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OKCupid is a “free” dating site. The company’s running a new ad campaign going up on billboards across the country. The ads are a play on “DTF.” Instead of the “F” standing for “fornicate” OKCupid adds a different “F” at the end. In Austin, Texas, for example, the “F” stands for . . ..

“Fall head over heels.” Note to millenials: that’s OFWG-speak for falling in love.

This one, “DTFilter out the far right,” seems to be way more political than the others. The message: browsers can eliminate guns and disregard conservatives, now being branded as the “far right.”

I guess this means that OKCupid doesn’t want gun owners or conservatives on their site. [ED: judging from the responses to my OKC profile, copy that.]

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    • No,… because when you filter out the left its “discrimination” and you’ll be sued and sent to prison….. but overt (It’s a G** D**m billboard!!!) discrimination of the right is just fine.

  1. Online dating is pretty much a scam, anyway. Seriously, date in-person. It’ll work better than any dating site.

        • Since when is cybering considered dating?

          Note: I’m not a millennial, nor have I been in the dating scene for more than 10 years, so I might just be out of the loop.

        • Meow. [notices ur balls]
          OwO what’s this?

          (Get outta here with that “cybering” and “RPing” bullshit, kid)

      • Lots of people meet their wives online. It’s much better than hanging out at the bar waiting to take a bar slut home and put a ring on her.

        • If you’re looking for a wife/husband in a bar, then you get what you’re asking for.

          Personally, if I were shopping for a mate, I would look at… The range? At work? The beach? In the grocery store, or the welding supply store. I don’t drink, so the thought of being around a bunch of drunks makes me not want to do anything but leave. Also, finding anyone in a bar automatically means they have a propensity to drink, and well, no thanks. I have better things to do with my time and money than self medicate. I know better than to invest into a relationship built on something like drinking.

    • One of my friends is engaged to a woman he’s only seen in person three times. And the second time was when he proposed.

      • Is he from India, with an arranged marriage?

        Those seem to work as well as any other marriages. One of my Indian buddies from grad school had an arranged marriage. They’ve now been happily married for nearly twenty years, and have two cute kids.

        Well, they did say the first year of marriage was kind of rough. He was more “Americanized” than she was.

        He was already studying here at the time, and asked his folks back home to help him find a wife. He is a Christian, and asked for a Christian girl who could speak English. My friend and his wife talked by phone once or twice before getting engaged. They only met in person a week or two before the wedding.

        His family/friends found him a nice, pleasant, intelligent, very attractive, virtuous wife who can cook very well.

        He did far better than the average American guy.

  2. Saw this, opened a new tab to sign in and deleted my account. Matches were pretty trash around me, anyway.

      • Or, more likely, they would simply claim the Pink Pistols are not really gay

        No True Scotsman fallacy FTW!

      • Pink Pistols and OBS are personae non grata in most of the LGBT community, and in the greater left in general.

        I do instruction for both PP and OBS. In the (literally) days after Obergfell v Hodges, the LGBT “social identity” was absorbed wholly into the liberal left. All the ideals that didn’t line up with the party line got cut. People in the community that supported us because we were trying to build a sense of self-reliance and personal protection turned on a dime and chucked us under the bus as the next great scourge.

        All that said, OKC is not LGBT-friendly. I have a nice collection of private messages from women and men both telling me what an evil person I am for not being straight. I’ve had a couple of hate-mails from people because I mention PP/OBS, but most of it is about not being straight.

        Also, OKC is known for (not remotely secretly) messing with user’s match results just to see how you’ll react. So the one thing you would use it for, it doesn’t do:

        • OBS = Operation Blazing Sword.

          It’s a facebook-based group of instructors (and random good people) offering one-on-one exposure and basic training with firearms for women, LGBT, or anybody else who wants to learn about guns but isn’t comfortable going to regular classes, gun stores, or other places where the gay-hating-gun-nut stereotype might be a little too strongly represented.

          I’ve had 6 LGBT people contact me through the program, and I’ve given them each about 4 hours of classroom and 2 hours on the range with my .22s.

  3. Considering the latest study that says that conservative are better looking, in average, then liberals, this could end up pretty poorly for them. I knew it was a trash site when they started offering planned parenthood badges line it was something to be proud of.

