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A populist German politician is saying that German citizens should have the right to weapons to protect themselves. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) is a political party that’s achieved some recent electoral successes. It rejects subservience of Germany to the European Union, and rejects the recent mass immigration. From

“Many people are increasingly feeling unsafe. Every law-abiding citizen should be in a position to defend themselves, their family and their friends,” Frauke Petry told the Funke Media Group in an interview published on Saturday.

“We all know how long it takes until the police can get to the scene, especially in sparsely populated places,” she said.

The excuse for civilian disarmament commonly deployed in European countries: severe restrictions on guns are necessary to reduce crime. In fact, over the last hundred years, violent crime (as measured by the homicide rate) has always been low, both before and after Europe’s stringent gun control laws were initiated, mostly between the two World Wars.

Claiming that gun control reduces crime is pure propaganda, designed to justify disarming the general population to maintain state control. For example, as the influx of Islamic immigrants has surged, German police have actually cracked down on gun permits.

The number of Germans applying for so-called “small firearms license”, which are required to carry around blank guns and pepper spray, jumped 49 percent in the first half of 2016 to 402,301, according to federal statistics.

However, permits for firearms fell to 1.894 million as of the end of June compared to 1.898 million a year earlier.

Meanwhile, the United States continues to serve as an example of firearms freedom to other countries. Brazil has been considering loosening its highly restrictive gun laws, as has Kenya.

Panama’s also making its laws less restrictive. If you have a permit to own a gun in Panama, you may carry it concealed. In considering a change in Panamanian policy, the United States and Switzerland were mentioned as positive examples. The Czech Republic used the United States as an example as they instituted one of the least restrictive run laws in Europe.

Will Germans be allowed to own, and even carry firearms for their own protection? It seems increasingly likely. A few more well-publicized attacks, as ISIS has called for, could accelerate the process.

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    • That’s pretty much the description in the lame-stream news serge…”right-wing” anti-immigrant. Look for the the Merkel morons to ban these folks(volks?). Already saw this story on yahoo reported as “extremists” in Deutchland…

      • Kind of like shutting the barn door after the horses have run out.

        If you say that all citizens need to have the RTKABA after you’ve made a sh_t-ton of jihadis ‘citizens’, that’s just a way to remove the onus of jihadis possessing arms in your country.

        Either way, human history is littered with massive corrections of unarmed civilians, and those that have been keeping honest and true citizens from protecting themselves should suffer from terrible and permanent physical action against them, and people should go-after and f-up/destroy all that meant anything to them, down to their pet rock.

  1. The reality is that people under immediate threat are going to defend themselves. Any .gov that gets in their way is subject to becoming history.

    People will aquire and carry deadly weapons without regard to legal hazards if they feel their lives or their loved ones lives are at risk. Ask me how I know this.

  2. The whole of Western Europe is becoming divided between those who favor pro-globalist policies (and increased power to the EU), and those who believe the greater balance of power should rest in the hands of individual nation states (decreased authority to the EU, or exiting the EU entirely).

    There is an analogy to be made with the current divide in the United States–between citizens who favor open borders and increased global participation, and those who believe power belongs with the states and the citizens and that the US should place its own interests above global concerns.

    • Some people throw around “Globalist” the way the left used “somethingphobia.” It is a nonword. The EU is a pan European organization, not a globalist one. The Europeans, especially Germany, are importing people because their birth rate has collapsed and they need bodies to make up the difference so their welfare state won’t collapse. Given geography they are stuck with Muslims instead Christian Hispanics.

      • So a smart guy would explain to Merkel why she sould like to have 20million Central American native hereditary Catholics rather than a bunch shiftless islamists and then get the airlift started immediately?

        Not as good as establishing them as a colony in the middle of Tikrit but still a good solution for all concerned (the illegals, the US, Erup).

      • The EU is a inherently globalist organization, wanting to eventually remove national boundaries from the nations in Europe and represent the EU as a single entity to the world.

        That’s the point of the whole EU affair. One currency, one sovereign government, no borders.

        Oh, and they’d like their currency to become a reserve currency alternative to the USD.

