Devil Dog Arms DDA 10mm 1911
The new Devil Dog Arms 10mm 1911. (Photo credit: DDA)
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As a serious fan of 10mm – hey, I handgun hunt a lot – I’m pleased to see Devil Dog Arms coming out with a new 1911 chambered in one of my favorite hog calibers. Here’s the official release info from DDA:

The DDA 10mm 1911 is the perfect choice for the handgun hunter, the home defender, and the open carrier. And it will get everyone’s attention at the shooting range, too.

From the DDA 10mm’s five-inch competition-grade barrel, made of 416 stainless steel, to the adjustable rear sights, from the clean-breaking trigger to the very durable 4140 steel frame and slide, the DDA 10mm 1911 is all Devil Dog Arms – a high quality, extremely accurate 1911 that can take the worst and keep working.

“We had numerous requests to build a 10mm 1911 from our customers,” noted Cole Quarnberg, DDA’s Director of Marketing. “And they specifically asked for a 10mm that included upgraded sights and an adjustable trigger, as well as offering the option of a threaded barrel for a suppressor. We listened and built the new DDA 10mm 1911 accordingly.”

A handful of quick details. The gun ships with a pair of eight-round mags, a hard case, an owner’s manual, and a gun lock. If you want one with a threaded barrel – which I suggest if you’re hunting with it, so you can suppress it – you can get one. There’s also an option for an under-barrel accessory rail.

Apparently you can use code 10MMLAUNCH for 30 percent off the newest blaster from DDA…if you’re one of the first 25 buyers.

No, I haven’t shot one yet, but there’s one on the way. I’ve run other DDA 1911s and I’m looking forward to going after some hogs and maybe a few random coyotes with their new 10mm.

Check out a video of the new gun on DDA’s Facebook page here.


Caliber: 10mm
Action: Semi-automatic
Trigger: Single-stage, adjustable, 3-hole
Frame: 4140 steel
Slide: 4140 steel
Barrel: 5-inch, 416 stainless steel, competition grade
Sights: Adjustable rear; fixed green fiber optic front
Overall length: 8.75-inches
Width: 1.37-inches
Weight: 36.8 ounces
Finish: Matte black oxide frame and slide
Options: Threaded barrel and under-barrel accessory rail
Ships with two 8-round magazines, a hard case, an owner’s manual, and a gun lock
MSRP: $1,199.00 base model

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    • TTaG had a GLOWING review for the first Devil Dog Arms 1911 when it came out several years ago. Apparently it’s punching well above its price, offering features and quality you don’t typically see in a 1911 under 2 grand

  1. I’d be pretty impressed if you could call a dog in close enough for an ethical shot with a 1911,although your yotes might be dumber than ours.

  2. Nice, but still outta reach. “Settled” for a G40 with Vortex Venom, hard to beat for the price, stack bullets with the after market trigger. Like my 1911’s but can’t afford my taste!🤔

    • I like your choice much better than the author’s. You and I will never convince the antiquated 1911 fan club, but I’m old, had my share of 1911s, and I’ll take a Glock ANY day. Even J.M. Browning didn’t consider the 1911 his best work.

      However, I would respectfully suggest another option to the Glock 40, still Glock, of course: A Glock 20 with a Storm Lake 5.3 inch barrel. My barrel is ported and shoots heavy, hard cast loads very nicely. It’s also easier to carry, in a chest holster, than the Glock 40 long slide. It’s ideal for trekking through woods…………..and it holds more than 8 rounds in its magazines……like the author’s 1911. Ha!

      • Guess what genius, that’s what a free market is all about; choices. You are free to buy your Grocks and I am free to buy my 1911s. No need to trash a weapon that has held up to the test of time.

    • All depends on what you want to use it for. If your use includes self defense then the Glock is probably the better choice because of the higher capacity. If it is a field gun capacity is less important since bears don’t shoot back. The heavier and better balanced 1911 will handle the recoil better.

      • Bears would be my one exception to the “capacity doesn’t matter for hunting” argument. If an angry bear is charging you, you’re going to empty the magazine. It’s much better to empty a magazine of 15 than a magazine of 7.

  3. I love it and I just picked up the Delta 10mm full rail and the Glock 29sf and the RIA Comander 10mm…many thanks!!!!

  4. Always been a fan of the 10. Picked up a stainless Colt Gold Cup Elite coming in the door at a gun show for fire sale price. Shoots very well but I must be careful when shooting not to reset the slide release from recoil. I’ve never had that problem with my .45 Win Mag Grizzly so perhaps the cam needs a bit of reshaping. The 10 also throws the brass where you can’t find it but that’s not much of a problem.

  5. I can’t afford a 1200 dollar pistol, besides I can stack rounds in a 3 inch circle at 25 yards with my 400 dollar Rock Island 10mm . Dropped a large 9 point white tail at 30 yards during the 2018 firearms season.

  6. Spoke to the company, nice people, cool gun, but unfortunately unsupported non ramped barrel. While thats debatable its probably not ideal for 10mm enthusiasts.


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