    • There was also a study (and yes, this is real) that proved conservatives are often times physically stronger then liberals. This most likely has to do with lifestyle and regions where people are raised.

      • It’s more than that. Strong people (physically, mentally, emotionally, economically) are able to take care of themselves. Therefore, they are conservative. They don’t need the state to take care of them.

        Weak and fearful people can’t take care of themselves. Thus, they are big government nanny statists.

      • Interesting. I wonder how reliable the study is. Studies show that 90% of studies are garbage.

        Still, I’m inclined to believe this one because it flatters me.

        It seems to make sense intuitively that conservative people tend to either be strong in some way, or at least believe in their own individual strength.

        It’s also comforting to believe our enemies are mewling poltroons who can’t function unless they’re protected by a mob of like-minded weaklings and directed by malicious manipulators. I don’t know that there’s any study to “prove” it, but observation seems to bear it out.

  4. This is about what I suspected. I was single last year and was on this site, in addition to a few others. OkCupid was populated by an inordinate amount of screeching, furious liberal women. I saw more blue hair, thick framed glasses, and venomous diatribes written into dating profiles than I would have imagined possible. I had one girl literally tell me to “go suck a dick and die in a fire” when I stated that there were only two genders (this came up after she offered me her unsolicited opinion on what a person who is “pansexual” is into. I never asked her). She must have been triggered and reported me, because a week later, I got a random email from OkCupid “thanking me for making OkCupid a tolerable place where everyone feels welcome”. Since I hadn’t actually done anything wrong, they couldn’t really delete my account. But I digress, that place is a cesspool of snowflakes and bitter hipster womyn. Needless to say, I didn’t score any dates there and soon after deleted my account.

    • Whenever I would see any hair color other than blonde, black, brown, or ginger, 9 times out of 10 it was a bisexual. It got to the point that anytime I saw the hair color I just skipped over them.

      Very rarely found a non-feminist progressive on their my age, but they are there, you just have to do some digging.

      • Weird hair color, any tatoos, anti-depressant medication, and piercings beyond one per ear totally disqualify women as far as I’m concerned.

        Good thing I’m already married

        I feel sorry for millennial guys. Most American women today are totally unacceptable.
        Feminism and the Sexual Revolution have been unbelievably destructive. Societal collapse will probably happen in the next couple decades.

        • Yeah, you should get out more. There are plenty of 20 something women that are bright, beautiful, and not self loathing. These women, some of which are daughters of people I work with and their friends, are great fun to be around and make me wish I was about 40 years younger. Yes, there are a significant percentage of young people ( men and women ) that are demented about gender, sexual roles, and their own persona, but I find these to be the exception rather than the rule. It only takes one grandstanding imp to tarnish a group, and the national news seems to thrive on stories surrounding the snowflakes. “Normal” kids are all over the place, with real values and aspirations, and discipline. And they’re just as shocked and outraged as we are about most of the stuff that their peers are espousing.

        • What do you have against women taking anti-depressant medication though? You would think that’s a good thing. That’s someone who genuinely wants to improve and has taken strides to do so. It’s not really something you can help, it’s just a chemical imbalance. And in some families it gets passed down genetically but can be controlled fine with medication.

          Unless it’s something they’re advertising on their profile or bringing up constantly in conversation. In which case ya, that’s someone using it as a look at me I’m special badge. Big red flag.

          – I’m not judging I’m just curious.

    • What’s crazy is that people like her can’t see their hypocrisy. It’s OK for her to tell you to die in a fire, aka, like ISIS tortures people, but it’s completely unacceptable to say that there’s only two genders and hope someone dies because they think that? They are insane.

  5. I guess Bernie Sanders is now “far right” in the American political dialogue, since he supports gun rights too. Oh wait, I’m sane – and this is the same insanity we’ve seen from OKC and Sam Yagan for years. Never mind.’s shareholders are nuts. This is not in the company’s interests, and they should wash their hands of this loser.

