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A few weeks ago we wrote about Defense Distributed’s appeal for help in fighting lawsuits filed by 21 attorneys general in an effort to stop the Austin company from distributing its 3D gun files. In that post, we included a video that produced in support of the fundraising effort.

Given the new prevalence of corporate gun control and coordinated attacks on various forms of unpopular expression by platforms like Google, Facebook, Apple and others, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that YouTube has now scrubbed Ghost Guns’ dangerous content from their otherwise pristine video hosing service.

But never fear, because Ghost Guns has reposted their video at Here it is:

Similarly, Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed are now selling (you can name your own price) their 3D files via thumb drive and on dead tree. You can buy yours here and it will help DefDist fund their legal fight to defend their First Amendment rights.

Oh, and don’t forget that you can also download those same 3D files — the very ones that have so many pearls being clutched — right here.

It seems that matter how hard they try, all the statist attorneys general, all the ineffectual black-robed wannabe-legislators, and all the left-leaning Silicon Valley moguls will never succeed in stopping the signal. That’s a fact you’d think they’d have learned by now, but which apparently needs to be reiterated over and over again.

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  1. I’m technologically challenged— and can’t afford the equipment (I’m sure).

    So at this point I think you can make the Defender, or a 1911, right? Anything else? AR-15?

    • Recently decided to see what could be done with the 10-22 receiver file that a person called Warfairy posted to several sites. Slight nerd warning below. I’m including a description of what was done in case someone wants to duplicate it.
      Did some editing to the stl file mostly reducing it slightly in size then thickening the walls to allow additional metal to ensure a good fit on the inside and barrel end when moved to the reaming and milling stage.
      Over did it though as it needed fairly major milling inside to fit the bolt. If it were to done it again I’d leave the dimensions and walls as is and reduce the holes a bit so they could be reamed to size. His receiver model is close to correct size, probably within the tolerances of Ruger. Ended up removing the upper rail as it was off, could not mount a scope to it. Probably due to my resizing.

      Printed it upside down with support at .06 layer height in PLA with 5% infill.
      I then made several wax additions to it to allow sufficient reservoirs for metal to flow from when cast. Used fresh investment media and after burnout cast it using my vacuum rig in leaded brass.
      A couple hours or so cleaning up the inside and outside with the mill and reaming out the holes ended up with a good fit on the trigger assembly . Then I fitted a barrel to it. End result, a nice very unique rifle receiver that has some self lubricating ability and looks sharp. Now to engrave it and see about casting a trigger housing in matching leaded brass.
      Way to much work to ever sell one this will end up inherited.
      So yes there is a way to 3d print a good part for a gun on a printer.

  2. I’m still waiting to see the final regulations on distributing of technical data for fabrication of your own guns. I’ve got a strong desire to create my own weapons designs and distributing videos and plans to make them in your own home shop. Kind of like Primitive Technology over on YouTube, but for guns instead of just random shelters and tools. And in terms of distributing the videos I’m more interested in BitChute than anything else. I think it’s underlying technology has a lot more resilience than relying on a platform like

    Screw gun control, #YouCantStopTheSignal

  3. I’ve read that their intent is to scrub “political speech,” which is anything that they disagree with. And I guess you could conclude that this is essentially “political” advertising–but the connection is weak. Then yesterday the COO for FaceFreak stated that they are developing weapons to combat our “enemies,” by which I suppose she intended to mean foreign governments interfering in our elections. But I have to wonder who she thinks the enemies REALLY are?

    Their bias is so patent and so antithetical to the beliefs of approximately half (or a bit less) of the entire countryt that I cannot believe they can get away with it. Will congress act? I have to think they will get mired in partisanship instead.

  4. I live in Illinois and they block the purchase of the files. I made a donation instead. This is crazy communist BS on these 20 AG in these states blocking the files. He can sell them, but we can’t purchase them.

    • The state has decided what knowledge you should have and what knowledge is verboten. That is what this fight is about. They know the knowledge is out there and they know they can’t do anything about it, but they CAN zero in on DD and get a court ruling to finally get a toehold on their ultimate goal: legalized speach/thought control. Gun control is a necessary step to that end, and this case is a 2-for-1 for them….. I think Cody Wilson (for all his faults) saw them for what they are and pealed off their mask. We all owe him a debt for that, if for nothing else (a plastic gun that explodes on the first shot).

    • download tor browser. For free. Install and start program. Its an onion router that anonymously routes your traffic through computers across the world. Favored by freedom everwhere. Download files you want. Turn of program. For more flexability and speed purchase a good vpn aka virtual private network. I use express vpn.

    • At first I had misgivings about regulating them, until I heard about how they were highly subsidized and incentivized at their startup by the government and the military and their tech assistance programs for Silicon Valley—publicly funded organizations.

  5. We ALL need to be deleting our own videos and accounts from YouTube and the other censoring sites.

    Hosting videos at and bitchute is the best decision.

    Don’t rely on the “lawmakers” to keep the “lawbreakers” in check.

    • I wouldn’t be so hasty to delete everything, especially if you have any active viewership. YouTube is virtually the only game in town for video hosting, and increasingly so in Europe for legal compliance reasons.

      For market share alone – . I suspect YouTube has made even more gains in the last few years, as the competitors bleed out, realize the numbers don’t work, and fold.

      If you’re not on YouTube, you’re just a little echo-chamber with virtually no traffic, and you’ve basically left the web.

      • I bet myspace made similar arguments back in the day.
        They were the king of the herd for awhile
        Now they are a mostly a backwater spot that no one goes to.
        Lot’s of other major players also have been relegated to non relevance over the years.
        Same could happen and probably will at some point to youtube as today’s youth move on to the new latest thing.


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