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After my review of the Original Handgun Hanger, the nice folks at Gun Storage Solutions sent me a few more of their handgun hanging solutions. Included in the goody bag were the Back-Under, the Back-Over, and the Over-Under. The Back-Under and Back-Over are both designed for the back side of a shelf in a safe while the Over-Under is designed for the front side. All three work very well and help take advantage of unused storage space . . .


I find it hard to write a whole bunch about something that amounts to bent wire coated in plastic, but these are just the thing if you want to open up some storage space in your safe. Above, you can see how slim the Over-Under is, while still being very stable. This is a great fit for those shelves in the safe that have some space above them that isn’t really utilized. I’d also think that for a shallow shelf, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better storage solution. More pictures of the Over-Under are below.



The back of the shelf models allow you an above-the-shelf (Back-Over) and below-the-shelf (Back-Under) solution. I preferred using both of these on a deeper shelf I have towards the top of my safe. Obviously, you set the hanger in place once, and sort of forget about it as you have to pull the shelf out to put the hangers in. What both back-of-the-shelf solutions allow is the ability to fully utilize the dark depths of your safe that normally go unoccupied. Again, this is an awesome functionality that allows you to stay with a smaller safe longer before you have to upgrade.



The only issue I was able to identify with the hangers: some of the coating has peeled back allowing it to rust. None of the other hanger items I have exhibit this issue. I’m inclined to believe it’s a one-off, though I’m gong to strip it back further, sand it, and hit it with some black Krylon before it spreads further. I’d be much more concerned if this existed on a part of the hanger that my pistols would touch, but it was shelf side so I wasn’t too concerned.

The Back Under is priced at $10.76 for a pack of 2 from Amazon, the Back Over is $10.99 for the same 2 pack, and the Over Under will run you $19.95 for a two pack. Paired up with the original Handgun Hanger, you can custom tailor any number of solutions to your pistol storage woes.  

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  1. I might have to pick up some of those Back Under hangers sometime soon. I love the Handgun Hangers I already have and I suspect, when paired with the Back Unders, space in my safe for handguns won’t be an issue for a long time.

    • I have a few of the ‘back-under’ model (they only go under, not over) and they are great for slotting perhaps a slim, and less-used, handgun between the rifles in the rear.

  2. How thick is the plastic coating? I am kinda worried about the hanger scraping up the barrel after repeated use.

    • I have several of theses, including one that gets a pistol put on every night and removed in the morning. I have been doing this for over a year with no noticeable wear to either party. I really like them, especially for how little they cost.

    • I have had my ‘under hangars’ for several years and have not had an issue with the coating on any of them. For two of the handguns they are in and out up to two times a day.

      I’d be more worried when hanging a 22 since you cannot use the little rubber end cap. I am particularly careful when hanging and removing those, but have seen no wear.

    • You can double up on the plastic by sliding on some heat-shrink tubing and using a hair dryer to shrink it down.

  3. The only real issue I have with these is when trying to use them with a .22 pistol.

    I tried using the original hangers, and the fit was so tight, I was a little concerned about leaving shavings of the coating in the barrel.

    Plus, it’s awkward at best to use these with gun socks.

  4. Tyler, if the hanger is rusting, there might be too much ambient humidity in your safe. You may want to add some desiccant packs or a dehumidifier so that your safe will be safe.

      • As a thought, Tyler, they may want to consider a model that uses stainless wire instead of steel…

  5. Any good hardware store or home improvement store sells a coating made for the handles on hand tools (dip it, hang it to dry). The only part that needs to be coated is the part that goes into the barrel.

    That, plus some form wire (#9 wire for wiring concrete forms, easy to bend), a pair of pliars, and you’re in business.

  6. I see some Aimline sights on that Glock, could we get a review (or a short response)? I’ve seen them on Brownells multiple times but don’t know much about them.

  7. Does anyone know if the “back-under” hangers work on non-solid shelves (ex: cheap, plastic Stack-On shelves)? Sent the manufacturer an email regarding this awhile back, but never really got a good answer out of them, and, as a result, haven’t ordered them yet. Thanks in advance for any responses.

  8. I think I would rather see a system that screwed onto a shelf than hung over – it just ruins the lines of the shelving, IMHO.

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