    • Back in the spring of 2016 when he was still running, Bernie had a “write my platform for me” thing on his website. I added something to the effect of “repeal the NFA, GCA68, 922(r), pass CCW reciprocity, and nullify all AWBs.” I was expecting no one to know actually what I was talking about and just upvote it anyway, but it quickly disappeared down the list (although “commonsense gun reform” was pretty far down the list as well). I went to a couple Bernie rallies and talked with people (including one old lady who basically worshiped Vladimir Putin) and told them “one of the reasons I like Bernie is because Vermont has Constitutional Carry and basically no laws restricting guns, and they have one of (if not) the lowest crime rates in the country.”

      • Before jumping to conclusions about Vermont’s violent crime rates being connected to their gun laws, you might want to look at their demographics and rural versus urban population numbers.

        • Don’t give me that. It’s a culture thing, sure, but I was trying to sway libbies into not voting for Hillary and other gungrabbers when the DNC establishment decided to stop playing games with Bernie and his upstarts. Urban areas always get worse when politicians start banning things, and that’s exactly the point I tried to make to these people.

  6. There’s a lot of people on OKC, but because it’s free it appeals to the cheap Millennial crowd who have useless degrees.

    After all the bitchy responses I kept getting from those that actually responded (running average was less than 10% of the messages I’d send would get a reply) I just trolled until I got banned.

    The trolling was the most fun because it actually got a lot more replies. My three favorite trolling messages were:

    1. Would you rather suck Trump or Bernie’s dick?
    2. Maybe… if you weren’t Black.
    3. I’ve always wanted to have half-Asian children.

    Anytime the Trump was mentioned, it was a trigger moment. Like, a hair trigger. I ought to go back on there and do some more Trump trolling sometime.

    • “Leanings” makes it seem like they are mostly fair and balanced, just a slight nod to the left. I think they are pretty firmly entrenched, devoted followers. Seems somewhat strange since progressives are so anti corporation, anti Wall Street. Except when they aren’t. Throw some money around, shed a few tears for their righteous causes, then grab some power.

    • The discovery phase is going to be brutal for Google, absolutely brutal.

      I still have contacts who work in Silicon Valley. From what they tell me, the political culture in SV has become highly toxic – and the results in their products have shown the results of their hiring biases against white males. Google is no different in this.

      Then there’s the stuff that will be releases as a result of discovery that won’t be directly applicable to the court case, but will be embarrassing for Google on other fronts. In the end, the Damore (et al) case is going to give Google a black eye that they’ve richly deserved for about a decade.

      • “The discovery phase is going to be brutal for Google, absolutely brutal.”

        Yup, gonna be fun watching it play out.

        The only real way the Right has to fight this crap is to kick them them in the teeth so hard via *massive* settlements until we force them to be so fearful of being sued that they have mandatory diversity training impressing upon them that the hatred of conservatism is no different than any other unacceptable hatred.

        Wealthy right-wingers will need to set up massive legal departments well-funded to fight this crap.

        Thankfully, the the ‘Valley’s love for all things digital makes the electronic paper trail a whole lot easier to document. It will be the embodiment of the Marxist analogy of the rope that hangs…

      • The traditional giant corporation tactic of document dumping (sending tons of irrelevant/non-responsive documents) is likely to backfire big time if Google does it. (It often backfires anyway).

  7. Thank god I am old and married for the last thirty years. PCs were still at the 16 byte processor stage with 128k floppies back then, and the internet was not a thing.

    • Yep. I’m 22, and while the idea of NOT having the collective knowledge of the entire world and all of history at your fingertips is…. off-putting to me, I do sometimes envy folks like you. Holy shit is the current dating system toxic. Thanks feminists!

      And I live in a relatively rural area in Southwest Colorado. It is a college town and there are too many snowflakes around here, but there are also plenty of really real people, women included. I shudder to think of how horrific it must be in a major liberal city

      • I’d suggest you get to Eastern Europe, SouthEast Asia, or Latin America soon. They’ve got far better women. Hurry, because the toxic culture of feminism, the Sexual Revolution, and SJW fanaticism are spreading FAST!

      • Hmmm….. Alamosa?

        It was a bit rougher when I lived there; the mushheads were more FFA & Miller Highlife oriented then, than poetry-slam potheads & Corona crowd that seemed to take over.

        Still; if given a choice between Alamosa and, say, Grand Juction, Ouray, or Leadville, I’d pick still pick Alamosa.

