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By Lee Williams

The allegations in the press release were damning: “The Department of Justice today announced that six men have been arrested and charged federally with conspiring to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.”

“These alleged extremists undertook a plot to kidnap a sitting governor,” Assistant Special Agent in Charge Josh P. Hauxhurst said in the October 8, 2020 press release. “Whenever extremists move into the realm of actually planning violent acts, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force stands ready to identify, disrupt and dismantle their operations, preventing them from following through on those plans.”

Five Michiganders and one Delawarean were charged with conspiring to kidnap the governor from her vacation home in western Michigan. Each faces up to life in prison if convicted.

The massive investigation involved FBI special agents from the FBI’s Detroit Field Office, members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, special agents from the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Michigan, the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the Eastern District of Michigan and Delaware, and the Michigan State Police.

According to the criminal complaint, the suspects used Facebook to discuss the plot, and the FBI brought the social media giant into their circle of trust early on in the investigation. Facebook was all too happy to play along with the feds.

Gretchen Whitmer
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan Office of the Governor via AP, Pool)

“We proactively reached out and cooperated with the FBI early in this ongoing investigation,” a Facebook spokesperson told CNN. “We remove content, disable accounts and immediately report to law enforcement when there is a credible threat of imminent harm to people or public safety.”

The day after the arrests, Facebook shut down Michigan’s Second Amendment Sanctuary page without any warning. The group had nearly 100,000 members.

“They just shut it down,” Tom Norton, an administrator for the group told Michigan Public Radio. “We woke up this morning, everybody was kicked off, blocked and 95,000 people disappeared.”

The page was used by Michiganders as a way to organize and share information on how local municipalities and counties could pass resolutions to declare themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

Facebook shuttered personal pages belonging to the group’s founders and administrators too.

A Facebook spokesperson later claimed the Second Amendment Sanctuary page was shut down because it violated Facebook’s policy on “militarized social movements.”

Facebook’s press office did not return inquiries seeking comment for this story.

The unraveling

According to the criminal complaint, the FBI relied heavily on information provided by “Confidential Human Sources (CHS) and Undercover Employees (UCE).”

“Not all CHSs and UCEs were present at all times, however, at least one CHS or UCE was usually present during the group meetings. Those CHSs and UCEs consensually recorded the meetings and conversations with the subjects,” the complaint alleges. “Some meetings or conversations were recorded by more than one CHS or UCE. Certain CHSs also had access to group or individual texts, online chats, and phone calls. Each CHS was vetted for reliability by the FBI agent handling the source. None of the CHSs were aware of the other CHSs involved with the groups in order to preserve the independence of their reporting. Although multiple CHSs were used over the course of the investigation, this complaint only relies on audio recordings and information provided by CHS-1, CHS-2, UCE-1 and UCE-2.”

Based solely upon the complaint, the case looked solid, at least until someone took a closer look.

A scathing report from Buzzfeed News revealed that the “informants, acting under the direction of the FBI, played a far larger role than has previously been reported. Working in secret, they did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects. Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception. The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.”

In short, there wouldn’t have even been a kidnapping plot without the FBI’s informants.

This is clearly an example of confidential informants running the FBI agents, not the agents running the CIs. The FBI’s informants created the conspiracy and the defendants tagged along. Prosecutors will be lucky to get a conviction on even the most minor of federal charges.

Collateral damage

Noah Davis, who operates and its companion site, has tracked the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement since its inception in his home state of Virginia. Davis has the most up-to-date maps and data available on the topic.

Currently, he said, more than 60% of all Michigan counties have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries, but the number would be much higher if Facebook hadn’t scuttled the movement.

“Michigan was on a roll. They were killing it in terms of creating Second Amendment Sanctuaries. Michigan was going to be the next Kentucky, and then Facebook shut them down. Not only did they shut down their main page, they shut down their sub groups and personal pages too – killing family photos and decades of personal posts,” Davis said Friday. “They completely gutted their command and control, and 100,000 Michiganders who were working in concert to spread the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement were shut off overnight.”

Not only did Facebook shut down the Michigan Sanctuary groups, similar pages in Georgia and Kentucky were also shuttered, which affected more than 500,000 people, Davis said.

“I think Facebook realized we were being too effective at coordinating our political activities, so they had to slow us down, and they gutted our ability to communicate,” Davis said. “I can’t see any other reason why they would do it other than to stop us. They predicated their decision on trumped up charges, and 100,000 Michiganders had to pay the price.”


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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      • Yes, under current law they have the right to do what they want with their private property.

        The authoritarian control of private property by the government that you advocate is diametrically opposed to the freedom you claim to support.

        Scratch a conservative, find an authoritarian fascist.

        • Gee, I remember when Microsoft lost in court because it packaged Internet Explorer (guffaw) with Windows, a supposedly unfair, monopolistic business practice. What a quaint and innocent time that was!