        Yes, they are globalist. The people running the EU have unequivocal global ambitions. Sadly, their quotidian issues brought on by importing a bunch of uneducated, unproductive, welfare-sponging third worlders are rapidly overtaking their global ambitions.

        • The EU has very restrictive rules when dealing with outsiders. That is hardly globalist. The elimination of borders only applies to EU nations and not the rest of the world.

        • And the EU’s response to border nations trying to keep the waves of “refugee” invaders out of the EU was what, again?

          I seem to have missed the approval and laudatory lingo from Brussels directed at the EU nations in southeast Europe who have been trying to erect barriers to invasion, with varying degrees of success.

        • I’m sure there are people in the EU who want a unified Europe which is independent from the rest of the world. However, the stated strategy of the Agenda 21, one-world government types is to first collect nations into larger regional governments as an intermediate step to a global government. Next on their wish list would be a North American union consisting of Mexico, the US, and Canada. Which is why we should view TPP with the greatest of suspicion (especially if it is true that it’s a putative trade agreement, but only a small portion of it is actually dedicated to trade).

      • “The Europeans, especially Germany, are importing people because their birth rate has collapsed and they need bodies to make up the difference so their welfare state won’t collapse.”

        Then they are damn fools. The vast majority of the people they’re importing have absolutely no marketable skills and are there to suckle at the welfare tit. As the rest of Europe has should have figured out by now these refugees are not going to assimilate and if it’s anything like the rest of Europe they’ll be even more radical than their parents are when it comes to waging jihad against the West.

        I’m not big on just trashing a group of people but the facts are the facts. These people won’t prop up any welfare state. They’ll cause it to go down the drain even faster while simultaneously taxing the security services and, given their propensity for gang rape probably add some medical costs when they spread STD’s.

        • The Germans in particular are extrapolating their past success with Turks gastarbeiters with the rest of the Muslim world. Before the current regime the Turks who came to Germany were good Kemalists and made a substantial contribution to the West Germany. However, past performance is no guarantee of the future as Merkel is finding out to her country’s dismay.

          For all their problems, our “migrants’ are Christian and generally hard working. Are their criminals coming in with them? Sure but no more so than the Italians and Jews who arrived in the US in the first two decades of the 20th Century.

      • “The Europeans, especially Germany, are importing people because their birth rate has collapsed and they need bodies to make up the difference so their welfare state won’t collapse.”

        The Europeans have been told for decades they needed to reduce their birthrate because the world was overpopulated, now they are told they need to allow immigrants who are hostile to the Europeans into European countries to prevent a “collapse”. Heh heh, there is something rotten in the air.

  3. Yeah, Germans can own some live guns, but cannot carry them around for self defense, unless they present some good reason. The only way they can carry them out legally otherwise is the travel to shooting range, unloaded, in a locked luggage, separated from ammo. So unless perhaps defending themselves indoor home, the live guns are borderline useless, this is why the number drops, imo.

    Whereas the stuff they can acquire with the small license they can at least carry around.

    • Well, I might go to the range everyday….
      Better to be prepared….
      You know, just in case….

      • Locked unloaded gun is very hard to use quickly.

        At least we have concealed carry by default; and laws that allow anyone who requests the correct class of permit (self defence) to legally have a ready to use gun on the person. Even when not going to the range. 😉

  4. How much popular support does this AfD political party have in Germany? Is support increasing? If so, at what rate? And to what extent do German people support AfD because AfD promotes the idea of armed responsible citizens?

    These are important questions to determine the extent to which the German populace is embracing firearm ownership.

    • Depends on which state (Staat) we’re talking about, but anywhere from the below 10% to the mid-20% range.

      The AfD gains increasing support every time another Muslim atrocity is perpetrated upon the population.

      • So, at best — assuming everyone who supports the AfD political party is enthusiastically pro-firearms ownership and carry — the situation in Germany is basically the same as California: the good people of Germany have about as much hope of securing Czech style firearms rights as the people of California have of securing Arizona style firearms rights.

        • Basically, you’re correct.

