Virus Outbreak Protest Ohio
Protesters gather outside of the Ohio State House in Columbus, Ohio, Monday, April 20, 2020, to protest the stay home order that is in effect until May 1. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)
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By Therese Inacker

Just as in the push for the more gun control laws, fear and emotion are used to overtake logic and Constitutional rights. 

Liberal Democrat gun-grabbing governors around the country are dancing in the blood of those who have died from COVID-19. Even as facts arise showing that keeping the economy shut down isn’t the best course of action everywhere, Governors in states like New Jersey, New York and Virginia are using it as an opportunity to double down on their restrictive policies with reckless disregard for the economic fallout.

The blood-dancing politicians follow three common strategies used in both the gun-grabbing scenario as well as the COVID-19 situation:  

1) Exaggeration or misreporting of relied upon facts

2) Collective punishment against even those not involved or affected

3) Exploitation of deaths, claiming restrictions are done in the name of your safety

Sketchy facts, perhaps even downright fictions, overreaching Governors, and collective punishment are the recipe ingredients for draconian, and unconstitutional violations of liberty that cannot stand. These are familiar and predictable actions, employed over and over again by those who seek to punish the law-abiding when a criminal or maniac commits a high profile murder.  

The models for the coronavirus originally utilized by the CDC and NIH have been updated with new, current information and now show drastically reduced estimates of both infections and deaths.     

The federal government, though, has ordered the attribution of deaths to COVID-19 even when it hasn’t necessarily been supported by a positive test result. If the facts don’t fit the situation, then make the situation fit the “facts.”   

Despite the faulty models, the gun-grabbing Governors are continuing to assert their unconstitutional and draconian powers as though the original models still apply. For instance, Sunday New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy ordered a drive-through tulip farm to close, even though no personal contact occurs during the process.

There is no nexus between a drive-through tulip farm and an outbreak of exposure to COVID-19, yet Governor Murphy continues to assert these patently absurd shut-down orders against the people.

Why punish a farmer who is not infected and not infecting others? Who thought it was a good idea to lock down the entire population, rather than limiting those actions to genuine hot spots and quarantining those who are infected?

After the tragic mass murder in Newtown, Connecticut, liberals clamored for more gun control, punishing the law-abiding when they did nothing wrong. Yet still, the issue of mental issues go largely ignored.  

Liberal gun-grabbing Governors push for so-called universal background checks, magazine limits like New Jersey’s ten-round limit, and other infringements. Yet evidence has shown that universal background checks do not work and more concealed carry permits mean less crime

Universal background checks would not have stopped the Newtown shooting. And magazine capacity limits would not have reduced the number of deaths in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas case because the mass murderer used only 10-round magazines.

The Chinese coronavirus is killing people, but the gun-grabbing Governors are dancing in the blood of those who have died, using those deaths and the fear they engender to achieve their own personal and political objectives. This is not only a violation of the individual civil liberties of those locked down at home, it is morally reprehensible.  

A pattern is being established. As Second Amendment right are restricted, so are your rights to peaceably assemble, attend religious services, or go to parks and beaches that belong to The People.  

How long will this be tolerated, and how will it go unchallenged?


Theresa Inacker, an attorney and Second Amendment advocate, is a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey Delegate to The DC Project, and serves as the Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.

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    • Because the military is sitting there waiting for you to do something to defend the constitution and your human rights. And because Republicans are part of Blue Lives Matter.

      • Sorry kiddo, the military is on our side. Trump is not likely to send in federal troops to save a few Demokkkommie governors from getting strung up in front of their mansions. More likely, he’d send a few extra shipments of piano wire.

    • Because I told you to put up with it. Now shut up, pay your taxes, wear your mask, and look pretty.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

        • There is the corporate firearms blog. They don’t talk politics as their mission statement, only marketing gun companies. You can find a lot of gun commercials over there.

          There is also Ammoland. They talk a mix of politics and guns. They are huge Trump fans. They don’t put out much content because they limit the stories to non “fringe.” They also changed their comment section so they can censor more.

      • The Infowars model is hyping Trump all day long, lying about what is really going on, throwing blame on others and making stuff up to discredit their listeners. They blame the Chinese, the Muslims and the Democrats for everything. They’re worse than FOX news. They’re the Republican version of Rachel Maddow.

        • Earlier this week, I received a shipment with 3 jars of Vitamin- Mineral Fusion, 3 boxes of Turbo Force, and a new InfoWars T-shirt. Great nutrients and fashion aplomb. 😃

          Yup. Alex is strident and sometimes sounds nutty; but he is far more accurate than CNN, NPR, NYT, or Rachel what’s-her-name.

          Yup. Sometimes Alex gets it wrong or his rants exaggerate a point. Still, far better than anything in the mainstream.

          Try his Patriot Blend coffee. Some of the best I’ve had outside of fancy restaurants; far better than Starbucks.

        • “AUSTIN, Texas — A Texas judge ordered conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to pay $100,000 in another court setback over the Infowars host using his show to promote falsehoods that the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre was a hoax.”

