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From EAA . . .

Florida based company, European American Armory Corporation, the world’s leading importer of European firearms has made it their mission to bring the U.S. consumer firearms that are on the cutting edge of technology and quality. The new MC 14T by Girsan focuses on ease of use and high capacity in a very compact design.

Thanks to the Tip-Up design (no slide racking required) loading and firing the MC 14T is simple and quick, using very minimal moving parts to go from loading to firing. “With the MC 14T we wanted a handgun that was not only small and compact but also allowed people that may have issues with racking a slide the ability to carry.” said Chase Duffey, National Sales & Import Manager at EAA Corp.

“Small enough for a purse, easy to load, and carries 13 in the magazine… it really is the perfect defensive pistol.” Keith Bernkrant, President of EAA stated, “Once we started to work with the MC 14T we quickly realized that loading and unloading, as well as training, is easier with a Tip-Up design pistol as it simply eliminates the need to rack the slide altogether. I wish that we had worked on this project earlier after seeing just how simple and intuitive it is. The Tip-Up barrel with its external safety, external hammer and auto firing pin block, is the solution to many pistol owner’s issues and simple safe carry.”

Available in .380 ACP with a 13+1 capacity the Girsan MC 14T is the perfect handgun for concealed carry, especially for people that may have issues using a standard pistol. Loading and firing is as easy as 1-2-3. One of the most important features however may be the price!

With an MSRP starting at $498, everyone can afford to be safe. Dealer orders are being accepted now and they will be available for purchase at finer sporting goods and firearm stores nationwide soon.


Caliber: 380 ACP
Capacity: 13+1
Barrel Length: 4.5″
Overall Length: 6.8″
Weight: 1.4 lbs
MSRP: $498


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      • Yup. Like the Baretta Tomcat and Cheetah tip ups, but in .380 (which I don’t believe Baretta ever did). Will be looking forward to a range report — if it works well, it’ll be great for folks with limited hand strength.

  1. Does it use an extractor or is one stuck trying to dig out the case with their fingernail if it doesn’t come out?

    • *Exactly* the question I have.

      I have a Beretta 21A .22lr that I love to death, but if there ever was a misfire, simply racking the slide does *nothing*.

      You have to tip the barrel and dig out the dud round. That’s why I cannot rely on my 21A as self-defense carry gun, and it pisses me off.

      Why, oh, WHY couldn’t Beretta have an simple spring-steel extractor hook instead of relying only on blowback operation to cycle it? 🙁

    • Beretta has reintroduced it. Somewhat redesigned (not a tip up barrel, tho). However, and a big however, it doesn’t use the Model 84 magazines and is not compatible with 84 mags. I have an 84 and love it. But, the new version not using the same magazines was a show stopper for me.

  2. thanks but no.

    Can ya imagine a person who can’t rack the slide to begin with, under stress of a self-defense situation needing more than one round and trying to load another round by hand in time with this?

    • It’s not a single shot.

      Do you rack the slide on every round for your other pistols? 😉

    • Yeah, I know, they load a round by hand in the tilt up barrel and carry that way and when that fires it cycles the slide and puts in another round and they keep firing. But what if they are one of those people who don’t carry with a round in the chamber and can’t rack the slide, they would need to load one round by hand in the tilt up barrel before they could fire the gun in a self defense situation. Then believe it or not there are people who do not carry a mag in their guns, their concept is they will load the mag when the time comes.

      • ” But what if they are one of those people who don’t carry with a round in the chamber and can’t rack the slide, they would need to load one round by hand in the tilt up barrel before they could fire the gun in a self defense situation.”


        That’s what the safety is for. Load the weapon, place one round in the chamber, and engage the safety…

        • Yep, that’s like saying what if they want to keep the pistol upstairs in a locked cabinet and the ammo in the cellar in a wall safe! Let’s make it even more pathetic and require minimum 50 yard running head shots.

    • Yes, I can. I have read about partly disabled who had one very weak hand and found nearly impossible to rack a slide. This might be easier for them to use.

  3. I assume loading a round and simply closing the barrel and firing chambers the following round. If so the option to carry unchambered is out the window, operating a slide to chamber is quicker than the time it takes to stick a bullet in the barrel and close it. If carried chambered the firearm has a manual safety which by all accounts should be used religiously. And not sure about where it ejects. Quality is probably good however it’s something I would not buy without it being hands on.

    • Pulling the hammer back on a round already in the barrel or using a DA/SA trigger is even better.

  4. A complete waste of a pistol. Why buy a huge .380 when you can get a 9mm even smaller than that gun. It makes zero sense.

    As far as the tip up barrel, just try and clear a jam sometime when the gun has no extractor , good luck with that.

