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Anti-gun people are having a difficult time coming to terms with the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision. It’s a crippling loss that they’re unlikely to ever fully recover from.

Some of them are going through the full Kübler-Ross five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. A recent blog post by Michael Moore — who’s never been a fan of the Second Amendment — reveals that he’s somewhere in the denial and bargaining stages, with some heavy doses of fantasy and delusion mixed in.


You can find the corpulent Michigander’s new proposal — which he puts forward as a 28th Amendment to the Constitution — here, but I don’t think I have to warn readers that anything written by Moore is very likely to be mistaken for the deranged ravings of an ill-infomed lunatic.

Section 1

Obviously, the first thing Moore wants his new amendment to do is eliminate the individual right to keep and bear arms. To do that, he decided that he needed his own prefatory clause (even if that proved to be a bad idea for the original Second Amendment). Moore’s reads . . .

“The inalienable right of a free people to be kept safe from gun violence and the fear thereof must not be infringed and shall be protected by the Congress and the States.”

Obviously he didn’t think this one all the way through. Creating a right to “be kept safe from gun violence” would theoretically make the state responsible for any violence, regardless of who perpetrates it. So, when the inevitable violence continues to occur, state and federal officials would face endless liability. This would probably even lead to the police being unable to use guns, but maybe he thinks that’s a good thing.

Moore’s proposed 28th Amendment then repeals the Second Amendment, which is an obvious sticking point to selling the concept. Not only would his proposed amendment have to pass Congress with a two-thirds supermajority in both the House and the Senate, but it would also have to be ratified by at least 38 states, which is obviously never going to happen even if his amendment stopped here.

An Article V convention of states is another possibility, but if that were to happen, we’d likely see an expansion of gun rights and more severe limits on federal power, which would result people like Mike being even more unhappy.

There’s also the question of whether the Constitution would even be valid at all if part of the Bill of Rights is repealed. A number of the original states only ratified the Constitution with assurances there would be a Bill of Rights. Two states refused to ratify at all until after the amendments were passed, and weren’t part of the newly formed United States at all until that happened. While it may be legal to repeal the Second Amendment, it’s possible that a number of states and rural areas in other states could decide to walk away based on this issue.

Section 2

One thing the distinguished filmmaker and activist doesn’t seem to understand is that the Constitution isn’t the right place to legislate. The Constitution sets limits on legislation and government actions, and specifies how those actions are to happen (division of powers, etc.), but then leaves the task of actually making laws to the legislative branch.

Despite this, his proposed amendment’s second section contains a licensing scheme for firearms ownership. Firearm ownership permits would be issued for licensedhunters, shooting ranges, and those with a “special need” on a may-issue basis. This would all require, of course, the approval of family members, spouses/partners, exes, co-workers, and neighbors. In other words, virtually no one would be issued a license to own a gun, ever.

The Rest of This Thing

Section 3 requires training for anyone getting a license, and Section 4 sets a minimum age of 25 for all licensing, while specifying an annual renewal and review process. So, he doesn’t really know how to organize his thoughts, either.

Section 5 requires Congress to maintain a California-style list of approved guns and bans all automatic and semi-auto weapons as well as anything holding more than six rounds. In other words, revolvers only.

Then, in a particularly idiotic move, he bans not only homemade and 3D-printed guns, but “any homemade equipment and machinery or a 3D printer that can make a gun or weapon that can take a human life.” So with a waive of his hoplophobic wand, Moore just eliminated all 3D prototyping and manufacturing in the United States.

Section 6 puts Congress in charge of regulating “all ammunition, capacity of ammunition, the storage of guns, gun locks, gun sights, body armor and the sale and distribution of such items.” These are the same people who are worried about islands capsizing and wildfires being caused by space lasers.

Moore would also ban any firearm “whose sole intention is the premeditated elimination of human life.” So murder weapons? Moore seems to have stumbled yet again here as literally no firearm is made with the sole purpose of eliminating human life.