          “Jones was later ordered to undergo a sworn deposition, along with three other defendants related to the operation of Infowars. He was also ordered to turn over internal business documents related to Infowars.[143] In this deposition, Jones acknowledged the deaths were real, stating he had “almost like a form of psychosis”, where he “basically thought everything was staged.”

          “Jones was found to be in contempt of court even before the trial started, failing to produce witnesses and materials relevant to the procedures. Consequently, Jones and Infowars were fined a total of $126,000 in October and December 2019”

        • Oh look, the Chi-Com kung-pow bat guzzlers are out in force today undermining the national security of the United States. I wonder if the CCP pays you in USD, Huan, or just bags of moldy rice.

  1. There Democrats, what do you expect?
    When the next revolution begins, they will be the first to soil their diapers,

  2. Get used to this. Every event that happens will result in lock downs and suspension of economic activity.
    This is the implementation of plans they have had for years.

    • Yup…wait until next flu season…lockdown! (I predict that some of the more rabid Democrat controlled States will try to further their Party’s goal of neutering the Constitution under “Emergency” orders which will become de facto daily procedure in that State).

    • I thought only in communist countries the central planners can tell the workers when they can work, where and how. I didn’t know in a free market capitalist, constitutional republic, the government could restrict the human rights of the people without a war or martial law declaration.

      I guess you’re just a resource and only matter when the government says so.

      • Funny how GOP run states are opening up while Demokkkommie states are still soiling their underoos?

        Maybe it’s time to indict the entire DNC for collusion with this little CCP bio-weapon attack? The way I see it, they don’t have a legitimate right to run any candidates in November.

        • Yup, Democrats disagree with setting free the American people from their house arrest and allowing them to partake in capitalism.

  3. What happen to the line that the liberal left uses…..”My Body – My Choice”
    Besides I know I’m the only one that’s going to protect myself. The govt will only do it for something in return….think about it!

    • “What happen to the line that the liberal left uses…..”My Body – My Choice”

      Well you know, pregnancy isn’t contagious.

      Just how many innocent humans are you willing to infect in order to meet your personal financial goals?

        • No, I agree with Miner49er. You need to depend on the government for everything. You should depend on us for work. Depend on us for food. Depend on us for safety. Depend on us for medical care. Depend on us to not nuke you. Depend on us for news. Depend on us for education. Depend on us for money, Depend on us for freedom. Etc.

          I know I can depend on your vote this November Miner49er!

          Eric Swalwell 2020.

      • If you are concerned about being exposed, you can chose to stay home no matter what your neighbor decides to do.

    • The problem is this virus is highly contagious even when you’re in the presymptomatic phase which can last for days. Your freedoms end at my lungs. What you’re not realizing is the quarantine is the easy part. This fight is going to go on for months if not years.

      • “The new coronavirus spreads mostly through person-to-person contact within about a 6-foot (1.8 meters) radius, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). People with COVID-19, which is the disease caused by the coronavirus, spread viral particles through coughing and sneezing. The particles can land in the mouths or noses of those nearby.  

        Unlike some extremely contagious pathogens, the virus is not thought to spread via smaller droplets that can remain airborne for long periods of time. Measles, for example, can live in the air for hours after an infected person coughs or sneezes. This is not currently believed to be the case for SARS-CoV-2.  

        The CDC recommends avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth.”

        Don’t touch your face. Wash your hands. You’ll be fine Francis.

        • That’s not the consensus argument. Covid can live on surfaces for several days and can be aerosolized. This is why healthcare workers need N95 masks.

      • If you don’t want to get it stay inside & away from people (I have) but I shouldn’t be in a forced quarantine against my will. What you Need to learn is that My Freedoms Don’t end.

      • No, my freedoms do not end where your fears begin. If they did, gun rights would have vanished long ago.

      • “Your freedoms end at my lungs.” Wrong. Your health and well-being is your responsibility and not mine. My liberty and freedom are more important than your safety.

        • Not true, in the same way one cannot yell “fire!” in a crowded theater, period. Wait until someone you love or who is immunocompromised dies. This virus is 3 times more deadly than the worst flu and we have bodies piled all over the place to prove it. I work in healthcare, and you and your fellow “my rights” buddies are putting our lives at risk more and more every freaking day. Take a pill and relax, this will end. I don’t want your guns, but I don’t want you spreading any more Covi d19, we have enough now. 🙁

          • Really Jeff…that tired old trope.

            You certainly can yell “Fire!” or “Fvck!” or whatever you desire in a theater. If you are yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater and there is an actual fire then you will probably be hailed as a hero!
            Where the catch comes in is that you must be willing to pay the consequences for any persons who may be injured due to a knowingly false or malicious statement uttered by you.

            You really need to study actual law cases…rather than the “talking points” your handlers give you.

            It’s all about credibility…and, you ain’t got none…Period!

        • Suddenly the gun community realizes they WERE aligned with the medical freedom community, but it’s too late. Roll up your sleeves, get your shots and give up your guns.