    • I mean, under duress? Probably not. At the range? It’s dead easy, just knock it out with a cleaning rod.

    • Not a waste any more than Walthers, Sigs, Bersas, Brownings or Berettas chambered in .380. Or any others. They serve a purpose and believe it or not .380 can stop an attack.

      • Everything is a tradeoff until it isn’t.

        .380s serve the purposes of being lighter and more compact / concealable than 9mms, and/or recoiling less. As a heavy steel derp blowback, this serves neither of those purposes.

        Blowback drawbacks can still be acceptable tradeoffs if they’re cheaper. This isn’t.

        • “Actually, not everyone wants a plastic gun or a 9”

          Sure, some people want to pay more for less effective ammo that kicks more from a heavier gun. Some people believe that everything heavier and more expensive is “quality”, even if it’s objectively inferior by every practical measure. I’m happy for people who derive subjective pleasure from any gun including matchlock arquebuses – up until the point that they start claiming that facts and logic are wrong because they conflict with their feelings.

          The kernels of truth in fans’ claims are all great reasons to buy a not-tiny, locked-breech 9mm or .380, but there is no objective argument for buying this in a world where those exist.

    • A smaller 9mm may not be as manageable as a .380 this size. The Beretta 84 in .380 is way more manageable than, say, a Sig P365. I have both so I have compared. And, the .380 round is quite capable for its intended purpose. I will concede, though, that I carry the Sig 365 because I can put it in a Sticky holster and drop it right in my pocket and nobody is the wiser.

    • Ladies (like my wife) who prefer soft 380 recoil and are afraid to go to a more powerful caliber. I figure as big as this one is the recoil would be minimal for her. Some of the small 380s can actually be a little snappy if you ask me as well.

      Not everything is a waste when you try to look from more than one perspective. Judging by the posts of yours that I’ve read it seems you may have a bit of a problem with that mode of thinking though.

      • AQ, you are correct. I’ve got a Taurus TCP 380 (actually three and they are superb little pistols) and a Ruger LCP in .380 and they are, indeed, a bit “snappy”.

        • Yea i try to get my wife to try 9mm, she wont so far.
          i think my 9s are more comfortable to shoot than even our pretty heavy for its size sig p238 (380)

        • Three TCPs? lucky you. They are amazingly good pocket pistols. Can you find magazines for them?

        • AQ a few that my wife found ok from rental ranges in 9mm (smaller hands) H&K VP9sk and regular, SIG 320 with the subcompact grip, full size Beretta 92 with slim panel grips. Sounds stupid but stainless or colorful often gets around scary black gun mental blocks and typically that fear is the main limiting factor re recoil until you get into magnum or airweight territory.

  5. Shut up and take my money!!!
    I was going to upgrade from a Beretta 21A to a Beretta 32. Now I will have to save up a few more dollars. Cash only no credit card purchases. Leave no Trail behind.

    • Anyone see a video showing the battery of arms for this. Like how do you drop the hammer, is it da/sa, ECT.

  6. How does this work. I like the idea of a little bigher 380 with some capacity to boot, but i dont get the tip up part. Whats it for, do you load them one at a time, or take them out one at a time kind of like a revolver or what? Can someone explain the process of loading firing ejection?

    • It cycles like a normal semiauto, but (being a blowback) has a heavier recoil spring than some other pistols. Tipping up the barrel allows you to load or unload the chamber without cycling the slide.

      • Ok gotcha thanks. So it does have a slide to rack. I guess thats the part my brain wasnt computing.

      • It’s an attractive option for people who can’t manage a slide. Pity about the extraction.

        • I am one of those that need the tip up option.I am 80 and most 380 have heavy slide spring which I cannot pull back in a tactical situation. Most problems with the gersan tip up on utube seem to be that the load is .90 g load is too low to drive the slide back. The lighter 50 and 60g loads are driven at a much higher velocity which does not seem to have an ejection problem and the 3.8 inch barrel develops more velocity, which fails the FBI standard of 18 inch penetration at about 12 inches but is more destructive but fails to exit the target. Remember every round you launch down range has an Attorney attached.

    • Look up Videos for the Beretta Tomcat and Bobcat. Same basic design. In fact I’m fairly certain Beretta Pioneered it, and this is just an updated model 84 Cheetah.

  7. I think one of the best and definitely one of the most overlooked features of these styled firearms is they can be fired pressed into the target. The “fixed” barrel prevents the slide from coming out of battery. For someone who already struggles with racking a slide, they may end up letting a bad guy get right on top of them before they make the decision to pull the trigger and with this design they should be able to get more than one shot off without the slide jamming on clothing or skin. No standoff device necessary.

