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At SHOW Show this January, I covered the JR-15 from WEE1 Tactical and thought it was pretty dang awesome. Anti-gun politicians, however, are not so thrilled about the idea of a youth-sized firearm that looks like a scary black gun. In fact, Nanci Pelosi and others mentioned the JR-15 by name as an example of why this new assault weapons ban (AWB) is so dang necessary. BUT…

On Page 16 of the new law, in subsection (D) of the list of exemptions to the AWB, this .22 LR firearm is specifically exempted because it can only fire rimfire ammunition (the bold was added by me to highlight the relevant parts of this section):

1) It shall be unlawful for a person to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic assault weapon.
(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to the possession, sale, or transfer of any semiautomatic assault weapon otherwise lawfully possessed under Federal law on the date of enactment of the Assault Weapons Ban of 2022.

(3) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to any firearm that—

(A) is manually operated by bolt, pump, lever, or slide action, except for a shotgun described in section 921(a)(40)(G);
(B) has been rendered permanently inoperable;
(C) is an antique firearm, as defined in section 921 of this title; or
(D) is only capable of firing rimfire ammunition.

Yet another shining example of how the politicians who want to ban firearms know precisely zero about them. They’ll simultaneously hold a specific firearm up as an example of the problem that their law is designed to fix while specifically exempting it from the same law.


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    • Got lots of love for this cartridge. Just wish it wasn’t quite so expensive these days. At 100yds, Hornady 30grn Vmax out of my scoped RPR is still moving at 1389fps, carrying 128 ftlbs and will put every round in a under 1″group. 🙂

      • .17 Hornet. Yes, centerfire, but rimfire inexpensive if you reload. Try 20 gr. at 3075 at 100 for 421 ftlbs.

        • Don’t have a .17, but have considered it. I do like the ballistics, but I don’t really need that kind of range on my property. If I lived out west and was popping varmints at long range I would have one. Be that as it may, I’m very glad we still have such a huge variety of firearms and ammo that is simply not available in most of the world. We cannot allow that to be taken away from us.

    • I understands it’s used extensively in the caliphet of loicense-stan for a similar exemption.

      • Great round. I have a Henry H001V in that caliber topped with a BSA “Sweet 17” BDC scope. It’s deadly for small varmints out to 200 yards. As long as there’s not a stiff crosswind.

  1. It’s all about “image” you see. For example, Pelosi “looks” like the devil incarnate……….

  2. Newsom has that covered. CA is enacting legislation to make “marketing of guns to youth-oriented audiences” illegal. He used this very JR-15 as his example in his video announcement.

    • It’s way past time for all firearms and ammo manufacturers to Stop selling to law Enforcement in California and other unfriendly states and unfortunately, possibly Stop doing business completely in those states. Until the people take the initiative to remove Anti 2nd Amendment Politicians from controlling their states. I realize that would make it very difficult for those who wish to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights, but it is the best way for the industry to protect itself from Liberal progressive Democrat Tyranny.

      • This. Cut them all off. Let the .gov set up its own plants to manufacture it’s own arms and ammo on par with other such successful gov programs like USPS, DMV, FBI, Fed Res, ATF and the rest.

        Their stuff is bound to be as good as government cheese.

        • Yeah let the FEEBS make the ammo for our troops, yup civil servants, blue-haired, pierced sisters of Sappho, long-haired peaceniks of indeterminate gender, and of course mental defectives who believe they are a species of fish or four-legged mammal sabotaging production causing the deaths of service members because they don’t support the cause.

      • 👍 truth They don’t like guns they get none at all. Ammo to. Maybe some way other states could twist commie state laws to outlaw exporting to cali, nj ny etc.

        • They love guns. To them it’s a question of who has them.

          Rules for thee (gun control), not for me applies here, as it does elsewhere *cough* insider trading *cough* for example *cough*.

          Sorry, my keyboard must have something stuck in its in throat. I will attempt to fix this.