  4. I just want to comment on this picture that you chose for this story. Lumping them in with anti-vaxers does not reflect well on those who question the efficacy and appropriateness of the lockdown.

  5. With over 16 million out of work we are rapidly heading for another deep depression. The virus is bad but the cure is becoming worse. But Pelosi and her type don’t care. They have 24,000 dollar refrigerators filled with ice cream. They are well insulated from the condition their policies are creating. On the whole they want to encourage dependency. Hard working self reliant Americans are what they actually fear. Keeping this crisis going creates an increasingly fearful people who let their “scientific” betters determine how their lives should look.

    • Its shifting from a necessary effort to save lives to destroying the economy so we vote for Joe and beg them to print money and give it to us. I don;t see an easy way out of it.

      If we get them to take the boot off the throats of the states by mid may we might avert a depression. This goes into June or July and we are a third world nation.

      • Yeah the reckless spending has to end. Medicare is within a few years of becoming insolvent even without the massive recent spending. We’ll also be bringing in much less money because so few people are working. I’m sure Joe has a brilliant plan to avert this problem.

        • Of course the DNC (President Joe Biden) has a plan to finance a few more years…seize all personal, private savings accounts to “pay” the way for all the “takers” in society.

        • in 08 they mused about the 19 T in private retirement accounts and how they were “looking at” that as a solution. A few countires went that route and stole people’s money. It’s not impossible and entirely probably.
          At some point we either steal wealth from someone or tell the creditors to suck it. And option 2 means no more borrowing so that’s not an option.

          Our “tax revenue” is debt service and we just increased it by 6T. The money in your wallet just became more worthless. Gold isn;t a good idea because they can restrict it’s sale (see FDR April 30 1934 EO for how that works)
          We have a congress that is out of control with credit. Unfortunately no way to stop them. Even a president has little power, they can override a veto and spend it anyway. Either way our kids and grandkids are going to pay dearly.

      • About $4 trillion of that debt is from the Republicans war of lies in Iraq.

        Donald Trump said our invasion of Iraq by George W Bush was the biggest mistake this country has ever made, is Donald Trump correct? Looks like we killed a few hundred thousand Iraqis for lies, no wonder they call us the great Satan.

        Can we sue the republican party, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz, et al for malfeasance and deception?

        • Can we sue Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright for the illegal war in the Balkans??? Or Obama and Hillary Clinton for the war in Libya and the secret war in Syria???
          The Democrat Party loves War. It Loves War so much it keeps starting Wars. And expands the wars that it unconstitutionally starts.

          President Obama dropped more bombs than and President Bush did. Obama also bombed more countries than President Bush did. All without a declaration of war. And President Clinton he never got a declaration of war either against Serbia.

          Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer, and every other elected Democrat all supported Clinton’s illegal war against Serbia.
          So much for the so-called “anti-war wing” of the Democrats.

          Millions have died, lost their homes, and some enslaved because of the Democrat Party and their pro war activities.


    Dr. Buttar invented one of the meds we used to recover our daughter. He has world-class credentials in both medical and military fields. In this video, he breaks down the Covid 19 numbers, explains why the lockdown will not be effective past a few weeks, and addresses the popular rumor about 5G causing infection (yup, people are believing that).

    It is a lengthy video, but the first 10-12 minutes have most of the punch.

    • Thanks for that, LifeSavor. His comments mirror what a growing group of medical professionals (doctors, immunologists, virologists) are concluding. For clarification, the first three minutes of the video are his introduction and credentials by the host, so you can go directly to marker 3:00 to where he begins speaking.

    • He’s a DO not an MD or at the very least an MS or PhD in Virology or Epidemiology. I’d take his findings with as much skepticiscm as someone who did an intensive Google search for “Coronavirus” or “Covid-19”.

      • R. Corrino,

        You should actually look up his credentials, or listen to the beginning of the video in which his creds are discussed.

        • Templar,

          He invented a medicine that helped recover my daughter. So, not a quack. Just thinking wider and further than many.

          BTW, unless you have read the research on chelation as a cancer therapy, you might reserve your harsh judgement and words.

          Just saying.

        • Chelation therapy is not standard of care for any cancer I’m aware of. The American Cancer Society has a statement saying there is no indication for it for cancer in addition to it having a litany or side effects. I’m glad you’re daughter is doing better but that doesn’t make it scientific fact

        • To Templar
          What are your credentials for making such statements? What is your educational background questionmark Are you an epidemiologist?
          Or do you just read magazine articles like the majority of the American non medical population?

      • I actually know the Quackwatch guy and his wife. You should research his history before you believe a word he says. He is paid by Pharma to attack all alternative medicine with Pharma propaganda.

        As for the worthless tests and treatments, charges like that are common against medical folk who diverge from the theocracy of modern medicine to find safe, effective treatments.

        It is all about the money.

        But, if you want to believe QuackWatch, go ahead. Buttar is a hero for many thousands of families. They have firsthand knowledge. You used a troll-site for your opinion.

        • They have 1st hand experience, buy the 4 who sued him didn’t?