          Now Facebook censors political speech, suppresses the news, lies about its business practices, exploits its customers, invades their privacy, steals their intellectual property, causes untold psychological harm to millions of users, and acts as a willing agent of the government to subvert the constitution… and yet, “it’s a private company!”

          Facebook and the other members of the Silicon Valley Cartel have had ample time to clean up their act. Time for some trust busting, I think.

        • Says the guy who thinks censorship is perfectly fine when he agrees with the people doing it. Don’t even have to scratch a progressive to see the lust for conformity and control oozing out of them.

        • Ingrid, I don’t recall advocating censorship. But I do recognize no right is absolute, even the first amendment is subject to censorship.

          You may be familiar with the terms slander, libel and defamation. Speech uttered to perpetrate a fraud is a crime punishable by fine and imprisonment.

          Freedom of religion is limited, only certain sacraments are permitted while others are prohibited. Just ask the Rastafarians about their use of ganja versus the Catholic Church’s continued use of wine during prohibition.

          And some amendments even require regulation right in the text, a good example would be the second amendment and the use of the term “well regulated”.

        • “…some amendments even require regulation right in the text… a good example would be the second amendment and the use of the term ‘well regulated.'”

          The expression “well regulated” doesn’t refer to regulations or restrictions imposed upon the 2nd Amendment. This would be nonsensical and contradictory to the phrase, “shall not be infringed.”

          Rather, “well regulated” refers narrowly to the organization and equipping of citizen militias, and is provided in the text of the 2A as just one possible rationale for the individual right to keep and bear arms. A militia of the time would rely on each individual member to provide his own equipment, including militarily useful weaponry. This fits within a tradition of privately equipped citizen fighting forces dating back to ancient Greece and beyond. Other rationales for an individual right to bear arms are not explicitly stated in the amendment itself, but are well known. For example, the rationale stated in the opening of the Declaration of Independence: “WHEN in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another…” Self-defense, hunting, sport, etc. are all equally valid rationales.

          You know all this, Miner. Don’t be deceptive.

        • “Yes, under current law they have the right to do what they want with their private property.”

          You sound like a Libertarian. The problem is, they do NOT have the right to use their private property to deny the rights of others on behalf of the government. That’s exactly what’s happening. The Joe Que Mala Administration has literally admitted this.

          Before Joe’s handlers were dealing with facebook directly, Congress was dealing with them indirectly. They did this by marching Zuckerberg before them and “asking” why they’re allowing certain information on their platform. That was nothing more than a thinly veiled threat. Facebook got the message loud and clear and stepped up their censorship.

        • Napster, your analysis is valid on just about every single point.
          While your perception is credible, it all hinges on the internal construction of the 2A, which is awkward at best.

          I keep coming back to a quote from a founding father, “the militia is the whole of the people… “
          The contemporary concept was the militia is the people and the people is the militia, which would support “well regulated” extending to the people and their exercise of their rights/duties concurrently, being a part of the militia at all times.

          Add to that the militia clause authorizing Congress to organize, arm and discipline the militia, as recognized by the United States Supreme Court in 1820.

          Actually, I don’t think the language of the 2A is really that awkward, it was intentionally written to be elastic to make it adaptable to a changing society.

          A radical notion, for which I will receive a thorough drubbing from my fellow commenters…

        • Dude sez:

          “The problem is, they do NOT have the right to use their private property to deny the rights of others on behalf of the government.“

          What? John Q Public has no rights regarding Facebook’s private property.
          Facebook has no duty to provide the use of their private property to anyone, that’s why it’s called private property.

          Under your logic, I could sue you because you are denying me the use of your home, I have a right to freedom of movement which should include your living room. And you’re denying me just because I’m a liberal Democrat, denying my rights because of my political views, how in-American!

        • Miner,
          I’m all for debating you, but your comment makes zero sense. You (intentionally?) missed the entire point. Here it is again in a nutshell: “…they do NOT have the right to use their private property to deny the rights of others ON BEHALF OF THE GOVERNMENT.”

        • Dude, are you impervious to reason?

          They may deny the use of their private property to anyone they wish, for whatever reason they wish.

          Anybody, including the government, could ask me to refuse entrance on to my private property to John Doe, and it’s entirely my decision whether or not I honor that request.

          You, or anybody else, do not have any right whatsoever to tell me what or who I may allow on my property.

          It is a mystery me me why you think a private property owner should be forced to allow others to use their property against the owners will, that truly is the essence of communism.

        • “It is a mystery me me why you think a private property owner should be forced to allow others to use their property against the owners will, that truly is the essence of communism.”

          There’s this thing called the First Amendment. The government can not stifle your speech, even if they’re using a private entity to do so. Like I said, the current administration has even admitted to working with the tech companies to censor speech. This isn’t a difficult concept. Why are you ignoring it, and pretending this is about private property rights? You’re the straw man argument king.