For those who are worried that only police and the military will have access to all the really good guns, the amendment mandates continuous monitoring of the police and the getting rid of any cop who shows “any racist or violent behavior.” So they’ll be able to carry guns, but won’t be able to actually use them. Because that would be violent. Or something.

Finally, Section 8 gives everyone a month after ratification of the amendment to turn in their newly banned or unlicensed guns in for destruction (but authorities can choose to conduct buyacks). Everyone who isn’t appropriately licensed and owns guns on the Congressionally approved list.

In practice, of course, this means no one will be legal. Licensing and Congressional approval of firearms can’t possibly happen in 30 days, so literally everyone will need to turn in all of their firearms. Go figure.

Unencumbered by the Thought Process

It’s surprising that a great legal mind like Michael Moore seems to have put so little time and actual thought into crafting this thing. The amendment contains outright contradictions, things that can’t happen within given timeframes, and obstacles that would prove basically impossible.

It would disarm not only citizens, but even police once you think about this at all (not that disarming the police would be a new idea for Moore). It would also ban all future weapons and anything that could kill a person, along with anything that could be used to make firearms. So basically everything would be illegal under Moore’s amendment and no one would legally own firearms any more.

Or maybe that was the point after all.

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  1. Nice fantasy fat boy. Why don’t you go for the lower fruit and attempt to repeal the 2nd so we can all be entertained by your abject stupidity.

    • His entire amendment is ridiculous. It’s about on par with the “green new deal” lingo. The first sentence goes full retard and sets the stage for the rest:

      The inalienable right of a free people to be kept safe from gun violence and the fear thereof must not be infringed…

      OMG I’m scared! And I need freedom from freedom! People have things out there that are scary to me! Take them away immediately! Then take care of me and comfort me!

      • Ha! Pretty damned pathetic, aren’t they? Their parents must absolutely be just as bad but we didn’t hear from all of them all day long, every day.

      • Craig,

        When a horse overeats until it harms its own health? That’s called “foundering”. I would say that Michael “Fat, Stupid Boy” Moore is an EXCELLENT example of a “founder”. Probably his chowing down on Twinkies and tofu has caused his obvious morbid obesity, high blood pressure, cardiac issues, and a number of other health problems – some of which obviously affected his (alleged) brain.

  2. I wish I could make the money he does by being so f’ing stupid. I could pretend to be ignorant.

    • Spewing stupid things is actually a very clever marketing strategy. It serves to be an IQ/EQ filter to weed out those difficult/demanding folks. Whoever still stick around after hearing this kind of shit are mostly low IQ, low information, low maintenance, loyal (read, good) consumers. So, yes. He is making good money by doing this.

    • He’s gone through great effort to have an army of far left wing activists that see the world through a lens of liberation. Everything in the path to their utopia is an obstacle to overcome. This is includes their own freedom and their own human nature. They have to overcome those too. The problem is, you can’t overcome human nature. This is because their utopia itself, is a delusion. It’s not real. The only real freedom there is, is freedom from other people’s opinions, and tolerance of each other. Yet Moore and company advocate for their own government to enforce people’s opinions on themselves. Their opinions of course, in what other people should be doing with their lives.

    • No, Klaus, what he “pretends” to be is educated and sensible. The ignorant, AND the stupid? Those are the real thing.

  3. “One thing the distinguished filmmaker ….”

    The word ‘distinguished’ here is a little too much credit here. Its ‘pet project ranting ’cause I don’t like it and want people to do what I want’ filmmaker.

      • Dan,

        Why are we not allowed to the use word… “socialism” in the comments? What’s up? Most of the time, it gets flagged. What gives?

        • I have no idea. It’s not one of the words we flag for moderation. WordPress has its own mind on these things and flags some comments for no apparent reason.

          I know it’s a PITA, but I review pending comments regularly through the day and approve them, so you don’t have to worry about your comments not appearing.