          Ond person’s “troll” site is another’s “debunking” site. As stated, people are free to trust his advice all they want.

        • “He is paid by Pharma to attack all alternative medicine”

          Light saber, you are a man of faith, so I know you would not make that statement without having solid evidence to back it up.

          Please share that evidence with us so we should also be convinced of Quackwatch’s corruption.

      • But, but, but, he wears a white lab coat (which has a stethoscope embroidered on/near the chest pocket) and speaks with confidence and authority — we must not question anything that he says and do everything he tells us!

        • Wow, LifeSavor, you really smoked out the termites from the woodwork with that video, lol.

    • I just finished watching the whole thing. Dr. Buttar is highly intelligent, passionate, fascinating and should be listened to whether we want to hear a different perspective or not.
      Savor, you and your family are very lucky to have such a man taking care of your daughter. How is she doing?
      I know it has been quite a while since we last corresponded but I’ve not forgotten about you all. I just wish I could find a Dr like him, who has so much passion, though I may have with the new orthopedist.
      Take care my friend.

  7. Every damned one of them have earned for themselves to be booted from office on their tranical keisters.

  8. It’s for safety, the parks are closed. You are going to get arrested in front of your kids. The Constitution is void because public safety. This is not martial law — do not panic. We are only suggesting you to stay inside. It’s a strong suggestion. Now leave or you are all going to get arrested, if you resist that arrest we will use our guns on you.

    • Lol… go ahead and try. It’s funny how the DNC kung-pow bat gobblers always pick on women, children, and the elderly. Any time one of you petty commie tyrants gets confronted by grown men, or better yet armed grown men you run back to your safe spaces or get knocked the fuck out (like in the example of your ANTIFA buddies)

  9. It’s funny how the leftist trolls on here all automatically fell in line when told what to do by the government.

  10. Guys this isn’t a Left vs Right thing. It’s not the dems causing this. Trump is not our savor. It goes way above that. Pullback think bigger. We’re just a dog chasing it’s tail.

  11. Not gun related. This doesn’t belong on this blog. Furthermore, getting pandemic management advice from a lawyer is like asking Nancy Pelosi for smart gun control laws. This website needs to stop embarrassing itself putting this crap out.

    • Guess what, life can be complex. The article makes that apparent. Gun owners can comment on any damned thing they want to on this blog. If you don’t like it feel free to leave.
      Maybe you don’t know it but many American can engage in complex discussions on multiple topics. They also can play Chopin on the piano, solve a math equation, fix their engine troubles and figure out ballistic tables for their rifle. They do this while taking care of their families and holding down a job or taking care of their ranch and farm.
      Ever hear of the Renaissance man? Just because many people limit their lives to one topic doesn’t mean we all have.

      • A gun blog focusing and commenting extensively on how to manage a viral pandemic is a hell of a lot of mission creep. It’s watering content down. Trying to tie gun control to this pandemic is going to be a huge strategic miscalculation, especially when the things being said regarding it are so factually incorrect. You’re correct people on here come from varied backgrounds. In my case, I’m a physician, so yes, I have some inkling of how shockingly ignorant a lot of the stuff being spouted on here is.

        • physician heal thyself.
          ttag owes you what, exactly?
          read the firearm related posts (not that rights restricted isn’ related to arms) only and stop commenting at all ever.

        • It might be mission creep but I for one don’t appreciate government deciding they know better how to live our lives than we do. This blog is one of the few that I have seen where people can openly say it without being accused of the idea that we want to see people die. I will follow the guidelines and wear my mask keeping as much distance as possible from another person but don’t tell me I can’t go to my usually empty Church on Sundays while pot shops remain open. Or that hiking in areas near I live far from other people should be verboten. If there was some common sense in the restrictions I would get it but sense is not common when it comes to experts/government.

        • Since the leftist/fascist group are using this virus as an excuse to shut down gun stores, yes the pandemic is about gun control.

        • Agree. And if I recall correctly, multiple profiles been chased off this forum, even banned, for posting non-firearm information. One even predicting almost exactly this. Shit has come full circle. Time for the forum hypocrites, dupes, and trolls to roll up your sleeves, take your shots, and give up your guns. Game almost over.

      • NO “we” can’t…my comments were deleted yesterday about Mrgunsngear being kicked off facebook for daring to report(not organize) an open up the state rally in NC. After all the BS in Virginia too. And why are all these new trolls showing up dictating what a private blog can do?!?

        • Because the CCP is paying top Huan for a disinformation campaign to undermine the United States ahead of an inevitable war.

    • I guess you didn’t see the armed men that showed up to protest the tyranny. I guess you didn’t see the cops at the protest carrying guns. I guess when those armed men resist the cops it will have nothing to do with guns until there is a shooting.

      • I did comment on it. It’s a puzzling choice. Selfish boomers threatening violence in order to spread a viral pandemic so they can make their bosses money. You could argue they’re bioterrorists. They won’t do crap, of course, they never do. If they did they’d find most gun owners would help the feds put them down. Instead, they’re just going to going to get sick and die in some ICU a couple of weeks later because they’re too ignorant and/or arrogant to trust their doctors. I love the ones protesting while wearing N95s. I haven’t had a fresh N95 in over a month.