        • Dude, a private property owner can take the advice of any entity, citizen or government, when deciding how to conduct his affairs regarding his private property.

          Do you have any evidence that the government acted to force or compel Facebook to follow a certain editorial policy?

          Do you have evidence that Facebook’s decision was not made of their own free will?

          Absent government force of coercion, Facebook and do what they will with their platform, deny or permit content, etc.

          Again, why do you think you can compel Facebook to air the content you wish?


          “We are regularly making sure social media platforms are aware of the latest narratives dangerous to public health that we and many other Americans are seeing across all of social and traditional media,” Psaki said.

          “At the press briefing, Psaki also was pressed by reporters who noted that science around COVID-19 has evolved and that Facebook previously censored “misinformation” that later gained credibility. Facebook infamously censored until May user posts that claimed the virus may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.”

          “The “lab leak” theory was denounced as a “conspiracy theory” by Democrats and some media outlets last year when it was floated by President Donald Trump. It later gained traction and Biden in May ordered a 90-day spy agency review of the possibility — admitting that one US intelligence agency is leaning toward that explanation.”

          Got that? Facebook censored something because it was politically inconvenient for a particular political party. Now they’re “allowing” it simply because it became difficult to continue denying it.

          So Miner, you’re perfectly fine with the government telling private companies which narratives to censor? You seriously don’t understand how that’s a) unconstitutional, and b) extremely dangerous? Is this your die hard Libertarian private property viewpoint? Or is this you being perfectly fine with an Authoritarian government as long as they’re Democrats? You think the government or a political party should decide which narratives are too “dangerous” to read about or listen to?

    • Lenin said, ‘the capitalists will sell you the rope to hang them with.’ And Facebook is in the rope selling business.

  1. They gleefully ran video of a bearded guy “shooting full semiautomatic(!)” on my local ABC news station. Hysterical is an apt metaphor. All I saw was white guys running a drill…

  2. Has to be Fake News…I saw a FakeBook ad on TV a couple of hours ago that extolled that FB offers meeting groups for “every” group…period. There were no disclaimers in their ad on how FB discriminates against any group that doesn’t pass FB’s ideological purity test.

  3. Its foolish to think that the FBI or any federal agency wouldn’t create or perpetrate plots against themselves to vindicate and/or excuse government involvement and overreach.

    I usually regard every troll and over the top radical comment as some fed for some time because of that. We are warring with information; one must at least acknowledge that.

    • I don’t recall what it was called but various federal law enforcement and intelligence organizations pitched JFK a plan to kill off US citizens in a series of attacks in order to blame it on the Cubans. Considering some of the people elected President since then it isn’t too much of a stretch to think one or more went along ( Fast and Furious anyone?).

  4. A typical Marxist operation. Control the media, lie-lie-lie. Never let the truth get in the way. Does anyone remember when years ago, the media fought tooth and nail against censorship ? Now that they virtually can’t be censored, they have surrendered and are taking orders from Marxists in our country and are self censoring themselves and us. Amazing until you read up on the communists goals needed to succeed to assume power.

  5. Dang it !!
    Why hasn’t a conservative person or group with adequate funding and skills set up a competitive platform to allow for conservative community communication?
    It doesn’t take a lot to realize that it would explode exponentially within months.
    AND we would get to watch Facecrap get a face plant in the interwebz. PLUS, it would have to affect them financially.

    C’mon JWT, you could get this going.
    Hell, where’s Farago on this?! He could make even more money!

    • Because that conservative has to have ….
      1) Billions of dollars
      2) Be willing to have a target put on their back by EVERY agency of the federal gov (especially the IRS) and all the other media.
      3) Have the balls to withstand the immense 24/7/365 pressure

      Personally I don’t know if there is such a person.

      Prager has #2 and #3 but not #1

        • I could suggest you might solicit the folks who put up the $250 million bond for the chairman of trumps inaugural committee in order to spring him from jail. The department of justice charged him with consorting with the united Arab emirates to subvert America’s foreign policy.

          Because of his foreign ties the judge set bond at $250 million, it was immediately posted so obviously there’s someone involved with deep pockets who should be all to ready to support right wing causes.

        • Thomas Barrack is a billionaire who had to put up 5 million dollars to secure the 250 million. 5 million to a billionaire worth 2.3 billion is pocket change.
          He’ll flee to Lebanon is the charade of a case against him looks like it has merit and be out 5 million plus his real estate in the US.
          His money is overseas where it cant be touched.
          Since the southern border is pretty much open, he’ll catch a flight to Lebanon where he has citizenship or the United Arab Emirates. The US has no extradition treaties with either country.

          This is a ploy to keep the “Orange Man Bad” BS going. It’s just more political theater. Pelosi might die of alcohol poising if Thomas Barrack flees.
          She knows the left is crumbling and splitting into different factions.
          Will Biden make it halfway through his term? Unlikely.
          His approval rating is going down fast now that people can clearly see he’s senile.