          In Germany, as in the US, it appears that giving women the franchise wasn’t a particular wise idea. In Germany, we see the ultimate in cognitive dissonance in the case of a woman, who has a “feminist” background, who lied to the police about who raped her – so as to not cast further blame upon the Muslim refugees:

          Giving women like this the right to own arms will net nothing, and I’m sure she’d campaign against such a right, because others might not be so charitable with their personal safety towards rapists.

        • Just take a page from Pinochet and fire up the helicopters, you can not work with leftist, you have to physical remove them.

      • Don’t forget that Germany is a parliamentary system, and while 10-20% isn’t huge, it’s enough to get some seats. From there, they can try to do some coalition building on the issue. Maybe in time, they can find enough allies to get some reform.

        • More importantly, they have a proportional electoral system – mixed-member proportional, to be specific. So when a party gets, say, 20% of the vote, this means that they will get at least that many seats in the parliament (they can get more by getting people elected in specific districts).

          However, they do need to cross the 5% threshold to get into Bundestag at all, and they haven’t managed to do so yet. In state parliaments, averaged across the country, they have 5.5%.

  5. They are tired of being raped. Also, they may have realized that the promises and understandings provided by their liberal extremist government is not holding up their end of the deal, and haven’t been able to “prevent” rape as they guaranteed.

    The number of Germans applying for so-called “small firearms license”, which are required to carry around blank guns and pepper spray, jumped 49 percent in the first half of 2016 to 402,301, according to federal statistics.

    Wow! Blank guns! Thanks government for allowing this!

    • “They [German women] are tired of being raped.”

      Are they? Where is the giant uproar? Where are the mass demonstrations?

      • I saw a photo some months back of a crowd of collectively rainbow-haired feminists cheering for muslim immigrants as they entered the country. Pretty sure the only German women who are tired of being raped are the ones who have sadly been subjected to it. For everyone else it’s another step on the march towards outright destruction of the western world in the name of the SJW manifesto.

      • There was a protest of 20,000 people back in January. But…. you won’t see it in any newspaper or MSM outlet.

        But Agreed – by now the Germans have accepted marriage of their daughters to a Syrian head decapitator.

        They don’t need any guns though right??? They can all wear burkas. – for safety:

        And they’ll need them to control other’s “urges:”

        But the government gave the boy’s family some money:

        A court awarded his family €4,700 (£3,700) compensation on Tuesday

        What do you call that? Governmental prostitution?

      • The uproar? It’s suppressed. In fact when there were demonstrations after the mass assaults in Cologne the police went after the protesters rather than the rapists/assaulters. German media also suppressed the stories on orders from the government.

        Even more disturbing Breitbart London had a story out of Germany a couple months ago about how a school ran a anti-sexual assault class where they urged young women who had been assaulted to come forward. They expected to get reports of school age and other young German males hopped on up beer and grabbing some ass. Instead they got flooded with reports of girls alleging that migrants groped them repeatedly on public transportation and only knew how to say things like “I like big tits” and “I want to fuck” in German.

        If the report was accurate the girls were asked why hadn’t reported this before and stated that they didn’t want to harm the reputation of migrants. The program was then shut down because it’s findings were not kind to the multikulti folks.

    • Now our government has a problem with so many people applying for a small carrying license. The minister for internal affairs of Baden-Wuerttemberg called this a problem for the exclusive right of the state to use force. Once this party was conservative. They try to take away our weapons whenever they can. Problem is that the AfD consists of a lot of dumb people. The only thing I agree with them is a more liberal weapon legislation.

  6. Maybe the Germans should just accept their fate and cast away any and all prior cultural identity to embrace pork free halal bratwurst, STFU, pack their prayer rugs, and dress their daughters in burqas? Such is a request when you openly invite 2 million immigrants of a differing culture. But that is the liberalist way – destruction of cultures, languages, and differences with diversity.

    I saw a German sign say – Why don’t people want Asians to be more diverse? Or people of Africa? Why is it only those of white European descent need to be more diverse?