        • Yes, those protesters are highly irresponsible.

          It sucks that they are so hypocritical. They supported Trump’s lockdown initially, now they are protesting lockdown for Trump’s reelection. They support Blue Lives Matter while carrying rifles and threatening death to government. They claim to be responsible people who care for others while refusing to wear a mask and staying clean.

          They protest without a mask. As they shout they spit, that’s natural. Hence the need for a mask.

          Generation X is the most cowardly generation around. They pretend to be big bad patriots when the weather is good and there is no resistance to their efforts. They encourage complying with orders and taking it up in a bias court, all while they carry an AR-15 and a Gadsden flag. Virginia was the perfect example of their weakness.

          Antifa was willing to fight the police and get arrested, but now that Trump is doing exactly what they want they are staying indoors playing video games and smoking weed. Antifa is getting exactly what they fought for: wealth transfer, authoritarian control of the economy, nationalizing industry, etc. They are now calling protesters “Karens” for resisting the orders of the state.

        • Yes fucktards… You need to understand the difference between a short-term emergency action and a totalitarian crackdown. The former was necessary, LAST MONTH. Today, now that we know the virus is nowhere near as bad as we though, a total shutdown of the economy is not justifiable. Trump changed his mind because he got new data. Maybe you should look at the actual data rather than continuing to spread CCP propaganda in support of their little bio-terror attack?

        • Now this is something. Chief, Serge, and the new dingus Templar all in a quarrel. Let me grab the popcorn and a lawn chair…

          …if only James Campbell were here.

        • “ Selfish boomers threatening violence in order to spread a viral pandemic so they can make their bosses money.”

          Excellent summation of the situation.

          I might add, they are completely willing to sacrifice grandma and grandpa in their quest to meet their personal economic goals.

          As some on this very forum have said, “let the week die”.

          • …and the week dies every seven days…

            Troll Clue: if you make fake quotes…make sure they’re accurate fake quotes.

        • I regret that the speech recognition software fails to meet your high standards.

          Do you doubt that in the past week posters have used the phrase let the weak die In their comment about Covid19?

          Ok, boomer…

          I think the problem is that my posts are too factual for you to refute, so you resort to attacking my grammar.

          • Factual is not a quality I would assign your posts.

            Speech recognition software…a busy trolls crutch.

            “Ok, boomer…” speaking of attacking someone over your “perceptions” or “feelz”.

            Hopefully your existence is not as miserable as semantic analysis says that it probably is.

            A happy Thor’s Day to you.

        • Dear Chi-com troll. Before you can claim your posts to be factual, you would first have to state facts. Please go collect your bag of moldy rice and report to room 101 for a refresher course “English for Chi-com propagandists 102: How to sound even vaguely American”

        • @TommyM

          You’re new here, aren’t you? Ok kiddo, brush up on your reading comprehension and then get back to me.

        • “Kiddo”? Trying to sound old, folksy and wise? You don’t. You sound like a troll talking out of his ass.

        • Cartoon avatars, references to children’s balls, and the Internet tough guy Shtick. Got anything else there ps?

    • Absolutely gun related. The pattern of blood dancing over COVID deaths is exactly the same pattern over shooting deaths. Same pattern. Same players. Funny how that works?

    • To Templar
      The Chinese flu quarantine is all about gun control. Just as the Marie Sanford vs. Dred Scott case was also all about gun control.

  12. Tyrannical democrats are really pissing people off. On the other hand democrats showing their true colors needs to continue so the slackers who stay home and do not vote might get off their sorry butts and help vote the rats out of office.
    To anyone who votes for democrats…you are one dumb politically inept history illiterate useful idiot who is clueless about the jackasses you are in camp with.

  13. 43 states with stay-at-home orders, but only the ones with Democrats for governor are doing it oppressively???

    • Correct.

      It appears that these spontaneous protests are just another sign of the politicization of the pandemic by the conservatives.

    • Because Trump said his order is not his fault, it’s the fault of Democrats. Now rise and fight those people with armed rebellion. Remember to do it only where Democrats have political power. Don’t forget your Trump flags.

      • Who pays you? Such a troll. You know the men here are law abiding. You also know that in the end they will back America, 1776. That’s why you fear and hate this place. As do whoever pays you.

  14. Fox News:

    “An Ohio father of two children died from the coronavirus last week after previously claiming the outbreak was “Bulls—” and a “Political Ploy,” according to reports.
    John McDaniel, 60, of Marion County, died April 15 at a hospital in Columbus, according to the Marion Star.

    He had made several posts about the coronavirus on Facebook last month before testing positive for the virus.
    “Does Anybody Have the Guts to Say This COVID-19 is a Political Ploy? Asking for a Friend. Prove Me Wrong,” he wrote March 13, according to The Sun.”

    Well, it appears he was proved wrong.

