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Tim acknowledges that “This may seem like a lot of gear but it carries well. Recently added more medical via the ankle cuff and Sabre pepper spray for a less lethal option.” See all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Actually, this is pretty close to what I carry. I carry the Sabre CS Tear Gas, because that what that stuff has and it’s highly effective and provides an alternative to using lethal force, which is a good thing. I also carry my Surefire PX Fury light. I don’t carry an extra mag or knife, but keys, phone and wallet..of course!

  2. Recent events should remind us all that a good trauma kit can be just as critical as our handguns in a bad scenario. Perhaps more so.

    I really need to finish equipping my EDC backpack… (sigh) more money… 🤠

    • Sure!

      The are from CZ Custom and are designed specifically for the P-07 mags… they have a little “shelf” at the rear that meets up with the part at the bottom of rear of the frame to give you more surface area on the base of the mag mag than the stock mag base pads do.

      I ended up having to upgrade the mag springs with these base pads, though, because the stock springs did not have enough strength to consistently lock the slide back on empty. I was able to load 20 rounds with the stock springs but only 19 with the upgraded ones – an acceptable trade-off for what has proven to be 100% reliable functioning.

      Oh, and sorry for the delay in responding – I didn’t realize this was posted here 🙂


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