The New York Daily News has crunched the latest Big Apple crime stats. The paper’s headline: NYC murder rate down, but 5 tough police precincts in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens tally 25% of the city’s shootings. Really? You mean there aren’t regular gunfights outside of Saks Fifth Avenue? The Daily’s data mining has unearthed a number of surprising stats—provided you don’t use what gun grabbers euphemistically call “common sense.” For example, “49% of all murder victims are involved with drug use and/or drug sales” and “67% of murder victims are black, with 25% Hispanic and just 4% white.” Just? Did they say “just”? Like Caucasians are somehow crime death deprived? Make the jump for some more piercing glimpses into the obvious. Meanwhile, killers used guns in “just” 62 percent of all murders. Which means that 38 percent of NYC murders did NOT involve firearms. How ’bout them apples Mayor?

The days, times and places where death is most imminent for New Yorkers:

  • The deadliest day of the week: Saturday (89 murders).
  • The safest: Tuesday (58 murders).
  • The deadliest time of day: 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. (41 murders).
  • The deadliest weapon: Guns, used in 62% of all killings.
  • The deadliest precinct: Brooklyn’s 75th, with 30 murders.

Much of the data mirrors past years, when black men were most often targeted in fatal shootings.

Don’t you hate it when they do that? The text clearly implies that black men are targeted for being black. Hmmm. Whom should I shoot today? Black man, white man. Black man, white man. As for three to four am being the “deadliest” time of day, clearly the writers don’t suffer from the 3 o’clock slump. But seriously we can now add to one of our favorite pieces of self-defense advice: avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things at a stupid time of day.

The city’s homicide total stands at 476 through Tuesday, compared with 470 for all of 2009. Police suggest the bump indicates the NYPD is also a victim – of its own success after last year’s record low.

Tony Fields, whose barbershop sits in the city’s most lethal precinct, never noticed much change around his East New York business. “It’s not that complicated,” said Fields, 44. ‘Lots of guns and drugs equals a high murder rate. Get rid of the drugs. Get rid of the guns. Get rid of the murders.'”

Or not.


  1. “Meanwhile, killers used guns in “just” 62 percent of all murders. Which means that 48 percent of NYC murders did NOT involve firearms.”

    62 = 48 = 110

    Something doesn’t add up.

        • The entire post was written on your first version of this statement.

          “Which means that 48 percent of NYC murders did NOT involve firearms”

          Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. It makes one wonder if you really look at what is being said or if your mind’s already made up.

  2. Stats aside, the basic lesson can be summed up thusly: don’t buy/sell drugs at 3:00am in a bad part of town, and you probably won’t get shot. Easy, right?

    • That’s racist.

      Just another way for the white man to try and keep enterprising youths from earning the money they need to support their families.

      • Yeah, like that guy with 30 kids by 11 different women (4 in one year) who now wants the gov’t to help him pay child support (like they/we aren’t paying most of it now).

      • “entrepreneurial youths” would be more.. uh… common I would think.

        Dont ask me why, but thats a specific word I could see being used more often in urban environments based on previous experience.

  3. Why not just outlaw this type of behavior? Make it illegal to shoot people. That should prevent any problems.

  4. What are people doing awake and on the street between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sleeping at home in my own bed so I can go to work in the morning.

    • I think the idea is that these people were murdered at home in their own beds or something. After all, it’s much easier to smash a baseball bat into somebody’s face when they’re lying down and unconscious.

  5. If one watches/listens/reads the various “gun” training/interest shows or publications, you would think that every man, woman and child in America is in imminent danger of assault, murder, home invasion, mass riot, or Los Zetas field maneuvers. The gun industry and gun flacks constantly drum up fear and hysteria to generate sales. Enough already to quote Mayor Booker…..the stats quoted plus other numbers reinforce the reality of a relatively small number of stupid folks in dangerous occupations battling it out in the sketchy areas of town. One other number that has stuck with me is that 80% of all the murders in the US occur in 20 counties. It don’t take no rocket scientist to figure out where those counties are. Once ya know this, As Dr. Phil would say, “just don’t go there !”.