    • People want to believe what is most convenient to them. Arrogance and ignorance are a deadly combination

      • the two of you are going to get along famously.
        so a dipshit died. this country loses over 7k daily.
        do you think the irony there makes for biting commentary?

        • So when PPE runs out, do you think your doctor has an obligation to treat you if they suspect covid?

        • Lol… “Doctor” Templar doesn’t understand how immunity works. Here’s a hint “Doctor”, COVID isn’t going to kill you. After you get over some mild respiratory discomfort, you can go back to your quackery

        • How does immunity work? Will you take the vaccine for this when its released? You may not have a choice.

        • Unfortunately the 2 geniuses Chief Censor and Templar have not thought that far in advance. We should probably also do this for the Flu, Cancer, HIV and especially doctor malpractice that results in death. Then we would be locked down for eternity. Rights don’t end because of a pandemic it is your decision, not the Governements what is best for you. That is the whole premise of freedom and way of American life. Freedom never has and never wi equal safety, usually it is the exact opposite.

          Why this is so hard for some people to grasp leads me to believe they only wish to be slaves.

  15. Everyone loves giving up liberty when they’re scared. Democrats and republicans alike.

    We’d all be better off to just let the virus run its course. This flat curve game is bullshit pacification.

      • LOL, looks like templar is a paid troll. EVERY post he makes defends the establishment and pharmaceutical industry interests.

        • What drug am I shilling? There’s no effective treatment for covid. Hospitals are losing money hand over fist for this. My office practice is barely squeaking by on telemedicine. I’m arguing entirely based on science and my training. I understand the desire to work and be free. You don’t think this debate didn’t occur during the Spanish flu? The mortality rate for this pandemic will skyrocket if we exceed our medical care capacity. In that situation you’re not going to be very free when I’m forced to be the one deciding who I can save with a limited number of vents. As rich as this country is I never hoped to be thrust into such a situation.

        • So Templar who gets to decide? Ultimately that is the question. You keep dodging posts such as mine that I asked you above. We have at least 16,000,000 people out of work. Is that sustainable? There is sadly going to be more death from the China Covid. Does that change the foundations of America and the rights that all men were born with?

        • @Templar: You have a serious authority complex and can’t believe the unwashed masses would dare disobey such a learned man as yourself.

          Got news for you: We are opening back up and this ain’t gonna happen again.

        • You are mixed up, it is Donald Trump who is shilling for his patent medicine Covid cure.

          Our local hospital is losing almost $1 million a day in elective surgery losses, and I can tell you big Pharma is not doing too well at that rate either.

          Well, I imagine in a few months the forum won’t be quite so crowded with right wing extremist screaming about their rights.

          Get on out there shoulder to shoulder in those protests, yelling and shouting about freedom. Go ahead and pack the pews hugging and shaking hands, crowd into fellowship hall for your Wednesday night dinner.

          Grandma said after the pandemic in 1919 there sure were a lot of jobs, that’s what led to the roaring 20s, good times!

        • So who is profiting the most from this pandemic that many claim is being used as an excuse to take her right?

          “A flight from China chartered by the U.S. government touched down at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Wednesday last week. Inside were nearly 6 million surgical masks and some respiratory equipment.

          But the supplies on board weren’t tucked into the national stockpile or distributed by the federal government among cities hardest hit by novel coronavirus despite the average taxpayer bill of $750,000 to $800,000 per flight.

          Instead, the masks and other life-saving equipment were owned by Medline, one of the nation’s largest privately held manufacturers and distributors of medical supplies. They were loaded onto cargo trucks and driven to the company’s warehouse in suburban Chicago.”

          And who is in charge of this operation?

          Jared Kushner

  16. As I’ve said, this plague was made to order for lib dems with royal aspirations! They can’t stop giggling ling enough to sign all their new “decrees”!

  17. I hadn’t realized the coronavirus was shooting people.

    That’s some pretty impressive mutation.

  18. “governors using corona deaths to restrict constitutional rights”…duh huh. The first victim in any modern day crisis is the Constitution, be it state or federal. Evidently it is just a piece of paper.

    • The Constitution is a worthless piece of paper. What is valuable is the man or woman willing to protect human rights. Gun control can’t stop violence. The Constitution can’t stop human rights violations. Physical effort is what makes things happen, not hope.

      Americans refuse to take personal responsibility. They want others to do the work for them. To the point they create delusions of a secret group, who’s on the inside, fighting to take out the “deep state.”

      • “The Constitution is a worthless piece of paper.”

        And you need to be interned to the nearest recycle center. PoS

        • I often disagree with Chief but his comment here went straight over your head.

          He’s right. Words on paper mean fuck-all unless they’re internalized by a goodly portion of the population.

          A country in which no one believes in the Constitution might as well have it’s founding document be a fiction novel.

        • To strych 9
          Actually people who refuse to take personal responsibility or people who don’t believe in personal responsibility are causing the growth of government.

          Because when people don’t have self control then other people will want the government to control those out of control.

          The atheists can’t have it both ways. If you don’t believe in the Bible and God that’s between you and God. But if you promote the idea that you don’t have to follow social norms and take responsibility for your failures then you are part of the problem.
          You are doing what for the Christians call “the devil’s work.”

