1. Being a designer/draftsman, I love cutaway models, and giant mockups to show how stuff works.

  2. Great film! Does a good job explaining the subject and a provides an understanding of the problems overcome by the mechanisms of the weapons in use. When I was a Boy Scout, a long, long time ago, we watched military training films. We ate them up. The father of two of the boys in my patrol was an Assistant Scout Master and a retired USAF Colonel. He would get us training films to watch. Most were survival training films and the absolute best were an air force series featuring two aircraft crews in the same environment. A typical film would have two planes go down in the jungle; one crew would do everything right to survive and be rescued, the other crew would do everything wrong. What made the series so neat for us is that the Colonel’s nephew (our pals’ cousin) was on the crew that did everything wrong. We loved it. Along the way we also learned a hell of a lot. Even if the information was a bit dated and aimed at servicemen it helped teach us to think and to see different uses for items at hand.

    • It wouldn’t help. You see, journalists have been taught that the “narrative” is more important than mere facts. You can see this on full display in the Treyvon Martin furor.

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