoned this family, Mommy (with little or no training), bought herself a gun for Protection and kept it (unsecured) in the drawer where Dad used to keep his socks.

    Be a Dad, stick around, teach your kids about guns early!

    • Statistically, it’s much more likely that mommy left daddy because she wasn’t haaaaappy. Women file for approximately 2/3 of divorces in the US.

    • Yep, part of the anti family state agenda, mommy probably wanted to experience life and her happiness superseded all else and the divorce courts reward her by making daddy a financial slave to her interests until the “children” are in their mid 20’s.

      • Well, in my case mommy wasn’t happy and loved me but wasn’t in love with me. Typical female mid-life depression. She wanted speedy divorce and we compromised in order for her to receive a quick divorce.

        I got the kids, the house, all my job income, the paid for cars, most of my retirement, and half the assets.
        Guess I’m a horrible person for her to want to get out of it so quickly, but then if I’m that bad- why was she happy to leave the kids with me.

        • Your situation doesn’t sound typical, sounds like you did very well. Much if the time, at least in my state, men are massively discriminated against in family court and cheating wives can often be nicely rewarded for their behavior.

        • “Guess I’m a horrible person for her to want to get out of it so quickly, but then if I’m that bad- why was she happy to leave the kids with me.”

          It sounds like you are struggling with guilt. I know a guy who can help you with that.

          In other news, give your kids an extra hug and a kiss. This isn’t easy for them. Be there for them.

        • I suspect when the wife becomes “unhaaapy” she will offer to leave and most men make the mistake of talking her out of it. I suspect, and perhaps styrgwillidar will confirm, he was smart enough to take her up on her offer right off the bat. (hint: I wasn’t as smart as styrgwillidar)

  15. Inspired, no doubt, by DARE-type anti drug propaganda.

    Parents are bad; government officials (here, Mrs. Krabapple) are the parent/protector/savior.

  16. This is what the statists do, turn the children on their parents. Shows the mentality we are now dealing with in crystal clarity. We have seen this mentality before and the awful results it produces.

  17. The kid doesn’t feel safe with a Crossman C11 CO2 pistol that shoots plastic BBs in his house? What kind of a girly-boy are those parents raising?

    • Most likely they used that because they didn’t want to cross one of their own lines and actually put a real firearm into the hands of the actor in this film.

    • I highly doubt that the intended audience for this video would have a clue, but it does set them up for ridicule by those who do.

  18. Let us pretend for a moment that the kid is afraid of the gun in the house. What they aren’t showing is “why” is the kid afraid of the gun? Since this wasn’t a cartoon and the gun didn’t have legs and was going around terrorizing the kid all by itself, there must be some story behind the story. Threats from one or more of the parents? Perhaps their real message should be to contact the police or child services and report the abuse, and let that process take care of securing the gun if the situation turns out to be one where the kid was in danger/threatened at home.

    Once again we boil down to an actual human problem, and not a gun problem.

    • You’re not thinking like the anti-gun propagandists who made this video. The child is supposed to be afraid of the gun. The mere existence of a gun in the house, according to these people, is justification for fear. If children aren’t terrified of guns, they might grow up to be responsible adult gun owners, and we can’t have that.

      Of course, anyone who has ever met a human child can tell you that the worst thing you can do, if your goal is to reduce a child’s interest in something, is to forbid or demonize that thing.

  19. Wow. All I could think of was Eddy Eagle. Perhaps the anti’s actually want more accidents to occur so they can improve their “statistics?” You all are talking about what would happen to the kid when he gets to school (becoming a felon and all). What if the kid tries this and never makes it to school – or his sister or brother or playmate? WOW – Anti-Gunners = Death Cult!

  20. So now gun control advocates are trying to trick kids into becoming felons. Just when I didn’t think they could sink lower.

  21. What’s worse is the prospect of someone seeing a kid with the stolen gun, calling & reporting to police, the kid getting shot by the police, possibly even dieing as a result of this poorly concieved scheme. Any teacher pushing this idea to students becomes guilty of conspiracy, plus party to murder should anyone be killed in the process.
    I would advocate firing & de-credentialing any teacher found to be showing this material to children.

  22. Well, really would only work on kid who’s already brainwashed. My kid understands the difference between ‘feeling’ safe and actually ‘being’ safe. If someone breaks in, my kid can utilize it appropriately.

  23. The Left always and everywhere opposes property, family and tradition. They trade all three for achieving power in the name of The People, which creates lots of power for arms of the Progressive establishment like the teacher in the video.