      • Why are we not allowed to the use word… “sóčialĩsm” in the comments? What’s up? Most of the time, it gets flagged. What gives?

        What is wrong… with saying…. the word… sóčialĩsm?????

        • Why are we not allowed to the use word…

          Just replace it with “fuck” seems to get through every time fuckialism, fuckedialism play with it have fun I got flagged four times in one day for the word VA-…-GINA, flagged twice in one day for NO reason! Makes no sense but you can’t fight “THE A-L-G-O-R-I-T-H-M.

      • Dan, in your reviewing of ‘pending’ comments, how often have you found the need to actually remove a comment? I mean all of us are sick of it, is it really necessary to big brother us all to such an annoying extent, given “muh freedoms” n all? Can the ‘service’ be cancelled or is it part n parcel, or rather endemic, with using word press? Thanks in advance for any reply.

  4. Never mind that the Supreme Court of These United States has ruled that law enforcement has no duty or responsibility to protect the citizenry.

    • In his world you will repel home invaders with an assortment of plush Michael Moore dolls. With the entire family in the pillow fight it’s only a matter of time before armed attackers surrender while being smothered. Did I mention that dolls are imbued with the smell of portly liberal flatulence.

      • In his world, all people are good and just misunderstood. These are the reach your hand out and pet the raptor, dragon, or dangerous animal types:

        The reality is, just as in the original Jurassic park, the raptor eats you, that is mostly likely to happen. If I came across a hungry pack of wolves in the north and I put my hand out, they would eat me, alive, while I was screaming. This is the reality. Yet liberals always have faith, in the humanity/morality/kindness of others to let you go, and not hurt you. Same with guns. That is why it’s the guns fault, not the perps. The perp is just misunderstood, and needs our compassion, sympathy, and help. They lived an oppressed and non-privileged life. So if we just took all the guns away and helped them out instead everything would be great.

        Except that’s not reality. That is their “faith.” There are monsters out there, that are real. If you stick your hand out to reason with them, they consume you and regurgitate your bones.

  5. Moore’s nickname is Tiny. He got the name first for his tiny mind, and it was reinforced when he started dating, and the girls found out how under equipped he is.

    • Put lipstick on that thing and you’d have some good competition for “Rachel” Levine, “Jennifer” Prickster, and the whole cabal of weirdos.

        • Gee, thanks.

          Just got a text message an hour back from a woman I know inviting me over later tonight.

          Thanks to your Rosie image, I have lost any boner I had… 🙁

        • Ha! Brutal, sorry bro. Umm… Depps lawyer Camille Vasquez dressed in exceedingly short shorts and an exceedingly shorter t-shirt, hair down, reaching over your couch to put the freshly cleaned n lubed A2 HBar back under the cushions and you standing there watching with a bottle of vintage red in each hand but a table conveniently nearby. That help?

  6. Am I the only one to recognize that this is the first Dim to propose amending the Constituiton, rather than try to use simple legislation to bypass the Constitution? Give Moore credit for doing what others fear: the hard work of amemenent.

    Note: The Bill of Rights is not immune from repeal; nothing in the Constitution is. If repealing a single provision of the Constitution (which includes amendments – BOR) threatens the validity of the Constitution as a whole, then the Constitution should have been so written; the framers were not stupid.

    Once again, as to a Convention of the States, any proposed amendment to the Constitution must be ratified in each state. Given the current political climate, amendments intended to re-enforce provisions of the Construction will fall into the same political and judicial quagmire that got us where we are today. Neither can a “runaway Convention” force an entirely new Constitution upon the nation.

    • ‘Am I the only one to recognize that this is the first Dim to propose amending the Constituiton’

      hes not the first one. Democrats bring this up all the time, they just express it in laws to diminish it with amendment by law designed to get around it rather than directly doing it.

    • “Once again, as to a Convention of the States, any proposed amendment to the Constitution must be ratified in each state.”

