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I’m not entirely sure I like what Des has done with her hair, but what she’s done with her reviews are great. On-camera accuracy testing? Mixing static workbench review components with live fire demonstrations? Keeping the running time under that of ‘Titanic’? Looks to me like she’s hitting on the right formula for a good video review. Beretta doesn’t seem inclined to give us one of their ARX 100 rifles to test anytime soon, so until we source one locally we’ll have to take Destinee’s word on things.

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  1. Yeah, I like her better as a brunette…

    Good vid on the ARX. Can’t say I’m rushing out to switch to a new platform though…. (Although the Desert Tech MDR might change my mind some day. Guess we’ll see). The ARX’s ambi features are great for a .mil application, but don’t mean much to me as a righty… It’s a nice piece though. If I were a rich man, I’d have one in the safe for sure. Thanks, FoD.

    • Personally I am really interested in the ARX because I am an AK guy so 7.62×39 and AK mags is nothing new logistics-wise and being able to switch from righty to lefty and vice versa with the press of a button is nice since I am ambi.

      • Ahh ok. Well it’s getting some good reviews. It’s a bit pricey though. I’m not a big fan of running x39 out of anything but an AK personally, but that’s just me. I can however vouch for the true glory of an Arsenal SAM7SF running a Krebs AK UFM rail with an Aimpoint Micro on a RoyallyScrewed mount. To me, that’s AK perfection. But, we all have our own version of that I suppose…

      • The ARX is already fielded in x39 to Kazakhstan Special Forces. Haven’t heard of any plans for that here yet, but if there is enough demand for it, the design already exists.

    • I think I have issues with the sights being so far above the bore axis. It looks really awkward to get good sight alignment and picture. It looks like your chin needs to rest on the stock.

  2. Your very first sentence starts with a complaint on how FoD has styled her hair? Maybe there’s a reason why the percentage of women viewers for TTAG is low.

    I don’t see how any comment about FoD’s appearance has a place in the blog post or in the comments. It is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, the ARX 100.

    • Ahhh come on… lighten up a little there man 🙂 . She went blonde. She has to expect people to notice and comment. After all, she’s FateOfDestinee. Hard not to notice her. She’s hot either way, I just think she looks better with her natural (brunette) hair color. I don’t think I have offended any of the ladies by saying that, nor do I think Nick has. She’s a tough little cookie, she can dig it.

    • FoD sells the fact that she’s a good looking lady.

      Let’s all be honest with each other: her content certainly isn’t better than many other well-known YouTube personalities in the gun community (excluding YM, the average pimply faced teen produces better content.) My guess is she wouldn’t be near as successful at what she does if she didn’t know full well how/why she appeals to her market. Her recipe works and I applaud her for it.

      Back to the hair subject, though: Leghorn’s right… The blonde isn’t working on her.

    • Have you been following FateOfDestinee’s Youtube channel since the beginning?

      She looks much better with her natural brunette hair color. The blonde look is un-natural for her makes her look like she’s trying to hard.

      The review was ok. I think if she kept it in the 10min time frame it would’ve been better. I’m still not sold on the ARX either way…

  3. Would rather just have a SIG 55x with all of the QC problems verifiably fixed.

    Beretta suffers from trying to make all of their guns look like some sort of shark.

    • The Italians suffer from trying to make all of their everything look like some sort of shark.

      Fixed it for you.

  4. Got my arx 2 weeks ago, love it, accuracy so far isn’t great but it’s fun to shoot and I just need to find the right ammo…

  5. Left handed shooter, healthy lady, pleasant voice, what is there not to like? The rifle is not my speed, but enjoyed the video, well done. (you tell her you don’t like her hair, I darn sure ain’t).

    • I really appreciate the flow of the review and the live action shooting. It makes it tangible and non-cherry picked. When talking, i like the decided lack of repetitive repetition being repeated and elimination of filler sounds. The review has a good signal to noise to it and it’s refreshing to not have to fforward the video to actually learn about the firearm and skip rambling.

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