    The whole thing was a Progressive wet dream, hitting hard against property, family and tradition.

    Homeschool already, people.

  24. Another question: if the kid feels so unsafe around the weapon, how the fuck does he feel safe HANDLING it? What about TRANSPORTING it?
    Does he know if it’s loaded? If it’s “cocked and locked”? Mightn’t that be a serious concern prior to transporting it in his backpack?
    Most modern guns can be safely transported in this fashion, but not all. And if it really is his single-mom’s gun, there’s no telling how old the gun is; i.e. a double-action pistol made in the 70s is probably not safe to transport in this fashion.
    Did it REALLY not occur to the people who made this film that, legalities and rights aside, they are actually exposing this supposedly “frightened child” to significantly MORE risk by asking him to do this? Because this kind of video would only influence kids who know so little about guns as to actually be frightened of them, and so they would likely not know much about firearm safety.

  25. So the little bastard goes through his parents drawers, searches their room. The kid has no sense of boundaries. Looks like the socialist state has accomplished its mission of getting kids to inform on their parents. Turn family members against each other, inform on their neighbors.
    This video made me mad.
    Eddie Eagle where are you?
    So this is what our society has come down too!
    The blood is on the hands of the gun control crowd if a kid harms himself or another handling a firearm with the encouragement of the antis.
    I’d tan the little shits hide for taking my gun. I home carry and have the rest of my firearms locked up, but my kids always knew better than to touch my guns unless I was there to supervise.
    Blood still boiling over this.

    • If you have a child, and think they haven’t gone through every inch of your space when you aren’t there…I have some bad news.

      • The old man told me where the guns were and to leave them alone. It was the Playboys I was looking for.

  26. It really is hilarious how many “common-sense gun laws” this kid broke. This could be a case study in how gun laws can turn otherwise law-abiding and well-intentioned people into felons many times over.

    This kid needed a good talking-to, not multiple felony beefs at both the state and federal level.

  27. Jah this would fit in well with the old East Germany. Brainwash the dumb a## children. Once again home school people.

  28. While you’re at it, kids, find those funny green pieces of paper with pictures of U.S. Presidents in your parents’ pants and pocketbooks. Put them in an envelope and mail them to me and I’ll send you a postcard from Puerto Rico.

    • Didn’t Soupy Sales try that on some kid’s show back in the fifties? Seems like he got a severe talking-to about it afterwards.

      • January 1, 1965. Sales was suspended for two weeks, The money ended up being sent to a charity.

        Soupy Sales was one funny dude.

  29. Wait a minute. How did this “boy” learn trigger discipline in the time he stole the firearm to the time he put it in his backpack? Then he seems to muzzle sweep his teacher. Something smells fishy here. Oh, wait….I forgot. These PSA make no damn sense ever.

    On another note, that’s not a bad Crossman C11 that mom has there. Not great reviews, but not bottom of the barrel either.

  30. It must be disheartening to be getting such an overwhelmingly negative response to something the writer, Rejina Sincic, spent so much time on. Look at the ratings on the video!

    If nothing else, I hope she learns to think a little more before committing so such an effort.

    Hopefully she can see thru the vitriolic tone of many of the commenters and see the logic behind their statements.

  31. Hmmm. Anyone else find it “ironic” to put it mildly, that FakeBook would allow a company to abuse its TOS to promote gun law violations by minors? Especially in California. I don’t have and refuse to set up a FakeBook account, but surely there is a way to protest this to FakeBook. And a referral to CA AG Harris office is in order.

    Apparently this is a ‘real’ Bay Area film making business. Per their Twitter account the are in preproduction on a fantasy film.

    Frankly, I dont care to research more, as they are already doing a great job of exposing the moral hypocrysy of the left on gun control PR and coordinated agitprop. Wouldn’t surprise me a big to see some connecgions to more money and help with an agenda.

    I’d prefer to think these are idealisfic nitwits and wannabe Spielbergs who are hopefully waking up to their moral culpability, per comments on Fakebook front page, but then….

    I’m continually amazed at the ‘ends justify the means mentality’ of the left, and these ‘film-makers’ will have to live with their own consciences, if this provokes an Adam Lanza or Elliot Rodgers clone to do something stupid…

    the blood will be on their hands forever.