      That’s an easy lift if the Leftist Scum ™ are the ones counting the votes, Samuel…

      • “That’s an easy lift if the Leftist Scum ™ are the ones counting the votes…”

        Leftists are not embarrassed by voter fraud. If Leftists had the legal/fraudulent votes to achieve ratification of amendments to the Constitution, they would have used that power already.

    • Well, TECHNICALLY, Sam, all he has done is the “hard work” of blathering incoherently in public, and SUGGESTING that someone else do the ACTUAL work of starting the Amendment process, but . . . point taken. At least one could credibly argue the point that his imbecilic “amendment” MIGHT have that effect (query/thought experiment: Would a 28th Amendment authorizing chattel slavery somehow override the 13th??? File that under, “Questions idiot Leftists never ask”.), when legislation clearly CANNOT override a human right, but . . . that argument is valid only among people possessed of intellectual honesty.

      OTOH, if FatBoy pulled an “Al Franken” and got himself “elected”, THEN proposed that Amendment as legislation, got it passed, submitted it to the states for ratification, and got 3/4 to ratify it? THAT would be some serious work, and would be worthy of some (grudging) respect – but would it actually override an inherent human right???

      • “Well, TECHNICALLY,… all he has done is the “hard work” of blathering incoherently in public, and SUGGESTING that someone else do the ACTUAL work of starting the Amendment process”

        An individual creating the text for an amendment is a proper display of citizenship. The next step would be to engage local and national party leadership, asking they do “the hard work” of having staff write a model amendment for circulation in Congress. Keep in mind that none of the other gun-grabbers have done any work toward an amendment to the Constitution. Asked BIL about this, and he said it is too much effort to “do an amendment”, and we don’t have time to follow the rules; urgent action must be taken, regardless of the law. BIL thinks government should respond immediately to all the urgent issues, without actually having any more authority than, “It’s the right thing to do.”

  7. Meh, this country has already been down the prohibition route with alcohol and it was a massive failure. This amendment is just another pipe dream. Please anyone correct me if I am wrong but I believe since the founding there have been approximately 10,000 attempts to modify the constitution and since the founding other than the bill of rights there have only been 17 amendments. What we have today is pretty much what we’re going to have for many many years to come, far beyond the lifespan of an ‘Moore’ or ‘Moore descendant’ if any exist in the future (probably very unlikely at this point without massive doses of viagra and bottles of alcohol).

    So it would need to be something as profound as slavery in order to amend today. Thankfully he’s on the losing side of history and also thankfully he’s morbidly obese which means he’ll exit the planet sooner rather than later.

    • AR,

      ” . . . thankfully he’s morbidly obese which means he’ll exit the planet sooner rather than later.”

      Nah, AR, the way I learned it is “only the good die young”. By that standard, the fat sonofabitch will live forever.

  8. Back in the 90’s I consumed all of Moore’s books and movies. They played a large role in turning me anti-globalist and pro-populist. For years I never knew what a partisan Democrat hack he was. Imagine my shock. To read his early stuff you’d swear he would be a huge Trump supporter. Rather, he’s just huge.

  9. Prohibition has already been tried and was an abject failure as a society. No need to repeat history. People didn’t give up alcohol when it was banned and they won’t give up guns. The only thing that will happen is it will turn into a huge black market.

    • AR,

      c.f., the “War on Drugs”. c.f., the “War on Poverty”.

      There is credible and persuasive evidence that alcohol consumption in the US actually INCREASED during Prohibition – unquestionably, Prohibition led to the rise/establishment of organized crime. I’ve seen no persuasive evidence either way on “illegal” drugs, but there is CERTAINLY no evidence that the “War on Drugs” decreased either the supply of drugs, or the number of people abusing them. We’ve spent literally TRILLIONS on the “War on Poverty”, and we’ve got more people “in poverty” than ever before.

