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In politics, the term “October surprise” refers to a last minute plan to disrupt the opponent and sway the election. The point of the exercise is that the news will break so close to the day of the vote that the opponent has no time to effectively react or regain the narrative before the election in November. It usually comes in the form of something like news of a drug arrest in the opponent’s past or other embarrassing occurrence. As for Defense Distributed’s use of the term in this teaser video, I have no idea what’s up their sleeve. Which is kinda the pint. But Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed, the people who brought you the first 3D printed gun, are up to something. Stay tuned.

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    • Well, the clip seems to be a WWII saturation bombing raid, so the parallel would be the delivery of a large amount of stuff, quickly. My guess? Maybe they are going to dump a bunch of different digital gun plans online all at once, using multiple servers so they can’t be easily interrupted.

      You know what they say…

  1. I hope they don’t post a bunch of gun designs for 3d printing so close to the election. Last thing we need is something for anti gun politicians to do is have something that they can use to distract people from all the real issues.

    • Well, as Nick mentioned, if it’s done correctly, there is no time to get a counter-message out; although in the Age of the Internet, response time is MUCH shorter than it used to be. Here’s hoping their timing is perfect.

      • The NFL tried that with their Friday afternoon press conference. It doesn’t work anymore in this day of 24-7 news coverage and internet access.

    • In a way the idea of 3D printed guns helps. It does much more to reveal the fantasy that is the idea of getting all guns away from criminals that the antis are always pushing. This means the only option left is to make sure “good guys” are similarly prepared.

  2. Whatever they do, getting the word out is important! Letting people know that they are about to be tricked is the first line of defense!

    These people lie all the time, smoke and mirrors are their armament, votes are their bullets. Never take anything at face value, cause there is always more under the surface that just isn’t obvious, and takes more thought to uncover than we have time to apply it.

    Which is why they are releasing the info when they do. They don’t want mature logical thought. They just want you to take action without thinking, appealing to your impulses. Don’t do it!

  3. A TTAG ad provider and template that doesn’t autoplay videos and has a page refresh per ad?

    (Kidding…kidding… Well, kind of. To be fair, I have noticed a big decrease in Google Play Store app openings)

    • That’s exactly the thought I had. I believe Wilson has stated that the single-shot .45 ACP “Liberator” pistol is an explicit inspiration for him.


    • You do realize that the first printable pistol (files were released by DD) was dubbed the “Liberator,” right? It was an acknowledged nod to the Liberators dropped during WW2.

      Mr. Wilson has a flair for the dramatic, and the idea of dropping guns on the helpless masses so they can defend themselves against tyranny is right up his alley.

  4. I’m still rather perturbed with Mr. Wilson over pulling the downloadables off of DD. Sure, the files are still out there and as mentioned in countless other threads, “you can’t stop the signal.” This was brought up by Cody before the files were made available and he said he was NOT going to pull them down when the thugs came knocking. He didn’t even argue, he just yanked them…

    Diane Feinstein’s lunch wasn’t as tasty as advertised apparently.

    • I’m of the crazy opinion that he can do more good out of prison. He made the smart move by pulling the files. His only misstep was making a promise he couldn’t keep to begin with.

    • No need.

      Google “Oil filter silencer”

      Braze together two standard pipe adapters, screw on an oil filter…

      Instant silencer.

      (So I have heard.)

    • Oh my God, that would epic, lol. You think 3D printed zip guns scare them? The anti’s would would go utterly apeshit over this. Cheap, untraceable, disposable silencers anyone can make are going to flood the streets with a tsunami of blood no one will hear coming! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

      Someone clearly needs to make printed suppressors a top priority.

  5. My money is on a Liberator Mark II. The planes in the clip were Liberator Bombers from WWII. When they released the original Liberator they used the same footage.

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