      • California liberal pols would absolutely love it if each and every firearms company in the country refused to sell guns to regular civilians in the State. It is the result they have been attempting to achieve all these years, beginning with automatic firearms and silencers, then “assault weapons,” then a gradual reduction in the supply of semiautomatic handguns. They have no way to ban revolvers (except Saturday Night Specials), bolt and lever action rifles, or shotguns. But if the Industry pulls out, there is no constitutional violation! Be careful what you wish for. Or go pick on some other state that you don’t live in.

        • I’m curious how a refusal to sell specifically to state agencies would negatively affect the general public’s ability to purchase guns/ammo?

          And if it did for a year or two but broke the will of Cali’s government to keep stepping the public… wouldn’t that be medicine worth taking?

        • No, you misunderstand. No sales to government agencies. Sales still to non-government individuals. I think a refusal to sell parts, guns or service guns sold to government agencies in Khaliforniya would bring a lot of the nonsense to a screeching halt. As it is, a cop can buy lots of different guns that are not available to John Q. Public. Several cops have been busted for gun running “cop only” guns to their friends and they don’t have an enemy in the world when it comes to running guns. AND, of course all those guns sold by cops to “friends” all have the forms filled out and background checks done in accordance with all the laws.hardeharharhar

      • Other than the fact that CA is a large enough market to give a huge advantage to any company willing to cross the line (and we know they’re out there)

      • Ruger won’t sell some of their firearms in Khaliforniya. Barrett is to be congratulated because they absolutely will not sell parts, guns or service to law enforcement in Khaliforniya. Hasn’t seemed to hurt their business much.

        • If you were replying to me, I wasn’t really talking about “hurting” the embargo companies – just stating that the embargo would not only never work due to the companies that would happily ignore the embargo, but also hand said companies a big fat reward.

    • A business can’t market a product to someone who cannot possibly purchase it. Since only adults can buy firearms, they’re actually marketing the rifle to parents or other guardians.

  3. Been more folks murdered with a .22 than anything else. It’s all about disarming the population before they force carbon reduction on the common folk. While all the rich and famous have their private jets

    • The Dems are genetically mathematically challenged. They don’t know that 5.56mm is actually a slightly smaller diameter projectile than the .22″. Nor do they have a clue about the ballistics of any firearm/ammo. The previous discussion re: the .17″ is evidence of this.

      • They may not know that, but they do know that at nearly three times the velocity, it is a high velocity round that does far more damage than as .22LR. They don’t need to kn ow anything more sophisticated than that.

        • They do need to know more than that. Such as the fact that .22LR has plenty of energy to do fatal damage to a human being, particularly smaller ones at point blank range as with a school shooting. All the extra velocity and damage caused by .223/5.56 is just overkill in those scenarios.

    • “You are the carbon they want to reduce”.

      That, or they’re full blown ‘tards. Either way, them putting some of these plans into actual action greatly reduces your life expectancy. Same with those C* B* D* C* thingies I rant about.

      Your continued survival isn’t a feature of such a system, it’s a bug. Plan accordingly.

  4. All semi-auto rifles need to be put on the NFA list and the tax stamp updated from the 1930 rate of $200 to adjust for inflation to todays inflation rate which would equal $3,458.00

    • The NFA list will be done away with. New machine guns for sale, no stamps.

      Glorious times ahead.

    • $3,458.00 is to cheap, probably make that by selling two stolen cars, or a dope deal, or even worse, like some guy making min wage saving up his money, or even more worse , a woman doing same same.
      Yep $3,458.00 is just way to cheap, Im’a bid $34,458.99, that should keep them gunms out of the hands of the ” wrong people” right dacian?
      BTW your adjusted to inflation rate is incorrect.

    • OK, sell fent, buy guns, train, eliminate LE with extreme prejudice because we’re already heavily armed outlaws so it’s no biggie and it’s the Cartel life.

      What’s between us and you now?

      About the same thing as there is between a hot 16 year old in Mexico and a “date” the local jefe.

    • dacian the demented sips***,

      Yeah, like THAT’S going to happen. With another commenter, I might have been tempted to ask “Dude, are you high???”, but high and/or mentally retarded is kinda normal operating procedures for you. So, you’re just . . . a demented dips***.

      Still, fun to play “whack-a-mole” with, whenever you show up here with your deranged Leftist/fascist propaganda. How’s the weather down there in yo mama’s basement?