          “He’s confused, he’s lost, he’s disoriented, he stares off into space, he shuffles when he walks, he doesn’t know where he’s at or what he’s doing,” said Rep. Ronny Jackson, R- Amarillo, who served as physician to three presidents. “The White House used to be a symbol of power and influence. And now, literally every day it’s more and more looking like an assisted living facility. It’s true.”

    • Just Sayin (OG),

      There are more hurdles in addition to the hurdles that commenter doesky2 listed–and these hurdles may very well be insurmountable.

      In a nutshell:

      A competing communication platform which uses the Internet will be absolutely dependent on three elements:

      1) The Internet’s equivalent of old-school telephone books are the Domain Name System (DNS) servers. When you type the name of a website in your Internet browser (such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.) your browser submits that website name to a Domain Name System server somewhere which then directs your browser to the website’s actual numerical network address (which is subject to change). A lot of dyed-in-the-wool Progressive adherents have a HUGE hand in the operation of that system. I believe they could easily tweak the Domain Name System to ensure that it will never provide a correct numerical network address for a competing conservative communication platform.

      2) The Internet is a bunch of interconnected networks with devices called routers which seamlessly direct (e.g. route) network traffic to wherever it needs to go between all of those interconnected networks. Just like the Domain Name System, a lot of dyed-in-the-wool Progressive adherents have a HUGE hand in the operation of the routers which enable Internet traffic to go where it needs to go. Thus, they could easily tweak the routers to ensure that your queries to a competing conservative communication platform never reach that platform’s servers. Don’t believe me? Look up the event several years ago when Facebook refused to censor content according to Pakistan’s wishes and Pakistan made Facebook unreachable for something like half of the world for several hours.

      3) Everyone invariably uses a web browser (such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.) to access the Internet and interact with platforms. It goes without saying that Google, Apple, and Microsoft (and probably any other company which makes a web browser) are extreme-Left companies. If a competing conservative communication platform was ascending in popularity, those companies could easily distribute a software “update” which ensures that their browsers could not access the conservative platform.

      And, as if that wasn’t scary/compelling enough, those very same extreme-Left companies (which make the most widely used web browsers) also make the most widely used computer, tablet, and phone operating systems. Even if a conservative-friendly company made a web browser which would not discriminate against conservative communication platforms, those extreme-Left companies could easily distribute a software “update” to the operating systems of almost every device in existence which would no longer allow the conservative-friendly web browser to function.

      Sorry to be Debby-downer–those are the facts. I do not see any solution (no matter how easy nor difficult) to this GINORMOUS problem.

      The only viable widely-available communication scheme that I can picture at this time is exactly what the Colonists did prior to issuing the Declaration of Independence in 1776: they met in person at town squares, churches, and pubs to organize and strategize. Tragically, even that is in jeopardy these days with unscrupulous law enforcement agents and prosecutors who could cherry-pick content from secret recordings of such meetings to paint a false picture of “terrorists” conspiring to “terrorize”.

    • The platform you seek exists already:

      They’ve got the skills and the dedication. They’ve put that target on their backs, been shot at, shot down, and got right back up — they’re building their own uncensorable infrastructure the best way that anyone can.

      Gab is also 100% funded by its founders and by subscriptions, so no “activist investors” can censor or cancel. All Gab lacks is more people who are willing to buy pro subscriptions and/or donate.

      Put your money where your mouth is. Heck, just join with a free account and test the waters. Either way…DO IT.

    • It can’t happen because the Authoritarians already control the infrastructure. See Parler as an example of what happens to an uppity little tech company with big ideas.

  6. Anyone STILL (or every) on fakebook is dumber than Gov Witless and Cameltoe Harris.

    Sounds like a very high % of the “participants” were FBI twits.

  7. Here’s a rundown of the FBI staging this (even from people Left of center).

    The RINO narrative that the problems of the FBI are confined to the top is shown to be the crap that it is. It’s rotten to the core just like all the rest of fed gov.

  8. Militarized social movements are banned on FB? And how much would you bet that BLM and that sociaist align John Browne militia has a fascist book page?

    • Don’t forget FB has refused to shut down known antifa pages that have been documented violating their rules.

  9. Well, we already knew that Facebook was an open source of private personal search info, facial recognition and other privacy invasions for the Fed. We knew that the EFTAB is now acting as a proxy Congress to change gun laws to fit their disarmament agenda. And now Facebook is acting as the Fed itself by making claims that a righteous movement to defend and protect the Constitution is a ‘Militarized social movment’?! And then violates their 1st/A rights by banning their speech which in no fantasy world harbored any violence, along with a couple of other charges I can think of just off the top of my mind-blowed head like interfering with your rights to assemble and organize as a political organization?! And depriving someone of their rights before anyone of any relativity to Sanctuary cities–which i don’t see here at all, is even tried and found guilty?

