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That right there is telegenic Former Secret Service agent Evy Poumpouras. In the video clip (not magazine) below, NBC’s “gun expert” tells the clueless anchors that the semi-automatic rifle wielded by Congressional baseball shooter James Hodgkinson was capable of firing multiple rounds with one trigger press. In other words . . .

It was a machine gun! As no one reported. Because it wasn’t. As Nick Leghorn reported last night, the homicidal Bernie supporter’s primary weapon was a semi-automatic SKS rifle. Which the media persists in calling an “assault rifle.” Go figure.

Meanwhile, Ms. Poumpouras has apologized for her gaffe on Twitter. NBC not so much.

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    • She’s the poster child for dumb blondes and gender-based affirmative action. God help us if she’s representative of current Secret Service agents.

      • I’m sure she was the agent in charge of securing the President’s junk (be it Dubya’s or Obama’s).

    • What’s embarrassing about these events is that there is never anybody around to challenge the “experts” ignorance. She obviously was talking about service issued select fire weapons and conflating them non-select fire civilian market weapons. Even worse she didn’t know that the shooter used a SKS which wasn’t a select fire weapon. Of course in the new biz none of this really mattered. Like the talking heads doing the interview, she was there to look good and present the conventional narrative that predictably turned a simi-auto rifle into a deadly full-auto rifle. This happens because the on-air talent, the producers, and the writers don’t know the difference and, if questioned, don’t much care. It’s all about the visuals.

      • China played around with 3-round burst SKSes, but nothing like that has ever reached the civilian market (jammed-firing-pin-induced slamfires not withstanding).

        • Build a mousetrap and sure enough someone will come along to make it “better”.

          Millions of ARs are in the hands of veterans who actually carried the M-16/M4 in battle in the performance of duties our government sent them to do. Yet, they can’t be trusted from the very moment that they re discharged from the service? The M-16/M4 are nothing compared to some of the weapons we used… M14, M2, M60, M2 carbine, and even more destructive ones, and the antis don’t think we can handle a .22 cal semi automatic rifle (as the military calls them).

          These talking heads should ask the military personnel who carry the M16/M4 daily rather than an FBI agent whose daily firearm is a handgun.

  1. Didn’t she get fired from the secret service for saying she’d refuse to protect the president? Or is that a different female ex ss officer.

  2. Probably explains why she is a ‘former’ SS agent. Its such a basic part of the discourse (semi vs full auto) that it defies logic (GOP word).

    • At some point, people have to see this is a straight up narrative pivot. One can only claim ignorance so often before the pattern proves intentional malice.

      • It’s not a “narrative pivot”. It’s just the ignorance of the masses regarding a specialized and technical topic. It happens all the time with other topics as well. File under “the human condition is fundamentally ignorant”.

  3. What did she do at the secret service? It is obvious she wasn’t an armorer. I sure hope they don’t have any “operators” as ignorant of weapons as she, but with the nature of government agencies I suppose it is possible.

    • She was on protective detail for both Obamas. She also has some investigative background with the Service.

      She came up through NYPD, it appears, having made a name for herself as a victim and a hero on 9-11.

      I haven’t been able to find much more about her background, like where she went to school. I did find a reference to her in a lawsuit another agent filed against DHS, in which she was alleged to have lied about another agent literally sleeping on the job. I don’t know how that turned out or who all was right in that case.

      Beyond that, she’s on some CBS T.V. game show where “fugitives” are set loose and the team of trackers has up to 28 days to find them within a certain geographic area. She’s one of the trackers. If the fugitive eludes capture, he gets $250K.

      Looks to me like she’s a beautiful woman with a somewhat higher than average I.Q. and no real talent, who has parlayed her looks and and affirmative action into a prosperous career.

      • Was it after Colion Noir checked her on it? They had a dust up on Instagram9Social media and then she blocked him? Check his feed

        In my view, any person going on TV as a Security Authority and a “former” SS agent, you can’t make this type of mistake (it’s 101). Couldn’t say for sure, but it’s feasible this was calculated error and she got caught and then attempted to correct the record. But I admit, I don’t know her. It just sucks that MSM jumps on all of these incidents and blame the gun and gun owners, NRA and your gun-toting neighbors mamma.

        This time is interesting cuz he was a flaming Bernie Bro and libs are having to all sorts of acrobatics to explain this one

  4. Maybe there IS something to the “Blonde” stereotype! Sure ignorant of the facts here. The pistol was a semi-automatic – i can get it to go pop-pop-pop just as fast as a semi-auto rifle.

  5. Can anything be done about this woman? Can she be sued or charged for lying or just plane ignorance?

    I promise someone out there believes her.

  6. Proof positive that you don’t have to be all that bright to be a Secret Service Agent.

  7. At least it wasn’t one of those SKS-7447 glockzookas with an extended clip that can fire multiple dragons breath RPGs with a single pull of the trigger. They sell more of those than they do books in VA and IL b/c you don’t need a background check.

  8. Ah…I learned something new today. If you are carrying a bolt action rifle, you only intend to kill one person, but if you are carrying a semi-auto rifle, you plan to kill many people. Because, I assume, bolt action rifles cannot be reloaded in any way…one shot and you have to throw it away and get another one. If only Charles Whitman had known that.

  9. Typical blonde doesn’t know what the term semi means when it is used in reference to a firearm no wonder she is former Secret Service.