    • Even with “just a 380” contact shots are nasty. I think you are correct in this design all but guaranteeing at least one if not more shot unless the bad guy somehow gets their fingers in the way of the hammer as it being pressed into their torso shouldn’t be an issue.

  8. straight up copy of older Beretta design, the original lite rack .380
    You dont have to rack the slide at all

    A great design, comfortable for those who are not ‘gunny;

    I have the Girsan Fitah and it is actually a very decent pistol.
    Only shortcoming vis a vis Beretta is the finish is a little dull

  9. From the press release EAA seems to claim this is some new concept not a Beretta clone.

    Probably be better off to be up front and call the piece a more affordable version of a classic Beretta

  10. I thought I was done buying guns but sign me up. At a minimum it will be a versatile piece for anyone with hand strength/arthritis issues. An easy semi-auto trainer.

    Please spare me the rhetoric about unloading a misfire. Just because racking the slide might be difficult for someone, doesn’t mean they can’t do it. Besides, it’s what practice is for, right?

    • Honestly it working once beats not being able to rack the slide for it to shoot. Also how common is a case getting stuck if one is using typical brass?

    • Serious question: I have a bit of arthritis but otherwise pretty strong hands. If one has enough hand strength issues to prevent one from racking the slide, does one have enough hand strength to grip the gun and fire it? My brother, when he was alive, had a pretty significant musculoskeletal disorder and, he could rack anything he could adequately grip to fire it. If, racking the slide is a big issue then, well, ok but, it has always seemed to me that if I was unable to rack the gun I’d be pretty nervous about touching it off. I suppose, one strong hand and one disabled hand might change that equation a bit.

      I have nothing bad, or positive for that matter, to say about this gun I just am always struck by the invocation of hand strength when it comes to slide racking but no mention of the need to grip the gun tightly enough to not lose control of it during recoil.

      • For most tilt barrel pistols recoil would largely be a nonissue in 25, 32, and 380 acp for all but the most lightweight of pistols with bubba’s pissin hot reloads (at which point the frame integrity may go before your grip).

  11. What I learned from this discussion- opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and they usually stink.

  12. Ok I’ve read the reviews but here’s my questions; first and foremost is the gun available now ?, second I’m always concerned that there’s no phone number so the customer can’t speak to a live person and third how can l make arrangements once it’s available to have it shipped to my local FFL please respond o there three matters or better call 505-429-1983 or email [email protected] Terry Maznio

  13. Pretty nice, I guess, but I’ll stick with my 9mm Makarov for a pistol this size. Not as many shots in the mag for sure, but I stocked up on ammo for the Makkie, granted it’s hard to find it on the fly in the LGS. I like both the pistol and the round… For a light carry piece, the Russians hit it out of the ball park, and it maximizes the power capability in a blowback pistol. Since the United States and NATO are now on the verge of a shooting war with Russia, I should stock up on everything needed to reload it for the foreseeable future.

    SIS HAS A 380 BROWNING 1911 I LIKE .

  15. I am going to throw something out there that’d be considered a bit of a wild card:…..
    Anyone else ever wondered whether or not this pistol could be redesigned (or set up with a conversion barrel and spring set)for 9×18?
    This is something I’d been considering way back when similar format, large-ish .380s were about

  16. I’m not sure they did themselves a favor with so many painted fingertip pictures, I know some older guys that also can’t rack a slide.

  17. I have difficulty racking my semis’ and this seems a logical choice for me. I am glad it has a safety and have no problem with carrying a loaded and ready to fire firearm. That is what the safety is for. I have been in the market for two years for a reasonably priced Beretta Cheetah tilt 380. A Model 86 I believe. I saw one in miserable condition and way over-priced. I also have seen the price rise from a reasonable $495 (with case, cleaning rod and brushes and handbook) to now in the $1000-plus range. I am on a fixed income and have a 35-year old Beretta 21A and now a .32. Both tilts barrels and enjoy them. I know they are not manstoppers, but for concealable protection, they are ok. If you can shoot decently, you can protect yourself. I believe this .380 would be an upgrade and look forward to reading performance reviews. Especially from someone who has some physical disabilities that compromise their hand strength. I will not be hunting wild game with this weapon, but instead protecting my life and that of my family with me.

  18. Does anyone know the width of this pistol? And is it compatible with any other magazines(84bb)?

    We need more CCW sized pistols in Da/Sa. There are A LOT of people carrying on an empty chamber with striker fired guns because they dont like a cocked striker gun pointed at their conejoes. Even a gun like the Bersa Thunder would be awesome if it were made with quality parts. Ive had 3 Thunders and they all had major problems. P30sk is the best i can do until someone makes something smaller.

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