    It’s out of control, people. Let’s hope the 2nd/A Constitutional Sanctuary Movement gains ground and some heroic patriot State AG, or even a local one has the guts and balls to send his State Troopers along with the ‘Constitutional’ Sheriff’s Deputies to arrest and prosecute these Marxist political big teck internet terrorists. And then all the Face book anti-2nd/A co-conspirators for Felony Deprivation of Rights under USCC 18-241-242. Also let’s all try to get a huge donation movement going to Firearms Policy Coalition to get an injunctive lawsuit started against Facebook. The Constitution is crumbling faster than Florida beachfront Condos!

    • jfkjr,

      United States Code Title 18, Section 241-242 does not apply to the owners/employees of a private company which has “Terms of Service” on their product/service.

      As frustrating as that can be, it makes sense. If I created a “bulletin board” application with paid advertisements, more visitors to my “bulletin board” means more profit–a noble objective of course. If a bunch of visitors started posting extremely vulgar/explicit invitations to sex parties, that could turn away a LOT of other visitors which would hurt my profits. Thus, I should have the latitude to prohibit content which hurts my profits on my private “bulletin board” application. Similarly, I should have the latitude to prohibit content which violates my conscience on my private application. (An example would be notices about how to “lose weight” obviously targeted at women struggling with Anorexia.)

    • “the ‘Constitutional’ Sheriff’s Deputies“

      Constitutional sheriff?

      You must be thinking of some other country’s constitution…

      The word ‘sheriff’ is not in the United States Constitution.

      The only power a sheriff has is that granted by the state legislature under the state constitution, which is subservient to the supreme law of the land as set by Congress.

  10. As I said before. The Libertarians believe that a multi-billion-dollar private Communications company, has every right to stop you from communicating. And that private Communications company has every right to work hand-in-hand, with the government to ensure you don’t talk to other people.
    This is just like in fascist Italy or fascist Germany when large multi-billion dollar companies worked with the federal governments of those two fascist Nations.

    It does seem to me then it’s time to use the F-word in describing Libertarians.
    Libertarian Fascists. Or Fascist Libertarians

    There are already people who for years have been calling themselves libertarian socialist.

    • Their cooperation with a governmental agency to suppress speech potentially makes them agents of the State and therefore liable for first Amendment violations to which they would not be exposed absent that cooperation. But their protection is under attack, and I hope the attack succeeds. Google/Facebook et al should not be allowed to remake the country into their preferred image.

      • There is no proof that Libertarians believe in the 1st amendment. They don’t believe in private property ownership. Unless it’s a multi-billion dollar tech company. But they do believe in public sex, public drug use, flag burning and cross burning on the front lawn of a black person’s home. Don’t believe me??? Go look up the court cases for yourself.

        Not all but most of them don’t support the second amendment.

    • btw
      I remember when a tech company refused to help the FBI to open the secured phone of a terrorist.
      But that tech company will stop you from talking to other people.

  11. Gab.
    Frank Speech.

    Plenty of FB alternatives that do not censor. Conservatives and Patriots are finding their way to these sites. The more FB and Twitter censor, the faster these alternatives will grow.

  12. Fed Gov has been in bed with the Giant Telcoms (I’m including the interweb companies like Google ect in modern times) starting in the 1950s. Truth.

    However, it’s pretty easy to walk over, talk to your neighbor and you’ll expose nothing. Everything is local anyway if the balloon goes up.

  13. The question to ask is did Biden’s government have any “encouraging talks” with them about doing this like the vaccine stuff.

  14. Who didn’t see this coming?

    The best thing you can do is just stay off of Facebook and Twitter. They are not your friend.

  15. If you happen to be using Windows 10 guess what?
    The OS is spyware. Everything you type can be key logged.
    If people haven’t figured out that Facebook is pretty much just a data-mining operation,
    literally from it’s inception then there are some pretty stupid people out there.
    If you don’t think that WordPress is logging all of our IP addresses then you might “special.”
    “I use a VPN and DuckDuckGo so I’m untraceable”.
    The reality is it takes about 5 more seconds to get your real IP address.

  16. october 2018: fake cesar sayoc pibe bomb hoax plot
    october 2020: fake gretchen whitmer kidnapping hoax plot
    its a pattern
    the same people who saw the 2018 thing for what it was the day it happened called the gretchen whitmer thing the same day too
    we call those people smart people
    we call them trump voters

    • All you Trump supporters should be pleased, the United States Department of Justice has finally arrested Barack!

      After years of chanting “lock him up!” it looks like Barack finally was arrested for conspiring with the Muslim fundamentalists of the united Arab emirates to subvert America.

      But it seems Barack’s billionaire friends have already posted $250 million bond to release Barack, obviously the fix is in.

      “The chair of former President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee was ordered freed Friday on $250 million bail to face charges he secretly worked as an agent for the the United Arab Emirates to influence Trump’s foreign policy.