    • Anyone else hear wind whistling in one ear and out the other?

      Dacian or Albert must be making empty headed comments.

  5. democRats who have problems with firearms in the hands of the citizenry can dial 1.800.eat poop.

  6. “Dems’ New AWB Won’t Even Ban One of Their Top Bogeyman Guns, The JR-15”

    Easily corrected; tack an update to a “must pass” piece of legislation.

  7. The Right to Bear Arms Shall Be Infringed.
    I swear to uphold the Constitution of The United States until Bloomberg pays me more then I make being a politician.

    • Not many emu nition plants in the US make it though. Our most kind and benevolent President Joseph Robinett Biden could EOban all impotent emu.
      I’m good, hope you r2 😉

      • You can reload 54R, though steel cases require a slightly different tack and can’t be done as much as brass.

        Lee and RCBS both make dies for that caliber.

  8. @Beware The Screen Name Stealing Scab
    “Yeah let the FEEBS make the ammo for our troops,”

    USG has been doing that for decades. How could you not know this?
    “The ammunition plants include Holston in Kingsport, Tennessee; Radford in Radford, Virginia; Lake City in Independence, Missouri; Iowa in Middleton, Iowa; and Scranton in Scranton, Pennsylvania, …”

    • No. That would not qualify as “only capable” using rimfire ammunition. It can be converted back, which is the same reasoning behind all semi-auto pistols be included because many of them can be made auto or have auto/select fire counterparts.

      Additionally, unlike the AR-15, a pistol like the Sig P320 actually IS a weapon of war.

      • “…the Sig P320 actually IS a weapon of war.”

        Is a rock not also a weapon of war? The ancient Chinese made entire martial art forms out of using farm implements as weapons of war.

        I do think we should shove it in the face of anti-gunners that the Second Amendment is about deploying “weapons of war” against a rogue, tyrannical government.

    • Theres been a bunch of rim fire revolvers. I think they went out of style because they couldn’t handle the pressures that a center fire would.

  9. Still waiting for someone to neck-up or straight-wall the .17 WSM cases to something a little heavier; a beefy rimfire could be a lot of fun from a carbine.

  10. Wonder if anyone considered the old .44 Henry rimfire? Might be time to resurrect it. Along with the .56 Spencer.
    Either might be interesting as a modern carbine round.

      • “Those are weapons of war.”

        A rock is a weapon of war.
        Re David and Goliath, and all the “slingers” down through the centuries.

      • The Dem media is clearly a weapon of war against we sane, moral, facts based folks. Maybe open all the FEMA camps as insane asylums for the left.

  11. One of the more enterprising members of the GOP, Rep. Massie, has pointed out that this piece of legislation specifically bans certain things while specifically exempting those same things elsewhere. He had a decently impressive list for only having spent a day on it.

    This is virtue signalling to the max and 99% chance it’s going nowhere in the Senate.

  12. The Dems are looking to Wikipedia for definitions of things because they don’t know anything about what they are actually doing on a technical level. It is not about safety, public or otherwise. It’s about control.

  13. Hey, didnt some Congress person say the .22LR was so terrible it vaporizes entire planets?

  14. “One of the notable aspects of the democratic process is that one need not know anything about a subject in order to pass laws about it.” – the late COL Jeff Cooper, USMC, founder of Gunsite Academy, handgun expert……and, apparently, very astute fellow.

  15. Time to buy those Tippmann Armory 9mm Gatling Guns. Expensive ($5600 + shipping) – true. Higher demand will drive the lead time up past the current 180 day mark. Wow! Have them thread each barrel and then purchase eight suppressors. What a beast! Would rather have 10mm than 9mm. Would make Pelosi’s false teeth fall out in shock.

    • “Time to buy those Tippmann Armory 9mm Gatling Guns.”

      Would like to have one. Think of it; full semi automatic; each barrel fires only one shot with a movement of the firing pin. And a rotor of firearms with a single large capacity magazine. A single magazine, along with six barrels would result in no more than ten rounds fired through each barrel.

      Of course, the unit could be made to sound like a machine gun, so I guess it is one.

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