      I don’t much invest in wishcasting. The authoritarians in our midst (these days, the Leftist/fascists) are addicted to it. My favorite is the argument that Chiraq ONLY has a “gun problem” because . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . gun laws are lax in Indiana. Oh, REALLY?????? So, if that is true . . . why doesn’t Indiana have a WORSE “gun violence” problem than Chiraq, or Ill-annoy, generally? Perhaps the propensity to elect Dimocrats had something to do with it??

  10. Put lipstick on that thing and you’d have some good competition for “Rachel” Levine, “Jennifer” Prickster, and the whole cabal of tra-nny freaks.

    • You left out the joy behar lizard people simulacrum. I’d say that thing is certainly in top running… whoooopiee goldstein as well but she’s more like a swamp toad thing from the Predator home planet. Edit: my bad. I missed the whole transmission aspect and was just going with fat n ugly inside n out .I did allude to it further up with a reverse rosie o’donnel offering though.

        • Ha! Is that her real life handle?

          Yep, that’s her… Guess who this “clown show” princess is… Josephine Victoria Occhiuto.

        • Maddmaxx, unfair, there’s so many I couldn’t begin to guess. I am curious though… OAC was my first thought, prob from your inclusion of the word ‘clown’…

    • Gee, thanks, Ghost!! There ain’t enough mind/eye bleach in the world to get rid of that mental picture.

      And I was having a good day, up until I read your comment.

  11. First off, I’m amused he at least has the balls to propose amending the constitution. The “racist police officer” thing is interesting, I’m curious what standards he uses for that stuff. This whole thing seems like a great way to consolidate power and usher in the cultural revolution honestly.

  12. I propose a new amendment. For every restriction placed on 2a an equal restriction shall be placed on all amendments.

  13. My favorite part was where the amendment first banned all “automatic and semi-automatic” firearms, and then further banned any devices that could turn the remaining firearms – i.e. revolvers, bolt-actions, lever-actions, or pump-actions – into “automatic or semi-automatic” firearms.

    It is hilarious when people who don’t know squat about firearms try to craft legislation regarding firearms.

    • Chip, I’m not sure hilarious would be the correct term as they so often succeed with their nonsense.

    • He also called for banning guns made of “plastic.” Which was hilarious. His entire “green new deal” style prose was ridiculous.

      I thought this was really funny:
      No weapons of any kind whose sole intention is the premeditated elimination of human life are considered legal.

        • Rider,

          Perhaps we could “share our culture with them”???

          Although, it may work as a strategy for further “negotiations” over restrictions to gun rights: “Give them NOTHING, but take from them EVERYTHING.” Wake me up when they repeal the GCA, NFA, and abolish the ATF.

    • I’d like to get him to describe a Webley-Fosbery revolver and where it fits in his definition.

      I’d bet a tidy sum that he has no idea that semi-auto (not to mention full-auto) firearms were developed during the 19th century.

      • Not disagreeing, Name, but . . . how would you describe the Puckle Gun, or the Girandoni???

        Leftist/fascists always seem to be confusing their own technological ignorance with a general inability to understand human ingenuity and progress. Not sure if it’s because they are JUST ignorant, or if they are both ignorant AND stupid. Also not sure if I care – other than the fact that ignorance can (theoretically) be cured, while stupidity is a life sentence.

    • A Pedersen device turns a bolt action M1903 rifle into a semiauto, not that I’d expect Moore to be aware of it and ban it. It’s one of histories “also rans” that lost out to the superior M1 Garand.

  14. As usual the left is so focused on the made-up term “gun violence” that in repealing the Second he only partially replaces it, since the words “guns” and “firearms” are not mentioned, only arms. His mostly gun free utopia obviously doesn’t mind other types of violence, or perhaps will follow the UK with a “we will get to the edged weapons later after we deal with the guns!” approach.

  15. Our Founding Fathers wisely created a government so laden with protections for individual rights and liberties that it just barely works. Bless ’em each and every one!