          Now if you say people shouldn’t follow the Bible then what “old book” would you recommend that people use to live by. The Koran perhaps? The writings of Buddha perhaps? I understand that they still set women on fire in India. A practice that the Christian British tried to suppress a couple of hundred years ago.

        • Chris:

          Your comment in a non-sequitur. You can’t “believe in the Constitution” and reject personal responsibility any more than you can “believe in the Bible” and reject God.

          That’s the point. You either believe in the document or you do not.

  19. Lets hope there is not another KungFLU Virus but, we will know what to expect & how to stomp it out…..

  20. At least the U S. Attorney General is going to sue China over the c19 shit. I hope China shows up for court, I suppose if they don’t the judge will issue a bench warrant for three hundred billion people. That’ll keep Dog The Bounty Hunter busy.

    • More likely, we will just seize and liquidate all chinese-owned assets in the United States then start issuing letters of marque and reprisal against their shipping

    • At least if the C19 lawsuit goes through, perhaps China will forgive the billions of $$$ they’ve loaned to us. And they will not forget that it was/is a loan, not an outright gift. Gotta wonder what sort of interest rate they’ll slap us with.

  21. Holy shit. They should open the country back up and let it burn through all the idiots. We’d all be much better off.

  22. This article is full of the same misinformation it claims others are using to encourage stay in place. How about asking healthcare workers if this is real? I’ll tell you it is. Not only is it so real we have semi-trailers full of dead bodies behind all of our hospitals, some are storing them on closed floors that have been shut down and the AC turned up to slow rotting. Yeah it is that freaking bad. Worse is now we are getting sick and some of us are dying. In 10 days I’ve had 6 coworkers off work from Covid 19 with my personal exposure to all of them as well as many other patients. Some dumbass flew to Florida, came back and now my aunt, whose husband died in Februaury is deathly I’ll. Though some may believe they are healthy enough they’re going to infect many others with autoimmune issues. Know anyone with a transplant? I do. How about a heart condition, RA, chemotherapy, Type II, or my issue with Type I diabetes? People are dying like crazy from Covid 19. Even those with lungs very damaged won’t show symptoms until it’s too late. This is real and we all need to calm down and make it easier for hospitals to do what they do best, save lives.

    • I have Type I too, late onset. 17 months ago I was almost dead in the ICU.

      I had this virus and didnt even realize it. It was a week of a couple extra units of Humalog a day and slightly more exercise. Then a week of higher insulin usage for a couple days on and them off. Then a week of higher usage for Monday and Staurday. Then it was gone. Grand total it cost maybe 30 units of Humalog and my normal dose of Lantus.

      Manage your diabetes and get on with life. Trembling in fear isn’t living and this isnt anywhere near as dangerous as you seem to think. It’s culling those who were already in bad shape, and that sucks, it’s a lot of people. But if you’re managing your diabetes correctly you’re not at a significantly higher risk. If you’re not managing your diabetes correctly then you were already on the road to ruin. (And yes, that’s 80% of us. The average A1C for a Type 1 is an astonishing 9.1. For Type 2 it’s 9.7. So the problem isn’t “diabetes”, it’s “poorly managed diabetes” which was a problem before CoV-2.)

      Your view is clouded because you’re on the shit end of the stick. You’re only seeing the people who were in the worst cohorts to start with. But this disease went through everyone in my wife’s lab and caused 0 deaths and one ventilation for two days. That ventilation was for the lady that has severe asthma to the point that every chest cold puts her in the hospital. She’s now fine.

      Your comments here are akin to an electrician claiming every house has bad wiring. Of course that view is understandable because people with no electrical problems don’t call an electrician, but the view is still incorrect.

      • I’m currently recovering from that shit and for a healthy adult it’s not a big deal. Annoying? Yes. Worse than the Flu? Yes. A dire emergency? Lol… NO.

        • I was worse than the flu in a few ways and better than the flu in others.

          I just thought it was some oddball flu that made me sore and gave me the shit. But I didn’t figure it was “the ‘rona” because it didn’t come with any of *those* symptoms.

          I also question the validity of a lockdown at this point, not in terms of the initial way of doing things but going forward, for another reason: This stuff gets into cats.

          No one really wants to talk about it but the labs that do the testing for veterinarians have quietly changed their protocols so that BSL2 labs are no longer allowed to handle feline samples. Those all get packed up and sent to BSL3 labs that have protocols to handle zoonotic pathogens.

          Maybe the kids in Gummo were right after all.

      • Wow, I needed your help managing my diabetes, thanks. Go ahead run around and help kill a lot of other folks, you’re fine so why bother that others may die? What a kind soul you are.
        I’m not hysterical but what is the harm in keeping the curve down so we can all get back to a near normal more quickly? There is science behind this, besides what you have added here. Protests such as in Lansing without masks and without social distancing will kill more people, period.

        • Wow. Either my comment went right the fuck over your head or you’re a total asshole.