  32. i see what they are trying to do here. but to bring it to a school? i would understand a police department or a drop off box of some sort like the UK has for knives. but to school? what if he is caught on the way? how is he going to prove he was going to turn it in and not cause harm. scary piece of advice

    • i see what they are trying to do here. but to bring it to a school? i would understand a police department or a drop off box of some sort like the UK has for knives.

      Your comment has just as much fail as the “PSA”.

      You see what they’re trying to do? And what is that, exactly? Encouraging kids to steal lawfully owned firearms from their parents, and turning those firearms in to the government? How is that in any way sane, lawful, or appropriate?

      The very premise is utterly absurd. A child “feels unsafe” around firearms in his home – firearms that are, again, lawfully owned by the child’s parents – so the appropriate recourse is to encourage that child to handle the firearm in order to steal it?

      How about the advice of good ol’ Eddie Eagle (of evil NRA fame): stop! don’t touch!

      So please, enlighten me: what exactly is it that they’re trying to do?

  33. In the vein of how unreal the antis have become, is anyone else aware that one of Shannon Watts’ minions, New York Chapter leader, Alison A. Martin, has gone on record as agreeing with Joseph Goebbels? To wit: that she tweeted that “Mr. Goebbels’ words are wise words to live by.” The account has apparently been closed and, at least in MDAs mind, forgotten, but the story is here:

    • Heh. Thats the same NY chapter of MDA that Jennifer Macias, Joe Noceras assistant at the NYT who also ‘moderated’ (censored dissenting) comments on his antigun site there, while at same time posing and posting as a faux Mom for MDA. That NYT antigun ‘news’ site has been retired, per Joe for vague reasons, probably related to failing to earn his Walter Duranty Pulitzer….

  34. Speaking as a non-parent, were that my kid, I think I would drop the little sh*t off at the nearest fire station or other “Safe Spot” and let him grow up in the Foster system. But, as I said, I’m not a parent… and kind of an @sshole sometimes.

    I HAVE NO SON!!!!!!!!

  35. “That was a heirloom $7000 custom, engraved 1911 that took two years to make. There goes your college education you little sh!t.”

  36. That was the most retarded video I’ve ever seen. The only reason I watched the whole thing is I thought Pearl Jam had released a remix of Jeremy. What a waste of time.

  37. Meh….

    As a PSA it fails because it is too long. Three minutes for about 15 seconds of actual dialog/message.

    As a ‘message’ it fails because it is too long and too boring. Too much time spent demonstrating the angst of the kid.

    But if I was forced to follow grandma’s rules and only say something nice…. at least the kid demonstrated gun trigger discipline at the beginning.

  38. Guns are dangerous… so let’s have an untrained teenager (who puts his finger on the trigger while moving a gun) handle one?

  39. Of course, most of us are aware that “child safety” is little more than a smokescreen. It’s a mechanism for stripping away your rights and privileges because you’re not against protecting children are you? Of course you’re not, so you’ll agree with me that we have to ban this thing for the safety of our children. If you disagree with me you want kids to be killed. At least that’s what I’ll tell everyone. You’ll never live it down. I can shout louder than you can. I can defame you with almost no effort on my part and virtually no repercussions if anyone says I’m wrong, so you’d better do what I say or I’ll ruin you.

  40. What a reckless video. Imagine fr a second some kid really did this, and no one was accidentally injured or worse before he drops it on the teachers desk. Instant school lockdown, kid arrested and probably expelled, and swat team raids his families house and hopefully no one injured there…..and this is best case scenario.

  41. It has a 36 : 4,250 dislike to like ratio! Thats amazing. Now I want everyone to go dislike it and flag it for harmful dangerous content.

  42. Can you take this away;I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house

    You little effing twat.

    You were my kid after that stunt, you’d be feeling overwhelming safe by either being in school or being inside the damn house until your 18th birthday.

  43. Let’s see, in California he would be in violation of both Federal and State school zone acts. Probably petty theft (in light of prop 47, unless value is above $950), while illegal concealed carrying is often a misdemeanor, it is a felony if stolen. He is also in illegal possession of a handgun (a minor needs either parental supervision or to be with a responsible adult and a written note from parents, or if on private property and by self, possessing it for a legitimate purpose with written permission)

    He is also in violation of laws against loaded carry, again becomes a felony because stolen. (believe it or not there are cases in California where you can conceal carry without a permit, but cannot load it, e.g. a licensed isherman while fishing in an area where the discharge of firearms is prohbitted)

    The parents could be charged with criminal storage of a firearm in the 2nd degree, which is a misdemeanor. Though a good lawyer could get them off (leaving aside the host of exceptions, the law itself would not apply if the gun was unloaded OR if the kid had parent consent to have access… in a case where no one was hurt, the mother could just claim that the boy had permission to have access but not to take off with it… there, no criminal liability)

  44. This should be interesting if this happens on any scale. I wonder if the morons who made this video might get charged and sued for contributing.

