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I recently reviewed AMSEC’s Gravity Spinning Bullseye which is perhaps one of my favorite targets of all time. In the same package as the spinning target was their AM torso target. While not as fancy as the other item I’ve tested, it has found a way into my normal rotation for target usage…

Truth be told, I have amassed a pretty decent collection of steel targets over the last few years including little squares, big heavy plates, and several IPSC torso targets. For the majority of my rifle testing, I like using the smaller plates mounted on bits of chain or cable. They provide great feedback at long distance, and consistently hitting a 10″ x 10″ plate at a quarter mile always makes me feel great.

For pistol shooting though, I like a target that is fairly representative of a human torso as most of my shooting is geared towards a defensive mindset. That’s where those full sized IPSC targets really come in handy. The problem as you might imagine is that they weigh a lot, and they don’t break down for easy transport. When I got them, I was hell bent on taking them with me everywhere which lasted approximately one trip to the range. That range happened to be the family ranch, and they’ve been there ever since.


AMSEC’s AM Torso is a fine solution to that problem as it breaks down into component parts that can easily fit in the trunk of a compact car, and can be hoisted around by all but the daintiest among us. In talking with my contacts at AMSEC, they indicated that they built the target originally for friends of theirs who were headed out to public land, and needed the ability to set up and take down targets quickly and easily.

The mounting system consists of a squared bracket that sits atop commonly available 2×4’s, the mounting plate, and the target itself. These parts go together and come apart very easily and allow a very quick set up and tear down time, just as advertised. One of the non advertised benefits is that the torso is free to “ring” quite a bit so shots on this target make a bit more noise than the ones on my IPSC targets which are firmly bolted to their base. At the rifle line, my IPSC targets make a flat “whap” sound where this target makes a bit more of a “bing” noise.


The AMSEC target measures twenty four inches tall (not including the tab at the bottom) and twelve inches wide. The “head” portion is six inches by six inches making for a “torso” that’s roughly eighteen inches tall. These dimensions line up with the A, B, and C scoring zones of a standard IPSC target. With a bit of creativity, a piece of cardboard, and an razor blade, it wouldn’t be too difficult to create a stencil lining up to those dimensions for those looking to paint reference lines for competition practice.

One of the other nice things about this target’s design is that the reliance on 2×4’s means you can create a custom height for your range and shooting situation. I found this especially helpful as the berm that backs my ranch at the family ranch is roughly twenty feet tall, but the grass sometimes grows up a bit, obscuring the targets from the prone position. I was able to cut a taller 2×4 which made finding and shooting my target much easier. If your goal is to mimic real life shooting situations this system will also allow you a maximum of flexibility. If you were say, training to fight The Mountain, you could cut a 2×4 that would place the torso at Hafthor’s height of 6′ 9″. Similarly, if you were training to fight Tyrion Lanister, you could easily swap out the tall 2×4 for one that would place the total height of this target at Peter Dinklage’s 4′ 5″ height.


Just as I did with the spinning gravity target, I hit this with some all copper solids from Hornady at roughly 100 yards. The damage from that test was identical to what I saw using the spinner. As you can see above, deformation from the surface was approximately .031 inches. That’s a pretty rough test, and one that has taken down essentially every steel plate I’ve shot at. With that in mind, don’t shoot these plates from closer than about 100 yards with a rifle and 15 yards with a pistol. If you do manage to deform the surface severely, simply flip the target around to the other side.


Specifications: AMSEC AM Torso

  • 3/8″ AR500 solid steel plate
  • Static Torso target with 2×4 bracket and heavy duty steel base.
  • 2×4 wood support is not included.
  • Target Size: 24″ H x 12″ W x 3/8″ D
  • Base Size: 7″ H x 18″ W x 21″ D
  • Weight: 47 Lbs.
  • Price: $189 + shipping (~$30 to Austin) at Dean Safe

Overall Rating * * * * *

AMSEC has built a very useful target that sets up and tears down very easily. The target itself is light enough that you could pack it in a sturdy backpack along with the mounting pieces for a hike across a canyon. At up to 1200 yards, this torso section of this target will be 1 MOA or greater and the head will be .5 MOA or greater. For those of our readers who have some fine precision rifles, this target can provide a reasonable challenge out past the 1000 yard line.

The base and mounting system are very sturdy and seemed to hold up very well against the spall created by high velocity rifle rounds. The best part is that the whole thing packs down to something that can be put in the trunk of a compact car like the one Leghorn drives.

If you’re looking for a steel target that mimics the A, B, C zones of an IPSC torso and can easily be set up and torn down, this is one of the better (and more affordable) targets on the market.

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  1. I’ve taken my first foray into steel targets on my backyard range with a 10″ swing gong. I’ll definitely be getting more.
    A torso target is what I plan on getting after I get another gong set up.

  2. I have several steel plates of different sizes that I really enjoyed shooting….Unfortunately, the public land (Nat’l Forest) that I was using just recently got posted as “No Shooting”. That spot took me several years to find, and I was downright anal in cleaning up after myself…but it’s gone now. Not sure I’ll be able to find another spot in this area (Puget Sound area of WA state), which seems strange when you look at a map and see all the forest we have in the area…but LOTS of it is posted.

    Now I’m jealous of those of you who have the space to setup your steel targets!

    • Ahh, you need to move from the Coffee and Birkenstocks side of the state to the dry “gun” side of the state. Plenty of land over here to shoot. From Spokane you can find two 1000 yard areas to shoot within 30 miles of the city’s core (Fishtrap and Spokane Valley Rifle and Pistol Club). We’ve got plenty of other places to shoot and we’ve also got Jeremy S. who does many of the reviews here on TTAG.

  3. I hate to admit it, but the third photo down, reminded me of a “toilet” and some guy left the lid up, and is gonna catch hell from the more feminine part of his family.

    • Just for the hell of it, I asked my old lady what was the first thing she thought of when viewing the photo. I swear to god, she said the same thing, a frigging toilet!

  4. Someone is making a small torso target similar to this with base that ships in a flat rate box for less than $200…now if I could just remember who?

  5. “a compact car like the one Leghorn drives” Please tell me it’s not a Prius (or a Honda Fit – those things give me …Fits).


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