        • He said Southwest CO, so I am thinking Durango with Fort Lewis as the college. I bet Durango has gone hard left, especially since marijuana was legalized.

  8. Lol found MRSATFAgentBob(2.0) on some old mobile app I had. Somethin called my yearbook or some crap like that, 6 years later we married been like that for 2 years now. Guess I got lucky. Thank God I’m no longer in the dating game OKC was useless back then, Plenty o fish equally dismal, and tinder wasn’t even a wet dream yet so I went with one Cricket suggested.

  9. GOD forbid anything happens to my gorgeous wife. Brave new world sounds like Gay nude girl😩😖😟

    • I ever lose MRSATFAgentBob and I’m just gonna stay single and buy one of them sex bots when I need “companionship”. Dating around my age is a wasteland, millenials everywhere and all of em wanna be commies.

  10. Well I’ve never heard of okstupid as I don’t use dating sites. But being the azzhole I am you can bet I’m going there and be an azzhole….. I find my honeys the old fashioned way, by dragging an ear of corn through the bar, or hanging a porchop around my neck

  11. Happily married since the last millennium, thank God.

    If I ever found myself single again and decided to do cyber dating, I think I would wear my MAGA hat in my profile picture, just to weed out the snowflakes.

    • The MAGA hat would certainly work for that, considering the number of bitter girls I saw on OkCupid who led off their profile biographies with loathsome attacks on Conservatives.

    • From talking to some buddies in the area who are now (sadly) widowers in their 50’s and one in his early 60’s, dating as an older man these days is like auditioning freaks for a sideshow.

      First, you have the women who are 50+ lbs overweight and just looking for a free meal. Literally. One gent told me that he no longer will take a date out to dinner, only lunch, until he’s got an idea of her motives. He got tired of paying for a nice dinner where his date ran up the bill well into triple-digits, who would then leave without so much as saying “thank you.”

      Second, there are the women who are just plain nuts. Two of the guys reckon that’s about one-quarter to one-third of the available 45+ year old women out there. The third isn’t sure – he’s pretty sure that it’s less than half of women, but, as he says “There are days I’m not so sure about it being less than 50%… maybe there are some sane women out there, but I’m no longer sure.”

      Then, all three guys laugh (uproariously) about the feminists – the women who, in their late 40’s and 50’s go on and on (and on and on and on) about some imagined slight from decades ago, by some guy who these three gents have never met. All three men say “It’s best to just keep quiet, just be polite, finish the date ASAP with as little drama as possible, then leave and never contact them again.” But, they say, since it’s a small town, they invariably bump into these feminists some time later, only to get an earful of “why didn’t you call?!”

      To which they reply along the lines of “Because I didn’t want to see you again… it wasn’t like you made the first date pleasant.”

      Lastly, the older (60’s) fella talked about having been hit on by a woman young enough to be his granddaughter. He presumed it was because he owns a large ranch, and she reckoned he’s loaded. (He said “She doesn’t understand that most ranchers are cash-poor.”) He said it was a seriously disturbing experience. At first, he thought she was joking. Then it turned out she wasn’t. Then she made it sound like a business deal.

      All three say that, as bad as you thought dating was when you were young, multiply that by 10 and there’s your prospects of dating after the age of 40 or so.

      • It sux being old, my 1st wife died of cancer in 94, finding a woman online,my age(67), without baggage is hard, same goes on me. I remarried in 2009 to a much younger woman, she went through my bank account like water through a sieve, when the money ran out so did she. My own fault, but damn she was hot, and “daddy” couldn’t say no. LOL

      • You’ve convinced me. If my wife should predecease me in the next decade or so, I’m staying single. No use tempting fate. Unless she’s rich.

      • Married twice.
        Divorced 20 years ago.
        Raised two great boys who have done well.
        Realized after I got divorced the second time that if I couldn’t do something well, just quit
        Best 20 of my life.
        I’m having a happy 20th year unaniversary party
        I even have a cake with decoration of a leg with a broken chain/ ball.
        You are all invited

      • At a certain age, it can actually get real easy for men to date. When my grandmother died, women (mostly widows, I think) lined up to get my grandfather. Single men his age were a rarity, and men typically don’t go for older women.