  16. Well, he has already got enough money that he never worry about about having to live in a “rough” area. He is above all that and is scared that one of the unwashed masses(from which he differentiates himself) will come and shoot him. He shows no tolerance for people that might just disagree with him.
    He is welcome to be a subject in another country that has the restrictive laws he want to live under, I am sure that with his money, almost any country in the world will allow him to immigrate

    • rt66opaul,

      ” . . . almost any country in the world will allow him to immigrate . . . ”

      Umm . . . PLEASE?!?!?!?! I’ll start a “GoFundMe” page!! Hell, let’s charter a 747, fill that sucker up, and ship a s***-ton of Leftist/fascists to the “more civilized” countries they CLAIM to want to move to (but almost never actually do).

  17. It doesn’t matter what the proposed amendment “says”, that’s what the ratification process is for. So far, Moore is the only anti-gunner to look to the amendment process for gun control, the only anti-gunner to write a proposed amendment. The only anti-gunner doing “it” correctly. And he is being ignored by his homies.

  18. Moore is a fat P0S that the left doesn’t even listen to anymore. This is just to drum up publicity and sympathy, a feeble attempt to remain relevant.

  19. He (you may notice that I am not writing his name) is a man of the show business. He knows that everyone is going crazy in one way or the other about all the nonsense he had been able to produce.

    So now with the search engine bots feasting on how many time he is posted/reposted/named/quoted, he raised his web profile.

      • Well, Rider, impotence IS a common side effect of morbid obesity, so . . . yeah.

        He is also mentally impotent. He once had an original idea, but wanted to play with it, and it got scared and ran away.

        As others have commented, some of his EARLY work had a populist vibe to it, then he went full Leftist/fascist/woke, and hasn’t made anything that wasn’t complete dreck since.

        • Damn, Lamp, you didn’t hafta go there… I was thinking more raising his ass up off the couch. But yeah…

  20. A-holes like Moore make people think more about repeing and replacing the first ammendment!

  21. A ban on any equipment that could produce a weapon that could harm a human? Guess he wants to ban rocks, sticks, most hand tools, as well as any machine tools or CNC milling machines. Guess Moore doesn’t know many early prototypes and design models of firearms designed before 1940 were only roughly machined and finished by hand.
    Any Blacksmith shop from around 1740 to today can produce the parts to make a firearm of any type. All it would take is time.
    The fear of gun violence, etc crap makes me think of the joke about a State Trooper pulling over a well armed woman.

  22. Kübler-Ross five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

    actually, you only have two of the five in NY, denial and anger after that you have bullying, confusion and non-compliance…

  23. The chances of this “amendment” going through the ratification process and becoming par tof hte Constitution is NONE and LESS THAN NONE.

  24. He knows he’s being a clown, but it pays well and he probably has a big house remodeling project coming up, or maybe a boat upgrade.

      • Or a bigger house. Just to accommodate the wider doors.

        Those walk-in refrigerators (that accommodate a fatbody like that) take up some room.

  25. The right to keep and bear arms is an inalienable right that predates the Bill of Rights. Repealing the 2A does not repeal the right, only the guarantee that the government will not infringe upon it. Which of course sets up a clash between them as to whether the federal government has a power not granted to it by the States or The People to limit inalienable rights, and that any attempt to do so is ultra vires.

    • It predates everything we have, everything we have ever had and of course everything we can ever possibly have. Perchance you read my comment elsewhere involving running around naked and screaming and various plies of asswipe?

    • .40 cal,

      And your evidence that “he” is NOT dead would be?????

      “He” may be still corporate on this earth, but . . . his relevance died decades ago.

  26. All there liberals want to “ban assault weapons” but all of them are either to old, obese, or physically weak that they couldnt take the proverbial candy from a baby. Will old turkey snood Mike Moore really put on a blue UN helmet and kick in doors to confiscate guns? Now thats a laugh.