  45. If my kid did that, he’d get drop kicked into the next county. He’d wish he had a gun to stop me from “stomping his guts out” instead of talking to me. But then, this is a fairytale story anyway, so stomping my kids guts out will have to wait until he wrecks my car.

    Kids are stupid, but not so stupid as to watch this and think it’s a good idea. If kids watch this, they will say “this is fu—- stupid”

  46. I texted the 16 year old boy across the street from me and asked hm to watch this video, and for his opinion. I didn’t say anything that would influence his decision over the video, although he knows I’m the proverbial gun nut.
    Here’s what he text messaged me back in response to the video and I quote

    “That made me laugh so fucking hard ” I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house” wtf that makes no sense. I would feel safe with a gun in my house. That’s bull shit.

  47. The concept of recruiting the youth to help the state confiscate weapons is nothing new. Indeed, for the second time this month the name “Gruber” comes to the fore. It was Kurt Gruber who won the battle, in 1927, for primacy in organizing German youth as, you guessed it, Hitler Jugend. Youth actively participating were repeatedly encouraged to turn in adults, including parents, who were anti-Nazi. How unsurprising to see one of the anti’s turn to such a notion, perhaps naively, perhaps not.

  48. It would be awesome if the pistol in question was one of the parents service weapon a.k.a. mom or dad is a cop. Would be even better if it was mom’s dildo 🙂

  49. The notion that “Our children deserve a safe world” is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of this PSA as it implies that there ever can be such a thing as a safe world. In truth, there simply can’t. The world is dangerous. Period. Murderers, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, drownings, car accidents, football accidents, a totally “safe” world is simply not possible. And not educating children about the realities of the world ensures they will be unable to cope when some sort of tragedy strikes in their life. The person who made this video is a fool. And a dangerous, utopian fool at that.

  50. Ask any physician, and they’ll likely agree: The threats to children’s safety, indeed to the continued existence of humans, are microbes. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi pose serious and increasing threats. The gun fear bit is not about average safety, but about the neutering of independence. The time wasted on the politics of gun confiscation could much more profitably be spend on teaching and implementing better health and hygiene practices among Americans. Since we are importing millions of Latin Americans, this is doubly important. Does the administration take the health impact of uncontrolled migration seriously? Of course not.

  51. The gun control activists don’t care that the child would actually be arrested if he did this. The gun control activists just want to punish the parents who lawfully own the guns.
    Maybe the gun control activists should be punished, instead.

  52. It seems a lot of people are still assuming the anti gun movement is about safety, that’s a failed assumption, as many others have pointed out gun control is about people control. Period.

  53. Perhaps we should ask the school that allowed this abomination to be made if the video was made in adherence to school policy (guns on campus), and if the video represents school policy (bring guns to school and give to teachers.)

    North Oakland Community Charter School
    1000 42nd Street
    Oakland, CA 94608
    (510) 655.0540

  54. Anyone see the last paragraph of this article?

    “The real danger in this video, says one gun control advocate, is in the unsaid. ‘Who paid for this and what are their motivations?’ asks The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Communications Director Ladd Everitt, noting that ‘zillions’ of people post videos expressing their position on guns. ‘I’m suspicious considering it only started to get coverage after right-wing media seized on it.’ All the uproar this video has raised is ‘sad,’ he continues. ‘It’s working up good people who mean well and really support gun control.'”

    Looks like we have some conspiracy theorists among the anti-gun crowd. Seems fitting as reality has never been their strong suit, but they’ve always told us that “rightwing gun nuts” were the only real conspiracy theorists.

    Sorry Ladd, she’s all yours.

  55. Gun Control: What say the Congress passes a law that makes the use of a weapon in conjunction with breaking any law a offense punishable by life in a federal penitentiary. That should take care of the liberals.

  56. Anyone who thinks that this video was made WITHOUT understanding the potential eventualities is on crack.

    They knew EXACTLY what would happen and KNEW that it would further their purposes even more if a child actually did bring a gun to school and got them or their parents arrested and or another child injured accidentally at school.

    They EXPECTED that type of thing to happen and WANT it to happen. This type of thing makes me sick…


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