Deal Alert: FN is Bundling 5 Magazines With 509 and FNX-45 Tactical Pistols

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From FN America . . .

FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of four new promotional pistol bundles for the FN 509 and FNX-45 Tactical that include upgrades like the FN 509 flat-faced trigger and fiber optic front sight. Each pistol includes five magazines packaged inside a premium FN zippered range bag at no added cost. These exclusive bundles will be sold through authorized FN distributors and retailers and are available for a limited time only.

Each pistol will be packaged with three additional extended capacity magazines, where applicable, for a total of five per pistol. The FN 509 Tactical, FN 509 Compact and FN 509 MRD will feature FN’s custom flat-faced precision trigger that breaks vertically at 90 degrees while the FN 509 MRD FOS will feature the green fiber optic front sight found only on the FN Edge Series models.

FN 5 Mag Pistol Bundle Details:

These added accessories and upgrades will be offered at no additional cost to the retail price of the standard models but will be a one-time production run and available only for a short period of time. To purchase, look for the black branded band around the grip at your local retailer. Visit to learn more.

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  1. Extra mags is a good thing. I don’t know what these cost but years ago I paid about 250 for a S&W Sigma de. The extra mags for that gun were 35 a pop. When last I bought any my g19 mags were less than the S&W.

    Mags are the weak point of a semi in more than one way.

  2. It is really nice when a manufacturer provides the magazines necessary to use their product. I cannot for the life of me, understand why some magazines ‘are difficult to find’. especially with fairly new releases. After 9 months past the purchase of a Sig P365XL I finally got 2 more magazines which I had to order from the Sig website. They could not be found anywhere. And on previous visits to the Sig website they were always listed as ‘out of stock’. I mean, who hoards magazines ?!? How many does one need ?!? I have other fairly new firearms that magazines are very difficult to come by !!!

    • Yea first thing I did when I got my P365XL was get a bunch of mags. Glad I did, impossible to find now.

      For me, it’s all about keeping mags in places I would need to grab them quickly (in the rare if ever occasion I would). So as long as I can fill those spots with a couple extra, I’ll be happy.

    • If you don’t already have an FNX 45…then, yes, you do need another FN…

      Now, if only FN would send me three additional mags, under this deal, for the FNX I purchased a few years ago.

      While you’re at it, pick up the 460 Rowland conversion for the FNX…it puts the 10mm to shame and 16 rounds of 460 in your hand is pretty impressive firepower. The 250 gr hardcast is rated at 937 ft lb…that equates to 7.5 tons of KE from 16 rounds. The 180 JHP clocks in at 1019 ft lb.

        • Yes Sir. 16 rounds total of .45 ACP!
          I wear medium sized gloves and the FNX 45T is more comfortable for me to hold than a Glock G17. It’s a large’ish pistol that handles recoil well. I usually carry HST 230gr and change to .460 Rowland while hiking trails when bears are up and about. The holster is a chest rig made locally by Talon Retention. A great rig!

          A local shop had one in FDE 4-5 years ago and I walked in just as the manager placed it on clearance…like the old movie…it was gone in 60 seconds.

      • Ah yes, another one of the faithful. FNX-T + Rowland conversion is a thing of beauty. Once you upgrade the trigger or send 1500 rounds through.

        Don’t be telling everyone though. You trying to kill the ammo availability?

      • Smith and Wesson used to have a deal like that. You could take a $ 25-50 rebate or they would send you two extra magazines.
        I would always take the extra magazines.

  3. I just looked and the FN509 is going for $629 on Bud’s website, absurd. Polymer framed striker fired guns just aren’t worth that when you can get guns like the PSA Dagger or the BRG9 Elite for WAAAYYYY less.

    The Dagger uses super cheap Korean glock mags, Magpul Glock mags, and of course factory Glock mags.

    The BRG9 Elite can use inexpensive Springfield XD9 mags.

    • The PSA Dagger is junk. I agree that $629 is expensive for Tupperware.
      If you want something inexpensive then go with a Taurus.
      They are now on par with S&W and Ruger plus you get CS.
      It isn’t some Glock clone like PSA that is assembled by shortbusers.
      Basically if I need my gun for self defense I cant have the trigger falling out.
      If I want drop my mag I want it to drop free. When an issue comes up,
      I want CS which PSA is sorely lacking. I used to love PSA.
      Now you couldn’t give me one of their shitty products.
      I have no experience with BRG so that might be a good choice.

  4. Unfortunately, i must sell my 45 Tactical. Just feels to top heavy no matter how i change my grip hold on this pistol. I love FN and wanted the 45 T when it first came out. Finally, years later purchased one but Arthur has reared its ugly head in wrists fingers. I’ve been attempting to think of a way to change the grip to without butchering the pistol, alas, it’s just not meant to be…


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