  27. “Finally, Section 8 gives everyone a month after ratification of the amendment to turn in their newly banned or unlicensed guns in for destruction.”

    I’m sure every criminal and gangbanger will stand in line to comply with the requirement to turn in their guns! LOL
    Talk about a law that only impacts law-abiding people — Moore’s “amendment” would disarm all law-abiding people for the convenience of the criminals.

  28. No, the fat pig will direct some of his well armed security team to assist with it “for the Good of The World”.
    Mike Moore, Demi Moore, Roger Moore – all Hollywood ” celebs” that are anti gunners, even after appearances in roles glorifying gun violence. Nope, WE’RE not hypocrites.

    • And there is none worse in that regard than that assclown liam neeson. Even mentioning his name makes me wanna hurl.

  29. As my favorite human – Mad Dog Mattis – said, and I quote:
    ‘There are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.’
    ‘It’s quite fun to shoot them, you know. It’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people.’
    ‘I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.’
    ‘Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.’
    ‘There are some people who think you have to hate them in order to shoot them. I don’t think you do.’
    “Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.”
    “Think you have to hate them in order to shoot them. I don’t think you do.”

    I say – I, God – loves you and everyone… unless you are evil – then you are dead meat.

    • “Quick Jeffrey, bring me my guns. Chop chop now Jeffrey! That’s a good lad… and some of that, what was it, that Italian or French stuff… yes, some of that red stuff, wine I think they call it. Bring some of that as well Jeffrey. Good man”. (Oats Studios, the god videos).

  30. Pictures of that guy smell like urine. There is no need to constantly repeat his idiotic opinions as though they are news.

  31. I seriously wonder how much that sow eats. He looks like someone who smells terrible and probably leaves grease stains on everything he touches.

    And being fat is no excuse. I know plenty of big people who are clean and don’t smell.

    • Saw a YouTube video about Moore’s “amendment” early this AM. I honored his wishes by buying ammo. And gas prices fell by 21cents. I agree blubber butt is trying for relevance!

  32. Mr. Moore…

    I welcome the chance to discuss your proposed amendment. We can discuss it over dinner, my treat. After dinner we can continue discussion in a more open environment where I can guarantee you an audience that is also interested in your amendment proposal. We have already set things up so you may address the crowd. The podium is set up already in such a manner as to make sure the man shaped silhouettes will not get in the way.


    • I welcome the chance to discuss your proposed amendment. We can discuss it over dinner, my treat.

      Damn, you are gonna need to take out a second mortgage just to cover the check, not sure I’d offer to buy that pig dinner, hell the thought of covering his dessert bill scares me and I’m not afraid of anything.

        • last meal, it’s the humane thing to do.

          I would start a GoFundMe effort first, no one person should have to bear the cost of such an endeavor, and you might be surprised at the interest in seeing him gone.

    • Now don’t get greedy, Booger. Invite us all, it can be a pot luck event, so to speak. (Sorry on the Booger thing, couldn’t resist. Won’t happen again)

      • Booger is fine 🙂

        How I started using that name on line …. one day my wife and I had gone to pick up her sister and her 5 year old, they were going to spend several days with us. My wife and her were discussing the incident where I had saved my wife from two guys trying to abduct and rape her a few years before, one of the women they had done that too previous the incident with my wife had died recently and my sister in law knew her from church. The discussion gets to the part where I had shot the guys. The kid asked if I had shot them, I said yes I had. The kid asks if they were monsters, I said they were monsters. The kid says “boogers makes monsters go away.” Joking with the kid I said “I used dot 40 caliber boogers”. Then later that week I was on the internet reading an article here at TTAG, I had been reading for years and had never commented but was about to for the first time here. The kid is there with me asking about the article and I explain it to him, he saw the comments and asked what that was. I told him it was people talking about the article. He said I should say something, told him I was going to. I asked him what he thought a good name was to use and he said “40 boogers”. I asked where he came up with that, he said “you killed monsters with 40 boogers”. I remembered and said “Oh, you mean .40 caliber boogers” he said “yeah that” …. thus ‘.40 cal Booger’

  33. What a joke, but the commiecrats have the votes to do what they want to do in Congress. Vote this November. Vote those commiecrats and Rinos out of office. Support true 2nd Amendment candidates.

