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Minden, Nevada–based Franklin Armory will soon introduce a new firearms option for shooters trapped in California. The company says the new long gun for the Golden State will be neither “featureless” or “mag locked.” The Title 1™ will make its debut at the NASGW show tomorrow.

According to a company release, “The Franklin Armory Title 1™ was created for our friends behind enemy lines where the modern sporting rifle is neutered beyond comprehension. While fixed magazine and featureless platforms will continue to have their place, Title 1™ provides a full-feature option to the consumer in restrictive jurisdictions. It has a standard magazine release, and while it ships with a 10-round magazine, civilians can use legally acquired 30-round magazines with Title 1™.”

Franklin Armory further touts the Title 1:

  • Because it is not a rifle, shotgun, or pistol, it can’t be defined as an Assault Weapon in CA
  • Standard push button magazine release
  • Usable with legally owned standard capacity magazines
  • 3 points of contact including padded cheek weld
  • Can be used with any flash hider or compensator
  • 100% American made

Franklin Armory also makes the CA7, which the company calls “the only California Roster approved AR.”

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  1. There are already companies selling these in New York and CT and they have been selling like candy before Halloween. They fall under the ATF classification of “Other” as opposed to “Any Other Firearm”. As such they legally are not a Rifle, Shotgun, or Pistol. Actually I am concerned that bigger names are getting into the game. Up to this point the “man” hasn’t really known of their existence or understood what they are. At some point they will probably modify the law to include them.

    • The ingenuity of these companies is impressive. Give us a law, any law, and gun people will find a way to follow it.

    • If it gets enough traction, then gets pointed out to the ‘leadership’ of the PRC, it will be banned by name. Newsom is nothing if not happy to sign any gun control law that is put on his desk.

      • Banned by name? Cool! Done right, the manufacturer can change the name *WAY* faster than the gubt can pass a law. Maybe that’s why the name is “Title 1”, which could be changed to “Title 2” in around 15 seconds on a computer keyboard. How long will it take the nincompoops to pass a new law, banning “title 2” rifles this time? Especially once lawmakers discover that they will still be in their victory news conference when the name is changed to “Title 3”. And sales won’t have been held up in any way, for so much as a minute.

    • Small correction… You used the title, ” any other firearm”. It is actually AOW, “any other weapon”.

    • if you look at franklin armory site ca 7 has no listing for gas tube , so California get a single shot. just like the pistol ca legal has no gas tube for birth but that doesn’t stop the gun from maturing by adding a gas system. my ca dealer ffl that has mgf license pointed this one.

      • please excuse my lausd school education , for should be from and also it should read pointed this one out

    • There’s still no definitive definition as to whether this is legal in New York.
      How do I know? I’ve been having a conversation with the local DA and the AG and can’t get straight answers out of any of them (even the ones who are pro-gun).

      • And you never will. The fact of the matter is every LGS in my area is selling them and they are moving fast. We have been having this discussion on NY Firearms for 6 months. Some guys are like “They won’t say this is legal”. Other guys are “I’m buying one”. I think the key is a large number of LGS have looked at the law and they are confident they won’t lose there business by selling them.

      • In my experience nobody employed by the state will ever give you a clear answer on whether anything is legal.

  2. How much? Someone may or may not have gotten in some 30 round p mags during the week long freedom period here in CA. Mostly as a big fuck you to the socialists in Sac.

    • 5 seconds and google, less time than it took you to type that out and post the question???!!!===944.00 right off the web page


      • Speaking of lazy, why don’t you explain to the rest of the class what in the world you just typed? Looks like jibberish.

        • He said it took five seconds to google the manufacture and the price is $944.00 Federal Reserve I.O.U notes.

          This is the internet and a public commenting section of all places, formal writing is not required nor expected and if you want to be snarky and pretend you don’t understand what someone says, you can return to the academics circle jerk were everyone claims to be holier than thou.

          Its fine, 4z L()/\/G @$ 1tz n0t l337 $Pe/-\|<, only a pompous filing cabinet would care about expressing perfect writing in a text message or blog comment.

        • Holier than thou? Pot and kettle much?