    • To add to that..if one compares deaths due to preventable diseases like Type 2 diabetes versus that of murder. I would think more people would be running in general and not just to gun stores to purchase another home defense toy. I always found it ironic the severely obese people on Youtube talking about protecting themselves from murders and what guns they use to do so, when there is a far greater chance of them dieing prematurely of something health related and preventable. But I guess at least they did it to themselves instead of someone else like murder.

  6. Just spent the weekend in NYC, and I can attest to the generalized ignorance of all things firearm. This was even apparent by the people who worked in Beretta’s flagship gun gallery. Even though I enjoyed my weekend, I can’t help but come away with the feeling that if you choose to live in NYC, then you get what you deserve.

  7. I don’t see how any of this helps us. No one was saying ALL murders were with guns, but pointing out that the majority was does not make anything look good. Or the various sarcastic remarks on the racial stats, all of which are worded in a way to very very easily cause people to assume racism. Given how eager liberals are to try to paint all gun owners as racist I would have hoped you’d be more careful in your wording.

  8. How can there be so many gun murders in a city where it is nigh impossible to get a permit to carry? It’s almost as if laws don’t prevent crime…

  9. “Get rid of the drugs. Get rid of the guns. Get rid of the murders.’”

    Haven’t you been, um, DOING that for the last twenty years or so? Yeah bud, that hasn’t been working so well for you so far…

    • Well, technically the murder rate is about 1/4 of what it was 20 years ago, so it seems that locking up pushers, buyers and shooters has had some positive results.

  10. Impossible. Guns are illegal in NYC, so this obviously can’t be true, since if you outlaw something, then those who are of the mind to commit a crime anyway would obviously follow it. Just like gun-free zones, which always work.

  11. What is more interesting is that the NYPD’s murder clearance rate is only 59% for 2010. Keep in mind that a case is cleared when an arrest is made, not that anyone was actually convicted. If you watch shows like Crime 360, it seems that just like DGUs, arrests are typically made when people dont know when to STFU. So as long as you STFU, chances are you can get away with murder. Why do we have the police again?

  12. So, the shift in murders is moving away from guns.

    Anyone here think that Mayor Mike would take notice that people are still killing each other, regardless of the implement selected?

      • Plenty. But no so much in the Bronx and Harlem. More so in Williamsburg and Clinton, but not so much with the shooting there.

  13. The 3am-4am thing made me laugh and recall a line from a Chris Rock special a few years back where he asked, “Why are ATMs open 24 hours? Nobody every takes out four hundred dollars at 3am for a *good* reason.”

  14. When I was growing up, my dad always told me that if I only remember one thing he says, remember that nothing good ever happens after two in the morning.

    So far I’m inclined to agree.

  15. Get rid of the drugs. Get rid of the guns. Get rid of the murders.

    I’m thinking that getting rid of the scumbags might be an alternative solution. I know, it’s a radical thought, but it’s worth a try.

  16. Posting too fast. Uh-huh.
    This does not surprise me as most of the murder statistics in Fort Wayne was sort of similar. The body count was the highest involved with blacks drug dealing in certain bad drug dealing parts of town in the wee hours of the morning on weekends. If you start getting away from these people and these areas and these times and these activities, then the murder rates fall dramatically.
    I still would like to see crime rates of Suburban and Rural German populated areas of the USA compared to the same type of areas of Europe. I would wager that they are not all that different.

  17. “Meanwhile, killers used guns in “just” 62 percent of all murders. Which means that 38 percent of NYC murders did NOT involve firearms. ”

    I liked your first version better. I had a good laugh.

    This one however shows why New York City is the safest big city in the country. The number of murders that are done with a gun is just like the national average, so the total murders must be less than they would have been if gun availability were high.

    This puts the lie to one of your cornerstone arguments, that if guns aren’t available, killers will just resort to other tools.

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