  34. He should shut up and finish his book. Wait, that’s the other fatass. How is THIS fatass?

  35. Michael Moore is losing the war against obesity and will lose the war against firearms as well.

    So we repeal the 2A, then what? They would still need legislation that says all firearms must immediately be relinquished to the Government. A right to self defense is a natural right shared by all creatures and we are the worst naturally prepared creature nature ever introduced. We invented tools for defense from predator animals of from our own kind. Firearms were just on tool man created to self defense.

    We added the 18A, and what happened, gang violence in the time of prohibition.

    We declared a war on drugs, and what happened, more drug use, more drug overdose and more violence to protect drugs from point of origin to delivery.

    What does banning things do? Americans take that as a logistical challenge to procure and use what is banned, and demand is increased and met.

    Repeal the 2A, or ban the vast majority of firearms and watch what happens. And it is not just Americans finding ways around prohibition, it is a trait of mankind to want what is restricted.

    • My predictions would be with the repeal of the second amendment or the adding of Mr. Moore’s 28th amendment would result in targeted acts of extreme violence.

      • So might repeal of the nineteenth but it just might be worth it in the long run. Kidding!! Sorta.

  36. I thought this fat croaker sack was leaving the country and renouncing his US citizenship. He probably found out about the fees and taxes due and doesn’t want to pay.

  37. I like how, in Section 5 where he abolishes all tools and machinery that could be used to manufacture a firearm. In that one move, he would end manufacturing of all kinds in the U.S. I could make most, if not all, parts of a working firearm with a lathe, drill, milling machine, and some hand tools. All manufacturing requires one or more of these items. Banning all forms of manufacturing because of an unreasonable fear of firearms is not an acceptable solution to the problem.

  38. Fck that fat blob a sht.
    Hes one of the pampered that runs to the doctor to get a tick removed.

  39. Shouldn’t I be free from all violence, not just gun violence?

    I don’t want to get macheted in the street, and not keen on getting run down by a car.

    This proposal is triggering me, I need a safe space. STOP THE ASSAULT!!

  40. I think a amendment concerning freedom from obese whiny pretend film makers named Micheal Moore is in order.

    “The inalienable right of a free people to be kept free of obese whiny pretend film makers named Micheal Moore and the fear thereof must not be infringed and shall be protected by the Congress and the States.”

    Seriously, this guy is one slice of bacon shy of a massive coronary. But the biggest part of his overall weight is his ego. He actually thinks he matters. Micheal, you can only cry ‘me me me, do what I want.” so many times before people start to ignore you. Go try to feel relevant again some place else.

  41. No doubt Moore is an incompetent legislator. In my opinion, his mouth should be restricted.

    • I wonder if he has plans to sue eating utensil companies for making the spoons that made him morbidly obese. Same logic, different object.

  42. Like most liberals, he doesn’t care about any victims of violence except gun violence and that’s only to further their anti-liberty agenda.

    They won’t like it if they get what they want. They will have to learn to shut up, sit down when told to do so, or be shot by those who still have guns, the government.

    Overthrowing the 2nd, and 100% reversing 100s of years of gun ownership history and liberty, will make the 1st and the 4th irrelevant to those who don’t care. An armed populace made them care, with the traitorous help of many liberals, they won’t have to.

  43. Michael Moore was told by the Dean of his college; “Fat, drunk and ignorant is no way to go through life, son”. This world-class failwhale clearly had no intention of taking that advice. Instead, He doubled down!!

    And this is why I keep telling people that lefties are only good for one thing: helicopter ballast!

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