          Apparently a little snarkiness intended toward someone else in good fun is enough to trigger you to jump in and snark even more, while complaining about the snarking.


        • “…This is the internet and a public commenting section of all places, formal writing is not required nor expected…”

          Incorrect. It is expected here, or at the very least you make an effort to do so.

          You go right ahead and be you, but I can tell you if you refuse to communicate clearly here, and if you refuse to make an effort to improve, you can expect to get a whole lot of shit for it.

          My writing damn sure isn’t perfect, but at least I make an effort to.

          It simply isn’t polite to barge into a new area and demand that those there first to bow to your little demands.

          When you’re a guest in someone else’s home, the polite thing to do is to abide by their rules.

          Unless you have no problem with answering a knock you front door at 2 am and fixing me a thick steak from the grill with mushrooms… 🙂

    • Pretty much. I placed my order literally that same Friday afternoon the injunction was announced and I realized it wasn’t a hoax. Then after the weekend, I said to myself, “Self, why aren’t you backing up the truck, in case this door closes after Sacramento screams?” And so I placed another order, adding in a couple of goodies to the usual 30-rounders like “fun sticks” for my Glock. At that point, the drums were already gone, so kudos to any of you who were able to buy some.

      Very glad I acted while the door was open that week.

      • That’s sad you bought so much that you forgot about the glock drums you bought and paid cash for. Road trip and come visit any of us in a free state and I’m sure we can give you some ideas to look where you left them lying around your house during freedom week.

        I’m sure a lot of you CA owners are forgetful about freedom week cash acquisitions.

        • Yes, one of my buddies was ecstatic that he found a Fun Stick in his sofa cushions a couple of weeks later. We don’t ask questions here in CA. We just give the approving “dude nod” of the head.

  3. Wonder if any dealers are brave enough to sell it? Just because the fine print says its legal doesn’t mean DOJ will bother to read it. They’ve managed to disregard the 2nd Amendment, and thats easier to understand.

    • Dunno. I stopped acquiring my guns through FFLs here in CA back in the ’90s. Apparently my BFSC (Basic Firearms Safety Certificate) I had to test for at the time is no longer good, regardless of the fact that I now have 20+ years of additional experience and many hours of professional instruction under my belt. But I guess our Glorious Leaders in Sacramento know better than we do, yes comrades?

  4. Can you put a stock on it or does it need the pistol buffer tube to stay legal? Does it have rifling in the barrel?

    • The ones they sell here in NY have a Pistol brace. That’s one of the keys. Under ATF rules the gun has to have a “Stock” to be a rifle. There are four things that make the gun a “Other”. Pistol brace instead of a rifle stock. Spineless buffer tube. Foregrip (this means it’s not a pistol. The overall length of the gun must be more than 26″ (this prevents ot from being classified as a SBR or “Any Other Weapon”

    • I think that’s the Franklin Armory CA-7 model. I watched a YouTube review, and that one literally keyholes paper targets at only 25 yds due to midflight tumble. I suppose that’s still an effective deterrent because the bullet won’t over-penetrate, but the CA-7 would only be good for CQB.

      • The CA7 is a standard AR-type pistol, but with no gas tube, so it is a manual repeater. It also has a slightly stiffer trigger to help it pass the CA roster requirements – and since it isn’t a “semi-automatic pistol” (it’s a straight pull repeater), it gets by the CA requirements of LCI, magazine disconnect and “micro stamping”. Once acquired, and as long as the CA “assault weapon” regulations are followed (read as: magazine lock installed), an upper with a gas-tube can be added to the CA7, and you now have a CA legal semi-auto AR pistol with a fixed 10 round magazine!

        • True. But I spent a fraction of the money to get a Kali Key charging handle and BCG to achieve the exact same thing as the CA-7 with my existing AR pistol.

  5. That shore is one fugly er, thing. Gots to be desperate to want one, especially for the price.

    I’m thinking it will take the CA Gestapo about 12 minutes to come up with a law against it. By now I’m sure they have a template for anti-gun laws. Just fill in a couple of blanks and hand it to The Guv.

    That makes me wonder. Can you buy blanks in CA without a background check?

  6. California is a much better State then this one. I wouldnt move here if I lived in California.

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