        On the other hand, an older friend of mine says if his wife goes, prostitutes seem the best option.

  12. If the woman that’s been hanging around my house for the last thirty or so years wears out or takes a hike, I won’t be replacing her. By that point sexbots should be advanced enough not to bother, they can just be put in a closet when you are tired of dealing, plus they don’t collect lots of useless dust catching nick nacks.

  13. I used a christian dating site, mostly conservative women. There are quite a few “redneck women” + for me ; )
    the second lady I messaged I ended up marrying. been married 5 years now.

  14. Flirted with this girl every time she came into the store where I was working. It worked because she came in one day and asked my out on a date. We dated for a while, got engaged, and married her two years after she asked me out. We’ve been together for 15 years and married for 12. No computers involved. Just old fashioned courtship. Folks tell themselves they need the apps and smartphones to survive. Mankind had been doing just fine without it for tens of thousands of years.

  15. OK Cupid sounds like a place where skanks with hairy armpits go to meet guys with “man” buns who want to get pegged.

    • I know you’re trying to be derisive of not-purely-hetero-sexualities, but you’d still be wrong. OKCupid is very hetero-normative, and not at all friendly to LGBT or sex-positive culture.

  16. You guys are missing out on a rich opportunity to literally screw liberals here. It’s super easy, you just write some generic “boo Trump hooray social justice” junk in your profile and answer a few questions about how much you hate racism and republicans, and you’re good to go.

  17. theres a growing dataset that points to the inevitability of we law abiding gun owning patriot citizens unfortunately having to do again what we had to to 240 something years ago

    im talking about our right to revolution that is indeed enshrined in the 2nd amendment which is absolutely based on natural law

    if this indeed comes to fruition all the heretofore gun grabbers better hope and pray we have short memories or are preoccupied with other things because WE will be running the joint now-and the society we reestablish will be known for two things:

    1. a low tolerance for bullshit
    2. high expections of those who wish to be fully fledged members

  18. Trying to associate a dating site that has Cupid in its name with left wingers is pretty freaking hilarious! Kind of like creating a site called “OKSatan”, and having it target Christians as its main clientele.

  19. I met my wife on OK Cupid almost 4 years ago. She was the exception rather than the rule. Conservative and hot.

  20. “I personally would not want oral sodomy from any woman who doesn’t support gun rights” said NO MAN EVER.

  21. Trying the online dating thing right now. But from what I can tell, it is tough for a lot of the women on there too, as they apparently run into a lot of player types.

    • My daughter had a similar experience. She was on a site where the men were really only looking for a “good time girl,” if you catch my drift. I guess it is cheaper that bar hopping.

  22. I’m 27 and never had a girlfriend or anything. Looking out in the world today, I’m starting to believe it’s a blessing in disguise. Any truly good woman out there is taken early, and the rest are worthless whores.

    Plan A was get married and have kids.

    Plan B is move to the middle of Maine and be a crusty old mountain bastard living in a small cabin off the grid.

    Currently working on Plan Bravo.

  23. These contemporary dating accounts are rather sad. I met my wife-to-be at an older coworker’s birthday party. She was a sophomore in college, and it took two months of insistent requests before she agreed to a date. On the second or third date, I announced, “You will eventually marry me.” She replied that I was crazy (correct, but irrelevant). Two years later, we were married. That was fifty years ago. No regrets, whatsoever.

  24. Been married for a bit over two years now and I’m absolutely ecstatic that I’m not in the “dating scene” anymore. Never did the online thing, but toyed with it. However after graduating from college I got together with an old friend from high school and thinvs went from there. I fear for my twin brother were almost 28 and he’s never dated or had a girlfriend. I’m thinking that since we’re knocking on 30 there are probably very few women out there who aren’t already taken. And the ones that aren’t either look like trucks or are batshit crazy!

    • I googled it. It’s an ingrained habit to look up “words” that I don’t know. Down to fuck.

  25. Its not just you guys that have problems finding a suitable partner, I have a hard time finding a good guy, all the single guys seem to be alcoholics, addicts, criminals, covered in disfiguring tattoos, morbidly obese, or think that they have some Devine privilege to infiltrate my life and begin controlling me. Nope, I will be single in my house full of weapons, thank you.

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