  10. This is as bad as the San Francisco P.D. spokesman yesterday declaring that the gunman in the UPS facility spree shooting had wielded an “asault pistol.”

    What the hell is that? Any relation to the “assault shotgun” the media claimed the Washinghton Navy Yard shooter from 2013 had used?

    • “In the U.S. state of Hawaii, an assault pistol is defined as a semi-automatic pistol that accepts a detachable magazine and two or more other characteristics such as a threaded barrel or a shroud.
      In the U.S. state of Maryland, assault pistols are 15 named semi-automatic pistol models, such as the Heckler & Koch SP89 and the Intratec TEC-9, and copies of those models.” –

      • So in other words, it’s a made-up political term with elastic meanings varying by locale, but having the consistent purpose to scare the public and infringe on a constitutional right?

  11. If it takes you more than 15 seconds to do a mag change, it ain’t an assault-anything.

  12. Wait until some jackass uses a milsurp bolt gun and stripper clips. They will probably say they fired so fast, it sounded like the person had a fully semi automatic rifle.

  13. Did anyone else hear the police spokesman for the S.F.P.D . Call the ups shooters pistol, an assualt pistol.

  14. This is totally off topic ladies and gentlemen but really there’s not a whole lot you can say about that video it was absolutely hilarious Lee retarded. My question off topic has anybody out there been using ultrasonic cleaners for the rifles and handguns? And if so what’s your experience been?

  15. Stay away from the SKS being a semi auto. Since politcians don’t know the difference from a magazine or a clip, I don’t want them going after my go to rifle.

  16. She is absolutely correct ………………… every gun is a machine gun . Every gun is a gun = every gun is a machine = every gun is a machine gun . This is why it should not matter and the constitution does not and should not restrict the right to bare a ‘ machine gun ‘ .

  17. They don’t try to report guns accurately. Last year a bolt action rifle with a pistol grip was referred to as a semi auto assault rife by the MSM. The story was all over the place because it was mailed to a house and not an FFL. The MSM wants all guns to be assulty and scary. Facts don’t matter honest reporting doesn’t matter educating viewers definitely doesn’t matter.

  18. “A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

    Usually this is claimed to be a M. Twain quote but is actually a Haddon Spurgeon or possibly a Jonathan Swift quote.

    Does anyone really believe Ms. Evy goofed on this one?? She told a lie that NBC wanted to hear. I am sure she will be welcomed back to NBC repeatedly in the future.

  19. Wow. LEO’s aren’t actually a homogeneous group of superbly trained firearms experts. Well, just color me astonished!

  20. Every time I see this level of incompetence from government employees in positions of law enforcement, it bolsters my case that no citizen can or should depend upon government employees for their personal safety and preservation of their property.

    This isn’t a small detail. This is a Big Friggin’ Deal.Had it been a full-auto weapon in competent hands, the death toll would have been much higher. So far, the only person dead is the shooter – who was shot with (presumably) semi-auto weapons as well.

  21. Meh, this is what happens when the term “expert” is applied generally to people who specialize in something.

    I recently heard an interview with a biologist who was asked about climate change. The whole thing was just sad. The biologist kept saying “That’s outside my area of expertise so I can’t comment without doing some research” and the interviewer kept saying “But you’re a scientist!”.

    In that case the guy was honest enough to explain that he wasn’t qualified to give an opinion without more information but such a person is rare, especially when you put a camera or mic in their face.

      • Agreed. However the problem is bigger than that.

        In the case of this article it’s the thought that “Oh, well you were issued a gun (or guns) by the government for your job, so clearly you know everything about guns”.

        • Sorry, my comment was unclear in what I was referring to. I was talking about a journalist who badgered a biologist for an opinion on climate change.

          I’m not at all surprised about the agent making that “mistake.” I’d imagine she knows the difference between automatic and semi-automatic better than me. I’ve never had a job in which I was required to carry one.

  22. Gee whizz, I thought all cops of any sort were the only highly trained super duper firearms experts.
    Next you will try and say there ain’t no Easter Bunny!!

  23. Good thing she’s pretty. At the very least she owned up to be wrong/ignorant. More then I would have expected.

  24. I think many of you are missing to point here. When the fake news networks and their shills say or report something that is untrue. It is done on purpose knowing all the time it is untrue. Once the comments are out there then they retract it later at a less obvious time. It has been a tactic used for years and even more so with the internet as the vehicle of lies. It’s no different than when someone says something crude about someone then begs for forgiveness with an apology later. All contrived and planned.

  25. I watched this live at a doctors office where several patients watched. I was shocked by what I was hearing but I don’t think anybody else was aware of how erroneous this lady was. The harm was done, network will never make a correction. Even Rand Paul referred to automatic fire. I am so sick of so-called experts and fake and misleading news.

  26. You know the old “avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things” advice? That includes the news. I hope they don’t come for my SKS machine guns with their 10-round integral clips or my .9mm assault pistol.

  27. Sooo…..just because it was a live TV broadcast, a former Secret Service Agent got confused between a Semi-Auto rifle and a Select Fire machine gun? Me thinks that I know why she is no longer a SS agent.

  28. Sorry scooter you’re to late. Thursday night on NBC news Lester Holt reported the gunman at the SF UPS shooting had an assault pistol.

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