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With silencers going more and more mainstream every day, many companies have capitalized on the idea of modularity in their products. As we’ve covered in great depth here and elsewhere, buying a silencer isn’t easy or cheap, so the American gun buyer is very interested in maximizing his investment. The market has responded in kind this year with a ton of modular cans that allow the end user to optimize the one silencer they’ve purchased for various calibers, lengths, and hosts. Dead Air’s entry in the market is the new Ghost-M . . .


Dan, Jeremy, and I had the opportunity to shoot the Ghost-M at Media Day in the short configuration mounted on a GLOCK 19 and the long configuration mounted on a FNX-45 Tactical, and found both to be very adequate in their sound and recoil dampening abilities. Unfortunately, we weren’t in a cans-only area, so we both had doubled up ear pro while we were shooting. Subjectively, it sounds like a quiet can, but we’ll need to take one to the range with a meter to say anything more informed.

Back at the booth, Brent Taylor was kind enough to show me how the Ghost-M breaks apart for cleaning and shortening. As the Ghost-M has a .45 caliber aperture, Dead Air has elected to use a replaceable wipe system in the end cap to handle smaller calibers like 9 mm and .30 cal. Wipes are replaceable, and available in a twelve pack for ~$20. They used the same wipe on the 9 mm gun for the entire range day and it didn’t look much worse for the wear.


Brent tells me that the wipe is good for a roughly 5 dB decrease in sound and that the Ghost-M is about 7-8 dB quieter when run wet with the wipes.

The short configuration brings the Ghost-M down to 6.2 inches in length and the weight to ~9.6 oz depending on the mounting system. The long configuration takes it up to 8.75 inches in length and 12 oz.


In either configuration, the Ghost-M is full auto rated for any of the approved calibers including subsonic .300 BLK. IMG_4053

The Ghost-M is fully serviceable by the end user and available with either direct thread, piston, or 3 lug attachments. Diameter is 1.375 inches and MSRP is $949. Shipping soon to a retailer near you.

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  1. I think I need one of these for my Tavor after I buy the 300blk conversion kit. Imagine hunting with your Tavor and the amount of Fudd trolling that can be done.

  2. So, are the replacement wipes considered a suppressor ‘component’ and subject to all the grief that goes with them?

    • No. ATF provides variances for certain things like mounts, end caps, extensions, wipes, etc. You can often change these things out yourself, and that’s the case here.

  3. I was told some of the materials used in this can are aluminum, could you confirm this? According to DA’s website, it’s apparently constructed of titanium and 17-4 stainless steel.

    • From Mike Pappas

      “Yes, the first tube is titanium and the baffles are 17-4. The second tube and baffles are aluminum”


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