      Tom Barrack, 74, will be subject to electronic monitoring and largely confined to his residence after he is arraigned Monday in a New York courtroom. He was arrested Tuesday in Los Angeles near his home.

      Barrack is expected to plead not guilty to conspiring to influence U.S. policy on the UAE’s behalf during Trump’s 2016 campaign and while Trump was president. Barrack, the founder of private equity firm Colony Capital, was among three men charged in the case.”

      • Meh. That’s DC for you. Wake me up when they start arresting democrats. I’m prepared for a long, peaceful nap, cuz evil protects its own.

      • You do realize that Miner49er and Dacian are either paid to be trolls or are mentally ill. My thinking is heavily on the second one, both likely have diagnosed mental illness and yet people engage with them on here.

        Both rely on strawman arguments and sealioning to accomplish their “goals”.
        They are either paid to keep a topic going or are pretty much the people that never left their parents home. If they are on disability because of their mental illness then the average taxpayer like most of the people on this website pays for their internet, food and housing.

        • When people dare to disturb the echo chamber that is this comment board, they are labeled as ‘trolls’ and/or ‘mentally ill’ and/or are accused of mainly ‘straw man arguments’. This tactic is a poor attempt to marginalize those who happen to have a different person. And here I thought cancelling and name calling were tools of the leftists….

        • Thank you for the unsolicited personal attack, I’m sure it brought you a sad sort of pleasure.

          But you should celebrate, even if I was mentally ill I would still be permitted to buy lethal weapons including AR15s with extended mags, thanks to Donald Trump removing that restriction on my rights. See you in the bell tower!

          Good Times!

        • “See you in the bell tower!” So there it finally is, in your own words. You really are a violent leftist with fantasies of mass murder.

        • “You really are a violent leftist with fantasies of mass murder.“

          Sarc-O-Meter down?

        • “But you should celebrate, even if I was mentally ill I would still be permitted to buy lethal weapons including AR15s with extended mags, thanks to Donald Trump removing that restriction on my rights. See you in the bell tower!”

          You would piss yourself just seeing an AR15 let alone being up high.
          Face it, you are mentally ill and the taxpayers are paying for you to have internet access. Go back to trolling the “Hello Kitty” website.
          You should wait a little time before posting under two different names, you are the textbook definition of a strawman and/or sealion.

          Lets count the amount of strawman and/or sealioning you did on this ONE topic. I count more then ten, including you using aliases.

      • Cool. Did Trump take money from him? Okay, now do Hunter and Joe’s ties to Ukraine, Russia, and China. Did they take money and gifts? I’m sure the totally not corrupt DOJ is all over it…

        • “Okay, now do Hunter and Joe’s ties to Ukraine, Russia, and China. Did they take money and gifts?“

          If you have evidence to support your claims about money and gifts you should present them to the federal prosecutors.

          Do you mean on Hunter’s laptop? Hilarious, why hasn’t Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson or Rudy Giuliani published the contents of the laptop they claim to have with incriminating evidence?

          Do you think maybe they’re pulling your leg, just like Rush Limbaugh when he said COVID-19 was just the common flu?

          Did you send Steve Bannon some money so he could build the wall?
          Were you disappointed when he was arrested on a Chinese billionaire’s yacht and charged with fraud, or were you elated when Donald Trump pardoned him?

          “There are none so blind as those who will not see”

        • “Did Trump take money from him?“

          The investigation continues.

          The emails seized by the government do show the united Arab emirates providing specific language to Tom Barrack that later appeared in Donald Trump’s televised speeches, you decide if that’s unlawful influence.

          I guess I’m asking, is it OK with you if the Muslims write Donald Trump’s public speeches regarding foreign policy?

        • “If you have evidence to support your claims about money and gifts you should present them to the federal prosecutors.”

          Miner, that’s why I made the comment about the DOJ being corrupt. They HAVE the evidence. They’ve had it for well over a year. They also had the evidence that the Russia Collusion story was a lie from the very beginning.

          “Do you mean on Hunter’s laptop…Do you think maybe they’re pulling your leg”

          You think that’s Russian disinformation don’t you? You’ll apparently believe anything as long as it fits your within your bias. This is how the intelligence community and media get away with constant propaganda.

          “The FBI has seized Hunter Biden’s laptop and confirmed the former vice president’s son’s controversial emails are ‘authentic’, while dispelling earlier claims that they are part of a Russia disinformation campaign.”

          It was confirmed and the media and Big Tech memory holed the story it so people like you wouldn’t have to face reality.

        • Dude, thanks for the link… Did you even read it?

          It cites as a source a Fox News article which states in the first few paragraphs:

          “The FBI is in possession of the laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden which contained emails revealing his foreign business dealings, including contacts in Ukraine and China, two senior administration officials told Fox News Tuesday.

          The FBI declined to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation into the laptop or the emails, as is standard practice.

