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I’ll leave it to RF and Dan to come up with any number of pithy jokes about a product that is stretchy, fits on different shaped objects and provides a better grip in adverse conditions. I look forward to the edits this short review will likely receive. But look beyond the jokes, dear reader. Tuff1 Gun Grips are a solid product that allow you to selectively add some grip where it might not normally be available. Here’s the rundown from Tuff1 . . .

TUFF1 Grip Covers are made with a proprietary silicone elastomer. This formulation provides an incredible amount of stretch and allows it to conform to nearly any shape or size firearm grip without changing the geometry of your grip (does not alter the palm swell or finger grooves) it shapes itself to these providing a unique – always gripping feel – that performs in extreme environmental conditions and temperatures.

So there you have it: a space age rubber for your gun that allows you to apply a thin layer of grippiness anywhere you need it.

I successfully installed the Tuff1 grips on magazines, free floated hand guards, GLOCKs, and AR pistol grips. Installation is fairly easy. Just flip the grip inside out and roll it into place. Once there, the Tuff1 grip stays put. The rubber – sorry,  proprietary silicone elastomer – provides a healthy amount of friction wet, dry, cold, hot, or dirty.

At the risk of seeming condescending to TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia, it must be said that the TUFF1 grip is not a good fit for XD(M)s, 1911s or any gun that uses a grip safety. Once in place, the TUFF1 will keep the grip safety depressed.

Tuff1 grips come in a variety of colors and designs so you can show off your personal style or help you identify your guns at the range. Sure, grip tape is a lot less expensive. But it’s also less durable and non-transferrable. And if you want a pink grip embossed with a multitude of raised rubber skulls you’re just gonna have to pay for the privilege. $16.95 plus S&H for the TUFF1 “Death Grip” to be exact. Also available in zombie green, ‘natch.


Tuff1 advertises a Limited Lifetime guarantee on their product. While I can vouch for them being stout enough for EDC use, I punctured one installed on a Magpul Pistol grip for some extended range sessions. I have no doubt that Tuff1 will stand by their product, but in the spirit of truthful reviews, I feel obliged to report on it.

Rip or not, if you need to get a grip on your gun, any gun, TUFF1 is tough to beat. Literally.

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Specifications: Tuff1 Gun Grips

Height: 2.75″
Diameter: 1.25″
Weight: <.5 oz
Material: proprietary silicone elastomer
Price: 16.95

Rating (out of five stars):

Overall * * * *
The Tuff1 Gun Grips to work exactly as advertised. They were easy to install, provided an excellent amount of grip, and made identifying a gun very easy. Unfortunately, I did tear one on the sharp protrusion of a Magpul pistol grip, so I withheld the fifth star.

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  1. This might be a good idea on higher-recoil weapons for newbies. They tend to drop it if they underestimate the gun. Will also help keep rounds on target for experienced shooters with said larger caliber weapons. I might buy these.

    • I have a Handall Jr. on my Kahr CW9, and it is wonderful. Plenty sticky, adds a finger groove and small palms swells that really fill out my hand on this slim grip.

  2. I wonder if you could put them on steel AK mags without them tearing…. Keeping mind that better grip or not, you are talking about putting a $16 accessory on mags that can be had for less then that right now. Grip sleeve or new mag? Probably new mag.

  3. Couldn’t you cut a hole with an X-Acto knife for the grip safety, at least for an XD if you only intended to use it for that gun?

  4. I’m thinking identification. I’m currently dealing with the concept of 5.56 AND 300 blk in the same collection, how to assist me preventing 300 jammed into 5.56 or vice versa. I have a couple dozen mags, counting both 20 and 30 round, have considered using 20 rd for 300 and 30 rd for 5.56, might be that using these to color code could be better. Can you cut them in half lengthwise to fit comfortably on a 20-rd mag? Could be expensive, but isn’t everything?

    • That torn one didn’t seem to get much bigger after it tore, so the material seems stable. You could likely cut it pretty easily.

    • Larry,

      It’s not as sexy, but why not use two different colors of duct tape? “Duck” and 3M both have duct tape lines with color that are still pretty tough. Doesn’t have to be bright colors, either. Grey for one and OD green for the other.

    • Negative. These are much better, Hogues and Pach skins are too thick. I liked the ones Lone Wolf used to make. Brooks Tactical A-Grips and Inner tubes are great too.

  5. Inner Tubes.

    29’er tubes, 26″ tubes, and even Downhill tubes work for grips and magazines.

    Maybe it is because I’m a cyclist, or maybe because they just work. My CCW PF-9 has a custom cut inner tube on it.


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