  7. The current mess in western Europe is primarily due to the original guest worker programs not being temporary and on a rotational system from day one. You come to Germany, work for three years, and get sent back home with your earnings to live comfortably. It’s a win-win. One side keeps its historic demographics, the other goes home healthy and rich.

    But because we apparently don’t believe in winners, losers, competition, and prioritizing the survival of one’s own nation/culture over all others anymore, the western world had to go down the expensive, bureaucratic, and self-destructive road instead. It’s all by design because progressives hate themselves more than anything else.

  8. The Germans loved Arabs and other Muslims during WW2. The Arabs hated the English and all the Muslims hated the Jews, so they had a lot in common with the Nazis who hated Jews and were fighting the English. There were even Muslim SS formations.

    The occupation of Germany by Islamists is what I call karma.

    • I guess they already got enough “karma” from western Allies and from Russians.

      Now the Germany elite is so scared of anyone uttering the N-word, mentioning the H-name or recalling the A-place again, that they do anything to prevent that. Even a national suicide.

      And while I think that Germany got what it deserved for starting the WW2 and for what happened during those times to all the people under their power, the national suicide goes beyond that punishment.

    • The Germans you have a problem with are all well into their 90’s or dead, Ralph. To demand a current generation of people suffer because of something done by others long before they were born is progressive lunacy.

      • Ralph is demanding no such thing. Ralph is just saying “what went around, is coming around.” The universe has a way of doing that, and it is doing that all over the globe just about now.

        As for those who are making the current generation suffer: that’s the current generations in power – the 20-something through 60+ year olds, the clowns who have voted in the political class they now have. I’m sure many of the victims of Muslims in Europe voted for the politicians who decided that bringing millions of 7th century barbarians into their 21st century secular democracies was a brilliant idea.

        The people who wrapped themselves in unctuous social justice raiments thought they were the finest spectacles in public. But like the king who believed his unscrupulous tailor, they’re actually marching down the street naked. It’ll take them some time to discover their folly.

        The only question left open to debate now is whether Germany will discover their folly before they institute sharia law, or after.

    • Absolutely agree with you Ralph. I don’t subscribe to karma but Germany started 2 world wars and inflicted untold suffering on the world. Millions of ordinary Germans supported/applauded der Fatherland. “Sins of the father”…

  9. As a Brazilian, I can tell a bit about gun control here. First of all, the equivalent Portuguese word for “populist” – “populista” (adj.) is very loaded, meaning those politicians who use the state to hook the ignorant populace – the absolute majority of the people here, I must add – to “benefits” given by the government (and it doesn’t matter if those politicians are left or right wing – there are almost no bona fide right wing politicians here).

    In 2002, soon after the current ruling party rose to power – the same party to which our current president (I refuse to capitalize it) belongs, and who will, as you might by now know, soon be put to trial and thrown out for responsibility crimes – the government published (not sure if it is the right word) a law called the “Disarming statute”, which very severely restricted the commoner’s rights to self defense. Just so you can have an idea, the requisites for private people to own – in their homes only, not to carry, concealed or otherwise – handguns are stricter than than some of your (America) most stringent “may issue” concealed carry state regulations.

    Civilian carry is – although a theoretical “grant” by law – impossible in practice, even – believe me or not – for those who work directly with inmates in the prision system. It is a miracle that Brazil won the silver Olympic medal in shooting with Felipe Wu. He won it *despite* our country, not *because* of our support.

    So, there have been for some time a few people and organizations that lobby for our gun rights, even though they are not as explicit in our Constitution as they are in yours, and they mostly draw inspiration from the American Constitution and those American states where an individual is truly free to defend himself, his family and his property. Lately this lobby has gained some traction, with the ruling parties corruption scandals being highlighted, even with the possibility of some of those leaders going to jail (and I must say, in Brazil this is very, very remarkable). The populace in general is waking up to their civil rights and getting a little free-er from the government.

    Those of us who want to defend ourselves very much take the USA in general as a good example of how civilized can a territory be where everyone can stand by oneself, with the usual exceptions – People’s Republic of CA, NJ, NY, WA (that I can think of; I’m sure there are more, but I believe these are the most heinous) being excellent counter-examples of what *not* to do.

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