          Further, Fox News has learned that the FBI and Justice Department officials concur with an assessment from Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe that the laptop is not part of a Russian disinformation campaign targeting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.“

          This is zero confirmation of any incriminating evidence on the laptop, the article bears that out. If you actually read it, you’ll see that Republican Sen Ron Johnson was conducting an investigation of the materials on the laptop in 2020, have you heard of any charges from his investigation?

          Oh no, is he part of the lizard people conspiracy?

        • “…the FBI and Justice Department officials concur with an assessment from Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe that the laptop is not part of a Russian disinformation campaign targeting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.”

          Exactly! In other words, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, the media, Big Tech, and about 50 super duper smarter than everyone else clowns from the “intel community” LIED about it. It’s real. Thank you for finally admitting this. As far as incriminating evidence goes, it doesn’t matter. Like I said, Hunter and Joe are being protected by the corrupt DOJ and media. Authoritarian cheerleaders like you are perfectly cool with that because they’re Democrats. You spent three years carrying on about Trump-Russian Collusion. Why aren’t you upset about that lie? It’s never about principles with you, it’s about tribalism.

        • Dude, you should not be dishonest, it’s so comical. You intentionally left the most important part off your quote:

          “Fox News has learned that the FBI and Justice Department officials concur…

          “Fox News has learned… “

          Did you miss this part of the article?

          “The FBI declined to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation into the laptop or the emails, as is standard practice.“

          You may want a native English speaker to explain the text above to you.

        • “Dude, you should not be dishonest, it’s so comical. You intentionally left the most important part off your quote”

          Miner, I’m never dishonest when I TRY to have an adult conversation / debate with you. Stop projecting. I often leave off sections of quotes because it isn’t relevant to the point I’m making. Read my comment again. That part of the quote wasn’t relevant.

          So what you’re saying is that the infamous laptop IS Russian disinformation, and we can’t trust the reporting by Fox News who famously pushed back against the Trump-Russian Collusion lie, but we can trust CNN and the intel community who famously pushed the Trump-Russian Collusion lie. Got it. All of those Hunter photos were photoshopped by the Russians and Fox News. Is that your position? Wanna bet? And Joe Biden wasn’t going to open the borders as soon as he became President, right? Remember that bet? You still owe me $20 bucks for losing that bet. Who’s dishonest here, me or you?

          More proof for you to deny:

          “After obtaining a copy of the hard drive, commissioned top cyber forensics experts Maryman & Associates to analyze its data and determine whether the laptop’s contents were real.

          The firm’s founder, Brad Maryman, is a 29-year FBI veteran Supervisory Special Agent who served as an Information Security Officer and founded its first computer forensics lab.

          Maryman and his business partner Dr. Joseph Greenfield used the same forensic tools to pick apart the drive as federal and state law enforcement use in criminal investigations, and prepared a report for

          The report said the data on the drive ‘appear to be authentic’, and that after an extensive search of its contents for any tell-tale signs of tampering, Maryman and Greenfield found ‘no evidence’ of fabrication – by Russians or anyone else”

  17. Extremist. That’s one way to look at it. Constitutionalist would be the other.

    18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  18. If you are on Facebook, you are part of the problem. Don’t whine you cannot see your friends, etc. You are Facebook’s advertising medium. You are the reason for this. Get off or don’t complain.

  19. @Socrates
    “And here I thought cancelling and name calling were tools of the leftists….”

    Here’s what I don’t get….

    When I post under “Miner49er”, or “dacian” (and maybe a coupla others) I get all sorts of traffic. But under “Sam I Am” the amount of response is, in comparison, skimpy. “Sam I Am” is a pretty good troll, why the difference? Do you know how hard it is to maintain 73% of the screen names? I feel so disrespected. 😰

    • One would think now that your personalities have differentiated you would be able to accomplish the multitasking needed to engineer multiple accounts.

      Have you thought the difference may have nothing to do with the handle you use, but rather the content of the post?

      • “Have you thought the difference may have nothing to do with the handle you use, but rather the content of the post?”

        Hey. Stop that !

        I created you, and I can dissolve you. You are trying to make it look like I am talking to myself.

  20. “I will turn your face to alabaster
    When you’ll find your servant is your master“

    Where I fought in many guises,
    Many names, but always me.

  21. I loved how so many of you fucking traitor FUDD’s called these patriots “leftists” and criticized them, when it was blatantly obvious the whole deal was a setup and better yet: Governors in that time frame deserved to be fucking kidnapped and held accountable for their actions.

    We had one shot. It fled in 2021 at the capital.

    Now YOUR country is fucked. Shoulda fucken boog’d with us.

    • “Governors in that time frame deserved to be fucking kidnapped and held accountable for their actions“

      Yep, ignore that pesky constitution and just kidnap and kangaroo trial anyone who displeases you, that’s the American Way!