          Maybe both. Nah, strike the maybe. Anyone who twists what I said the way you did here, presenting a false dilemma and using it to accuse me of behavior I don’t engage in and have never suggested, is a fucktard.

          So yeah, you’re a fucktard.

    • It’s funny, because I know a few first responder and nurses here in FL, and they would all probably be laughing and shaking their heads if they read your post. Trucks full of bodies, corpses rotting on the floor in our hospitals because A/C turned off….holly f-ing hell, easy on the moonshine!!! Or maybe you’re just watching the “news” way too much.

  23. “How long will this be tolerated, and how will it go unchallenged?”

    Tolerated? Probably for quite a while. Just look at the polling out of Michigan today. The governor is polling 16 points above Trump in approval, and that’s with her current policies. And only 1 in 3 believe her policies are “too restrictive”.

    As I said here days back, when the police state comes for you it will likely do so with the majority approval of your countrymen.

    Panic kills just about every good thing that the panic touches.

    • It seems to me too many folks are actually enjoying this b.s

      “oh look at me, I look cute with my fashionable face mask, it’s so exciting all this change in my sh*tty life!”

      While I respect those who desire to stay 6ft apart, wear PPE, etc, I see retards left and right when I am out, I mean more than usual. Today I was waiting to pay for my groceries, the lady before me was standing a good 12ft behind the other customer in front of her, and that on top of wearing a mask. She probably thought you can also get COVID19 from making eye contact. Some folks don’t even know who goes next, can I walk can I go there? Nope I am just going to freeze and stand here for a while. This level of mental retardation is worrying me more than COVID19.

      This partly manufactured crisis is showing that far too many Americans would embrace full government control of your life, socialism, marxism, whatever you want to call it, they are loving it!

      • I would tend to agree with you. My wife and I have had the disease but both still wear a mask in public because it brings down the tension level in other people.

        Your point here, which I think is generally valid, kind of reinforces something I’ve been saying here for a long time: We need to retake the educational system. That’s the root of most of this.

        Jump over to Breitbart and check the comment sections, “take a scroll” as my buddy says. You’ll find the most asinine fear mongering from some of the regular/”top” commenters.

        But here’s the irony of that. They’re quoting non-peer reviewed studies out of China, from institutions that are openly controlled by the Ministry of Education, which doesn’t do anything without Party blessing, in one post and then trashing China as being entirely untrustworthy in another post. They haven’t even been educated enough to check the citations on these claims.

        On top of that what they say makes no scientific sense and even if it is true, it literally doesn’t matter.

        Claims like “CoV-2 attacks Helper-T cells like HIV does!”, or “It attacks red blood cells and strangles you by preventing oxygen transport!” are both *facepalm* levels of bullshit for a multitude of reasons. They’re also both claims originating from a single paper out of a Chinese institution that, IRL, no serious scientists give credibility to because the institutions are known for bad science and outright lies.

        But try telling one of these people that “If CoV-2 does have a minor affinity for red cells it doesn’t really matter” and they fly off the handle with some tinfoil hat shit. If you explain WHY it doesn’t really matter even if it’s true they don’t even bother reading it. They just go on a rant about how you must be a CNN watcher.

        Pardon the pun, but the level of stupid is “breathtaking”.

    • The Michigan Governor believes that planting tomatoes and painting your house causes the spread of the Coronavirus. Does she also believe that masturbating causes blindness???

      I’m sure somewhere out there she has scientific facts to back up what she believes in. And Somewhere Out There there is a scientific fact that shows that masturbating causes blindness??????

  24. I agree that liberal democrat governors are overstepping their authority and trampling the 2nd amendment. But your pic probably needs to be changed. Ohio is run by a republican, Mike DeWine, and while he’s no staunch conservative, as far as I know he’s not worked to ban guns and he is working to get Ohio open by May 1st.

  25. “ Gov. DeWine says he is urging healthcare providers to talk with patients who had a procedure postponed and reevaluate to determine if that can now move forward.

    In March, Dr. Amy Acton with the Ohio Department of Health issued an order postponing elective surgeries.

    His briefing Thursday comes amid the news that there are now 14,694 cases of COVID-19 in the state. That’s more than 500 new cases being reported.

    Deaths have now gone up to 656. 2,960 people have been hospitalized.”

    So the death rate for COVID-19 in Ohio is 4.4% of those infected will die.

    And hospitalization rate of over 20% of those infected.

    When this virus has access to the entire population it will be quite a strain on the medical facilities and crematoriums in the buckeye state.

    • Bull shit. If you believe that only 14,694 people in the state have been exposed to COVID, you’re delusional.

      The virus already has access to the entire population, social distancing slowed it down, so that it spread over a month or two rather than a day or two.

  26. When Libertarians liberals and the left still support open borders. I question everything that they say. If they say the sky is blue I go check to make sure they’re not lying.

    • I just assume everything a liberal Democrat says is a lie and is, in fact, the exact opposite of what they proclaim. And, if they accuse you of something, they are the ones doing it. They are also the party of death. Babies, adults animals – it’s all the same to them.

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