      Scratch a conservative, find an authoritarian dictator. Heil victory! Heil Trump!

  22. “He’ll flee to Lebanon is the charade of a case against him looks like it has merit and be out 5 million plus his real estate in the US.
    His money is overseas where it cant be touched.“

    He will flee to Lebanon? He has stashed his loot overseas where it can’t be touched?

    So it’s clear he is guilty and is fleeing to avoid prosecution and conviction.

    I thought y’all said there were no billionaires supporting the right wing causes?

    And Daniel, you seem pleased that this man who was accused of consorting with Muslim fundamentalists to sabotage United States foreign-policy will be able to escape with his ill gotten gains intact.

    “case against him looks like it has merit“

    Wow, you certainly are a true ‘patriot’…

    • He has duel citizenship with Lebanon so he’s really not fleeing, just leaving the dog and pony show that is the Democratic party in the US. They want to keep beating the “Trump is Bad” agenda to take the heat off of their own party. Bidens gone, the lights are barely on and nobodies home. The Right is making sure that the next elections aren’t fixed while the progressive democrats are infighting with each other. Hillary did far worse things but the republicans just chalked it up to incompetence. No need to charge her but if she was a republican now, she would be facing a slew of charges. Actually she would be in prison, lets be honest.

      The democrats even sent a CIA agent after Tucker Carlson in Montana because nobody is watching CNN anymore so they don’t have an outlet for their lies. Carlson laughed in the guys face. I bet Fox news gets some serious ratings Monday when Carlson is on. That’s what the democratic party has become, attacking people who have different opinions in front of their young children. Face it troll, your party is collapsing. You can pull your strawman garbage on here when the SHTF and get all the attention you seek.

      I think that the one and only troll on here who is YOU posting under different names.
      I love the psychiatric patients who have brief moments of clarity like you.
      Let me guess, Mommy issues?
      I think of you every time I see a beggar on a street corner.
      22 comments out of 89 not including aliases, you do run up the troll comment count.

      Do you feel better now that someone responded to you?
      I bet you do, to you it’s like snorting a Prozac.
      You did admit to wanting to shoot people from a tower, did you not?
      That should be investigated by some law enforcement agency, it’s pretty serious stuff.
      Wanting to go on a kill crazy rampage isn’t covered under freedom of speech.

      • “Democrats sent a CIA agent after Tucker Carlson in Montana“

        Hilarious, so the Democrats sent John Wick?

        “He has duel citizenship with Lebanon so he’s really not fleeing“

        Yes, he would be fleeing to avoid prosecution, another felony.

        And you speak of his dual citizenship with pride, so Donald Trump‘s inaugural committee chairman is a Lebanese citizen?

        I think we may have found the secret Muslim in the government…

        So patriotism includes divided loyalties, that’s the American Way?

        • 23+ comments and counting.
          All strawman except for the:
          But you should celebrate, even if I was mentally ill I would still be permitted to buy lethal weapons including AR15s with extended mags, thanks to Donald Trump removing that restriction on my rights. See you in the bell tower!
          Good Times!
          You are mentally ill, it’s pretty obvious from your rants.
          Have fun in prison nutjob, left or right mass shootings are heavily frowned upon.

          “He has duel citizenship with Lebanon so he’s really not fleeing“
          Yes, he would be fleeing to avoid prosecution, another felony.

          Actually he would be going to a country where he is a citizen, they have no extradition with the USA and the only reason he is being hassled is because the Democrats want to keep Trump in a bad light because they are losing party members. It’s just a matter of time before Biden starts mumbling, shits himself on stage and it runs down his leg because his diaper came loose.

          Hopefully you see it before you are shanked in prison.

  23. For the democrats free speech must be protected as long as it lines up with their ultra liberal socialist/Marxist/communist/fascist agenda. I know, I know…that’s a lot of different “ist’s” but since some are one and others another, it’s just too hard to keep up until they finally agree which “ist” they are. I suspect at that point they’ll adopt their black uniforms, Jack boots and SS badging. Or maybe something Chinese influenced….

    The democrats have proven, almost on a daily basis, that they will not tolerate any speech that does not agree with them.

  24. I never was a devote of Facebook,. and I most certainly will not become one now. Aas for the FBI, seems like the nation might well benefit from a hard look at that mob. Question that comes to my mind is, Who Will The “LOOKERS” Be?

  25. 12 of the 18 “involved persons” in the “kidnap plot” were FBI agents. This is beyond entrapment; they are targeting people for their beliefs and then inventing crimes to charge them with. There is a direct connection between this group, whom the feds had under total surveillance, and the J6 “insurrection”, that involved the same movement that was ALSO under surveillance just months before. What the feds are trying to do is create a pretext and a narrative that ALL conservatives/patriots/Christians are an active and imminent terrorist threat simply for existing, and that the only way to eliminate the threat is to remove us from society. Boxcars are coming. RESIST!


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